Various - Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence (Cover Artwork)


Various: Fat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable FatulenceFat Music Volume VI: Uncontrollable Fatulence (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: LumpycustardLumpycustard
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The sixth installment of the "Fat Music" series of comps since they began firing em' out back in good old 1994, Uncontrollable Fatulence doesn't stray to far from the classic comp formula these days: A few gems, some decent listenable tunes, and (unfortuneately) an equal helping of trash for good me.

The sixth installment of the "Fat Music" series of comps since they began firing em' out back in good old 1994, Uncontrollable Fatulence doesn't stray to far from the classic comp formula these days: A few gems, some decent listenable tunes, and (unfortuneately) an equal helping of trash for good measure. Right from the get go however, I'll say that the amount of unreleased tracks on this CD alone make it well worth the meager price. The enjoyment you'll receive from listening to this will far exceed the enjoyment you'd get from that "super-burger" value meal you ate last night for the same price. Here's a quick breakdown of the tracks...

1. Lawrence Arms - Presenting: The Dancing Machine (Unreleased)
Great lead-off track. Fast, straight-ahead Chicago brand punk rock with distinctive, solid vocals, nothing particularly new style-wise from this band, but why change a good thing? This band oughta see a long histroy on the Fat roster if they keep pumpin' out this calibre of work.

2. Propaghandi - Back to the Motor League (Released)
I don't care if this track has been around for a while already, Propaghandi remains one of the best Punk outfits to ever come out of Canada dammit! Blistering riff-based rockin' with that political tinge.

3. Mad Caddies - Leavin' (Unreleased)
No disrespect to these boys but, I think it's time to try something new, the whole horn/ska/punk thing is getting a bit tired. The only thing I've really always appreciated about this band is the folksy-storytelling style lyrics. Thankfully at least those are here. Otherwise, first thumbs down track so far.

4. Dillinger Four - File Under "Adult Urban Contemporary" (Released)
Boring. It seems I'm the only one around who can't get into this band, maybe it's the poor production, the vocals seem to constantly be drowned out by a wall of mud and noisy guitar work. If that's your thing, great. If not, make a fridge run now.

5. Lagwagon - Never Stops (Unreleased)
Back with a bang. I can't wait till their new full length comes out. Standard Lagwagon fare, with that "first new track in years" energy. Joey's time in Bad Astronaut certainly did him well, his vocals have improved lots.

6. Strung Out - Your Worst Mistake (Unreleased) Same Strung Out we heard on "American Paradox", interesting chord progressions, great vocals, and one killer chorus make this a stellar track. They retain that "only band on Fat who includes solos" signature as well.

7. Rise Against - Generation Lost (Unreleased)
This track gets me pumped and wishing I was smack in the middle of the pit at one of their shows. These guys haven't gotten any less pissed off. I like.

8. NUFAN - Friends of the Enemy (Released)
Standard new-school NUFAN pop fare. Quite generic actually, relying on same four chords that their ENTIRE new record was written with. Disappointing to say the least, I'm sick of hearing that same old "T-formation" chord progression, and they don't even try to hide it! Thumbs down, to one of my fave bands of all time.

9. Avail - Black and Red (Released)
Least favorite track so far. Beginning/Bridge seems incoherent to the rest of the song. Unoriginal and uninspired.

10. Swingin' Utters - Sign in a Window (Unreleased)
I've never been a big fan of the Swingin' Utters, but I must say I guiltily enjoy this track. Same similar storytelling lyrics as demonstrated by the Mad Caddies track above, otherwise a healthy dose of standard street punk.

11. Less Than Jake - Faction (Released)
I loved this track... over a year ago... when it originally came out. Less Than Jake remain one of the only Ska-rooted bands I still love, they always manage to fit the horns in tastefully. Time for some new material though.

12. Freznal Rhomb - Had Enough (Unreleased)

I gotta admit, I was expecting less from these guys. A bit on the poppy side, sweet guitar-intro/riff, and a great chorus. Officially the first track by this band I've ever liked.

13. Anti-Flag - Federation (Unreleased) Standard "we hate the government" fist-pumping "lets go riot" tunes these guys have been churning out forever. Mediocre at best.

14. NOFX - Mattersville (Unreleased)
The fact that Fat Mike isn't swimming in his piles of money rather than rockin' out another classic NOFX tune is amazing in itself. Wicked chorus, NOFX = Delicious punk rock goodness.

15. Sick of it All - Built to Last (Live)
As the only live track on the comp, as well as the only real hardcore influence on this comp, Sick of it All pull off a great track. Heavy riffage Yelling. You either like it or hate it, I liked it.

16. Wizo - I Hate You (Unreleased)
Yeah... the reason this track was unreleased, I would imagine, is because it is absolute garbage. By FAR the worst track on the comp. Obnoxious, pointless & stupid. Wait lemme rephrase... Worst track EVER written, ever.

17. Good Riddance - Yesterday's Headlines (Released)
Good track by a consistently great band on the Fat Roster. Politically fuelled punk rock with a surprisingly upbeat feel. A bit dated, as the track was released as a preview for their last album online months before it came out... a year ago.

18. Me First... - Nothing Compares 2 U (Released)
Same old Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. Average track, a bit on the drab side, but if you like these guys, you'll dig the track. Decent chorus, annoying verses. Kind of a crappy end to an otherwise great comp.

In conclusion, go purchase this, it's well worth the money as I mentioned above. Cheap punk compilations really can't go that wrong.


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cannsaw (October 24, 2006)

Ummm, the Avail song is called "Blue Times Two" and the Frenzal Rhomb track is called "Cocksucker", aside from that rather major fuck up, good review for a good album, except for a few bits I disagreed with. (NUFAN, D4)

Anonymous (May 25, 2003)

This reviewah should be smacked. He hatin on D4 and Avail AND giving props to Lagwagon at teh same time.
D4's worst song > Lagwagon's best song

BrandonSideleau (December 16, 2002)

I like all sorts of music......it just happens to be that almost NONE of it is on MTV.....does that make me close minded? no. I don't most pop punk because I just can't get into it, not even the stuff released on indie labels. I'm not into "MTV" rap, but I do like Ice T and Public Enemy as well as few others. I like Reggae, death metal, meditative music. A very WIDE range. I just can't stand the corny shit- i hate hair metal, mtv pop, and most mtv "nu metal"(most of which is just pop with protooled guitars). I really can't stand country, I just can't get into it. Does this make me close minded? no.....i will give anything a chance.

evildeadalive (December 16, 2002)

Ok, while I will agree, an awful lot of people on this site are pretty damn closeminded, I will tell you I am not one of them. I judge a band on nothing other than what I hear. I take every band song by song. If Destinys Child actually put out a good song, I would be the first to admit it. In the bands this week thingy there, I told the story of how I saw REM last night. Last I recall, they weren't exactly the punkest band around. I will give anything a chance. I have heard 2 SOAD albums, beginning to end, quite a few times, plus a whole shitload of unreleased songs. And I hate them. Not because the lyrics are to deep or anything like that, I just cannot stand them. My opinion, get over it.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

limp bizkit is better than the refused. long live nu METAL!!

ps. people can be close minded about music w/o not just liking bands you like. i consider close minded people in regards to music those who only paint themselves into one corner of punk rock and won't listen to other bands or their not living to the ideals of those bands. or people who hate bands becuz of what label their on. thats close minded. hate sum41 cuz you think they suck musically. but if u just hate them cuz their on trl you are a moron. like recover just got signed to universal. time for the clsoe minded to call them sell outs. even if their music doenst change at all

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

The term being "close-minded" gets thrown alot around here because it's true.

It seems like most people here are stuck in their own little punk/ska/hardcore scenes and if anything ever gets played on MTV it automatically gets dismissed (and it most cases, rightfully so) but there are a few good bands (and some personal favs suchs as SOAD and Jimmy Eat World) that do get played and then get disrespected on websites such as this.

People will often hear one or two songs then dismiss the bands without ever hearing anything more. You don't need to like everything people recommend, but people often disregard music because it's "pop", "emo", "nu-metal", "metal", "screamo" or whatever label you can classify music these days. The fact that of the matter is this: a lot of people here when they hear a label will not give a band a chance then go off on a bashing spree.

Some people here are no better than the teenyboppers on MTV when it comes to music.

And that's a fact.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

Agreed. Isn't it nice when the only excuse people can think of for somebody not liking their favorite band is "you are closeminded." Ironically that is an insult regarding the predictability and simplicity of someones musical taste, yet the overused and pathetic quip, "you are closeminded," is exactly that: predictable and simple. So what if somebody doesn't share the same musical taste as you, that doesn't mean they don't give various types of music a chance, who are you to judge them simply because they don't like your personal favorite. And yes, nu-metal is a horrible fuckin name for a horrible fuckin music style. I'd take pathetic emo rip offs (I'm talking about the shitty local bands that we've all seen at one point or another that just flat out suck) any day over some nu-metal shit. You crackheads.

evildeadalive (December 16, 2002)

Uhhh.. yeah... Pink Floyd isn't experemental... actually they are. Music made by drug addicts for drug addicts. I'm not staight edge or anything, but no thank you. I'll pass.
And this closemided group of people you speak of is mostly just me. And I don't think of myself as closeminded. I listen to a hell of a lot of stuff that isn't even remotely punk. Just because I don't like a particular band that makes me want to gouge out my eyes and douse my ears in gasoline and light a match, does not mean I am some sort of elitest. I have given them a chance, and they make me vomit. I apologize for having an opinion. Please tell me all of your favorite bands now, so I can only listen to the from now on, you know, to expand my horizons.
And yes, nu metal is the gayest term ever. That's why it was given to the gayest form of music ever.

BrandonSideleau (December 16, 2002)

The Good Riddance track on here is good, but definitely not the best song off their newest album, I think they do better while playing harder and darker. But great nonetheless. Rise Against track is awesome. And the rest are ok.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

1.larryarms-the shit. this song is by no means an indication of how good their fat debut is. in my top 5 albums of this year. amazing lyrics. this song is just so so though.
2.propaghandi-this is about as good as they get. good, but all their shit sounds the same. their smarter than me though.
3.mad caddies-the shizzle. this is one of the best songs on this comp, and their mixing of styles is awesome. their singer's voice is also very very good. fun band, anthemic song.
4.d4-this reviewer fuct up big time on this one. amazing band, but bad production. catchy songs, great album (htis song isnt one of the better ones though).their lyrics are the best in 'punk rock' these days. i mean punk punk, not sing about relationships punk.
5.joey cape owns you.
6.same ol' new school experimental, slow strung out. ok song
7.whatever. good riddance clone, but powerful.
8.nufan-kick ass vocal pattern, but very poppy for these guys. like the whole new album. still cool
9.fart10.good song for a band thats been going downhill since the stellar 'juvenile product...' album.hope their new shit is better than the god awful s/t algbum
11.ltj. awesome band, great song, but boarders was an ok album at best. this is one of the best songs off it
12.fart.13.shoot yourself if u think thsi is a good song. it is very new and cutting edge though. like nothing i've heard b4
14.nofx own you. funny song 15.fart.oi oi oi. fart
wizo sux. good riddance at their best. bad me first song.

Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

Also, yes Pink Floyd does belong on that list. Hippy fucking shit.

Ah, that's right. Because if it isn't fast or hard and isn't experimental, it's hippy shit.

Ah, I can't believe that slipped my mind....

Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

SOAD isn't "nu-metal" that's the fuckin' gayest name ever and they cross so many boundries if you ever gave them a shot. Same goes for a ton of other bands.

Some of you people here need to get your heads out of your asses and out of your small punk scene and open your ears to new things. There is an entire world of music that you close out because it's "not punk".

Geez, this has to be the most close minded group of people I've ever come across.

Anonymous (December 14, 2002)

my review:
This whole album blows balls except for the me first and the gimme gimmes cover of "nothing compares to you" by sinead o'connor.i like propaghandi, D4, rise against,and MFATGG. but i was unimpressed until the end. yea anyways. thats jsut my opinion and i respect the other two reviewers views on this bad album. my name is eddy.

BrandonSideleau (December 14, 2002)

THe new Rise Against album is gonna be a classic.

burstandbloom (December 13, 2002)

Nevermind, it just came to me.

burstandbloom (December 13, 2002)

Would someone please remind me what SOAD stands for?

Anonymous (December 13, 2002)

i guarantee if you sat anti-flag and propagandhi in the same room together to talk about politics, there wouldn't be much arguing. as far as i see it, they are on the same political plane. propagandhi just seems more in your face (and yes, probably better informed) about it.

chimericalburst (December 13, 2002)

hey, so...to that guy a few posts down who said that propgandhi's politics were in line with anti-flag: you could not be more wrong, thats why i made the distinction in the first place. propagandhi are well informed anarchists, that approach domestic and world problems from a perspective unhindered by the constraints of the status quo which they seek to destroy. anti-flag are idiots who think the system can be reformed to work. you're welcome to disagree with who's perspective you like better, but admit that they're different.

cburst out

Anonymous (December 13, 2002)

you children need to comment on the CD, not what you think about capitalism. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

BrandonSideleau (December 13, 2002)

First off...I agree with Waste, SOAD is great as far as mainstream bands go, unfortuantely a lot of the MTV crowd don't listen to the lyrics and just buy it for the sound. Secondly, to the guy who said I'm crazy because I think Lynrd Skynrd sucks the big one.....well, tell me what's so great about that boring, unenergetic, beer drinking, fat, redneck band. To me it's boring and pathetic. Who wants to listen to a bunch of old racist rednecks talk about their "sweet home"? It's disgusting. Anyway, I'd have to say this comp is good, Rise Against are a great band, as are Good Riddance.

waste_elite (December 13, 2002)

wow, evildeadalive seems to have some hidden vendetta against SOAD...

what's the deal? as far as mainstream bands, i'd have to say they are one of the best.

evildeadalive (December 12, 2002)

Oh I 'get' SOAD just fine. I get that they make me want to swallow a shotgun blast just to get that annoying fucking voice out of my head. Nu metal never has, and never will be cool. Are SOAD nu metal? Yes. Do I hate them only because they are nu metal? No. I hate them on more levels than your stupid ass could ever comprehend.

Also, yes Pink Floyd does belong on that list. Hippy fucking shit.

waste_elite (December 12, 2002)

so why don't you have a problem with propagandhi chemricalburst? politically, they are very much in line with anti-flag. hell, they are more radical than ant-flag.

why don't you bitch about the other 10 million punk bands that only know 4 chords?

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

worst band ever is system. my god nu metal blows, and they are just...so..bad. as for pink floyd and lynyrd skynyrd, you must be crazy. pink floyd is one of the best bands ever, and skynyrd rocks the world.

in the words of bradley nowell, you must be a "craaaazyfooool".


simple plan is god awful though. oy

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)



BrandonSideleau (December 12, 2002)

What? Well, anyway, to me the situation seems pretty simple, no need to complicate it with political teachings. The issue comes down to that some component of "the system" is unjust, therefore it needs to be torn apart. I just don't see why things need to be so complicated. People seem too afraid and too lazy to change things. People always say "Oh, I could never make a difference" and they mock people who actually try. That's what I hate about a lot of people here. Things may be working fine for you, but they aren't for me, so if I wanna change things to better everyone, don't mock me for it.

chimericalburst (December 12, 2002)


i was not using my education standing to argue anything, i learned my lesson the first time. a previous post allegated that anti-flag were better read than i am; i was merely countering that post. secondly, who says my studies of political science are both a) ignorant of the entrenchment of political thought b) not focused on the end goal of dismantling the state system? you guys can't keep making weak assumptions to win arguements, because they might be wrong, so wrong that we may really be in agreement.


Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

"10.System of a Down
9. Puddle of Mudd
8. Audioslave
7. Limp Bizkit
6. Crazy Town
5. Nickelback or anything Chad Kroeger related
4. Pink Floyd
3. Creed
2. Saliva
1. The Eagles "

You should reconsider with having SOAD on their. Just because you don't "get" them doesn't mean their shitty. Same goes for Pink Floyd.

But everything else on that list is shit. Especially Limp Bizkit, they should be #1.

BrandonSideleau (December 12, 2002)

For people who try to use their "educational standings" as a way of arguing with people- what you learned in school doesn't mean jack shit. Sorry, but it doesn't. You're only learning the way of the system. Just because you know alot about how government works doesn't mean anything when it's destroyeed now does it? Plus, in the US educational system I doubt you really learned all that much. Degrees are just peices of paper that make people "think" you know what you're talking about, nothing more. I've got a few myself, and I feel that I know what I'm talking about,but I sure as hell didn't learn it in school. So quit using the "I'm a University Student" or "I major in this" bullshit. To talk about tearing down the government all you need to know is that they are full of shit, you on't need to enter into this political nonsense.

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

and why dont you fuck head punk stinky mall whore emo fucks go listen to some real talent such as:

DEATH, the crown, at the gates, amon amarth and so on

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

yeah, prop fuckin rule

anti-flag try to hard to sound british.. eat my shit

chimericalburst (December 12, 2002)

oh, and i would much rather have mall punks listen to songs about chicks and high school than have them think they're listening to well-informed, well-thought out political commentary which is in reality misleading and intellectually truncated. on the other hand, why can't propagandhi be that popular? oh, mayb its because they're not a bunch of slogan swallowing nitwits, and because they know more than three chords. got it.

cburst out

chimericalburst (December 12, 2002)

uhhh....yeah....about that....i wouldn't be lying if i said i was an honors political science major.


waste_elite (December 12, 2002)

"and uninformed psuedo-intellectual lyrics"

anti-flag is more well read in politics than you are and there is nothing "pseudo-intellectual" about their lyrics. they don't pretend to be poets, dumbass.

i'm not even a big fan of anti-flag, but i'll defend them because it pisses me off to see people tear them apart for stupid reasons. i'm fucking glad anti-flag is popular, at least they are exposing kids to something more important than songs about chicks and high school.

waste_elite (December 12, 2002)

"we hate capitalism. buy our merchandise"

why do you people construe the act of exchanging money and/or goods to be a capitalistic statement?

you are stupid.

waste_elite (December 12, 2002)

"isn't it awesome how they preach nonviolence, yet the entire nature of going to them play live is violent"

are you honestly comparing war to a mosh pit?

Propagheny (December 12, 2002)

To the person who said that every song except for D4 and Larry Arms sounds the same, you have just proven one of two things: you have either never listened to this CD or you are a complete idiot. Many of these bands sound nothing alike. How can you say Mad Caddies sound like SOIA or Propagandhi sounds like NUFAN?

evildeadalive (December 12, 2002)

uhhh... somemore honorable mentions go to Boxcar Racer, Simple Plan, Disturbed, New Found Glory, Rage Against the Machine, Thursday and all the other wannabe emo-core fucken shitty ass whiny bitch bands that are saturating the market right now.

evildeadalive (December 12, 2002)

Ok, here's my list of the shittiest of the shitty:

10.System of a Down
9. Puddle of Mudd
8. Audioslave
7. Limp Bizkit
6. Crazy Town
5. Nickelback or anything Chad Kroeger related
4. Pink Floyd
3. Creed
2. Saliva
1. The Eagles

Honorable mention goes to Slipknot dudes new band. Nothing worse than hippies and nu metal...

Am I gonna take some shit for this list? Yes.

I didn't put Skrewdriver on here because there are a lot of racist bands out there, and basically I don't think they are even worthy of being classfied as shit. Anyone ever heard Vaginal Jesus?

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

ok, punk core kid: given that anti-flag writes songs that never have more than four chords, and uninformed psuedo-intellectual lyrics, why do you like them?

eyeball_kid (December 12, 2002)

Is it Davey Havok? i dunno

eyeball_kid (December 12, 2002)

The NOFX song is good, really. I mean

"At the end of my cul-de-sac, Davy Havoc's house is painted black"

Ho ho

punkcorekid (December 12, 2002)

Chemicalburst, Anti-Flag is awesome.

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

I just picked up this comp and listened to it twice. Perhaps I am an ignoramus, but I think there is quite a variety on display. There are some groups/songs that I don't care for, but I don't understand how someone can make the statement that they all sound the same.

The Lawrence Arms song rocks. I was a little disappointed that the Lagwagon song is the same as one on a 4 song sampler that Fat sent me when I bought the new Avail album (they had another song off the forthcoming Lagwagon album as well). I guess releasing three tracks in advance would be a little much though.

My only complaint is that an unreleased Avail song would have been nice.

-Dino Radja

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

Well, since every song cept maybe D4 and Larry Arms is gonna sound the fucking same, is there any point in reviwing a fat comp? And lagwagon is the most generic fucking band on the planet. Why are they so big?

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

worst badn/group evar was milly vanilly

ElVaquero (December 11, 2002)

To the guy who replyed to me with the anti-anti-flag cartoon.... are you just dumb? I wasn't talking about anti-flag, I was talking about capitalism, the guy who said that clearly has little idea about what modern capitalism is. I think you think too little.

BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

It's hard to tell sometimes. sorry

chimericalburst (December 11, 2002)

c'mon, that was a joke dude. and good call on the beer.


BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

Crappy musical taste?...what? because I don't like to listen to this unenergetic lynrd skynrd garbage waste of music? Fuck you, That shit makes anything look good. Cyndi lauper sucks man, but fuck, it's the same thing as britney spears, it's not a "band", it's just one person. Ok, pal, why don't you go back to drinking beer with your pals.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

How Simple Plan isn't number 1...

chimericalburst (December 11, 2002)

oh come on. you know that song 'girls just wanna have fun' is the most annoying song you've ever heard in your whole goddamn crappy musical taste life.


BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

I mean, if that's your thing then fine...but its not mine

BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

Lynrd Skynrd sucks ass- bunch of fat, drunk rednecks singing about "home", fucking lame. And simple plan, new found glory are pop candy garbage. I think anti flag is ok, but not great...and cyndi lauper is just like britney spears, it's not serious so i dont even consider it a "band"

chimericalburst (December 11, 2002)

ok. no.
first and foremost, lynrd skynrd rocks.
secondly, blink182, simple plan, new found glory all rock with considerable hardness.
thirdly, you forgot anti-flag, nickleback, and for the love of god cindi lauper. argh.


BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

Worst bands ever? I'd say that these bands suck more than any others.

10.) Blink 182
9.) Alien Ant farm
8.) New Found Glory
7.) Simple Plan
6.) Limp Biscuit
5.) Crazy Town
4.) Creed
3.) Disturbed
2.) Lynrd Skynrd
1.) Screwdriver

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

For that 10 Worst Bands ever thing, I'd put Skrewdriver as the worst ever. I mean, how can you top NAZIS for pure suck factor?

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

Ok you bashed Dillinger Four and Avail, 2 of the only good bands on here. So i guess.....fuck yoU!

chimericalburst (December 11, 2002)

Ladies and Gentelmen, chimerical burst proudly presents:

The Worst Bands Ever in the Course of Human Existance

10. Creed
9. Slipknot
8. Disturbed
7. Cindi Lauper
6. Skrewdriver
5. Puddle of Mudd
4. Alanis Morissette
3. Nickelback
2. Anti-Flag
1. The current incarnation of Dead Kennedys

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

"I figure the most anti-capitalistic thing somebody could do is bring the system down by using it against them. For example, by bringing the REAL underground, overground. And bringing the REAL stuff into the mainstream and basically destroying it from within. Sign to a major label and use all of their money and make them go broke. Make an excellent record and try to get people to understand what it means and hopefully gain a few fans along the way. I think just because Anti-Flag sells stuff doesn't mean they are contradictions. I mean, inorder to destroy the system, you must live within it for a while."

This is exactly was Rage Against The Machine was trying to do.

BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

I figure the most anti-capitalistic thing somebody could do is bring the system down by using it against them. For example, by bringing the REAL underground, overground. And bringing the REAL stuff into the mainstream and basically destroying it from within. Sign to a major label and use all of their money and make them go broke. Make an excellent record and try to get people to understand what it means and hopefully gain a few fans along the way. I think just because Anti-Flag sells stuff doesn't mean they are contradictions. I mean, inorder to destroy the system, you must live within it for a while.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

"The Me First track, and more importantly forgetting about Lagwagon's 'guitar soloing' ability. (Who can forget that solo from "Stokin' the Neighbours" of off Trashed? Bitchin'.) "

I think that 'stokin the neighbours' solo is played by some metal guy that lagwagon is friends with (or so it says in the cd booklet). they dont actually play it themselves. though i must admit i enjoy that solo thoroughly.

spin man

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

To the guy below me, please don't make me laugh. This website sums up my exact thoughts on anti-flag


ElVaquero (December 11, 2002)

"we hate capitalism. buy our merchandise


Wow, that's just incredibly uneducated and ignorant, learning about these things (see 'sociology') would be good sometime, huh, guys?

Lumpycustard (December 11, 2002)

Hey, I said I was gonna go out and buy the damn D4 record (below) before I decided whether or not I liked the band. (Mostly because most of the material I've heard was older) but I still stand by my opinion that the D4 track on this comp was weak. Avail too...

...even though they're gonna beat me severely later, I will not bend!

In fact, I'm heading over to the record shop RIGHT NOW to purchase D4 situational comedy. Then again, I could just praise every band's track on the comp, then I wouldn't be 'dumb', 'ignorant' or 'annoying'! ;)

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

Mad Caddies - "No disrespect to these boys but, I think it's time to try something new"

Hmmm, Mad Caddies try something new with every album they put out there.

Quality Softcore - Very mellow/laid back ska record

Duck and Cover - A harder edge makes this a classic ska/punk album

Rock the Plank - More of a "poppy" cd

Each Cd sounds different, so I have no clue what you're talking about.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

i hope joey cape quits lagwagon and does bad astronaut full time. i mean, come on the new cd is amazing.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

Lumpycustard: We will find you, and you will be beaten. Badly.

- Avail

TheOneTrueBill (December 11, 2002)

"we hate capitalism. buy our merchandise


100% true. plus, isn't it awesome how they preach nonviolence, yet the entire nature of going to them play live is violent?

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

I could have sworn Wuss-Emo wrote this review while I was reading it. I thought he was probably the only person dumb enough to bash D4.

Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

we hate capitalism. buy our merchandise


Anonymous (December 11, 2002)

Take back the stuff about the Mad Caddies and you have a good review. But as is, you put down one of the greatest bands on the compilation. You gave them a thumbs down, so I give your review a thumbs down. Boo on this review. And as for new LTJ material their new album anthem will be out in january followed by a US tour...follow their progress at www.lessthanjake.com/anthem they have a ton of videos and pictures of them recording and even some lyrics up.

Lumpycustard (December 11, 2002)

Hahaha! Good ta know Ska... It's all good man.

BrandonSideleau (December 11, 2002)

Good Riddance rocks, especially thewir hardcore stuff....fucking great. Their cover of Black Flag's "My War" is really good.

Jon_the_Skafather (December 11, 2002)

"Also, Skafather:

If I lost you at the Caddies it's cool how you still managed to find your way all the way down to my 'ignorant' Anti-Flag comment."

i like to be thorough and read all of the review. ;)

Lumpycustard (December 11, 2002)

Also, Skafather:

If I lost you at the Caddies it's cool how you still managed to find your way all the way down to my 'ignorant' Anti-Flag comment.

Lumpycustard (December 11, 2002)

Okay, so I made a few mistakes. It is my first review, so cut me a bit o slack? The Me First track, and more importantly forgetting about Lagwagon's 'guitar soloing' ability. (Who can forget that solo from "Stokin' the Neighbours" of off Trashed? Bitchin'.)

As for D4, I've honestly only heard about 6 of their songs (older aside from the one on the comp) so I'm gonna heed the advice of TenderBransonX and go pick up the new record, and give it a fair run.


Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Ignorant comment about anti-flag?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA.....they should do a tour with new found glory to brainwash all the other 14-year olds as one

Jon_the_Skafather (December 10, 2002)

lost me at mad caddies and annoyed me with that ignorant comment about anti-flag.

WussEmoRock (December 10, 2002)

very good review.


evildeadalive (December 10, 2002)

I liked the older D4 albums a lot better than the new one.... Still the best band in the galdarn world though.

And to the guy praising Fat Mike for having a knack finding new bands; those bands weren't exactly hard to find, and in the case of D4 and the Larry Arms, certainly weren't new.

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Good review..though I'm not sure that Strung Out is the band on fat with soloing. What about lagwagon? And just curious, you said tyhe MFAGG song was released...what album was that? Anyway..good comp, good review

Propagheny (December 10, 2002)

This CD is one of the best Fat comps ever. True, the Propagandhi and GR songs are kind of old, but "Back to the Motor League" and "Yesterday's Headlines" are classic. The Lagwagon song is one of their best to date (and surprisingly makes a powerful political statement too). The Strung Out, A-F and Nofx songs are really good too. Most importantly, look at the new bands. Larry Arms, D4 and Rise Against are fucking awesome. I swear, Fat Mike really has a knack for finding amazing new bands. After all these years, it's good to see Fat is still putting out great music.

TenderBransonX (December 10, 2002)

Decent Review. Go out and buy D4's last albulm. Listen to it 5 times in 5 days. Then see if you still call them boring. Its like the grape nuts challenge.

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Good review.

Sort of odd though.... Dillinger 4 is the ONLY stuff from the midwest i can get into...

seriously, i can't sit through an entire rise against/alk3/(and especially) lawrence arms record...


Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Hahaha, Raum Der Zeit is classic. When I heard the new track off this comp (and nearly vomitted) I was like, "What happened here?"

As for the D4 boringness comment, like I said in the review, for some reason I'm the only one who can't seem to get into D4. It doesn't surprise me that I'd take a bit of flack for it!

And damn that MFATGG track gets shitter every time I hear it, I regret even referring to is as 'okay, and drab'... It's downright weak, as ya said Scott.


TheOneTrueBill (December 10, 2002)

"They retain that "only band on Fat who includes solos" signature as well. "

What the about the Utters? Huh?

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

NOFX = same ol shitty music that they have beaten to death a 100 times. Do something new already.

And Rise Against And Strung Out are the shit.

maverick (December 10, 2002)

To add to my thoughts from the other review:

The MFATGG song is really, really weak.


kirbypuckett (December 10, 2002)

Wizo wrote the greatest and worst song ever...Neat. Haha, well it's not really the greatest song but "Raum Der Zeit" is a bad ass song even if it's in German.

- Scott
(The future freaks me out)

waste_elite (December 10, 2002)

you lost me after you called D4 boring...

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

Excellent way to review a comp. Bravo.


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