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OneLineDrawing: VisitorVisitor (2002)
Jade Tree Records

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Contributed by: KirbyPuckettKirbyPuckett
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"A OneLineDrawing is when you start drawing and don't put down the pencil 'til you're done..." - Jonah Untitled Website: Hey man, what's up? Kirby Puckett: Hi, just listening to the new OneLineDrawing record "Visitor." Untitled Website: Who the hell are they? Kirby Puckett: It's not real.
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"A OneLineDrawing is when you start drawing and don't put down the pencil 'til you're done..." - Jonah

Untitled Website: Hey man, what's up?

Kirby Puckett: Hi, just listening to the new OneLineDrawing record "Visitor."

Untitled Website: Who the hell are they?

Kirby Puckett: It's not really a "who" type of deal, unless you count his R2D2 beat machine.

Kirby Puckett: The guy at hand happens to be Jonah Rzadzinski Martranga, the lead singer from New End Original.

Untitled Website: Oh, just dandy! Another guy doing a solo project to jump on the "Hey look at me, I don't need my real band I'll just write the same songs with a different band and guitar!" bandwagon.

Kirby Puckett: Well actually...

Untitled Website: Matt Pryor - New Amsterdams, Chris Carrabba - Dashboard Confesional, Tim Kasher - The Good Life, etc, etc...

Kirby Puckett: If you'd let me finish my sentence...Jonah here has been doing this longer than those guys and does a far superior job at it as well.

Untitled Website: Oh.

Untitled Website: Well what makes OneLineDrawing better than the other guys?

Kirby Puckett: I just feel that his lyrics and the performance of them come from the heart. Well, I'm sure the other guys write lyrics straight from the heart too. But in songs like "Bitte Ein Kuss" & "Smile" the songs just seem so compassionate as his voice is filled with pride and confidence. Where as Chris Carrabba sort of whines his way through tracks with less passion.

Untitled Website: Enlighten me with these "passionate" lyrics.

Kirby Puckett: "This is where the movies make their money / It doesn't hurt, it's more like being thirsy / In the lonely airport waves and drugged-up, dimlit raves / This is where the movies make their money"

Untitled Website: ...and what's so great about that?

Kirby Puckett: Like I said, the excitement comes from Jonah's vocals. I didn't know someone could put out so much power with such soft-spoken lyrics.

Kirby Puckett: In the tracks "Um...", "But It Was Close" & "Why Are We Fighting" his voice is so humble that his lyrics just engulf your heart and you can feel his emotion as he flows through the songs.

Untitled Website: Hmm, I think I could get into this.

Kirby Puckett: Trust me, it's really good, it's just difficult to describe what I feel when I hear this music.

Untitled Website: Ahh, the music, what's that sound like?

Kirby Puckett: Well here's just another aspect for me to rave about. The Music really sets OneLineDrawing apart from the rest of the pack. I don't think he's as talented as say Pryor or Carrabba but the way he lightly strums the guitar creates a great sound. Much like his lyrics it's peaceful on certain tracks and explosive on others. But it's what R2D2 does that puts Jonah up on top.

Untitled Website: Yeah, what's up with R2D2, does it just make noises like in the movie?

Kirby Puckett: Mmhmm, it kicks out some nice electronic drum beats that really contemplates Jonah's guitar work. Nothing to technical just little clicks and whistles that give the band a handful of originality. It also does a nice little breakout in "Smile."

Untitled Website: This is starting to sound pretty good actually, I think I'll have to pick this record up.

Kirby Puckett: It's worth it, be sure to check 'em out live as well, that's what convinced me. Because if I hadn't saw his performance, I'm not sure I would be into this music so much. He's definitely an artist who does the music from the heart and for the fans.

Untitled Website: I'm a little confused here...The website says it's selling "Visitor" for $10-15. What is that all about?

Kirby Puckett: I told you, he's about the fans. But I gotta run, see ya later.

Untitled Website: Hey thanks for telling me about OneLineDrawing...Later.

Auto response from Kirby Puckett:

"Hey A-l-l-y-s-o-n, can we do it do it a-g-a-i-n?
You're so hot. If there were more girls like you,
the sun wouldn't have anything to do.
You're so cute that Pikachu collects little color cards of you."

- OneLineDrawing


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Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

i just saw him playing with Acceptance and two small bands but it was a great show... Acceptance and Onelinedrawing were definately the stand out bands... plus Jonah really interacted with the audience, taking requests and shit, he's seems like a really cool guy

burstandbloom (December 23, 2002)

Cursive and The Good Life definately do not sound the same. They are, however, two of the very best bands out there.

Anonymous (December 23, 2002)

cursive and good life dont sound
alike and tim has been doing good life longer than cursive they just never released a cd untill after cursive took off.

Anonymous (December 22, 2002)

I think it IS the real Kirby! This review was:




soulbleed (December 22, 2002)

Jonah should have stuck with Far. New End Original was stretching it, but this shit is just terrible.

Anonymous (December 21, 2002)

when i saw onelinedrawing, this guy almost erased the memory of how terrible From Autumn To Ashes played right before him.

seriously, best show i have seen in quite a long time by anyone.

Anonymous (December 21, 2002)

Don't mind the score of the album I have never heard it, however, I did get to see Jonah live when he came through Pittsbrugh with Thursday. His odd, indifferent, outgoing personality shows in his music [ex. R2D2 & a song about loving his friend's wife] His music is either you love it or you hate it. Personaly I hate it but you have to hear it for yourself.

pope_schlomo (December 21, 2002)

Nice review. Sort of like the vagina monolouges. Anyway, this is a great CD and I rather here this than Dashboard. But its a toss whether its better than The New Amsterdams. "Para Todo Vida" was pretty good.

(For all life)

Anonymous (December 21, 2002)

thanks for the info about onelinedrawing i like what i have heard about them

Anonymous (December 20, 2002)

Yes everyone should check out Far. They are 10 times better than New End Original and Onelinedrawing, and I love both of those.

evildeadalive (December 20, 2002)

Hey look! Wayne Campbell commented on this review.

Hamish (December 20, 2002)

Jonah puts on some of the best live shows I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I had more fun at his show last month in Oakland than I've had at a show in a long time. This is a good record, I think I prefer the Sketchy EPs a bit more, but this is still a really good one. He's just a hell of a lot more genuine and honest than all the other people who have been doing this lately. At fist I was a little supsicious of him, as so many people have been faking the "sensitive" thing, but his live show convinced me. He just seems so damned honest.

Anonymous (December 20, 2002)

Good review. It was definitely different. Onelinedrawing is amazing. This is the only cd I have of his but I'm definitely getting more.


Anonymous (December 20, 2002)

Are you the real Kirby Puckett?

Anonymous (December 20, 2002)

And Jonah was the lead singer for the amazing band Far. I don't think i saw that mentioned.

Anonymous (December 20, 2002)

Thats awesome. What a great review... not.

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