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The Offspring: Conspiracy of OneConspiracy of One (2000)
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Contributed by: E. R. Williams
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Okay, so The Offspring's latest CD definitely isn't their best one ("Americana" and "Smash" were better), but it still has some pretty good punk songs. Songs like "Come Out Swinging," "Original Prankster," "Million Miles Away," "Conspiracy of One," and "Want You Bad," are all awesome and catchy. .

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Okay, so The Offspring's latest CD definitely isn't their best one ("Americana" and "Smash" were better), but it still has some pretty good punk songs. Songs like "Come Out Swinging," "Original Prankster," "Million Miles Away," "Conspiracy of One," and "Want You Bad," are all awesome and catchy.

But the lyrics overall don't really have the band's usual sometimes "humorous" lyrics (like "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)"), except for the song "One Fine Day," which is about hanging out with your friends, going to sporting events, and just having a good time. Other songs, like "Living in Chaos," "Special Delivery," "Denial, Revisited," and "Vultures" really aren't too hot, and even a little annoying.

One thing I did like was the two extra live tracks included (which I think is only available at Best Buy) on the disc, "Ah the Good Old Days," and "Nowadays." Another thing I thought was pretty creative, was just the design of the cover, and all the cartoons inside. So, overall, this isn't The Offspring's best CD ever, but it certainly isn't all that bad.


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Fallen_leaves (January 9, 2008)

i think this album is very good. thats all i have to say

Anonymous (December 21, 2004)

I keep getting disgusted reading these reviews so I'm just going to comment in the other ones. Ok...I loved this album...it's got a lot going on. Most fans didnt' like it because it was different from their other stuff...in fact, people generally get mad at them for changing. but lets face it...the fuckers who keep making the same stuff over and over again suck. The Offspring are doing a great job. This was one of their best albums. I love 'em. Vultures was the best song on here though...and Original Prankster is so freaking awesomely fun to play on the guitar. It's not about image guys...it's about the music. Of course, everyone seems to forget that now.

FuckArmageddon77 (March 13, 2003)

Frat "Punk" for Frat "Punks". I basically wrote these guys off as shit shortly after Ixnay on the Hombre. However, I have continued to buy their music in the hopes that they would redeem themselves. Americana was going to be the last album I bought from these guys but at the urging of a friend I gave them one last chance with Conspiracy of One. They failed the test. I'm never buying their shit again.

They would have lost me a long time ago if Smash wasn't such a great album. Ignition and their self-titled were pretty good too. They had so much promise...

Anonymous (February 28, 2003)

"except for the song "One Fine Day," which is about hanging out with your friends, going to sporting events"

I get the feeling the person who wrote this review gets lifts to gigs from his parents. I thought that song "One Fine Day" was supposed to be ironic? In that lots of fans of anything in particular don't actually give a shit about who wins or who's actually playing tonight.

Anonymous (September 23, 2002)

Dude, the Offspring wasn't around in 1984, sorry.

Anonymous (June 15, 2002)

This CD is okay, not as good as there old ones, but better than Americana.
My cd had STARING AT THE SUN and ALL I WANT live at the end

degenerate (March 8, 2002)

a picture of this cd should be next to average in the dictionary. not their best work but not completley lame. 'million miles away' is by far the best track on the cd.

Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

Although many older or "hardcore" Offspring fans dislike this album I think it may be some of their best work. Now, I've been a fan since the realease of Ixnay in early 97, by my count thats 5 years(dang I'm getting old). This CD has proven to stay true to the punk roots that have been seen in Smash, Iginition and in Ixnay and even on Americana. Now I've heard every single Offspring song from 1984 to present, and have hard copies of every single recorded material they've ever realeased(including every song they havent realeased) and I can tell you that the drumming has never been better, the guitar playing has never been stronger and the vocals have been this good since the good old days of Ignition

Anonymous (September 2, 2001)

Fuck you. Do I care? No.

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (July 27, 2001)

Agh, I'm a fan of the Offspring. They had a great live show, different sound(Back in the day) and wrote good songs.
This album is dissappointing though, downright embarrassing. The band even recently trashed this album in an interview. (Greg K). The lyrics are uninspired and meaningless, their live show is just the samegeneric show every night, and their sound is just catering to the 1 hit single masses. Go buy any of their first couple of albums before this. The Offspring dug themselves a hole and maybe just now their trying to climb out.

Anonymous (July 9, 2001)

They used to be great, but suck bigtime nowdays. One cool song on the album, but i can't remember which one. And hey! Who gives a fuck about spelling you stupid cunt? You remind me of my cocksuckin' whining ol' x-bitch. Fuck off!

Anonymous (June 22, 2001)

This CD isn't some of the Offspring's best work. It's overall a mediocre vut enjoyable CD. "Come Out Swinging" is a good punk song, "Living in Chaos" has a catchy guitar riff, and "Conspiracy of One" sounds like the old Offspring. The rest of the CD is pretty unoriginal and bland, but it's still okay.

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (June 20, 2001)

uh Senor, he meant to spell Green Day like that. Please dont ever talk again, I feel that you are cheating me out of oxygen.

this CD somewhat sucks, but parts are ok.

Anonymous (June 9, 2001)

please dont.

Anonymous (June 7, 2001)

please do

Anonymous (June 5, 2001)

"greed day"? Some of you people are so pathetic I want to VOMIT!! "Ooh, I'm so cool that I don't have to like any bands and not spell anything correctly!"
FUUUUUUUCK OOOOOOOOOOFFFF!!! You have no idea what you're talking about, can't spell,....CAN'T SPELL!!! I'm going to go hit my head off the wall for a few minutes.

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (June 3, 2001)

If you judge a band by their latest material and not their roots, you are foolish. Offspring has put out some classic material. I'll give it to you that they have made some songs to get airplay (Pretty Fly and Original Prankster), but so what? Just because they are all of a sudden popular doesn't make them suck. I do wish they would experiment more because the same old same old is getting old....

Anonymous (May 5, 2001)

To the guy that mentioned Total Immortal: That song was written by AFI. The Offspring recorded their own version for the Me, Myself, and Irene soundtrack. That said, it's an awesome track, one of the Offspring's best even if it is a cover, and it's a little better than the AFI version in my opinion just because of the production.

As for this CD. I was a little disappointed. The Offspring are becoming pretty formulaic. They aren't really testing any new ground. It's kind of like Pennywise. You always know what you're going to get when you open the next record. Conspiracy of One sounds to me like a few songs off Smash mixed with a few off of Americana. My favorites are Come Out Swinging and One Fine Day. They always seem to come up with a few really good songs per CD, but outside of Ixnay, they've not really had a record that was amazing all the way through. I'm wondering if they're going to release a clone of Come Out and Play on every CD they ever make. Enough is enough with those songs please!

Anonymous (May 5, 2001)

Well put, AtomicGarden!

AtomicGarden (May 4, 2001)

I hate "punker-than-thou" people who just assume since you've heard these guys on MTV that it MUST suck because it's not punk enough for you. Simply put, the Offspring have made some shitty fucking songs where the sole reason they existed was to get radio airplay. So what? Listen to any of their older CD's (Ixnay on the Hombre and Ignition are two of my favorites) along with the non-singles on Americana and you'll see what an incredible band this is.How is Conspiracy of One? I think they realized their mistake when they made the commericial singles of Americana, because this album is much more hardcore. It doesn't seem to have the same energy or smartness as the old albums, but it's still definately good. I was very happy, to say the least, that this wasn't another Americana. Anyway, come on punks... judge it for yourself instead of just assuming they're "mainstream sellouts".

Anonymous (May 4, 2001)

offspring is not punk, its mainstream bullsh*t... Plus they suck just like greed day.

Anonymous (May 4, 2001)

This is the best Album ever! I really liked The Offspring's newer song "Total Immortal" it was so well written, and I think the guys did a great job with it. But that song didn't even prepare me for the masterpiece that is "Conspiracy of One."

"Original Prankster" is easily the best Offspring song they've ever done! I had it on repeat for like half an hour the other day! hehe!

This band can't go wrong!

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

Ok, maybe it isn't spectacular, but if you forget about all the sell-out topic and just take this for what it is, you might see how good it actually is. Offspring write some awesome songs. They don't claim to be the punkest band in history, so don't judge them according to that. Just take the music for what it is.

liquidinvert (May 3, 2001)

i've never been a fan of offspring, their first cd wasn't horrible, but I still didn't enjoy it, and since they've gone downhill since then it is very unlikey I'd like this one. I havn't heard this whole cd(i've heard about 3 songs) but I wish i hadn't even heard that cause it is really just plain crap. So to sum it up in two word OFFSPRING SUCK!!!!

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)


Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

this is one of the worst cds i've ever heard. i don't understand how you could even praise americana. i guess none of you were around for the s/t album, or ignition, or smash, or even ixnay. they were great albums and they through it all away when they left for columbia. there isn't a shred of punk on the new album and i'm ashamed to say i've heard it.

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

this cd took a while to grow on me, but i eventually knda liked it. denial, revisited is my favorite song(which is real poppy) but there are alot of hard, fast songs like come out swingin and conspiracy of one. All this considered, it's still the Offspring's new cd and will never be all that great.

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

A friend of mine played this for me, and I can't seem to like it. The vocals are just too...something, whiny, I dunno.

Anonymous (May 3, 2001)

I was really disappointed in Conspiracy of One, I thought I heard that Offspring said they would be making their music harder, in the sense that they would be somewhat returning to their older sound, but no such luck. Their newer stuff sounds too poppy.

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