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Terror: Lowest Of The LowLowest Of The Low (2002)
Bridge Nine Records

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Contributed by: xignitexxignitex
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When you've been the front man for a popular hardcore band, relations to that band are bound to be made, should you ever be in a new one. This holds true with Terror. Front man Scott Vogel (who was the singer of Buried Alive) returns in Terror. If you're looking for another Buried Alive, you're o.
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When you've been the front man for a popular hardcore band, relations to that band are bound to be made, should you ever be in a new one. This holds true with Terror. Front man Scott Vogel (who was the singer of Buried Alive) returns in Terror. If you're looking for another Buried Alive, you're out of luck. While there are some similarities (the obvious one being the same lead singer), they don't warrant going into, as they are probably shared with 1000 other hardcore bands.

So I've already said that Terror aren't Buried Alive...so what are they you ask? Well, they're a straight up, hard as hell, old school NYHC sounding band, with a killer presence both on stage, and recorded. This release is only an ep, so it's fairly short at 9 songs. It includes all the songs from their demo as well. The songs are all extremelly angry, and Vogel's voice is perfect for conveying that emotion (not to mention the fact that he uses the f-word about 5 times in each song). The band sounds extremely right in this recording, and the production and mastering are top notch.

"Lowest Of The Low" does run fairly short, but that won't leave you any reason to complain, because you'll want to listen to it repeatedly. If you're into hard hitting stuff, you'll love this. If you're into old school NYHC stuff, you'll love this. If you like hardcore, you'll love it. If you get the chance to see Terror live, don't pass it up, because a recording just can't do them justice.


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mattminds (July 7, 2010)

if they were a wannabe metal band... wouldn't they play metal and not hardcore?

joeg (February 26, 2005)

fuck this new school tough guy moshcore whatever you want to call it bullshit. just another wannabe metal band following that god awful band hatebreed.

Anonymous (November 17, 2003)

Scott Vogel is a super nice guy as well all the other members Of Terror, and after seeing them 4 times now, and being able to sing on stage with him and him recognizing me at every show is pretty fucking awsome there soo amazing live, U guys need to pull out yer little generalizational cocks out of your assholes and get with the time they fucking own....

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

some parts sound exactly like no warning, i'll take them over terror any day

Anonymous (February 27, 2003)

I just got back from seeing these guys play with BANE. I haven't seen a crowd go off that hard for a band in a really long time. I'm not too familiar with any of their records (I was there for BANE), but it sounded like typical early 90s hardcore. Good for what it is, but nothing out of the ordinary. But that set was fucking insane. Holy shit.

Anonymous (February 24, 2003)

One of the best release I own. Those guys are the sh*t! Good old-school HC!

waste_elite (February 23, 2003)

"I heard that they were anti-fashion which is pretty ironic to say the least."

anti-fashion? as opposed to pro-fashion? what the hell?

who cares?

yellowtrash (February 23, 2003)

Yeah...this is pretty overrated, but I would not pass to see these guys. I heard that they were anti-fashion which is pretty ironic to say the least.

Anonymous (February 23, 2003)

hey man, he's just watching his language in front of the children. think about how many 12 year old kids probably read this site.

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

oops im the guy who posted right below. just gotta fix the score. why dont they let you give 0's?

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

i remember when i first heard black flag i thought hardcore would never be the same. you know, i thought, no one would put up with generic riffs and whatnot anymore. i was so so so wrong.

FortyMinutesWest (February 22, 2003)

"the f-word? "

Hah, I was thinking the same thing..

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

thiscd rules. vogel is a super nice guy and this is one of the best hc bands to see live. he also sang for despair and slugfest.

drewcifer (February 22, 2003)

the f-word?

evildeadalive (February 22, 2003)

One of the greatest shows I ever saw was 7 Seconds with Kid Dynamite, Snapcase and Buried Alive. All 4 bands were freakin amazing. Haven't heard Terror yet, but I really like Buried Alive. Maybe I'll check them out.

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

Great name, though.....????????

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

Put on your football helmets and shoulder pads!!

Vien (February 21, 2003)

AN has an awesome singer though.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

Most overrated hardcore band since american nightmare...buried alive was much better...

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

Yelling and Cookie Monster roars aren't "hardcore", it's just overdone and boring. Be original, mix in a groove, some interesting elements, creativity....then mix in the screams with the vocals....best example- Black Flag.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

yeah, it's sort of odd. it's like carry on replaced their mod edgebreak singer with SCOTT VOGEL but they were still better than terror.

it's a mystery to me.

and i'm a vogel fan at that...

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

similarities between carry on??? more like identical parts. listen to the carry on song "waiting on forever" and the terror song "life and death". regardless, both bands are amazing, although carry on is still better...

xignitex (February 21, 2003)

Buried Alive are one of my favourite bands of all time, but I don't think they sound like Terror. I've talked with a lot of people about it too, and none of them think that they sound all that similar either. They basically play the same style of HC, so like I said in the review, similarities are bound to be made between Terror and countless other bands. Terror also sports members of Carry On, and you can hear it in the guitar riffs. Vogel can command a crowd like no other, so as I mentioned before, a recording just doesn't do them justice.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

They sound EXACTLY like Buried Alive. It's sickening. Pretty lame these guys are getting so much hype. Kids need to find out about Buried Alive.


Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

hype-core to the max. tough-guy moshcore

overrated. big time.

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