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Millencolin / Rufio / Ten Foot Pole: live in Seattlelive in Seattle (2003)
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Contributed by: StratManXStratManX
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When Millencolin announced their west coast tour of the US I knew then and there that I was going to the Seattle show. The original line up was supposed to include River City High but thankfully they cancelled to allow Ten Foot Pole to come in their spot. I had seen Ten Foot Pole a few times before .

When Millencolin announced their west coast tour of the US I knew then and there that I was going to the Seattle show. The original line up was supposed to include River City High but thankfully they cancelled to allow Ten Foot Pole to come in their spot. I had seen Ten Foot Pole a few times before but never Millencolin nor Rufio. I was a bit annoyed when I found that Rufio was going to open for them but I figured I could give them a chance to win me over. Having never been to the Showbox I was surprised to find that it was a such a large venue (large compared to its partner venue at Graceland). The place was packed with what appeared to be a thousand or so 14 year old girls in "I love Rufio" shirts and your typical Millencolin fan.

The first few times I saw Ten Foot Pole they were definitely energetic and made a fan out of me so I came into the show with high expectations. Immediately this didn't seem like the same old Ten Foot Pole, whether it was the fact that I paid more attention to them this time around I'm not sure. They came out with a definite energy but they just seemed to be a bit full of themselves and the music just wasn't up to par with what I had heard before. The most annoying thing about their set was probably just how their guitarist seemed to have come up with the idea that he was some metal god (especially while playing "A.D.D." which doesn't have much to display anyway). The head banging and the flamboyance of his guitar "skills" just seemed so out of place. Their set was average and they closed with "The Getaway" which seemed to be the only song people knew by them.

On next was Rufio and I was already dreading this moment. I gave them a chance and they blew it. Their music just seems like an original mix of Blink 182 and Sum 41 and thats definitely something I've never heard before...shyeah, right and monkey might fly out of my ass. I don't know what to say about Rufio, the music was uninspired, they were extremely whiney sounding, and their attempt at a cover of "Like A Prayer" was pitiful. Rufio was horrific and in comparison actually helped the night but making the Millencolin set that much more relieving.

I've been wanting to see Millencolin for a few years now and I couldn't wait to see if they were all I'd hoped. They came out and opened with an extremely slowed down version of "Penguins and Polarbears" that sounded so slow it had me confused with "Battery Check." Of course those songs are virtually identical but good. The set was mostly a blend of Pennybridge and Home From Home which was disappointing since they skipped most of the good songs on both albums. The set was extremely energetic and both guitarists seemed a bit goofy on stage while Nikola was a bit laid back while singing, overall a good environment. They did go back and play a few old songs like "In A Room," "Bullion," "Olympic," and "Story of My Life" but I was hoping for a bit more from Tiny Tunes. The sound was amazing and I was especially surprised that they performed "Blackeye" as the song sounds overproduced on the album. Of course they "closed" the set with "Kemp" and walked off stage repeating the same bar while leaving Frederik to drum alone for about 2 minutes. The encore came about 30 seconds later when they realized its damn near impossible for a crowd to chant "Millencolin." Each guitarist performed a song to close the set with Erik singing his cover of "Knowledge" and finally Matthias playing the final song "Mr. Clean." The set was great although it lacked many songs I wanted to hear and with the Swedish accents it just made the song transitions funny. My highlight was when they asked if any Swedish people were in the audience and I threw my arms in the air only to have them point me out and remind me that I don't look Swedish. Overall not a bad night, but it could've been better.


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Anonymous (May 13, 2003)

all three of these bands r fucking brilliant, cant wait for rufio to hit australia

Anonymous (May 13, 2003)

i was in vancouver andi saw that bottle of water and it missed. pretty damn close though ill give him that. i think it was the asian guy not the singer though

Anonymous (May 12, 2003)

i saw this tour when it came to Vancouver

1.Ten Foot Pole - they pumped the crowd up so well and they played a lot of old stuff funny thing is there is not one orignal member in the band anymore so old stuff would be new stuff for them
2.Rufio - If i wanted to hear a little girl cry i would have found one and kick her in the shin cause that's what rufio sounds like on the plus side my friend nailed the guitar player with a half a bottle of water
3.Millencolin - I saw them about the same time last year and i like it but this time they blew me away they played a long ass set then it was followed by a 30 minute encore. They play at least one or two songs from every album and express lots of love towards the crowd proly cause they were high and so was the crowd it's hard to go to a show in vancouver and not come out completly ripped anyway a good night was had by all cept the guy who puked in the bathroom and in the mosh pit and in the lobby well he puked everywhere but yea it was a great night

Bye 4 Now

Anonymous (May 12, 2003)

what the fuck are you talking about, Millencolin fuckin rules live. But you are right about one thing, rufio is terrible.

Anonymous (May 11, 2003)

Rufio are terrible, just more whiny pop-punk for teenage girls.

Ten Foot Pole I can't comment on, as I've never seen them live.

Millencolin, as good as they are on record are a pretty poor live band, both times I've seen them, I've come away disappointed and enjoyed the support (especially the time they played with Anti-Flag) a whole lot better.

Anonymous (May 10, 2003)

about rufio : no comment

about ten foot pole :

I saw them many times and i think thet still rules live.

about millencolin :

They are following the trend of "punk rock". They are going very slowly, calm.

I saw millencolin about 10 times. If i compare the two first time and now it is ocean between.

inagreendase (May 10, 2003)

"you are right, depsite the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about the band, he should rant on about how awesome rather than actually base his judgment off of their live show. this score is for you dumbass. "

please tell me you weren't referring to my comment. it doesn't take much to look at the guy playing or listen to the song to realize that it took a little bit of talent to do that. btw it'd be hypocritical of me to call you an ad hominem abuser but the facts are there

tenderbransonx (May 10, 2003)

So I seen Rufio in a club in Orlando. There were mirrors onthe back wall. The lead singer did the mirror stare the entire show. God it was annoying. On the other hand it looked like he enjoyed his show.
-steven www.murdertheturtle.com

Mikeshitter (May 10, 2003)

Has Nikola's brother been found yet? Maybe they were a bit preoccupied with that.

For what it's worth, I think this was one of the better show reviews on here, since:
1) He didn't talk about what he had for dinner more than the bands
2) He actually stayed until the end

Minus points for quoting Wayne's World.

preacher (May 10, 2003)

I saw Millecolin right after Life on a plate came out, and they sucked live even back then.

Anonymous (May 10, 2003)

The reviewer should have seen Millencolin a couple of years ago. It's true, their live show has gone downhill, not their sound, but their energy. Last time I saw them was 2000 and before that in 98. They kicked ass back then, it looked like they actually cared. Now they think they are some arena rock band. I dont know, they were still good live, just not as good as previous times I had seen them.

Melvyl (May 9, 2003)

millencolin is sooo boring now.

the last time i saw them, in march on their first swedish tour in 6 years, they blew alot, where's the energy?
where's the enthusiasm?

i will never udnerstand why you people like millencolin when you have atleast 20 bands in your own town who is really better than millencolin.

btw, they're sooo breaking up.
just wait a month or a few.
and that's good, i don't want another home from home again.

and yeah, i like millencolin, but they've gotten sooo bad. (notice that i never used the word sellout or something similar)

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

Anyone who types "Shyeah right! And Monkeys might fly out of my butt" should not be doing reviews. Come to think of it, people who say things like that, shouldn't be doing much of anything at all.


siropsycho (May 9, 2003)

like rufio or not...they can definately play

that's all i have to say :-

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

whoever wrote this is a fucking dumbass. i saw this lineup in Vancouver. ten foot pole was fucking horrible, they didnt impress me at all and yeah that guitarist thought he was in a hair band here too. Rufio was fucking awesome they played with more passion and talent than millen and ten foot pole combined and woke everyone up after ten foot pole laid them to sleep...and millencolin had to change tiny tunes to same old tunes due to copyright problems...get your shit straight

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

Wow dude too bad you saw those shitty bands and missed the supporters for the second half of this tour - The Unseen.

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

you are right, depsite the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about the band, he should rant on about how awesome rather than actually base his judgment off of their live show. this score is for you dumbass.


Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

Pop Punk and talent are contradictory terms, asshat.

inagreendase (May 9, 2003)

i like how you didn't bother to mention that rufio is one of the few bands of the poppunk genre to actually posess some talent. way to completely bash them.

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

Need i remind you sir that your name is wuss emo rock?? !?? !

you are a faggot with a shit-caked dildo stuffed in your anus. Turbonegro rules.

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)


Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

Just because you like a band, does not mean when they ask a question you have to lie to them. I hate shit like that. "how many people are swedish?" Let me think, I'm not Swedish, but since I love Millencolin, I will tell them I am. Dumbass


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