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Gob: Foot In Mouth DiseaseFoot In Mouth Disease (2003)

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Contributed by: PopCultureSux
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I was walking through my local music store the day and walked past their "New Releases" stand, and something caught my eye. It wasn't a band that I had heard of before, nor had my friend who was with me. An interesting name, Gob. But it wasn't the name that caught my eye, nor the interesting album n.

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I was walking through my local music store the day and walked past their "New Releases" stand, and something caught my eye. It wasn't a band that I had heard of before, nor had my friend who was with me. An interesting name, Gob. But it wasn't the name that caught my eye, nor the interesting album name "Foot In Mouth Disease". It was the cover (which is one of the sickest things I've ever seen on an album cover). Curious to hear what the band sounded like, and the fact that the CD was only $5.99, I picked it up. Popping it into my CD player at home, I was soon listening to a pop-punk 4-piece band. Me, being a pop-punk fan (not that Blink 182, Sum41 crap, I'm talking good pop-punk), I liked the CD's sound. I listened to it from beginning to end, and had no complaints. Giving it a much more thorough listen, I began to find my likes and dislikes.

Track 1 "Lemon-Aid"-A good opening song for any album. It's great guitar work can easily get anyone into a frenzy. A good song.

Track 2 "I've Been Up These Steps"-A bland, unimportant song. Not even worth a listen.

Track 3 "Oh! Ellin"-An OK song. A basic "Woe is Me, No one loves me" song, which has seemed to taint pop-punk unfairly with this huge trend that Simple Plan has brought to America.

Track 4 "I Cut Myself, Too"- Probably my second favorite. The beginning music reminds of an Ataris song, I can't think of it now. It's a good song.

Track 5 "Fed Up"- My favorite on the album. It has great lyrics and a great sound. I could listen to this for days.

Track 6 "Ming Tran"-Another good song. A song that can make you wanna kick someone in the teeth.

Track 7 "When Life Gets Boring...."-A waste of the precious talent of your eardrums. No reason for this to be even on the album. Pure filler.

Track 8 "Give Up The Grudge"-A declaration of individuality and not following the stream (that's what punk is about, right?). My friend said it was a "Rich Kids Suck" song. (No offense to anyone).

Track 9 "Bones"-A nice refrain, but crappy verses. A decent song.

Track 10 "This Evil World"-A "The World Is Against Me" song. Not a good song, period.

Track 11 "I Hear You Calling"-This song has up's and downs. Good guitar starts and stops from strum to palm mute make up for this songs lack of originality.

Track 12 "Bully"-The singer is pretty much declaring "I've taken my shots, lets dish some out now" in the verses, but the song than explodes into an all-out scream/sing refrain. This song is definitely a change, which is what the album needed.

Track 13 "Cold Feet"-Sounds like an NFG song. Boring, another song about a girl.

Track 14 "Everybody's Getting Hooked Up"-A perfect ending song.

On a whole, "Foot In Mouth..." isn't a bad album. It's mediocre more than anything. But me not knowing the band Gob very well, I have nothing to compare it too. In whole, the album is just as interesting as its cover.


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Patentti24 (May 21, 2007)

Ten points. Awesome album!!!

Anonymous (March 31, 2004)

You want to see a sick album cover: See Bleeding Through's "This is Love, This is Murderous" thats some sick shit

Anonymous (April 23, 2003)

Gob? More like "suck". Mr t says these foo's can eat my ass! only chumps listen to this crap!

- mr. T

Anonymous (April 23, 2003)

Where did the "Too late... no friends" days go.... good Canadian band though who didn't get there chance to make it big with punk, so they soldout to make some money, ah well, that's the way she goes

Anonymous (April 23, 2003)

They didnt sell out. If i was one of those bands i would sell out though. I see nothing wrong with gettin money and bangin some poser chick after u open for her.

-RaNcId PuNx

evildeadalive (April 23, 2003)

I remember seeing Gob open up for the Circle Jerks like 6 years ago or something... Ahh, those were the days. Now they open for Avril Lavigne. Good to see their finally getting somewhere. Jackass sellouts.

Anonymous (April 23, 2003)

anyone know if nomeansno has anything happening? i would love to see them live, what are they 60 and they still rock hard?

the 10 is for mr.happy.


Anonymous (April 22, 2003)

gob just sucks now they were so much better when you released soda oh oh and the split with another joe called ass seen on tv

BostonMusicGuy (April 22, 2003)

"An album with a song described as "A bland, unimportant song. Not even worth a listen" gets 4 1/2 stars? I'd hate to see a 3. "It got 3.5 stars. Look again.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (April 22, 2003)

Canada has NOMEANSNO.... no other band really matters.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

Oh look, another shitty Canadian band.

When the hell will most of us Americans that this is SHIT.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

Dick In Mouth Disease

FortyMinutesWest (April 21, 2003)

NHL 2k3 is much better, fuck EA Sports.

StratManX (April 21, 2003)

I only gave them this score because they were on NHL 2003, the greatest game ever.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

An album with a song described as "A bland, unimportant song. Not even worth a listen" gets 4 1/2 stars? I'd hate to see a 3.

4.5? Really?? Look again.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

oh my god...you can TALK!!!!

(hardy har)

FortyMinutesWest (April 21, 2003)

Family Guy, motherfuckers. This score is for Family Guy.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

If I was gob, and i was opening for avril, id just bone her and then kick her ass and then make it my show.

-RaNcId PuNx

casualty (April 21, 2003)

you take that back! aqua teens will never be better than sea lab! for shame!

and what's with the new lineup? no brak? no space ghost? whatta rip off.

BostonMusicGuy (April 21, 2003)

The last Gob album as horrible but "How fart shallow takes you" was really really good. Too bad they open for Avril and Simple Plan now. Its sad really. You never know, I might pick this album up. Sounds better than the last one at least.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)


- Scott
(Aqua Teen is better though)

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

Get your head out your ass. The U.S. has some terrible bands as well.
American Hi-Fi
New Found Glory
All American Rejects
Andrew W.K.
Bowling For Soup
The list could go on for pages.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

it may be americans buying the shit, but where's the source of the shit, eh? i think its aboot time you fucking canadians start shaping us and sending us a better product. dumbfuck canadians. at least we have guttermouth, casualites, and glassjaw. suck on that.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

An album with a song described as "A bland, unimportant song. Not even worth a listen" gets 4 1/2 stars? I'd hate to see a 3.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

sir phobos and demos are so fucking punk.

(check back on the TV news later in the day for news on sealab. cuz it's you're birthday bitch)

recordings (April 21, 2003)

someone watched sea lab 2021 tonight. ahem.

Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

you know if i had a choice of the lethal injection or listening to this, then shoot me up. who takes a song so crappy from their last album and make it worst on their new album. what in judas rocking priest is happening?


Anonymous (April 21, 2003)

The only ones to blame for the success of some of the shittiest music, is the americans.
You see canada couldn't support the music industry as a whole, and surprisingly some of the shitty canadian bands mentioned, don't do all that well here in canada. Its the american market they are after, and its the americans giving them the vast majority of support.
Crap like bryan adams, celine dion, avril lavene, shania twain. They've all done much better in the states.
So go fuck yourselves.

As for gob? Well, thats exactly what they are targetting. Not their past fans, not the canadians that have supported them for all this time. Just the american market.
They've put out some really great stuff, but the last few albums have been very weak, boring, and obviously targeted for marketing rather than talent. Oh well, guess they wanna make money, can't say I blame them

Also, if you wanna hear some great canadian music, try belvedere, or downway? I'm sure most of you have heard of propaghandi.

There have a been a whole whack of good canadian punk bands. They just don't survive, cause its a hard thing to do in that scene, especially here in the great white north. Wish hockey teeth were still putting shit out!

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

Dave Matthews is from South Africa dumb fuck.

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

these guys have some real bad song on the nhl 2003 for ps2. thats about all i've heard from them all though i've been hearing about these guys for years, but nothing ever that convincing. sounds like most people here are saying it sux. probably does.

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

It's time to set the record straight on Celine Dion, Sum 41, Nickelback, etc. Contrary to popular belief, we Canadians are not responsible for these bands becoming as big as they are. All those artists have released numerous records in Canada and managed to flounder in relative obscurity until their records have exploded south of the border. So if you feel the need to blame anyone for the mediocre records crossing the border and polluting the airwaves, blame yourselves. Clearly, we have no interest in hearing them as much as American listeners do nor do we deserve any flak for their popularity. Thank you.

TahoeJeff (April 20, 2003)

yeah..limp broke up..unfortunate too...pop and disorderly was a great album

FortyMinutesWest (April 20, 2003)

Mediocre has several meanings, ranging from average to "piss poor".

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

On a whole, "Foot In Mouth..." isn't a bad album. It's mediocre more than anything. But me not knowing the band Gob very well, I have nothing to compare it too. In whole, the album is just as interesting as its cover.

FYI Mediocre means its pretty piss poor.

Anonymous (April 20, 2003)

and the U.S. hasn't given us crappy bands?
backstreet boys?
dave matthews?

there are of course lots of good u.s. bands, and lots of good canadian bands. You just don't hear a ton of Canadian bands because it is really hard for canadian bands to tour int he u.s.
aside from obvious good canadian bands (planet smashers, general rudie, propagandhi, weakerthans, Moneen, Choke, No Warning, SNFU, DOA) check out Closet Monster, The Reason, Dead Letter Dept, District 7, King Konqueror, The New Breed, Belvedere, Fifth Hour Hero, St. Catherines, MARILYN'S VITAMINS, the fullblast, Bombs Over Providence, Dean Malenkos, Knucklehead and Hope to name just a few smaller ones.

soulbleed (April 20, 2003)

'how far shallow takes you' was better.

joeg (April 19, 2003)

limp broke up, no?

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

If you guys want good pop-punk, look no further than Limp's Pop and Disorderly.

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

rancid punx = wussemorock = fat wounded pussy

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

Gob rawks!!!

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

we gave you gob way before we gave you any of those bands...

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

a crappy pop punk band from canada? get the fuck out of here! canada has given us sum 41, nickelback, simple plan, avril, and now gob! go canada! keep on giving us more shit!

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

Well, your heros Keven Wade of punkrocks.net, Tim Krysko of punkinternational.com and Jordan A. Baker of pastepunk.com love the new Sum41 album. Take that!

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

We used to rock out in the van all the time to Ass Seen On T.V. It was one of the better releases that year. Every songs that Gob was responsible for on that album totally kicked ass. And Too Late No Friends? You could listen to that until the cows came home, I'm not joking. Then they sorta dissapeared. Went under the radar. Couple years later, they come out with How Far Shallow Takes You. Now some of the songs on this album ruled the universe. They had gotten into metal like nobodies business, and did it well. However, the rest, totally sucked ass. Slow ass lame pop punk, not even good catchy slow ass pop punk. But lame. Then the travesty of their next two albums. Obviously they've gotten older and slower and lost a few hairs... but man, at least make them good. Like, like, like, Bflat. That song DID rule, and why you can't right a good catchy slow song anymore is beyond me.

Gob used to be on the list with The Almighty Trigger Happy as the best canadian newschoolers. Not anymore. They made the move to sell more records to 14 year old girls who like 16 year old punky boys. But if you're going to do that, at least make the songs good and catchy, not lame and sucky.

FortyMinutesWest (April 19, 2003)

It seems like they went with standard pop punk chords and riffs to me. They used to more creative. I heard one of their songs in NHL 2003 and I thought it was Blink 182. When I looked and saw it was Gob I almost puked.

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

Boycott canada

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

and to the person who said they dumbed down there sound and made it less technical, this album definetly is their most technical if your speaking instrument and even vocal wise. The guitar parts and leads are much better than alot of their old stuff, and the vocals (theos at least) I think personally sound better. Don't get me wrong... my favorite Gob cd is too late no friends.. then how far shallow takes you, I didn't really like the world according to save a few songs.. and then this is third. Although it's third i really like it, it's catchy and fast.. and isn't pussy sounding like alot of popular "punk" bands even when they got slower or softer. i also do like the new sum 41 cd( and all the others) but I think hat the new sum 41 album gets older than this one faster, but maybe i'm just crazy.


Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

Bands with good cd's full of pop punk songs

Mr T. Experience
Groovie ghoulies
The Queers
Enemy you (if counted as pop punk)
After school special
The connie dungs
Blink 182 (i dont care what any of you say!!)


Melvyl (April 19, 2003)

the latest sum 41 cd is way better than this one. And i also think that the ming tran track is kinda good, but compare it with the better half of sum 41's latest cd and you realize that it's not that good...

why can't any band do a cd full of GOOD pop-punk songs?

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

Oooops, now why did i give them 5 stars, they only deserve 1 star for having a good recording.

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

these guys are oooold. if you want to hear old canadian men playing pop-punk, check out glasshead.

RaNcIdPuNx (April 19, 2003)

Dude did you really "capp" 2pac, i thought it was like michle jakcson or something.

-RaNcId PuNx

Icapped2pac (April 19, 2003)

"I kicked my friend in the face after i heard it."

OK, I can't front, that was fucking funny.

Anonymous (April 19, 2003)

If you don't like my reviews then dont read then and just burn in hell. No, im not wussemorock but that guy was pretty funny. Anyways i think my reviews are great along with this CD. Ming Tran is a frickin awsome pop-punk song. I kicked my friend in the face after i heard it.

-RaNcId PuNx

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

kickass album; people who didn't like this album, well baho nyo

at_the_drive_in_21 (April 18, 2003)

Judging by the reviewers name - I don't think I'm too far off with that one. Being dictated what not to like because of what's popular in the mainstream is the flipside of the same coin as liking everything in the mainstream.

at_the_drive_in_21 (April 18, 2003)

Gob used to be decent, but their last 2 releases have been lacking. You also mention that you don't like Sum 41 but their recent single sounds exactly like a Sum 41 song. Curious... Makes me think you may just not be into Blink and Sum 41 because of their mainstream appeal, and that's just sad.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

what a shitty band. I saw these guys live and they blew ass. They should stop right now, because they werent good or funny.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

StabbingGoldfish -- I'm not defending the author, but I constantly buy CDs based on their price (or Scott's reviews) because 70% of my records are used thus I buy what seems like it might be good or is cheap enough for me.

- Scott
(Try it, it's fun)

Mik88 (April 18, 2003)

Gob have changed thier style, but you have to expect that after 10 years as a band. Foot in Mouth Disease basically picks up where the world according to gob left off. i still miss the days of wolfman pat and 'too late, no friends', but they have changed members, and they are older now, so i guess this is what you should expect. instead of ranting on a message board about how punk or not punk this is, just either buy it, or leave it in the store. why get worked up about it?

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

I try to keep liking this band, I really do. They put on a great live show, but the CDs get worse and worse. I'm surprised no one mentioned Ass seen on Tv. That was good also. Bb is a great song. Somehow I don't think Gob'll write anymore songs like the ones on that split.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

i thought gobs last semi big label release was good pop rock, they got softer but the songwriting was really good. This record just doesnt do anything for me. what happened?

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

these guys eat a walrusses's feces with mayo and chedder cheese.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

put a happy cake in your tummy

Icapped2pac (April 18, 2003)

Fuck, I forgot to change my rating. These guys eat a camel's ass with soy sauce (a generic brand).

Icapped2pac (April 18, 2003)

Jesus Harold Christ, this "rancid punx" kid seems to get dumber with every post... and I'm not even talking about musical taste, that's not even worth debating because everybody can say someone else's tastes suck, it's all relative. But the way he chooses to word things makes it read like one of those first-grade books with one mono-syllabic sentence every page and a really big picture. "Every song on the CD sounds different. That is one of the best things about the CD." Apparently, he hasn't gotten to the "pronouns" chapter in his english book yet. "Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredriksen are really good singers. Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredriksen like to drink beer and shout "Oi!". Matt Freeman is good friends with Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredriksen. Felicity is their favorite TV show. Tim Armstrong and Lars Fredriksen like to eat happy cakes and watch Felicity. The end."

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

ming tran is a good song, its probably one of the best examples of a "pop punk" song. its catchy but doesnt have to lose its edge. with that being said the rest of the album is fairly bland, but i gotta admit ming tran gets stuck in my head

lieutenant (April 18, 2003)

I haven't listened to this album, nor do I think I will.

I will, however, 'fend for Gob by at least recognizing some great talent in their previous releases. Obviously this band is not for everyone, but I really think Too Late... and How Far Shallow Takes You are really great albums that I have spent much time enjoying in the 1990's. This band wouldn't change much of your life, but it's music that I can enjoy on a summer night, for what it's worth.

GregSka (April 18, 2003)

"I GOB-BLED THIS REVIEW RIGHT UP!!!" I declare whoever wrote that the coolest person in the world!

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

you people that slam a band like gob for touring with avril or any other pop band are just stupid. that really is one of the lamest reasons to dislike a band. oh, bad religion toured with blink! oh, the bosstones toured with simple plan! oh, h2o toured with new found glory.....ok, last one bad example, but you get my drift. i'm going to judge a band by the music they put out. having said all that, gob can lick my left testicle(my right one is gone, its a genetic thing). they're a horrible pop punk band. i've seen them live and they suck. throw em in the freaking $1 cd bin.

maverick (April 18, 2003)


1. Insincere Dave rules. Best pn.org gimmick *ever*, hands down. This score is for you.

2. Anyone else think that rancidpunx is just WussEmoRock under a different name?


Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

I like stuff like mxpx and all, but GOB were exeptionally bad when i heard em a while ago

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

when i heard give up the grudge i thought i was listening to a new version of fat lip...

insinceredave (April 18, 2003)

This should help establish Arista as a leading punk label!

insincere dave

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Now that i think of it this CD deserves 10 stars si here ya go **********

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Five stars!!! i gob-bled this review right up!!!

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Last comment made by RaNcId PuNx

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Gob hasnt really changed that much, they just have alittle more of a rock edge to them. I dont think a record lable means shit. Who cares what label the band is on?

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

gob used to be good..."how far shallow takes you" is a great album...but man did they ever get raped by arista...

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

This is a great album. It deserves the five stars that i gave it. The CD is a pop-punk CD but every song on the CD sounds different. This is a really good thing about the cd. Most pop punk tends to sound the same but this is different. If you dont get this CD you will regret it. I didnt know you could get anything this good for 6 bucks. Good Job GOB.

-RaNcId PuNx

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Gob is the ONLY good pop punk band on a major.

And thats not saying much.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Not that I was ever a big Gob fan, but I enjoyed songs like Soda and the cover of Mr. Sandman.
And I don't know what the fuck happened between those and this cd, but this doesn't even sound remotely the same.
And am I the only one who doesn't find the cover disgusting? All those toes actually made me laugh.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

To the reviewer:
Blink182 is better than GOB and 90% of the "new school pop punk wave"..
end of story

FortyMinutesWest (April 18, 2003)

A band dumbs down their songs, musically and technically, sounds like regression to me. A band that once was an outspoken opponent to major labels and corporate radio now embraces both, sounds like a sellout to me.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Gob wrote Soda and Your too cool like 8 years ago. They aren't kids anymore. As for the selling out part, just because a band wants to be successful, doesn't mean they sold out. Listen to their albums, every one of them sounds different. Although I think how far shallow takes you is their best, this is far better than that turd they released last time.
Anyone who uses the term sell out, is a poseur. Who gives a shit what a band does. Is it a crime for Gob to tour with Avril? Sounds like a good idea to increase your potential fan base.

StabbingGoldfish (April 18, 2003)

Gob is a horrible band, the title of this cd is lame, the cover art is lame, the fact you fell for the 'cheap cd price' marketing scheme makes me laugh, the fact that you'd buy a cd based soley on the fact it was 7 bucks w/o hearing it makes me laugh, that said I find you situation very comical. I'm just wondering how bands like THIS get signed to majors.

djl (April 18, 2003)

gob sold out. since when did bands start singing about rich people suck bullshit? "give up the grudge" is the exact same song as "lifestyles of the rich and famous". i think gob and good charlotte sing about their contempt for rich people cuz they're constantly surrounded by them, what with their major label status and all. who remembers "soda" and "you're too cool"? i saw gob last october and they were totally cool, but this new shit fuckin sucks. they sold out they sold out they sold out they sold out.

sloppyblake (April 18, 2003)

the score is for the guy who reviewed this album. 'waste of time'. i love it.

review more cds.

inagreendase (April 18, 2003)

why would a band ever put an old single on a new album. that's the stupidest thing i've heard of this side of a major label. gob's new stuff is borderline mediocre; but yeah, sellouts is an ok word to describe them. and sum 41 is definitely one of the better pop-punk bands right now. at least they didn't jump off indie obscurity into candian-american glory like our friends gob here...they were basically already there.

FortyMinutesWest (April 18, 2003)

This is not a word I like to throw around often, but I think it applies here. Gob are sellouts, there's no other way of looking at it.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

CRAP!!!!!!"How Far Shallow Takes You" was great, the last one sounded like a crappy Blink 182 cd, this one sounds like a crappy SUM41 cd.Time to hang it up boys, or just let Theo sing and write the tunes.

vmac (April 18, 2003)

This is fuckin' shitty music !!! Anyone remember "How Far shallow takes you" ?, when they used to not suck...

BabaBooey (April 18, 2003)

"Me, being a pop-punk fan (not that Blink 182, Sum41 crap, I'm talking good pop-punk)"

Sum 41's cd Does This Look Infected is significantly better than this Foot In Mouth junk.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

Bad, bad, really fucking bad band.

Talk about bad cover art. That shit borders on digusting.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

oops, someone beat me with the avril lavigne comment. my bad for the double post.

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

they're going on tour with avril lavigne. good stuff.

tubbyWSOU (April 18, 2003)

oh boy, i can see people flipping out on this guy already...

Anonymous (April 18, 2003)

gob toured with avril lavigne. enough said.

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