Hot Rod Circuit / Plain White T's / Tsunami Bomb

Hot Rod Circuit/Plain White T's/Tsunami Bomb: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2003)
Vagrant Records

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Contributed by: MinorThreatMinor Threat
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Live at the Metro Tsunami Bomb, Plain White T's and Hot Rod Circuit. If it was in order of best performance, it would go like this: Tsunami Bomb/Hot Rod Circuit/Plain White T's. Up first, Tsunami bomb played for their full half hour, despite the fact that they got stuck in traffic for around 3 h.

Live at the Metro Tsunami Bomb, Plain White T's and Hot Rod Circuit. If it was in order of best performance, it would go like this: Tsunami Bomb/Hot Rod Circuit/Plain White T's.

Up first, Tsunami bomb played for their full half hour, despite the fact that they got stuck in traffic for around 3 hours. Their mainly hardcore sound got about 1/6 of the crowd going and a few moshing. Otherwise, the kids were rather sedate. They are an amazing live act, but the rest of crowd was part of the screaming teenage girl fans for Plain White Ts, so they didn't appreciate it.

Next came the Plain White T's. Their sound was bland, just normal pop punk/emo about girls. They had none of the charisma, energy or thought that have put bands like the Ataris or Rufio forward. Plus, there were a bunch of stupid girls moshing. You don't mosh to Plain white ts. Sorry kids, Tsunami bomb i encourage it. a generic love sucks band? no.

Hot Rod Circuit did better than PWT, but that's not saying much. They had a more rock/mellow sound that kidna turned me off. *shrugs* their songs had none of the inexplicable thing that...just gets rock bands noticed.

To compare them to Millencolin, whereas Millencolin has energy, passion and a very real zest for the music, HRC just stood there, and played the chords, which they did well, but...its a FUCKING PUNK SHOW!!! Jump around!

7 points for Tsunami bomb for doing an amazing job. 1 point for the wonderful atmosphere of the Metro.


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Anonymous (May 8, 2003)

"and by the way, is there a teenage girl in the chicagoland area that doesn't dig either the plain white t's, or lucky boys confusion? or both?"

Yeah, all the girls I'm friends with. Anyway my girl and I bought tickets to see the show soley for Tsunami Bomb, we got caught in traffic and missed them. Major let down, considering that I have always though PWT's sucked even when they were playing at Sputnicks on the south side. HRC just does do it for me. I mean, yeah she dumped you. Get over it. Needless to say, we got there, stayed until we heard that lame ass what if she doesn't like me line, and left the Metro laughing. Tsunami Bomb own live. They were much better suited for their tour with Tiger Army and The Damned. Same vein of dark feel. I also enjoy when they headline at the Firside Bowl.

Anonymous (March 24, 2003)

Hot rods a great band,great band, casey is the most amazing guitar plyer and nicest guy , i know them well actually and they are not assholes and if you were bored by them then go fuck yourself and try to be more open minded and review better next time you shit

Anonymous (March 21, 2003)

This has to be one of the worst reveiws ever posted on this site...and there have been a lot of them. Really unspecific and as general as possible. You guys shouldn't just post a review like this just because someone bothered to write one...encourage the shitty ones to stop.

Anonymous (March 21, 2003)

Tsunami Bomb rules. The end.

Anonymous (March 20, 2003)

i saw tsunami bomb at the shelter in detroit and they had the most energetic performance while the rest of the crowd just kinda stood there not knowing what to do chekc out tsunami bomb at warped tour

TheOneTrueBill (March 20, 2003)

"and by the way, is there a teenage girl in the chicagoland area that doesn't dig either the plain white t's, or lucky boys confusion? or both?"

nope... and it makes me sad

Anonymous (March 20, 2003)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I spoke to members of all three bands that night and all of them were really nice. Hot Rod Circuit too!

Anonymous (March 20, 2003)

I was at this show! You left out so much! I thought it was a great show and I really love all the bands. I have always loved PWT's and have been a big fan of HRC for days. TB blew me away! I thought they stole the show, but like I said, I love them all. What about Agent M giving away a pair of her shoes after their set? (I lost the raffle) What about how the guitarist from HRC is insane on stage? What about how PWT's melodies? I am glad to see this show reviews but I think you left so much out. Even if you didn't like the bands you could have written so much more about this show.

evildeadalive (March 20, 2003)

Really? I met HRC after their show in Seattle, and they were super nice, and seemed genuinely moved that my friend (she's a bit of a freak) was a ridiculously big fan of theirs.

p.s. - this just in, Agent M. rules.

Anonymous (March 19, 2003)

I just want to say that Hot Rod Circuit are the biggest bunch of assholes Ive ever met. When they opend for Dashboard They were standing by their merch stand and my friend and I went up to shake their hands and tell them we were fans of their music. They acted like they were the biggest band in music and they didn't have time for a couple of fans. A pretty bold move considering nobody else even knew that they were in the band they just saw. Buncha Dicks but make good music.

Anonymous (March 19, 2003)

PWT's blow real bad. i saw them with rise against and couldnt believe such a shitty band was opening for a band as good as rise against. to they guy who mentioned their lyrics - i noticed that at the show too. 'what if she doesnt like me....?' ha i was embarrased for them.

Anonymous (March 19, 2003)

tsunami bomb hardcore? hardly
very good band though. even more fun live

Anonymous (March 19, 2003)

I was also at the show and it was soo great. i agree, with the last person that commented, that the Plain White T's were the best. i have liked them for soo long and their performance blew me away... it was just so amazing. Hot Rod Circuit also was extreamly good, but Tsunami Bomb didnt see to fit in that show. overall it (with the exception of Tsunami Bomb) the concert was excellent.

ForeverNothing (March 19, 2003)

I was at this show and personally, I thought the Plain White T's stole the night. Tsunami Bomb has never and will never impress me. They seemed completely odd for this kind of line up. Hot Rod blew me away. They were amazing. As for the Plain White T's not being nice guys...I met Tom after the show and he was a sweetie. Really really nice guy. And why are we comparing bands to The Ataris, Rufio, and Millencolin? Bands would never get anywhere if they sat there and compared themselves to other bands. Anyway, Plain White T's were defintely the best of the night, followed by Hot Rod, and finally Tsunami Bomb.

Anonymous (March 19, 2003)

The Plain White T's are terribly bland, and unoriginal. They aren't necessarily nice either. They used to be part of the "fantasy" Chicago music scene, with bands like Lucky Boys Confusion and The Dog and Everything. They were never part of the REAL Chicago scene. Hence the stupid girls moshing and not appreciating good music.

FortyMinutesWest (March 19, 2003)

The Plain White T's have hilarious lyrics. "What if she doesn't like me, what if Im not her type". Brilliant stuff guys, I bet the great literary geniuses of our time lay awake at night trying to top that.

joeg (March 19, 2003)

can you make it a little bit shorter next time? thanks. and tsunami bomb is awesome. can't say that for the other 2 bands.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

Tsunami Bomb and Commando are coming on Friday.

Yay or nay?

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

why write reviews when you're gonna half-ass 'em... seriously this is what i got outta your review "tsunami bomb is good, they're so hardcore... the plain white t's suck... unlike rufio and the ataris, hrc isn't as good as millencolin" i hope the papers you write for school don't suck this hard

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

I can't believe the reviewer cites The Ataris and Rufio as good pop/emo/punk, and not the Plain White T's....those guys are great...well they're nice at least.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

The person who'se head you want is me. I'm sorry, but having seen both bands, there is an intensity and feeling in Millencolin that had everyone watching. Hot Rod Circuit could not say the same for their act.

Minor Threat

TheBouncingSoul (March 18, 2003)

wow, with that kind of detailed review, i can almost feel like i was there...

and by the way, is there a teenage girl in the chicagoland area that doesn't dig either the plain white t's, or lucky boys confusion? or both?

evildeadalive (March 18, 2003)

Fake energy doesn't count.
This review sucked.
Tsunami Bomb rules.
I could really see myself settling down with Agent M. She just may be the one. Now all I have to do is meet her...

Melvyl (March 18, 2003)

since when is millencolin a great live act?
i've seen them like 50 times and i don't find them better than average.

the last 3 years they've lost all their energy too. (not that they had so much to begin with). i mean shit, nfg has more energy than millencolin.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

this is a horriable review, why do you even write for this site?

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

Saw Tsunami Bomb with the Vandals. They rocked.
Saw Plain White T's with Me First. They sucked.

katie4213 (March 18, 2003)

normally i love the t's and think they have a ton of energy and stage presence. but then again i am bias. way to be honest in your review.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

The review could have been more detailed, but I am not surprised at all. Tsunami Bomb rules.

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