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The Locust: The LocustThe Locust (1999)
Gold Standard Laboratories

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Contributed by: waste_elitewaste_elite
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Quite possibly the most controversial band in the scene right now, the Locust have gathered a legion of diehard fans and amassed one hell of an opposition in the process. Critics and zines have debated back and forth on the merit of the band, dissecting everything from their sense in fashion to thei.
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Quite possibly the most controversial band in the scene right now, the Locust have gathered a legion of diehard fans and amassed one hell of an opposition in the process. Critics and zines have debated back and forth on the merit of the band, dissecting everything from their sense in fashion to their artistic worth to the inherent violence in the music. Violence... now this has always be an element associated with the Locust. If you've ever taken the time to read interviews or show reviews, you'd know that some pretty fucked up shit has gone down at their shows. People lighting off fireworks in the pit, venues getting trashed, band members getting attacked, the list goes on. Some of it's so ridiculous, one has to wonder if it's fabricated. This whole rather humorous controversy, myth and fact, has added quite a bit of mystique to the band and made them quite famous/infamous in their own right.

Now as much fun as it is to talk about the band, let's get down to what really matters: the music. I chose to review their full length, as it is in my opinion, the best thing these guys have recorded. The band crunches out an ultra-fast blend of indie, hardcore, noise, grind, and... synth? Yeah, there is a keyboard involved, adding yet another interesting layer to the already volatile mix. The music is chaotic to say the least, there is so much going on in every song and it happens so quickly that it's a little hard on the ears the first time around. Nearly every song clocks in between thirty seconds and a minute long, never staying in one place and keeping the listener on edge throughout. On first listen, there is a bit of a shock value involved. If you aren't used to this brand of music, the record will more than likely make you a little uncomfortable and confused. This wears off after a while, the record makes more sense with each repeated spin. You'll eventually begin to see the order in the chaos and noise. You'll see the genius in the bizarre keyboard melody, the rhythmic screaming, the stop/start/slow/fast song dynamics, the furious blastbeats, and the occasional wicked guitar riff. Then you're addicted, this album is like fucking crack.

I couldn't write a Locust review without mentioning the lyrics and song titles. Priceless, to say the least. They are all very abstract and Burroughs-esque, humorous yet disturbing at the same time. With titles like "High Maintenance Libido, Bring the Whole Family" and "Skin Graft at Seventy-Five Miles per Hour", you know the band has a sense of humor, as pitch-black as that may be. The lyrics sheet is essential (good luck deciphering the vocals) and is certainly an interesting read.

The Locust grows on you like a fungus. I'm not quite sure if that's necessarily a healthy thing, but it's true nonetheless. Buy this album now.

(Note: The CD version is a tiny 3-inch disc. It'll play in pretty much every CD player except your car stereo.)


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solarpanelpandaasses (July 28, 2007)

there's shitty grindy punk like Asterisk...
and then there's good grindy punk like The Locust.
granted, they can hardly play their instruments, but somehow this album manages to kick ass and take names with 20 songs in 18 minutes.
i bought this album a little while ago and it's been played in my stereo about 20 times. i can't get enough of it.
Moth-Eaten Deer Head/ High Maintenance Libido, Bring the Whole Family/ Cattle Mutilation/ Hairspray Suppository/ Skin Graft at 75 Miles per Hour...holy fuck i can't really think of a bad track on this album.

Anonymous (March 23, 2006)

moth-eaten deerhead is the best song they've done.... EVER.
but the locust is to grindcore what pink floyd were to rock and roll, but i bet the locust puts on a better show.

Anonymous (March 13, 2003)

locust shows are redicluous. one of my fav. bands to see. at their shows there are people in costumes, people running around naked, people jumping off everything, people running around with lighters and hairspray, and just craziness. musically i love this band but you really can only listen to them for so long. if you like the locust check out swing kids. i believe its members of the locusts old band. dont quote me on that but its good shit.

waste_elite (March 13, 2003)

"one of their songs could substitute as the music that plays when you reach the end of a level, and that big boss comes out"

never thought about it, but that's a damn nice observation

Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

river city ransom was rad, there was a japenese SNES sequel too.

I'm still amazed at how popular a band that releases about 6 minute of music a year can get.

They are an interesting band though, I'll take Blood Brothers over them any day though.

Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

river city ransom for the nes fucking owned! beat people for money to buy food and books. shit i love throwing trash cans at the little people.


Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

Never actually played River City Ransom, but I remember thinking it looked pretty cool when I would read about it in Nintendo power as a kid. Maybe i'll look for it used somewhere, along with a copy of Earthbound. As far as the music goes though, Im talkin' about those BIG arcade games they used to have, where anywhere from 4 to 6 people could play at the same time. It'd be funny to make a punk/indie oriented one these days - and like I said, they could play a song from The Locust when you have to fight a boss - Lil Guy

sk8punx4evr (March 12, 2003)

i have ninja turtles 1 for nintendo. it owns so much. anyone ever play a game called river city ransom? best game ever.

Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

Ok, first time I heard The Locust, it made me think of playing one of those old arcade side scrolling games (like X-Men, Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, etc), and that one of their songs could substitute as the music that plays when you reach the end of a level, and that big boss comes out. Anyone agree? And yes, I do enjoy The Locust, I don't mean that as a bad thing - a good one actually - Lil Guy

Anonymous (March 12, 2003)

Wuss, everyone knows you don't like anything that isn't radio friendly. Posting your opinion on this album was a waste of your time. I'm sure you didn't convert any Locust fans by saying "The Locust is shit." You must have put a lot of thought into that one. Oh yeah, GET A LIFE!

dignin (March 12, 2003)

whats the matter wussemo, not enough syncronized jumps for ya?

FortyMinutesWest (March 11, 2003)

These guys are talented for sure, I'm just not really into them. Everyone should check out An Albatross.

waste_elite (March 11, 2003)

new album out in june btw

waste_elite (March 11, 2003)

blah blah blah

the locust play coherent music if you actually take the time and listen to it instead of bitching about it.

wuss, i'm glad you hate this band, i can sleep well tonight.

WussEmoRock (March 11, 2003)

The Locust are shit


Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

spazz actually played coherent music unlike the locust. they were a much better band.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

SPAZZ is the shizzle. i dont like locust, not my bag.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

power violence is golden. This cd is good. The locust is good.... but spazz is better.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

This band is fucked.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

I love the fact that I enjoy listening to a band described as "a musical car-wreck"

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

wouldn't work in my car stereo

BurstAndBloom (March 11, 2003)

Thanks, because I was worried about that.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

Actually, I have an in-dash cd player in my car and the cd plays just fine. Just for those of you who wanted to know, or didn't.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

Part of me wants the hate The Locust. I cannot stand listening to the noise they call music. But at the same time, the other half of me respects them so much, because unlike many bands out there, they've provoked emotion inside me. Damn the man.
I'm sure their live show would be insane though. I'll have to check it out next time they come.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

Their new album is coming out on Anti- in June. Crazy stuff does happen at their live shows, it's not mythical at all.

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

Sounds cool. I'll have to check it out, don't they have a new album coming out on the big E?

Anonymous (March 11, 2003)

their split with Man Is The Bastard is far better than this and in my opinion the only good thing they've released. there were less keyboards and they were way more serious than they are now.

Yellowtrash (March 11, 2003)

Yay! Someone else likes them here. They are overrated though, but they still have a pretty good live set.

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