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Madcap: East To WestEast To West (2002)
Side One Dummy Records

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Contributed by: adamAdam
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I've been trying to pin down what I don't like about this album for weeks. Now don't let that opening fool you, there is some incredibly catchy and well-written rock and roll on Madcap's "East To West." Tracks like "Bright Lights, Big City," "Hometown" and "These Old Feelings" define the term an.

I've been trying to pin down what I don't like about this album for weeks.

Now don't let that opening fool you, there is some incredibly catchy and well-written rock and roll on Madcap's "East To West." Tracks like "Bright Lights, Big City," "Hometown" and "These Old Feelings" define the term anthem with huge hooks and crowd leasing sing-alongs. While I feel that these Dropkick Murphys / early-Rancid style tracks are used a tad too often, it only briefly hinders the albums' pacing.

The thing that catches me off guard about Madcap is their youth. We're accustomed to hearing our street punk from jaded veterans. I was writing this band off as a poor-man's U.S. Bombs for a while, probably because they're newer at the game and don't carry the same weight of experience as Duane Peters' crew. The more I think about it, that's not something that I can fault the band on. "Be more grizzled!" doesn't hold up well in an argument.

Therefore I appreciate Madcap more when they break out of street-punk-anthem mode. "Midnight Thoughts" is a great example of a lower-key track that lies somewhere between Green Day's "Longview" and the Clash's "Guns Of Brixton." Also included is an energetic cover of Blitz' "New Age" which the British Oi band could be proud of. Unfortunately things tend to get bogged down on certain tracks when the seven-man group vocals (that's just the guests in the studio, not including the band themselves) overpower the individuals.

There are nitpicky technical reasons why I'm not fully into this record, but those problems can certainly be ironed out in time. Hopefully they'll stretch their legs a bit more in the future, because they're certainly have the songwriting ability.


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GxZxD (March 6, 2004)

Good catchy, singalong-a-punk-sreet-anthem type record...4 years on from their seminal release 'ON MY OWN ' on Paradigm records this refreshing LA punk band have swapped the more melodic anthemic vocal dominated sound of their early stuff, for a more Brit/street/singalong punk sound...is that a bad thing? well, no, possibly not, if you like the whole street punk genre, this record is a good example of it.....But, if you compare 'EAST TO WEST ' with the aforementioned release on Paradigm, with it's fresh, youthful sound packed with guitar melodies galore and great vocal harmonies...I'm afraid, in my humble opinion, 'EAST TO WEST' doesn't come close....Nevertheless, this is a good, solid, punk release worthy of a listen GxZxD. ENGLAND.

Anonymous (June 21, 2003)

Sick sick band, "Streets Of Belief" is a nasty song. Also, Madcap is great live.

Anonymous (January 15, 2003)

this album is good but i see way more potential in the band. didnt blow me away but a good effort at the least

Anonymous (January 14, 2003)

This is a great album. I can't think of another band out there like madcap who's as good live or on CD as these guys. No doubt this guys will be one of the biggest bands some day.

waste_elite (January 13, 2003)

guns of brixton is one of my favorite songs on london calling

Anonymous (January 13, 2003)

"Clash‚??s ‚??Guns Of Brixton.‚?Ě"

Haha. The best song on this album is only as good as good as the worst song off of London Calling. Figures.

Anonymous (January 13, 2003)

I love madcap and east to west. They rock live to!

Anonymous (January 12, 2003)

great album!! and i happen to like the cover art

adam (January 11, 2003)

...yeah we came up with that review at our last board meeting. We sat down and listened to "East To West," which is obviously the most important and influential album since "London Calling," and we just HAD to give it a poor review. We even made up hilarious reasons like "pacing," "production" and "songwriting" to use in it. How'd ya figure us out?


Anonymous (January 11, 2003)

recently saw them with one man army, and the explosion. they have an amazing live show, and one of the better records i've heard lately

Anonymous (January 11, 2003)

I have a feeling this web site has a rule that states....

"punknews.org may only review extremely shitty bands and records, and in addition to that, we must review very good and influential albums written by reviewers who don't know anything about music let alone punk rock in general..."

I can't believe the crap I read on this site. I mean what ever happened to quality control????

evilash (January 10, 2003)

Ahhhhhh the old punk rock rehash. Suck ass horrible art

Anonymous (January 10, 2003)

this album rocks! I love bright lights big city! I am going to see them when they play jersey. great album, great band. side one dummy is putting out quality shit these days.

Anonymous (January 10, 2003)

Fuck this shit. twat

Anonymous (January 9, 2003)

So I recently picked up "East to West" and was happy to finally see you review it.I think the album is very strong. Adam I can see what you mean when you say They could let their creativity flow a little more. But that could be said for just about every album out there right now. There are no london calling's out there right now. But this does not take away from how great this album is. There is some amazing rock in there! "Heaven or Hell" for one, throws me back to the WHO and early brit influenced rock and roll.Great!Anyway if this is a sign of things to come from this band then I as a rock and roll fan am excited. Also I was not 100% taken by the band until I saw them live. What an experience. The live Madcap show is as entertaining as it is fun. buy this album, see them live or vice versa. you will have no choice within a year, I am betting!

Phil from seattle

Anonymous (January 8, 2003)

One of the better albums i've heard lately, and what the hell are you talking about they're amazing live. As for the album cover who cares about it. Its not the artwork that's important anyway its the music.

Anonymous (January 8, 2003)

I saw them live a couple times. I guess Icould sum up all my thoughts about them in a great big MEH. The score drops a couple points for the worst album cover of this decade. What were they thinking?

Anonymous (January 8, 2003)

East To West is one of the best albums out right now and their live shows are even better. I recomend you check them out...

Anonymous (January 8, 2003)

madcap is lame

Anonymous (January 8, 2003)

Madcap. I can't stress how good their live show is... "bright lights, big city!" great record, one of the best of 2002.

Anonymous (January 7, 2003)

Shitty review,awesome band.Never disappoint in their live show.


waste_elite (January 7, 2003)

guns of brixton is such a great song, this score is for the clash

Anonymous (January 7, 2003)

Adam, you sure are digging some U.S. Bombs latetly, eh? "The World" is their best, I highly recommend it.


Anonymous (January 7, 2003)

good cd, great live show.

*****Wuss-Emo-Rock***** ( at school )

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