The Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Simple Plan / Bigwig

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Simple Plan / Bigwig: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
Side One Dummy Records

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: moldyMoldy
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Ahh, Friday night after two weeks of working at my new job, how to celebrate? I already celebrated getting my job with Dillinger 4 and Boris the Sprinkler two weeks ago, and now to celebrate that I'll have a check coming in a couple of weeks, I can think of no band better to do that to than the Mig.

Ahh, Friday night after two weeks of working at my new job, how to celebrate? I already celebrated getting my job with Dillinger 4 and Boris the Sprinkler two weeks ago, and now to celebrate that I'll have a check coming in a couple of weeks, I can think of no band better to do that to than the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It was at the Vic Theater which was a cool venue for a show because instead of having the stage higher than everything, it was lower and there was a series of levels, probably held seats at one time, so even standing in the back a short person, like my girlfriend (whose first reaction to walking in the place was "I can see the stage for once"), could see the stage perfectly.

I arrived at the show late and missed the first band Slick Shoes, sorry, but traffic and everything, so can't say anything about them. I walked in during the beginning of Bigwig, and it brought back memories of seeing them, years ago in a small coffeehouse in Springfield, I guess they have gotten bigger since then, but they stilled played a highly energetic set composed of melodic punk that would fit in on the Fat roster. Some of the songs that they played included "Cheers", the excellent hardcore song "Sink or Swim", the hilarious "Freegan" and they closed with "Sellout". Good way to start off the show.

Next up was Simple Plan. Jumpin' Jesus On A Pogo Stick People! How the hell can this band be considered A. any form of punk and B. good. Lets start from the beginning. First the crowd demographic changed rapidly with most of the older people who had come to like Bigwig moving from the front and middle to the back, while a mob of kids no older than 15 all wearing Good Charlotte, Blink, Sum, and NFG excitedly shoved their way forward. This annoyed me, if not for the high pitched screaming as the members walked on stage, but for the line of about 10 kept walking around and managed to bump into me each time they passed almost spilling my beer. On the lighter side they were all holding hands and it look like they were talking to some lady who looked old enough to be my mom. Anyway back to the band. As the members walked onstage, their was a great deal of screaming, and they began playing and performing synchronized jumping. I can just imagine the backstage rehearsal: "Ok everybody, we are going to jump three times with our legs straight and then bend at the knees and back to straight!" They proceeded to play a set of pop/emo trash that was really boring except for the heckler behind me who shouted every time there was a pause of quiet part "You Fucking Suck!" Sad to say the highlight of the set came when the singer asked everyone to clap their hands in the air and the heckler replied "Grab your ankles homo!"

After that I need something to get me back in a good mood, but I knew that the impeccably dressed Bosstones would do just that. They came out to a round of thunderous applause and again I noticed the demographics of the crowd switching as many of the older members around me moved towards the front of the venue in order to skank out to one of the best ska bands. MMB played a set that ranged from some of their earliest albums to their newest one. I can't remember the names to most of them, it's been awhile since I listened to them, but I was surprised that they played "The Impression That I Get" so early in the set. I think it was about the fifth or sixth song in. Of course it got a huge response, but I expected it to be one of the encore selections. I also remember "Rascal King", "Jackknife to a Swan", "Sugar Free", and many others. Many members danced around during the set and encouraged the crowd to sing along and dance. During the encore Dickey came back in just a tee shirt, loosing his traditional suit and tie. Overall Bigwig played a good set, and if you're into melodic punk that still has some edge and wit. Simple Plan sucked. And the Mighty Mighty Bosstones played an incredibility fun set that had me dancing and enjoying myself for the entire time.


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Anonymous (March 7, 2004)

u guys all suck ass!! Simple Plan rocks wtf are u talkin about?? They have awesome music that can relate to so many people! they are all really nice guys! they doo soo much for there fans! theyre really kool guys to hang out with! and just all around there koolest guys ever!! u guys cant judge them if u dont know them they rock soo shut the hell up!!


Anonymous (August 28, 2003)

- MMB completely and totaly rocks, fuck the nay-sayers. Seen them 2x, amazing each time.
- Bigwig also kicks major as well. Same live.
- Simple plan is the worst band in the entire fucking world.

Hahaha and "moldy", I love your comment down below.


Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

simple plan is for cunts and people that have no brain

Anonymous (January 11, 2003)

Simple plan is for simple people.

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

Simple plan is music made for stupid, mindless drones.

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Dude, I was just channel surfing and saw some band with died spiky hair on mtv singing about how they'd "Do Anything" and was almost embarassed for the young men playing as to how utterly disgusting the music they made was. Sure enough, at the end the little credits read Simple Plan....if you like them then whatever, but if anyone EVER tries to say that band is ANYTHING more than backstreet boys TRYING to play guitars then I know this site is FULL OF SHIT. I'd rather listen to some corny mtv rap than that shit. THey call that music, what the fuck?! I heard some stuff from these guys and thought it sucked, but i never really sat down and watched it....it is so fucking terrible. It's like a suger coating that coats nothing, its sickening. It's the kind of music for people who live by the lines "Ignorance is bliss" and "Never think too much"....fuck, just saw it now and was really disgusted, just htought I'd share.

TheOneTrueBill (December 9, 2002)

"If anyone cares, I'm the black kid in the suit and tie...does someone have a problem with me?"

no, but i know who you are. i'm a stalker. i was the kid in the sweatshirt with teh 7 seconds back patch

Anonymous (December 9, 2002)

wow, you know the show's weak when the only band that's not washed up on the bill is simple plan.

and that is, in no way, redeeming for them either.


Anonymous (December 9, 2002)

i would rather put my head down and run into a wall, than listen to simple plan those stupid candians!

Anonymous (December 9, 2002)

how could reset become simple plan?...absolute proof that evil is at work in the punk scene... - bigjerk

AcoustiCClouD (December 9, 2002)

Yeah...Bosstones were cool..they were no Dashboard, but they did the job...
They got people dancing, and there didn't seem to be hecklers about...

Big Wig is alot better if you know the songs, but that doesn't make them great...I 'unno, they were okay...they've played much better shows at the Fireside Bowl...

Simple Plan=terrible...I don't know why they were here...maybe to sell the show out or something, cuz there sure were a great amount of kids who were probably half my age, if that...I'm older than I look...

Slick shoes...after hearing so many great things about them, it's amazing how much they sucked...I think like, How much I thought they'd be good, is how much they sucked...whatever...

If anyone cares, I'm the black kid in the suit and tie...does someone have a problem with me?

Anonymous (December 9, 2002)

again? anyways, i listend to it, and it makes blink 182 look good as someone already posted in another review. no, it makes creed look good. ouch!

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

Hey sorry to waste your time, but it would mean sooo much if you guys checked out my band, the norads! Go to http://www.mp3.com/the_norads and give our song a listen, it's the #1 pop punk song in all of Colorado! Also, if you care, we have a website at http://thenoradssuck.cjb.net We're still just starting out, so any suggestions or comments would be more than appreciated. just e-mail us at thenoradssuck@yahoo.com and tell us how pitiful our song sounds! Thanks!
p.s. I'll be copying and pasting the above into various news posts and reviews, so just ignore it if you see it... and, sorry in advance...

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

I just dont like the music MMB play, I'm not into it. I'm not saying it's "bad", I just don't like it. As for Simple Plan....That IS bad. Terrible music. Poppy, candy, uncreative garbage. Bigwig is okay on record, not sure live...nothing special.

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

well since the bosstones have been around since 83', i believe they have had more than enough time to perfect themselves, so their music is great and seeing then 5 times proves,atleast to me, they put one of the best shows ive seen. not to mention that i have on every occasion hung out wiht dicky and the guys and they r a good group of guys, really nice. bigwig played my town 2wice and since we r so small that we dont pull in more than 50-100 people a show i doubt they r in it for the cash. i never heard of simple plan, and if they do play pop emo shit, then im gonna keep it that way. peace

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

WUSSEMOROCK makes love to little boys.. YOU PUSSY

moldy (December 8, 2002)

how about you ask for a good taste in music

Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

kbox, definitely

WussEmoRock (December 8, 2002)

Big question, what should I ask for, for Christmas. XBOX or PS2?????


Anonymous (December 8, 2002)

bigwig was good UNTIL i saw them live. Man they said some pretty shitty things that just made me think to myself, man this band blows. Their stage presense sucked also. And they are dumb.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

Bigwig should have not played before simple plan.

I am sorry but come on! Bigiwg and then Simple Plan is wrong.

A bit of respect.

lalombriz (December 7, 2002)

ok... so i just saw this show on thursday in columbus... it was awesome! for some reason simple plan didn't play, and i didn't miss them at all... slick shoes, bigiwg and the bosstones were all incredible. i think that this is one of the better shows i've been too, i really like bigwig and slick shoes and the bosstones are incredible. good review... my score goes for both the review and for the show...

BostonMusicGuy (December 7, 2002)

Wuss, difference in opinion aside... Simple Plan is just horrid. yea, I like Sum41... and im not going to say they are good, but simple plan are just completely and incredibly horrible all around.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

"yes they are. they suck. can't play their horns either."

You stupid fuck, i bet you don't even play any sort of horn. The horns are more than competent. If you don't like their music, fine, but to say that they can't play their instruments is simply ludicrous.

Simple Plan is evil.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

to the guy below me:
sure that might be hell, but what if it were one really long set instead of an actaul show. something like simple plan playing their "im just a kid" song over and over again.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

I was just thinking the other day, "What if hell is one big long concert?" Most of you would say that would be cool. But of course it's hell so it would be a bunch of really, really, really, shitty bands. Isn't listening to shitty bands better than having Satan shove dry ice filled 2 liters up your ass? Not if the bands are mighty mighty bosstones, simple plan and big wig. Then that would be hell. Oh dear god I'm shaking now. I can't even imagine the horror that concert would bring. I have to go cry in a corner now. twat

WussEmoRock (December 7, 2002)

Ok, I won't believe him anymore.

So because I like Simple Plan, but not MMB, I'm not believable. Difference in opinion people. Bigwig rock though.


Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

wussemorock is laughing right now. why? because he thinks that we all actually believe he has that horrible a taste in music. nobody, i mean nobody, has that bad a taste in music. and we're all falling for the trap. don't believe this guy anymore.

GregSka (December 7, 2002)

How come every time wuss emo makes a post I want to slap him? I'm not a violent person, so I find this weird.. but I really REALLY want to lay the beat-down on his ass and make him cry like a baby

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

Bigwig Kicked ass and MMB still give their fans a great show...Simple Plan can do all of the spins and coordinated jumps they want(does anyone see a sum41 comparison?)but that doesn't make them a good band or even a punk band

TheOneTrueBill (December 7, 2002)

I guess it's too late to write a review for this show now.

anywho, when Bigwig did "Knowledge" (as they did the first time i saw them last November at the Metro) they told kids to come on stage if they knew the words. Me being me, I tried. The bouncers didn't like it, and threw me against the barrier, screaming, and were going to kick my sorry ass out, but others were following the example and they soon lost interest in me. After the song the singer said "it's about time." Whether this is about us, I'll never know, but i like to think it is. Clever anectdote, right?

To end my rambling, Slick Shoes are nothing special, Bigwig is even better when you know the songs (i knew i think 3 the first time i saw them), simple plan sucks (i see a theme) and the Bosstones are grrrrrrrrrrrrreat

And those padded seats let me sleep through half of a simple plan's set. Hooray!

BostonMusicGuy (December 7, 2002)

yea, wuss is the end all of punk opinion. actually his opinion isnt even an opinion its fact. he is the smartest guy there ever was when it came to the world of punk. and thats the final word.-BostonMusicGuyOh and by the way the Bosstones are amazing, Simple Plan is horrible and Big Wig is ok... and thats the final word.

WussEmoRock (December 7, 2002)

Let me clear all of this up for everyone.

Bigwig-Damn fine band, great records, good live show. My only complaint with their live show though is the lack of movement, I don't think one of them moved the entire time they were on stage. And this is more than one show. Plus, it doesn't even look like they are having fun. Just like they are doing it "to get it done." But, their music is great!

Simple Plan-great music, never seen them live. My ears start aching after all the high pitched screaming, like the reviewer said.

mmb-seen them 3 times. everytime, they suck

that is the final word boys and girls.


Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

"Bigwig should have headlined this show. Those other two bands a shame to the word "music" "

um, no i think you guys need to go back to elementary school. my verbal comprehension is fine. its quite clear this moron is slamming the bosstones and simple plan-the "other two bands being a shame to the word music" where does it say in that quote that the bosstones were wrong to take a simple plan on tour with them? this guy obviously hates the bosstones.

evildeadalive (December 6, 2002)

Ok, I've seen Bigwig twice, in Vancouver, Bc. At neither show were there more than 100 people. They were 1000 fucking miles (or more, I'm not really sure) from home, playing for canadian money, which is worthless to them, and managed to put on ridiculously good shows both times. There is no fucking way they were playing for the money, they were playing for the kids who were going nuts for them. So, what the fuck are you talking about Mr. knowitall who says they only play for money? Eat a bowl of fuck.

Oh yeah, Simple Plan suck.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

What the hell is this Bigwig backlash ?
There always stuck on shitty tours with shitty bands like Simple Plan and last summers tour with Mest...Go to any show with Bigwig and there gonna blow you away with there set.
Hey was that person that heckled at Simple plan a black guy in a suit and tie ???

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

Bosstones rock, I'm pissed their Hartford show got cancelled.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

You idiot (the guy who said the Bosstones suck). Integrity talent. A class act my friend. Go listen to your Good Charlotte cds.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

I saw bigwig play to about 40 people a year ago and I don't think 40 x 5 = A LOT OF MONEY. I get sick of childish rumors about how band did this or whatever. Hope none of you suckers beleived this.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

2 posts below me was right, I think it's obvious I meant Simple Plan was the shitty band.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

simple plan sucks,. MMB sucks. Bigwig I have never seen live, but their records are OK, but you say that they suuck live....so it sounds like i would have hated this whole show.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

You fucking morons, he/she was saying The Mighty Mighty Bosstones should be ashamed to bring such a shitty band such as Simple Plan on tour with them, not the other way around.

Learn english, ya shmucks.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

You must be about 16 to say that the bosstones are a shame to a simple plan. The bosstones were putting out great albums when you were 8 years old. Get a grip kid.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

yes they are. they suck. can't play their horns either.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

bosstones are a shame to the word music? are you kidding me? simple plan yeah, but not the bosstones.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

I've said it before, and i'll say it again now - bigwig will only play if they get paid - ALOT. Oh, but wait - DON'T SELLOUT...

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

Gotta love the hecklers.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

Big Wig just stood there when I saw them. They just stood and sang, no motivation to move around or anything, then they tell the crowd to get into the show when they aren't. They sucked hard. At least move around and show some energy. They got zero response when they walked off, in fact, I heard a few boo's. Dissing the town you're in doesn't help much either.

Even Sugarcult put on a better show then them.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

Bigwig should have headlined this show. Those other two bands a shame to the word "music". Bigwig isn't my favorite, but atleast they play some good stuff.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

I'm not much of a BigWig fan, but they put on an intense show. It's insulting that simple plan plays with those other bands. They're a fucking sham.

Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

Bigwig sucked ass?? you betta check yo'self fool..i saw them in denver and they fuckin rocked. I can't believe they had to play before Simple Plan, that's just ridiculous..in Denver, Bigwig went on before Bosstones, yea and there were lots of little kids running around all wearing simple plan shirts they just bought with their allowance. it was like a fuckin day-care

irish_joo (December 6, 2002)

whats with all the bigwig hate i'm detecting?

maverick (December 6, 2002)

Good use of a Dead Milkmen quote. This score is for that.


Anonymous (December 6, 2002)

The Bosstones should be ashamed to tour with Simple Plan. I saw Big Wig open up for Less Than Jake back in August, they sucked ass. Nobody cared for them, they practically got boo'ed off stage.

MMB are great though.

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