Fordirelifesake / Deluge - split CD (Cover Artwork)

Fordirelifesake / Deluge

Fordirelifesake / Deluge: split CDsplit CD (2003)
Thorp Records

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: Alex Mera
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This six-song EP showcases two interesting bands in Hardcore: Fordirelifesake from Detroit and Deluge out of the Netherlands. Fordirelifesake starts out the EP with their brand of technically impressive, solo-based Hardcore. Their guitar acrobatics are simply amazing with both guitarists waili.


This six-song EP showcases two interesting bands in Hardcore: Fordirelifesake from Detroit and Deluge out of the Netherlands.

Fordirelifesake starts out the EP with their brand of technically impressive, solo-based Hardcore. Their guitar acrobatics are simply amazing with both guitarists wailing away at hyper-speed into technical breakdowns, only to go back into overdrive with another dual riff assault. It really makes you wonder how this is recreated live when the guitarists launch solo after solo. The one drawback to this dynamic is that it often overpowers the other instruments (including the vocals) but when the riffs are this complex and good, there really is not much room to complain. They also have some pretty weird and interesting guitar effects that being a guitarist myself, I could not help but wonder how they were done.

Vocally, the band sticks to the usual singing/screaming dynamic that is appropriate if not a bit average. Thankfully, the melodic vocals sound well and come in at the right moments, and the throat ripping is not too over-the-top. The rhythm section shines with plenty of key moments, particularly with some of the bass lines. Lyrically, it is also a relief the band strays away from the girl-done-me-wrong subject and focuses on introspective, philosophical issues. Overall, I found it pretty refreshing to hear a band that emphasizes melody instead of sheer brutality in these Metalcore-infested days.

Deluge is perhaps the only band I have ever heard out of the Netherlands and they were also very enjoyable to listen to. My only complain is that their second track is a very brief instrumental offering over some voice samples, which is kind of a letdown when you have a recording that is only six songs in length. It would have been nice to hear a little bit more of what Deluge has to offer.

The most interesting aspect I found is the band's affinity for somber melodies. Deluge begins their share of the EP with a little bit of piano (frequent throughout their songs) before pummeling the listener, which is superbly done. Their sound has a raw, live quality to it that gives you the impression this is one of those bands that sounds exactly the same live as they do in recording. There is a noticeable absence of melodic vocals, but the lead singer does a pretty decent job barking away ferociously. The guitar work is pretty inventive with its fair share of technicality. The rhythm section sounds pretty capable, but I really found it difficult to give a more detailed description of their sound with only two actual tracks. Overall, they have a more straight-forward approach to Hardcore than Fordirelifesake but they are still an exemplary offering of the genre.

Even for an EP, the recording is a little short but it is still worth the money. Hardcore fans cannot go wrong with checking out both of these bands or tracking down their respective full-lengths. I expect great things from both in the future.


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Anonymous (June 13, 2006)

FDLS AND Deluge are two great bands. I couldnt find this one either... shit = [

Anonymous (May 31, 2003)

Fordirelifesake formed in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan on October31, 1999, as a side project band for members of locally successful bands, Mycomplex (headhunter/cargo), Bottomed Out (filthy stinkin�), and Resound. As those bands began to slow down, Fordirelifesake gained momentum and immediately took over as the full time band for each member. They began playing many shows around their home town and quickly became an immediate sensation.

im friends with all the guys and matt wedge especially they own it up theyre crazy live too matt passes the mic every 5 seconds to let fans sing along its amazing

Anonymous (May 4, 2003)

The live video of Fordirelifesake in Japan is fucking sweet. I think it's up on the Skipworth Records site. These guys are doing a good job of making a new face of hardcore. The first time I saw them was with the Suicide Machines and I've seen them a few times since.I have to say that everytime I've seen them, they have not let me down.

Kurt_F (May 4, 2003)

Wafflehouse are freaking awesome.

Anonymous (May 4, 2003)

auctually the only member rescue and fordirelifesake shared was fdls guitarist brian, who played drums in rescue. hes since quit though. 3/4 of rescue are also in a band called wafflehouse.

Anonymous (May 4, 2003)

The Deluge part of this EP is by far the best part. It simply rocks!

Anonymous (May 3, 2003)

These guys rock in concert. I live in Detroit so I see them pretty frequently. If your a fan of the split. Their cd Breathing in is only half the function is a must. Get the album it will be the best thing you ever did

Anonymous (May 2, 2003)

your description REALLY makes me want to check out for dire life's sake. i love solos. it bums me out that we don't see them more in hardcore. maybe i'll give them a listen, do they have a full length out?

Anonymous (May 2, 2003)

I believe the guitarists from FDLS are also in The Rescue (who I like a whole lot more), hence the similarity with the technical guitar work. Both bands are however great; I'm just not into the sing/scream genre of music too much, except for a couple bands.

Anonymous (May 2, 2003)

Fordirelifesake is amazaing amazing amazing.


Anonymous (May 2, 2003)

wutwut to my homies of Deluge

marijn, EmplaneMusic.

FortyMinutesWest (May 2, 2003)

Fordirelifesake is pretty great, I don't know about Deluge.

pope_schlomo (May 2, 2003)

fordirelifesake is growing on me. "we burn in our own comfort" is my fav track of this split.

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