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The Vandals: Sweatin' to the Oldies DVDSweatin' to the Oldies DVD (2002)
Kung Fu Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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Joe Escalante is a funny, funny man. This is, by far, the biggest thing I came away with after watching this DVD re-release of the Vandals classic documentary "Sweatin' To The Oldies." This DVD contains the original movie, which is basically a Vandals concert filmed in the early nineties [92, .

Joe Escalante is a funny, funny man.

This is, by far, the biggest thing I came away with after watching this DVD re-release of the Vandals classic documentary "Sweatin' To The Oldies."

This DVD contains the original movie, which is basically a Vandals concert filmed in the early nineties [92, I believe] as well as footage and histories of each band member. This concert was before I got into the Vandals [my knowledge of them only went back to "Live Fast, Diarrhea"], so 99% of these songs were completely new to me [although the idea of "you've heard one, you've heard 'em all" can certainly apply at times to the Vandals catalog].

Musically, the band's now-patented skatepunk sound is top notch, with drummer Josh Freese stealing the show, as usual. The biographical pieces interspersed throughout the concert are absolutely hilarious, with Escalante's narration making it priceless.

But the real gems here are all on the second disc. This disc is packed to the brim with extras. There's outtakes from the concert [usually dropped due to poor sound], as well as rare footage of each of the band members. One clip shows Warren recording a string quartet in the studio for the band's "Oi! To The World" album, and it's amazing how professional he is. Who would've guessed? There's also footage of the band performing at a German festival a few years ago, as well as a rare video of singer Dave Quackenbush singing for Pennywise on their European tour a few years ago [apparently Jim was sick and couldn't go or something]. If you're a fan of either band, it's a cool piece of history to have.

But, as he does on the first disc, Josh Freese steals the show. There are a few commericals on this disc from his adolescent years, and they're pretty amusing. The show-stealer, though, is the extended footage of him playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. In short, it is fucking hilarious.

One of the most popular short segments in the original documentary, where Joe interviews the Sugarcubes, is included in it's entirety here on the second disc. Joe's nervous, stumbling questions are only funnier when Bjork just seems to fuck with him. This is definitely worth checking out [plus you get a wicked crotch shot of Bjork as she crosses her legs].

The commentary tracks provided by all four members of the band convey their unique sense of humor, with, once again, Escalante's quirky comments winning over everyone else. I could see this man doing stand up, that's how much I enjoy his witicisms.

Will this win the band any new fans? Doubtful, because I really can't see anyone who was not already a Vandals fan buying this. I did enjoy it immensely, however, as it gave me a detailed history on a band that I'm into, and entertained me throughout. Definitely worth your money if you're a Vandals fan.


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Anonymous (January 22, 2005)

Did anyone notice the hidden footage on the DVD (hidden easter eggs)

Anonymous (December 17, 2002)

This is an awesome DVD.

Also, 40% of the people on this site who comment have to be the stupidest people I've ever had to listen to (or read, rather) ... not because they disagree with whether a band is good or not, but because they're fucking stupid.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

I bought the cd of this way back when and I wasn't too impressed. You can hear all the commentary and shit, inbetween the live songs, but don't know what the fuck they are commenting on. Also, the sound quality is not very good (I realize it's live and so it's not supposed to be all that great, but it was really bad). My favorite thing about the cd is the fact that it is oldskool vandals.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

A crotch shot of Bjork? BBBlleehhh...

If there is one mental image to keep me limp for a while, that would be it.

Anonymous (December 16, 2002)

he was a sk8ter boi , she said see you later boy, he wasnt good enuff for her, now hes a superstar, slammin on his guitar, does yo bitch ass face see what hes worrrrth! do, do ....doo doooooo do doooo doood doooo.....


Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

I used to really Love these guys. I grew outta them, but i'll put em on from time to time. But, And don't take this as some sellout issue, but does anyone else think it's stupid that this was rereleased AGAIN. I mean this is the third fucking time. And your gonna shell out more money just to see some funny commentary? I dunno, I mean I can see how Die hard fans would love this, and if this was a couple years ago id probably want it to, but, it just seems kinda pointless to have if you have the original.

waste_elite (December 15, 2002)

no his neck is too small

Anonymous (December 15, 2002)

Is it just me seeing things or does that guy in the middle of the mosh pit on the cover look a lot like henry rollins.

Anonymous (December 14, 2002)

Yeah, I'd say that would make you pretty punk. Make sure you have other punk stuff going on, like safety pins if you're going for the old school look, or your socks pulled high if you're more of a pop-punk kid.

Anonymous (December 14, 2002)

am i punk if i wear a vandals t-shirt around school? i'm asking b/c i saw the drummer from no doubt with a vandals t-shirt on and it looked cool and punk.

Anonymous (December 14, 2002)

Did someone say Bjork is hot? Fucking kill yourself.

Dubar (December 14, 2002)

when I saw the title of the review, I was like "why would I buy it again if I already have it?" but all that shit on the second disc seems worth it almost. That first video is some funny shit by the way.

But to the reviewer: You didnt recognize the songs they played? Dude.. get their earlier stuff... almost every song in their entire set on the first disc is a classic.

Melvyl (December 14, 2002)

i experienced a show with pennywise were dave sang....

it was kickass, he had some great fucking energy, he was hella angry too.

Anonymous (December 14, 2002)

This is the most STUPIDEST SHIT I've ever seen in my life!
Sorry folks,but if this is what the state of punk has to offer then we're in REALLY big trouble.
Shitty band,shitty songs,and a total waste of money.

WussEmoRock (December 14, 2002)

good review, I'll have to check this out sometime...maybe. the vandals are funny.


evildeadalive (December 13, 2002)

Dude, the funniest shit I have ever seen is every time Richard Simmons is on Letterman. Goddamn that shit is hilarious...

Haven't seen this, but it sounds good...

Bjork is hot...

lockdown59 (December 13, 2002)

How dare they mock Richard SImmons!?

TheOneTrueBill (December 13, 2002)

i'm going to re-buy this just for the second disc

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