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Bouncing Souls/The Casualties: live in Long Islandlive in Long Island (2003)
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Fifteen years have passed since The Bouncing Souls formed from a group of high school kids in New Jersey. Much has changed for The Bouncing Souls over these years. Going from squatter punks living out of futon shops and putting out everything D.I.Y. to getting signed to premier punk label: Epitaph.

Fifteen years have passed since The Bouncing Souls formed from a group of high school kids in New Jersey. Much has changed for The Bouncing Souls over these years. Going from squatter punks living out of futon shops and putting out everything D.I.Y. to getting signed to premier punk label: Epitaph records. From Shal Kichi behind the drums to Michael McDermott of Mephiskapheles and Murphy's Law holding the beats down, and from downtimes to some of the happeist and most together times of their lives and as a band, The Bouncing Souls have been through a wild ride. Following on the release of their award-winning 2-disc dvd, The Bouncing Souls returned to Long Island for the first time in a year to play some rock n' roll.

No guardrails, no security, no super high stage, just the way a nice punk rock n' roll show should be, the band and the fans unified as one. Worthless United started off the night with some straight up punk rock. They blasted through their set extremely quick, and it was nice to hear a cover of The Clash's "Tommy Gun" to close out the set.

Roger Miret And The Disasters were up next. For those unfamiliar, Roger Miret is the singer of New York Hardcore legends, Agnostic Front. However, his other band, The Disasters, is very much different. They play a nice catchy type of street punk that is very similar to Rancid, which may explain their signing to Hell-Cat Records. Songs like "Give 'Em Boot" got the kids on the dance floor moving, and that was just the beginning of things to come. The Disasters also decided to play one from The Clash's catalouge as well, as Miret dedicated "Career Opportunities" to the memory of Joe Strummer, the Clash frontman who died last year. The Disasters music was fast, catchy, and fun, and got the kids all worked up for the remainder of the show.

The sounds of sirens bought NYC punk band The Casualties to the stage. Judging from the comparison of the band's hair and the kid's hair, it was easy to tell that The Casualties have a very dedicated fan base, although it's very hard to beleive that such generic, bland music could have such a dedicated following. It was hard to make out a difference between any of the songs they played, and this continued on for 45 minutes until The Casualties finally took their leave, as well as did many kids who came out just for The Casualties.

After about 15 minutes of stage setup time, the lights at Sports Plus went out, the common whistle of an Old West shootout movie blared over the loudspeaker, and Greg, Bryan, Pete, and Mike hopped up onto the stage. Greg gave the crowd a little smile, and the Souls shot into "Hopeless Romantic", sending the crowd into a frenzy. The energy was intense and the crowd's energy and the Soul's energy just fed off each other the entire time. Without a moment in between, "That Song" and "Say Anything" came next, and the energy factor followed suit. Two new songs were played, entitled "Kids and Heroes" and "Born Free", and judging from the sound, it may be possible that the upcoming Bouncing Souls album, "Anchors Away", may very well be their best. Songs that rarely find their way onto setlists nowadays were played such as "Gone" and "Kid." A few older tracks such as "I Like Your Mom" and "The Ballad Of Johnny X" were also played as well, which generated just as great a crowd response as any of their stuff. The Bouncing Souls announced "Private Radio" as their last song, but it was only a matter of about 30 seconds before they ran back on stage to give the kids two older favorites, "Here We Go" and "Argyle", as well as the set-closer "Manthem" which had everyone on stage chanting and singing along.

If you were to look around you after the show, you would see nothing but smiling faces, which is something The Bouncing Souls bring to Long Island every time they play here. An excellent show full of positive, emotional, and physical energy is something that should characteristic of any band trying to make a connection with the people. Here's to another 15 years of The Bouncing Souls.


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Anonymous (July 15, 2003)

i like the bouncing souls and the casualties and the disasters

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

I care.

My score is for Worthless United. These other bands can suck a nut. Especially the casualties. street punk at its worst. Well, then again I have friends that cringe when I mention the casualties and street punk in the same sentance.

oh well


bossanova (April 17, 2003)

you dont even care, do you

bossanova (April 17, 2003)

my grandpa lives on long island.

Mr_Pink (April 16, 2003)

I'm a little torn over the Casualties. I've seen them a few times and it's like there's a double standard going on. It's not really my style, I think the songs kind of sound the same, and I don't think too much of the lyrics, they pretty much amount to "Let's be punks" and "Let's get drunk." But their between-song banter emphasizes unity between the different "punk/skin/indie" factions. It's a pretty decent message to send out, but it looks like it's lost on the kids who come out to see them, because they're more in the fashion punk vein to the point of intolerance. They sure seem like nice guys, though. They always stick around and check out the other bands and come off as being pretty respectful.

Anonymous (April 16, 2003)

Scored souly on listening to the Souls half twice. Caught them live three times now and they own every fucking time. Oh yea, and every show I go to it seems the fuckin casualties are at. I can't escape them. They seem to lack the ability to headline their own show and I wish they would go tour with bands I'm not trying to check out. FUCK THE CASUALTIES!

Anonymous (April 16, 2003)

montreal wins more than orlando. fuckin the whole of florida sucks, except gainesville

i live in gainesville. this place sucks nuts.

viceroymonarch (April 15, 2003)

Was it close to sold out? When I was at Sportsplus over winter to see Catch22 it hardly sold any tix, and it just looked really pathetic to have the room half-empty.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

bouncing souls are so much fun live.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

Yep, the wall in the middle was up unlike the TBS and Hatebreed shows. Sports Plus is a much better venue when its only a 200-300 kid show.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

montreal wins more than orlando. fuckin the whole of florida sucks, except gainesville.

Kevin11 (April 15, 2003)

Orlando wins, we all got on stage at HOB, and we were all in the DVD, Orlando always wins, always.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

Great Review !

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

yeah i was at this show, and it was damb good, worthless united were great, lots of energy, roger and disasters played way better than the first time i saw em, and thats saying something. the casualties, not a huge fan but i can respect them and they do what they do well, i will say that they are one of the loudest bands ive ever heard. and the bouncing souls, first time i had finally gotten to see them, and they didnt dissapoint one bit, tons of energy, and just good times. and it was funny how there was like a ton of signs saying no stage diving, and once the souls started playing, there was tons of stage diving. two of the coolest things at a show like this are one, the crowd was pretty diverse, which i personally like more, tons of different age people and different looking people, and two i got kicked in the head at least 10 times, and thats when you know its a punk show. overall i give this show at least an 8. oh and a third thing the venue was like this huge gaming complex with everything you could ever imagine for kids and whatnot which couldve been really annoying, but goddam there were so many hot milfs, i wasnt complaining

GregSka (April 15, 2003)

Great review, love those Souls!

viceroymonarch (April 15, 2003)

For this show, was the pull-away wall thing up, or was it taken down and they used both rooms for the show?

sloppyblake (April 15, 2003)

5 stars when the casualties are the on the bill? what happened?

Melvyl (April 15, 2003)

ok, great, that could be the only reason..

now, if they suck i will go berzerk.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

Oh one more thing, for the guy below - every review of the Souls is "glowing" cos they put on amazingly energetic sets that just make you happy. You can't resist it. You'll see.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

I was there too, good show, but I'm not too fond of this venue. Give me a dark, dank, hole-in-the-wall cramped club, (rather than a kiddie knights of columbus-type hall setting) and yeah it would have been even better. I see you're not too much of a street punk fan, Casualties bland? Oh well.

Melvyl (April 15, 2003)

good review.

now an open question.

i'm seeing bouncing souls a few times in june, what's so great about them? i mean every review has been amazingly glowing, but i just can't belive this when i listen to the cd's, they don't get me at all, it just sounds boring lame and poppy, no offense or anything, but i'm looking forward to see them because maybe then i will understand the greatness in them.

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

didnt cannibal corpse open for them to?

Anonymous (April 15, 2003)

It's "anchors aweigh" get your sailing terminology down, bitches.

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