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Anti-Flag: Underground NetworkUnderground Network (2001)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: ASocial2000
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Pittsburgh Punks Anti-Flag come back stronger than ever with their followup to the already classic "A New Kind of Army"... 13 Tracks of melodic punk, lyrics to relevant social and political issues, just incredible. The standout track on this gem is, "Bring out your Dead", which features bassist, Chr.

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Pittsburgh Punks Anti-Flag come back stronger than ever with their followup to the already classic "A New Kind of Army"... 13 Tracks of melodic punk, lyrics to relevant social and political issues, just incredible. The standout track on this gem is, "Bring out your Dead", which features bassist, Chris #2 on vocals.


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kill_fftl (September 19, 2006)

great reveiw

JohnnyTwoTits (August 29, 2006)

this album is awasum as anything iv ever hurd, i played This Machine Kills Fascists for a friend of mine, and hes bin listining ever since. if i wasent so lazy/poor id go buy the album, but you know.... id have to get dressed.... so listining to my scratched up burned cd is all im gunna get

Anonymous (June 9, 2006)

I had a chance to really listen to this album, and admittingly am not an avid A-F fan, Iiked the music. However, the message they are trying to send would be at best able to convince the listeners in middle school, who can't really think thoughtfully on their own yet. Hey Anti-Flag....gratz on making it, most people don't get the chance you got. But at least admit your view and ideas are ripped from bands like Aus Rotten, and the anti-nowehere league, you just switched the political leader's names. And I have a hard time agreeing with it the second time, when A-F bashes on the capitalism that are paying their bills, handsomely. Just like rage against the machine...hypocritical, and misdirected. Why you think the cool guys all ditched Zak and formed audio slave with Chris. Ya'll sound good, but drop the i cant pay my rent because George W is dropping bombs on Iraq. No one wants to hear Rich rockers complaining.

Anonymous (March 18, 2006)

holy shit
im guessing there werent any good reviews this week
or any
how in shitting crikey did this get posted

Godfather (October 19, 2005)

and i thought my review sucked

clamum (October 16, 2005)

Now how the fuck did this "review" get posted?

Anonymous (June 7, 2004)

awesome CD...one of their best

Anonymous (April 23, 2004)

This album kills fuckin' idiots...

Anonymous (December 7, 2003)

Anti-flag fuckin rocks! all the people who are like they suck all are all fuckin posers anyway! they are right the government fuckin sucks!

Analog_Boy (August 6, 2003)

My score is for your review. Awsome work dude. I like how you used those 5 stars to show the alblums value. I think I might check this out now. Thanks.

jooshua (June 25, 2003)

first, i wanna say this cd is one of my all time faves. the powerful lyrics and intense music make me think about my decisions and government and stuff. it made me question authority and government and made me see how fucked up our govnt. is. and i think that was the point of this album. i highly suggest this cd to everybody!!

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

Good album, but how many times does Justin say "multi-nationals" in it?

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

This Machine Kills Fascist?!!
What a bunch of copycats.

harg (March 31, 2002)

Totally wank review.
Totally amazin record.
Powerful lyrics and great musical skill antiflag are an example of how good punk can be. I would put this as their best album yet everyone i played this to loved it.
A New Kind Of Army was good this is even better.

Anonymous (January 28, 2002)

There best work yet. 100000 stars...

waste_elite (December 21, 2001)

i have to say, i dont know much about anti-flag. this is the only anti-flag album that i have and i have to say thats its... ok. the songs are really good and i like justin's voice but the songs are just too long for their own good. i would have loved this album if they would have just shaved liked 2 minutes off of each song. by the time each song ended, i was ready for it to end. they play the chorus of each song to death, and it gets old fast. as i said, this would have been an incredible album, but it's spread too thin.

Anonymous (November 29, 2001)

anti flag fucking sucks..their politics blow..they make fucking terrible music..and justin sane's voice makes the average humans ears bleed..fucking awful..if i could give it no stars..i would...

Anonymous (November 27, 2001)

This is one of the best things I've heard in a long time!! The most catchy riffs and lyrics!! The lead singer is unbeliveable! His voice is so raw and stuffed with rebellion, you can just feel the power!


Anonymous (October 29, 2001)

Ben Weasel put it best:

"You say you hate capitalism
Well I'm sure you won't compromise
When you're out of cigarettes
Funny thing is your butt's full of jizz!"

-Sr. Potpourri

Anonymous (August 25, 2001)

one word:


Anonymous (July 16, 2001)

Anti-Flag is a great band. They come from my hometown Pittsburgh and I'm glad tey've achieved such a popular status in the punk world. There are some other good bands out here, one called "Buzz Poets" which is a good punk band. For those of you who like some good pop-punk, I suggest you check them out on their website. What, you want me to tell it to you? Too bad! I'm wasted and can't remember!

seek (June 15, 2001)

not quite as good as their other albums but it still gets a 10 because it is still some of the best music out there.

NfGsAvEsThEdAy (May 9, 2001)

This is a kick ass cd and i got there 2 other ones on the day they came out and i got this cd on the day it came out and its going to be like that till they get old and gray which isnt going to be soon cuz they are a kick ass punk band and they rock ing concert also!

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

This CD is great. I hate Spaz's House Destruction Party (track 10), but it can be overlooked considering the quality of everything else. Culture Revolution (9) is probably my favorite A-F song ever.

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

who cares about the review, the album is great, perfect blend of early 80's political punk with 90's melodic hardcore. to everyone else make your own decision's, it's definitely worth listening to.

Anonymous (May 1, 2001)

wow, that fucking extra information box made the review unreadably long.

Anonymous (April 30, 2001)

this is too long.

fathead (April 28, 2001)

i hate reading reviews that are long and overdone, but this is rediculous. why dont you just say 'i like anti-flag' and let that be it.oh by the way, what i've heard of this album ain't that great.i think i passed up the word count of the review with this posting!HA!

Anonymous (April 27, 2001)

could you make a shorter reveiw

Booker_Pee (April 27, 2001)

I thought reviews had to be at least 100 words?

RecipeForHate (April 27, 2001)

Altough it lacked the rawness that they're previous releases had this album still kicks serious ass.Full on attack on the USA in the lyrics department and matured in the instrumental part.Two thumbs up for Anti-Flag! Standout tracks:Angry,Young and Poor Bring out your dead(sung by chris#2) and Until it happens to you.

Can this year get any better with smashing releases by Propaghandi and Anti-Flag!(BTW thank you American Government and assorted scumbags for giving these bands some serious shit to write about.*That was sarcasm*)

maverick (April 26, 2001)

Seriously, I mean I've written some short reviews on here [my review name is Scott, check me out] but at least I go a bit in depth on the album. This is just shoddy reviewing.

Anonymous (April 26, 2001)

haven't heard this album yet, but as a rant in general, I don't think reviews like this should go through because it seems more like a product description than an actual review.


Anonymous (April 26, 2001)

Well shit, they could have at least named all the tracks or something. This review was way too brief.

That review can easily be compacted down to one sentence: "This was a good album"

Anonymous (April 26, 2001)

Well, most people don't wanna waste their time reading a three page review for a CD. They just want to hear the basic facts of the CD and whether it's worth buying or not!

Anonymous (April 26, 2001)

okay so i write a maybe a 3 page review for the Yellowcard album and it doesn't get posted but this guy writes maybe 3 sentances and he gets posted? what the fuck is up with that?

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