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Less Than Jake: AnthemAnthem (2003)
Warner Music Group

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The break between "Borders & Boundaries" and "Anthem" is likely the longest (by a few months) in Less Than Jake's career. Their fifth album (sixth or seventh if you count collections of early vinyl and b-sides) does indeed boast a new sound, a new label and a single gaining unprecedented airplay eve.
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The break between "Borders & Boundaries" and "Anthem" is likely the longest (by a few months) in Less Than Jake's career. Their fifth album (sixth or seventh if you count collections of early vinyl and b-sides) does indeed boast a new sound, a new label and a single gaining unprecedented airplay even for a band with such a huge fanbase.

So this is the part of the review where I get into my "old school LTJ fan mode" and start complaining about how poppy "Shes Gonna Break Soon" is and the overall lack of horns. Right?

Not so fast. "Anthem" is really more of a hard rock record than a pop punk record. The louder moments are far louder than on "Borders & Boundaries." There is also comparatively more ska and reggae on here than on their previous release. For the record, the radio edit of the single mixes out the horns that the album cut includes.

So that changes things, although now I'm expected to complain about how the band doesn't sound like they did in 1995. Correct?

Again I'm going to disappoint. Compared to many other bands that have been around for the same duration, LTJ has logged far more hours on the road and in the studio. So forgive me if I'm don't get so righteous as to demand they cookie-cutter songs they wrote ten years ago. Less Than Jake doesn't sound like they're compromising anything on this record, so spare me the "sell out" chatter as well.

"Anthem" features the most mature lyrics Vinnie has put to paper and once again his observations on urban life firmly ground the band. Around this the group has turned up the volume from "Borders & Boundaries" and followed the harder rock path hinted at in songs like "Last Hour of the Last Day of Work" and "Al's War." Both Chris and Roger vocally sound more aggressive then when we last heard from them. On top of this Chris has developed as a guitarist and thrown a lot more interesting moments into his playing. Vinnie and Roger, already a more than competent rhythm section, follow suit and keep "Anthem" charging forwards.

Ska, in particular the brass section, is a constant point of contention between old fans and the "new" Jake. While there is definitely less obvious horn play than on their Capitol releases, JR and Buddy do contribute to the majority of the album's tracks. As opposed to filling lulls in the band's songs, the horns instead serve almost as a second guitar and provide a great deal of "background hum" that beefs up many of the rock songs. The lack of "in your face" horns seems to have less to do with label politics than it does with careful songwriting. The brass is used, effectively I may add, when they are needed and are understandably not as active when the songs don't require them. (Shit, I'm still not complaining, am I?)

"Welcome To The New South" carries on a long tradition of powerful LTJ album openers and firmly establishes the band's current sound. "The Science Of Selling Yourself Short" is a mid-paced ska track with an insanely catchy chorus. It may be the most "roots" song the band has ever written. Upstroke guitar returns to the band's bag of tricks in tracks like "Motown Never Sounded So Good" and "Plastic Cup Politics." I was wary of the need to rerecord "Look What Happened?" but the song has been made far more urgent and bombastic than it's previous incarnation. I wouldn't be surprised if "Escape From The A-Bomb House" was written after the band's tour with Bad Religion and Hot Water Music, because that influence is definitely present. The sparsely arranged opening to "The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out" leads one of the loudest rock songs the band has ever released.

Less Than Jake is not the same band they were in the mid 90s. If that's the sound you're looking for then I'm not going to lie to you: you won't find it here. If you can get over that "Anthem" is one of the strongest albums Less Than Jake has ever written. While they have a poorly chosen and mixed single working against them, this record deserves all the attention it will garner.


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life-is-fucking-joke (February 15, 2007)

my favruot ska band

Klonny (January 9, 2006)

Ah, Less Than Jake has become less of a ska band and more of a punk band. Granted, it would be nice for them to stay ska, but hey, I love punk rock too.

Anonymous (November 24, 2005)

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clamum (November 10, 2005)

Too bad more reviews on this site weren't like this one. I'll have to check this album out.

Anonymous (October 9, 2005)

whos the guy saying LTJ do blink jokes and suk at it?? nothing against blink cos theyv cum a long way but if you knew what you was talking about u'd kno that LTJ came before blink, so i doubt if LTJ really need to copy blink!

this album is perhaps a gr8 cd, i would say itsd the best but only because of their noticable improvment in singin and playing, and not forgetting song writing. it may not hold too much of the clasic LTJ but who the hell expects a band to stay the same so if ya gona moan that its not 'old skool' enuf then u can fuk right off cos you kno very well that no band will ever be able to stay the same and y would you want them to!??

Anonymous (April 22, 2005)

haha looking at the comments here makes me realise how pathetic the 'punk rock community' actually is. Come on guys, keep me laughing

And this album was great by the way

Psychoos231 (March 4, 2005)

"Im giving this one because I fucking hate their singer (the wussy little bitch sounding guy that looks like a chick)"

Listen to The Science Of Selling Yourself, no matter what your views are about that band that tune kicks fuckin ass!

Check it out kid

Anonymous (March 3, 2005)

Roger, the bass player, doesn't look like a woman...

Roger is a complete Orlando Bloom look-alike

bloofy (November 11, 2004)

Im giving this one because I fucking hate their singer (the wussy little bitch sounding guy that looks like a chick)

Anonymous (July 5, 2004)

hey assholes....
I don't understand you guys. You all that spend the time to BASH or say shitty things about bands that you hardly even know are worthless. Who gives a shit how you feel if you feel the band isn't very good. Why waste your time? Nobody cares about what you think unless you have something good to say about the band. Less Than Jake is a great band. They have alot of great cds and are alot of fun to watch in concert. I like punk rock and ska alot but because of how FUNNY and HILARIOUS they are on stage, I like Less Than Jake the best. So for all you honyaks that have no life at all and feel that it is necessary to say anything negative about a band should get a job or something. Less Than Jake is awesome and will always be a great band.

Thanks guys for putting some great shit together!

Happy 4th.


Anonymous (June 18, 2004)

i hate this band. chris, probably one of the worst singers i've ever heard. with that being said i actually liked one song. i hate this band though. and i hate them live too. talking about fuckin horses and stuff, is so blink 182 it's not even funny. grow the fuck up and get your own jokes LTJ. yur not funny you're annoying.

J-Quist182 (June 15, 2004)

This CD in a whole is by far different then anything Less Than Jake has released. It's something new. It's something new that I like. Less Than Jake has always impressed me and I have loved everysong that they have played. One the best bands of an era that is filled with so much rap and pop BS. I would like to say Less Than Jake is a band that takes away from that crap.

CrookedSuperhero (May 23, 2004)

Borders and boundries had nearly as little ska as this, so i don't know why everyones complaning about this. Boo Hoo they signed to a major, so did bad religion for christ sake, who cares anymore. The ethics of punk have changed so much, we might as well give up complaning.

Anonymous (March 24, 2004)

Johnny Quest still thinks their sellouts

Anonymous (December 13, 2003)

I grew up to less than jake this album is exactly where I am in life right now. different yeah but still very very good

Anonymous (December 3, 2003)

This album is one of the best that this band has produced other than pez core. I love these guys.

Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

Best review on the site, and by and by far the best cd of the year. God do I love this band!


Anonymous (July 20, 2003)

Anonymous (July 16, 2003)

these plastic punk bitches good charlotte are very famous here in germany. that is the little difference between ltj and GC

LTJ rocks and teen idols too

Anonymous (July 16, 2003)

Anonymous (June 22, 2003)

why are all ska bands saying fuck you to the ska?

Anonymous (June 20, 2003)

For me, I think it's plenty of fun. But maybe that's just for me. I'm always singing along to almost every song.

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

good, but real generic.

fakesmile (June 15, 2003)

ok... I made up my mind... I like the lyrics, even though it feels like I heard them all before they are really, really good. Still the problem with this record that it's nothing near as fun as the other records are.

That's not because it doesn't have a "mark cruce" or "just call me cheese", but when I listen to "Gainesville Rock City" for example I can sing along with a smile, even though the lyrics are very deep and personal.

There's not a single song on this record that does just that and that's the problem of this record... It isn't fun.

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

its different i still like hello rockview and boarders and boundries better but what ive heard is good and WHEN THE HELL DOES IT COME OUT IN AUSTRALIA

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

Is this out in Australia?

Anonymous (June 7, 2003)

I wish I knew why they took out the horns in Upwards War, because I have a liveversion and its loaded with blasts of horns, thats about the only track I don't like very much

Anonymous (June 7, 2003)

The only fault I can find with this album, is that the B&B Recording of Look What Happened kicked so much more ass.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

I've only been listening to LTJ for about a year, but i started with Pezcore and Losing Streak so even though I'm a new fan I got started on the older stuff. I definatly like their older style of using big horn fills and melodys than as just background. However, even though they have changed their style to a harder punk band, they are still a very good harder punk band. It's exactly the same for me as when Metallica released Load: they changed their style from metal to more alt rock, but they were still a very good alt rock band and I still love many of the songs from Load and Reload. (St. Anger changes all that though.) So even though LTJ is no longer a ska band like they used to be, they are still very good.

toma (May 31, 2003)

after listening to this album pretty much non-stop for the past week or so, i've definitely made up my mind that it's getting a heck of a lot of unfair flak from people...

i bet if this exact album had been released through fat or fbr, and she's gonna break soon didn't have the video and radio play it's getting, and the $1.50 mp3, that people would probably be praising this as a much better album, but due to the circumstances above people are pretty much dead set against it before even listening to it.

Anonymous (May 30, 2003)

I have been listening to Less Than Jake since I was 12....I am 20 now. I wasn't just a teeny bopper. They aren't NSYNC.

I would rather have kids listening to a hard working kick ass band like them, then to be taken in by all the Clear Channel/MTV conglomerate Bullshit.

By the way the FCC might allow even more ownership in the coming months, further ruining music as we know it.


sonicice (May 30, 2003)

This album has slowly but surely grown on me, and I find myself listening to it quite often now. I'm starting to like this album quite a bit. And, after much contemplation, I have decided that the new version of Look What Happened kicks so much more ass than the old one.

Anonymous (May 29, 2003)

underused horn section? Ever heard of Losing Streak? The horns anchored that record, Hello Rockview used the horns a lot as well. Now I love Anthem but I think you need to take a second listen to Losing Streak and Hello Rockview. Anthem uses the horns but ina different way and sometimes a more creative way, for instance at the end of Escape From The A-Bomb House.

Anonymous (May 28, 2003)

Great album. There hasn't been a LTJ album yet that I haven't enjoyed. A couple of lazy songs that sound like all their other songs, and a few more sets of lyrics by Vinnie about how much it sucks to live in Gainesville. They've been touring the world for almost a decade now, you'd think he'd find something else to write about. But besides those minor quibbles, I like it a lot.

I loved Borders and Boundaries, and I'm surprised to see so much negativity towards that one. Look What Happened, Malt Liquor, and The Last Hour are among the best songs the band has ever recorded.

Less Than Jake has never really been a ska band, and they've always under-utilized their horn section, so I'm not sure why people are acting surprised about these two things on Anthem. They've always been more Rocket From the Crypt than Mustard Plug, to use two of their contemporaries.

Segal (May 27, 2003)

Oh - and to be safe, I'm 14, and I've been listening to LTJ for three years, and I haven't heard a song by them I didn't like. Oddly enough, every song by them is special to me in some way - and I just got to hear Ghosts of You and Me... it's... wow, at least in my opinion. They got a bit harder with the guitar and bass... I can tell that much, I like this new style, but I also like what they had with Losing Streak AND Borders and Boundries. They have balance across all their albums. Maybe I'm just weird.

Segal (May 27, 2003)

I'd give it 5 stars, but I've only listened to samples from the songs because no store in town carries Anthem yet! But I did listen to the MegaMix, and wow, it blew me away. I actually don't think She's Gonna Break Soon is all that bad - compare it to a lot of pop punk bands you see today, and it's actually okay compared to what you hear today most of the time - but I think one of their other songs off this CD should've been their 'popular' song. Also, my friend let me listen to the new Look What Happened... what the heck did they do to it?! It feels wrong.

TJmoney (May 27, 2003)

ohh yeah I have goodbye blue and white too but if I woulda said I had all the LTJ releases that would've been a lie and lying is bad.

Anonymous (May 27, 2003)

name dropping doesnt make you cool

TJmoney (May 26, 2003)

well...I've been listening to LTJ for about 5 years I have pezcore, losers..., losing streak, hello rockview, borders and boundaries and anthem...as of right now I can say anthem is really pushing losing streak for the title of best LTJ cd. I've been listening to anthem constantly since I got it last week. I say they deserve all the fame they get, they've been around a long time and have toured, recorded continuously...I've met them a couple times and are all really down to earth. she's gonna break soon may be the worst LTJ song out there but it's not even that bad...when you're listening to the cd all the way through it just fits in along with the cd. Great CD m/

surreal (May 26, 2003)

Hey- I'm amazed you guys apologized.Thanks, very cool. I thought my comment would get lost... Ah well. I like all of LTJ's albums... Makes me wonder if I was born during the wrong year...

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

i just posted.... to continue, its just that the older fans remember the way jake used to be. not just musically, but other things. i remember seeing them for less than 10 bux at a show with about 300 people at it. no bouncers, u could go on stage and skank and dive. they played nearly every song from losing streak.
now, its good to see their hard work pay off, but if you are an old school fan, u miss those days. now its twice as much money to see them play, they bring in 1000 people or more, theirs people there that listen to them cuz they think it makes them cool. screaming girls. new songs when u want to hear old. trl.
and it influecnes your opinion of the new album. i just hold the old ltj to close. i wish i was 17 and just got this cd. i'd probably like it alot more. and i'd probably think losing streak sux.

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

Sorry about that surreal, I didn't mean to use it as a stereo type. What I DID mean to say was that it's mostly their fans who like them for all their music that are voting more so than the ones that just like She's Gonna Break Soon.

And I also agree that She's Gonna Break Soon isn't actually that bad. I listened to it and really took it in, and though I still look at it as the worst on the album, it's up against tough competition (in other words, the other songs on Anthem).

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

no, being 14 and liking good music and being cool is a possibility, but usually rare. i mean, cmon, most people under 17 or 18 havent really begun to think for themselves at least in regards to music. most listen to what is considered cool and then turn into rabid fans and scream their lungs out at shows, and annoy people there for the music, not cuz "matt skiba is sooooooooooooo hot" which i heard a 14 year old girl say at hte last alk3 show. or at an nfg show 2.5 years ago i heard a girl ask jordan for his water bottle. what the fuck? his water bottle? thats what bothers people on these boards. teenyboppers are usually the rule for those under 18, but their are exceptions.

as for liking 'she's gonna break soon', it just means, unlike me, u dont' have sentimental attachments to the old style less than jake had. i was 17 when i got losing streak. i'm 23. i like the new album, but i'll take rockview or losing streak over it any day, but 'she's gonna break' just sounds like an atari's song or something. its just pop punk and really repeptitive. really really repeptitve.

surreal (May 26, 2003)

not some 13 year old girl

Holy crap... you guys haven't found another stereotype yet? I'm 14. A girl. I like LTJ...

In fact. I like this album. I like "she's gonna break soon", but it isn't my favorite. Does that make me a superficial, trl, Carson Daly groupie?


(good review)

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

yeah i wouldn't like Union or A-Bomb house at all if the songs din't rock so damn hard. Actually Union doesn't bother me that much, i think the metaphors are good. A-bomb though is just catering to wannabee latch-key kids, but the music saves it

gutterhippo (May 26, 2003)

"And now the deal about no ska and lack of horns on this album..."

i agree. people seem to think that horns=ska. but i'd consider op ivy to be ska. and about comparing it to older albums, this album seems to be like a more artistic Losing Streak and Hello Rockview.

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

i don't think she's gonna break is the WORST song, but i don't like it. i think 'thats why they call it a union' and 'escape from abomb house' are worst.escape from abomb...would be ok but the lyrics ruin it. dont' write songs about running away. its lame. especially if you're over 30. chirst like blinks stay together for the kids. uhhhh....
fav songs are 'ghosts of me and u' and the reggae song. screws fall out/lights burn out or whatever is real good to. an epic for these guys.

SOYBOMB (May 26, 2003)

"So am I the only one who enjoys 'Shes Gonna Break Soon'? I think it's one of the weaker tracks on a great album. The result? A song that's still pretty damn good. Besides, I think 'Dopeman' is their worst single, and yet it's on my favorite LTJ album. Give the song a break."

I concur.


NOFXPunkLTJ22 (May 26, 2003)

Chris is definitely a much better signer than ROger unless he sings like he did in "Al's War" or "All my best friends are metalheads" now he sings a lot higher. But the CD is still very good.

fakesmile (May 26, 2003)

"Here's some geek science for you: Losing Streak to this album is like The Empire Strikes Back to The Phantom Menace. Both have a lot of the same elements and characteristics of the first, and explore a lot of the same themes. For some reason however, the amount of gloss and commercial pandering results in something hollow and less artistic. She's Gonna Break Soon is this albums Jar Jar Binks."

that go me in tears... thank you...

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

So am I the only one who enjoys 'Shes Gonna Break Soon'? I think it's one of the weaker tracks on a great album. The result? A song that's still pretty damn good. Besides, I think 'Dopeman' is their worst single, and yet it's on my favorite LTJ album. Give the song a break.

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

Remember when LTJ toured for Losing Streak in '97 and Bigwig and Blink 182 opened up for them? That was pretty fucking cool.

Anonymous (May 26, 2003)

People need to begin to realize that Less Than Jake are probably no where even close to selling out, as several people think. Many die-hards complain that since their song, She's Gonna Break Soon (which I agree, isn't their strongest work ever)was on TRL and that they have sold out. I'd like to point out that the band sent out a message to everyone on their mailing list saying "vote for us on TRL" (no, those aren't the actual words they wrote, but that's the whole deal about the message), which means the majority of people voting for them (and the reason they were on) is because THEIR FANS who are signed up to their mailing list voted, not some 13 year old girl. Now, this is only a theory, but I'm willing to bet that it's right.

And now the deal about no ska and lack of horns on this album. You guys really need to turn your ears back on. The Science Of Selling Yourself Short has probably more ska elements in it than many of their earlier works. I even hear ska in Motown Never Sounded So Good and Plastic Cup Politics.

Horns are everywhere on this album. Every song, as far as I can tell, has horns. Some are evidently less apperant on some tunes than others, but they are there. Listen and you will hear them.

From the majority of people, I am hearing awesome things about this album, but there are a few people that are bashing it. Most of the people trash-talking it are the people who base it on their earlier records.

People need to base their opinions on what this album is about, not how it compares to older work. They need to listen to Anthem for what IT IS, not what Losing Streak or Hello Rockview is (any of their work, for that matter). If you're bashing this record because it doesn't sound like previous ones, then you're not doing it right (in my opinion).

By all means, complain about it if you have truly listened to it like it was a first album, not a later one. If you still think it's not good (and this only applies to the few people who think it's not so good), then I will totally respect your opinion.

And to close off, I would like to say that these are basically just my thoughts on the matter (though, thoughts that I strongly believe are right).

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous (May 25, 2003)

Less artistic!? the whole design and concept is art. Did you realise the seperate work for each song to go with? So people complain that B&B was too underproduced and flat, now this is overproduced and glossy. It's punk rock, stop complaining about the production. If anything, B&B is Empire for it's gloomy soul-searching feel, Anthem is Return since it ties up the series quite well but those damn ewoks (one bad song, and less horns), leave die-hard fans bitching.
The music in the past two LTJ albums may not have been as rambunctios and bouncy as Losing Streak, but the content and craft is so much damn better.

Anonymous (May 25, 2003)

Excellent. I totally agree with this review. I picked this cd up yesterday, and it was a very nice surprise. I think "She's Gonna Break Soon" is a terrible song, but the rest of the album is great.

thriceequalsgod (May 25, 2003)

thats priceless...

Anonymous (May 25, 2003)

Here's some geek science for you: Losing Streak to this album is like The Empire Strikes Back to The Phantom Menace. Both have a lot of the same elements and characteristics of the first, and explore a lot of the same themes. For some reason however, the amount of gloss and commercial pandering results in something hollow and less artistic. She's Gonna Break Soon is this albums Jar Jar Binks.

Anonymous (May 25, 2003)

is the shirt huge?

thriceequalsgod (May 24, 2003)

fuck you inagreendase

1. hello rockview
2. losing streak
3. pezcore
4. anthem
5. loers, kings, and things we dont understand

borders and boundries was really bad... i can never get into it. it doesn't even appeal to me as a punk, or rock cd... but anthem gets better with a few listens. shes gonna break soon isn't HORRIBLE but with the horns on it, it sounds a lot better

Anonymous (May 24, 2003)

I hate to be picky here....but Vinnie doesn't write all the lyrics anymore. and to whoever talked shit about them charging too much at local shows go to eddie C's man damn, or catch a rehasher show, its alomost the same thing. These guys are still cool as hell, they still come out and watch the small local bands and drink with everyone at the local bars. give it a rest.

inagreendase (May 24, 2003)

1. hello rockview
2. borders & boundaries
3. anthem
4. losing streak
5. pezcore original/remastered
6. losers kings

Anonymous (May 24, 2003)

I wear correcting lenses

Anonymous (May 24, 2003)

Here's to Roger becoming the permanent singer.

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

Some of the new LTJ albums come with a DVD and a free t-shirt. That's why it costs $30. Saw it yesterday in Best Buy.

Anyway, anybody pick up the new Deftones? Good cd.

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

Right on...I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

what the fuck is with people saying there was no ska on boarders and no horns on the songs on this album. first off, nearly every song on this album has horns on it, u just have to listen closely. even the first song on the album, welcome to the new south, has horns, open your fucking ears. as for boarders having no ska, what about faction and suburban myth? i admit it had little, but that still is 2 songs. and losing streak having few ska songs? ok, uhh, just about every song on it was ska. this album has more ska than the last album. i've been listening to these guys for 6 years, i recommend u all get the cd, its not great but its still solid. as for having trouble downloading it, boo fucking hoo, how bout u actually support a fucking bands sales and buy the art u consume and steal so readily off the internet.

inagreendase (May 23, 2003)

well, greased was like 8 songs 16 minutes long. i prob wouldn't have given too many shits about not being included. a little ticked off, but they recorded that around like 3 or 4 releases. losing streak, losers kings and maybe something else i'm not remembering. prob a re-release of pezcore or something

toma (May 23, 2003)

i live in canada and i got this for $18, so if you're gonna pay $30 you're seriously being ripped off.

oh yeah, and how can anyone say that they have abandoned ska with this album? the science of selling yourself short, motown never sounded so good, plastic cup politics... all those songs have straight up ska in them. it's probably the most ska we've heard from them since losing streak...
anyways, if you want a ltj album where the horn players get ripped off listen to greased, i think the only song they play in that is greased lightnin if memory serves me correct

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

where are the horns? it has been apparant since hello rockview that the band ditched ska. but you want to know what pisses me off? I seen the a few months ago in NYC and remember chris saying, "ska still lives" or something along those lines. If it does....then why bail on it? There is like one ska riff on the whole album and more importantly there are NO horns. I wonder what its like to be in the horn section...are those guys saying to themselves, "what the fuck? are we going to play on the album too?"

turdcorn (May 23, 2003)

Hey Pal. Unless it was a rerun, they were on there yesterday. Get a TV guide.

inagreendase (May 23, 2003)

just some things to address

"enough about less than jake. whos excited for the new catch22 cd !i sure as hell am.and i dont think there will be anything like shes gonna break soon on that one"

actually, it is possible. not highly likely, but possible. if you've noticed the progression in catch 22's career. keasbey nights was sooped-up ska with a consistent horn section and gang vocals at every turn. then came alone in a crowd w/ a more pop-punk vocalist and hence the pop-punk sound, and a heavy influence on the songs as well. not that they're bad, i actually think catch 22 is better off anyway, because tomas went off and started botar so more ska for us, right?

"Today, May 22nd, 2003. Less Then Jake were on TRL. 'Nuff Said."

they were on TRL quite a while ago. a week ago, at least, i believe they debuted at #9, and were definitely a "close call" or whatever they like to call it days before. so if you really wanna landmark the date, i'd interrogate some religious mtv viewer. stop at some random middle school, that should do it.


"i bought my copy for 10$ at best buy, not 30$ "

if you had the least bit of sense you would've interpreted that person's post as saying he was from canada. evidently there are sensible factors for the reasons as to why it might have been thirty dollars. although he was implying it was just the album, all he may know about it is the limited edition. or, this could be in canadian currency (which wouldn't be that high tho) but then tack on an import price, or maybe canada's cds are more expensive up there than they are here because the major labels concentrate heavily on distribution in america and the asian market...the uk too. canada's distribution is ok, it's better in the southeast, but he said "calgary." there you go

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

I've heard this once, and that was enough. I've been a fan of LTJ 3 albums now, but my first impression of this one isn't good. Lame.

Anonymous (May 23, 2003)

i bought my copy for 10$ at best buy, not 30$

and the rest of the songs on the album sound nothing like 'shes gonna break soon'

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

I've tried to download a few mp3's to see if I'd want to buy the cd first, thats what I usually do with all punk bands.

But for some reason i can't get any mp3's due ot the fact i think when its converted it plays "shes gonna break" for every song, which is the worst song to do, ITs either warner bros/ LTJ behind this or some evil person.

I guess I won't buy it cause i'm not going to risk the 30 bucks, and Less Than Jake don't ever come to Calgary, so who knows.

Ive been listening to LTJ since 6 years ago, and I'm dissapointed of whats going on, oh well, I can live with out the cd enjoy it boys. Sounds like some good reviews.

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

now let's see, do i give a flying squirrel's nutsack about these guys anymore? uh, no.

turdcorn (May 22, 2003)

Today, May 22nd, 2003. Less Then Jake were on TRL. 'Nuff Said.

SOYBOMB (May 22, 2003)



Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

u suck omfg, lmmfgdmfao soybomb don't h8 u ung8ful fuck!

SOYBOMB (May 22, 2003)

"your retarded"



toma (May 22, 2003)

Ive bought hello rockview twice cause i broke one. It can happen./

i broke both hello rockview and losing streak... well not really broke but they were pretty scratched up... then i saw the 2 disc set at hmv so i bought it, but the rockview on it isn't as good because there's an annoying couple second break between songs and it sounds weird cuz some of the songs flow together

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

enough about less than jake. whos excited for the new catch22 cd !i sure as hell am.and i dont think there will be anything like shes gonna break soon on that one

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

your retarded,they have had very few all out ska songs. maybe doug hastings, shotgun the pezcore stuff etc. but there was very little ska on losing streak and very little "real" all out ska on hello rockview. borders and boundaries had none and the new one has a little

SOYBOMB (May 22, 2003)

Solid, Solid album...

After hearing "She's Gonna Break Soon" and other songs from their stream, I was really expecting this album to be less than stellar, but as soon as I popped it in my CD player and actually began to listen, I was immersed in really catchy music... I've listened to all of Less Than Jake's material, from Pezcore to Present, and this is honestly at some points, one of the most sincere efforts they've put forth. ‚??The Science Of Selling Yourself Short‚?Ě has to be my favorite track off this album, considering it has one of the most insanely catchy chorus' I've heard in a long time. You can't help but sing along. There are other notable tracks such as "Motown Never Sounded So Good" which is another horn driven song with a nice pace to it and a great ending, "Plastic Cup Politics" (a bit of a trend that I list the tracks Rog's singing on...) which is a nice rockin' song with a nice bass intro and horn section, and "The Ghost Of Me And You".

Another thing to point out, the album has some pretty cool artwork that reminds me of The Bosstones' "A Jacknife To A Swan" in terms of illustrations on the back-cover with the track's title and inside the little book-dealie that's inside the cd.

The only thing I must say that is a detriment to this album so far in my opinion, was their choice of their first single. It's really in the same vein as most of the recent pop-punk hits by New Found Glory and all those other bands who they just (civic) toured with. Ah well.

To sum it up, a catchy CD with some high notes, and a few low notes, but hell, which CD doesn't have it's share of low points?


NOFXPunkLTJ22 (May 22, 2003)

Ive bought hello rockview twice cause i broke one. It can happen./

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (May 22, 2003)

This album is really good. After I listened to it for a while it got better and better. It just isnt as good as losing streak or hello rockview. But its good, better than borders and bounderies. And to the idiot that said LTJ isnt ska. Shut Up! You are an idiot. Have you EVER heard any Less than Jake other tha borders and boundaries and anthem? EVERY song is ska. Not just "some". Come on.

squeeves11 (May 22, 2003)

if you haven't yet see LTJ live, if you don't know the songs, you can't really tell whats old and whats new, except for the lack of horns in some songs. She's gonna break soon is a royal piece of shit that should never have been played. and yes there is a possibility of that wretched song ending up on MTV, but maybe this album won't be so bad for LTJ. hopefully and mainstream exposure they get from this single won't corrupt the band, and will instead convert some former pop kids to punk. I would compare this album to Blink's dude ranch, hopefully LTJ will never have an enema like blink but we'll have to wait and see. overall a good album, but she's gonna break soon could break the band.

TheOneTrueBill (May 22, 2003)

i've always hated this band

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

this cd kind of reminds me of jacknife to a swan by the bosstones, its got the slow ska song "science.." "everybodys better"by the bosstones, and it has a few old elements, the difference is, the ltj cd was meteocre, the bosstones cd, was amazingly good

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

less thanjake never was ska, they had a few ska songs, but if anyones seen the shirt with the three cartoon type boxes, the back says pop punk metal, not ska. and hey i bought the album, and yes shes gonna break soon is an annoying song, not a good choice for the the single. But hey plastic cup politics, is an amazing song and welcome to the new south is good except theres no horns, is it just me or does the look what happened remake sound the same with the exceptionof the new back up vocals and less horn section. and did anyone recall ltj playing a song tunnel under bridge and authority when they toured with bad religon a year ago? i was surprised not to see that one on this cd, over the cd is half horrible half amazing, and ska or not, they still have the same crazy energy which is why we all love them. i wish they had more WHOA OH OH's!

fakesmile (May 22, 2003)

"About the guy making fun of the guy that said pop-punk doesn't exist:

I think he was implying that pop-punk is simply pop, and does not deserve the "-punk" tacked on the end.

I, for one, agree with him.

(If that's not what he meant...then its what I mean.) "

specify where you're talking about... you're not bashing the Queers are you... if you're are bashing the Queers and the Ghoulies I hope you meet a serial killer real soon...

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

after rockview my expectations were high, only to be let down by B&B. so this time, myexpectations were low, and shes gonna break soon sux my ass. but i got it anyway, and fortunately, she's gonna break is maybe the worst song on it, or close to it. its better than B& B. boarders was just so damn flat, the horns were flat, no ska, rogers voice sounded high and weird and the songs were boring and longwinded, save a couple great ones (look what happened, gainsville rock city, faction). this album has better flow and production, like rockview, and has more energy. its no losing streak or rockview, but thats ok, every band has their classics, this one is still solid.

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

i'm the "fuckhead" down there who said less than jake sold out. yeah, i went and saw them at eddie c's once, but it's not the same as paying $5 to see them at the covered dish or hardback. have you been here long enough to remember those? and btw bro, check your watch, i think it runs way too fast.

toma (May 22, 2003)

ok, i finally got this cd, and i like it. it's probably the most diverse less than jake album yet. i was scared after hearing some things from people, but i really do like it. roger seems to do a lot more vocals on this one than before and i like that. also, they seem to have more of a distinction between their punk and ska songs now, which i like too. you can really see how ltj has grown as a band. instead of all the songs sounding the same over time they're becoming a lot more diverse, and this is something i like very much

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

For the dude way down there talkin shit about how LTJ charges too much for hometown shows...have you been chillin in a cave for the past year? obviously you have or else you would have gone to one of the five shows that LTJ played at Eddie C's for $5!! They did a string of shows there while writing Anthem to test out some of the new songs. Are you sure you live in Gainesville?

flamingdog (May 22, 2003)

Awwwwwwww horsefuck crap shit

I accidentally gave it a 10...

flamingdog (May 22, 2003)

About the guy making fun of the guy that said pop-punk doesn't exist:
I think he was implying that pop-punk is simply pop, and does not deserve the "-punk" tacked on the end.
I, for one, agree with him.
(If that's not what he meant...then its what I mean.)
As for this album, my entire review of it consists of one word: Average
but since I feel like continuing to type...
The tally:
2 songs I really like
4 or 5 I can stand to listen to
and the rest is filller.

fraserhart (May 22, 2003)

"I expected to be dissapointed by this album. The lyrics on this album are very strong(reminds me of the first time I bought hello rockview). As a longtime LTJ fan I was very impressed, hands down one of the best cd's this year... "

how many times exactly have you bought rockview?

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

"many bands that have been around as long as ltj has tend to play the same style and lose their touch and uniqueness*coughNOFXcough*"

uhh.. did you listen to 'The War On Errorism'?

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

Surrender is the last song. The last two LTJ songs (The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out and Screws Fall Out) are one track (13, I believe) and Surrender is the last one (#14)


Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

not a bad effort. some songs are still mediocre, but that escape from the abomb housre is just fucking awesome. i also liked the original of look what happened better, and the cover of surreneder is good. (ann baretta;s was rawer but good) but maybe it's just me, i was listening to this late at night, and i noticed that i dont have the last song. any reason? like i saw the lyrics but the last song on my cd is surrender. anybody know why?

all in all, a decent effort. nothing i woulda payed more than 8.96 (work at circuit city) for. bad ass live band though, always.

-paki punk

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

Hey Moron, who the fuck ever said Less Than Jake were a Ska band? People like you labeled them a Ska band. They never considererd themselves a ska band. They have always said they're a rock band with a horn section...and there are horns on at least 9 of the tracks on Anthem. Get a fuckin' clue!

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

They now sound like 5000 other bands

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

this band completely changed its style, last time i checked there is suppose to be horns in a ska band right?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting........................they suck and there wanna be mainstreamers! they want to be dare i say good charlotte? yes i am right dont deny.

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

No, the DVD has far more in depth interviews than the Anthem website. It was really done well. I would definitely pick it up if you can muster up the cash.

gutterhippo (May 22, 2003)

does anyone have the dvd? what does it have on it? is it just everything that i could get off of the anthem site?

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

I expected to be dissapointed by this album. The lyrics on this album are very strong(reminds me of the first time I bought hello rockview). As a longtime LTJ fan I was very impressed, hands down one of the best cd's this year...


Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

okay, this may be a bold and premature statement, but the more i listen to this album, the more I feel that this is their best album to date, or at the least, it's 2nd to Hello Rockview

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

anyone who's bashing them needs to see them live. then you'll forgive them for any crappy albums they make along the way...for the record, b b is less than great, but it's better than most of the crap on the radio...good review. i haven't picked this record up yet, but it's next on my list. nice to see and old skool less than jake kid who's not pissed about them progressing as artists. which is what decent musicians are supposed to do. unless you're punk, in which case, stay pigeon-holed! anarchy! oi oi oi!

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

all you people who are bitching about the new cd and not hearing horns must be fucking deaf. i hear horns on about ever song except for 4 of the songs, i counted and there are 15 songs. so if i do my math correct that means there are 11 songs with horns.

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

Dear Less Than Jake,
I have been a long time fan of yours.. Now if I'm not mistaken, you do have people that play horns in your band correct? I believe their names are Buddy & J.R. I was just wondering why you killed them off. Oh & I was also wondering what happened to the LTJ I use to know? I commend you on "Plastic Cup Politics", a couple other songs as well. But please don't tease me & tell me your new CD is gonna rock & dissapoint me such as you did.
Thank you. Better luck next time

Anonymous (May 22, 2003)

short fuse burning is the fucking greatest song ever done by less than jake well except for maybe.....

gainesville rock city
suburban myth
last one out of liberty city
sugar in your gas tank
9th at pine
lick her store
my very own flag

i really guess the list could go on and on. less than jake have released another AMAZING album. HOORAY for ANTHEM

(raises beer) heres to LTJ

Hulka (May 21, 2003)

Anyone else think the guitars on this record are mixed a little too high?

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

I agree that Boarders had more anthems than anthem. Boarders has by far the best lyrics, and the only reason i put it under Hello Rockview is that it's too damn personal and depressing sometimes. Yes, Less Than Jake can do that to someone.

I'm still a bigger fan of the new album with every listen, but it sems like the songs try too hard to be anthems sometimes. Upwards War would have been a great short fun song, but they expanded it out far more than the lyrics go. too much repititon. A-bomb and Union have their moments but it but the "broken home" struggle i've heard in 100 songs before. Even though i've heard the "stuck in my town" struggle 100 times by LTJ themselves, they just do it so damn good! This album tries to speak for everyone, and i think thats what makes it seem very broad. Ok this comment is gonna go off on a 1,000 tangents, so i just better end it. The Ghosts of Me And You rules, bye.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

i thought roger plays all the guitars on the albums?

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

This cd rocks. It's not as good as my favorite Hello Rockview but it is good. I am sort of disapointed that they cut out my favorite part of Look What Happened (the horn part after the slow opening), but it is still good.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

Great album! So I figured out what made it different from all the other ones.

1) No songs with a random persons name in the title.
2)No swearing.
3)No funny songs.

Overall a strong record...Science of Selling Yourself Short is the greatest song! Unlike anything I have heard them do! I was dissapionted that they chose "Break Soon" as the first single. It might give people the wrong impression of the band. It just didn't seem to fit with the resto f the album. I loved brightest bulb/ screws fall out...that worked well as a 2-part song.

This album is not as good as Borders (which ranks up there with my top 5 all-time albums), but it ranks up there with their other top-notch releases. Go LTJ! Can't wait to see them at Warped again.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

oh god this band hit the wall

fakesmile (May 21, 2003)

Farcas... scott farcas...

fakesmile (May 21, 2003)

The lyrics are great... But the songs don't really seem to get to me...

Anyway, the songwriting might be more mature, but I think the songwriting on B&B is way better since those songs grab me a lot more... Anthem seems to miss something I can't really place at the moment...

Plastic Cup Politics and Best Wishes To Your Black Lung are really great!

and as a excuse for playing She's gonna break soon every show they should start playing Scott Fargas too...

MrOhio (May 21, 2003)

I didn't mean to "put words in the band's mouth" and I certainly didn't say horns were offensive. I like ska. I just want to know why they would do such a thing. It seems stupid.

toma (May 21, 2003)

someone said that pop punk doesn't exist!
that's funny!

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

sorry about the double post, my dial up connection messes up on this site a lot.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

I went to both of the last 2 Gainesville LTJ hometown shows, and I have to say that LTJ is a very good live band. The last show in Gainesville was $14 because the Palace charges too much and there aren't any other venues in Gainesville which can handle the crowd LTJ brings. Then ticketmaster added FUCKING SEVEN DOLLARS, or 50% of the show cost, to buy in advance (and thus be able to get in). So the show ended up being $21, but it wasn't LTJ's fault so much as the lack of any good large sized venues in Gainesville and Ticketbastard. Haven't bought this album yet, though, because I saved my money for the new Good Riddance, my most anticipated of the year.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

I think you're totally out of your mind. LTJ have always been a band with a completely unique sound regardless of whether or not it's ska, pop-punk, rock, rap, reggae, metal, R & B, jazz, dance, or whatever the hell people like you like to label music. Anthem is amazing and equally unique.

rightcliqificus (May 21, 2003)

I was incredibly disappointed that a band with such a specific sound would decide to totally go pop. This isn't hard rock. Its not pop-punk (pop-punk doesn't exist).... This is just total nonsense. They now sound like 5000 other bands. Sweet.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

Edit to the below post:

February not March.

See fuckface, I get my facts straight.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

LTJ's last show in Gainesville was in March and they played for an hour and a half. Get your story straight FUCKHEAD. There's always a fuckin' loser out there that has to talk shit.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

being from gainesville, i've been in to ltj for a long time. for the people that want to know why they went back to a major, its for the money. last show they played here was like 25 bucks and they played a half-hour set. before that, it was like 20 for a parking lot show. for a "home-town" show that's pretty lame. oh, and johnny quest was right.

travisangst (May 21, 2003)

you know...i love pezcore, losers kings and things, losing streak, hello rockview, and their full catalog of 7"s and singles and ep's. i DID not like borders and boundaries for the most part. it was boring to listen to. seriously. there was almost nothing on that record that set them apart from the crowd. i sounded forced and hurried. there were a few songs on it that were okay, but nothing special.


my faith in ltj is restored!!! this album kicks ass. i don't care what anyone says. it rocks. punk rock/rocknroll/ska/even reggea. i dig it. it just sounds like they put 300000x more thought into this record. and they actually had fun doing it. i love it. the only song that throws me off is "the upwards war and the downturned cycle". it sounds uninspred and contrived. but the rest roxors.

my favorite album is still hello rockview though. that album is stellar.

FortyMinutesWest (May 21, 2003)

What the hell!? I bought this for the voice stamps and they took them out! Fucking sellouts!

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

Spring Heeled Jack did get back together in December for the Dave Karcich Tribute Concert in New Haven...and so did the Pilfers.

This album is really good, and "science" is a really good change. The album version of the single is SOOOOO much better than the version I received at my college radio station. That version had the horns completely mixed out.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

who are you talking to, numb nuts?

fraserhart (May 21, 2003)

does anyone else find it strange that a couple of days ago when it was posted that it was streaming everyone was saying they didnt like it now this is filled with really good comments?

fraserhart (May 21, 2003)

"Does the chorus of "The Science Of Selling Yourself Short" remind anyone of some other song? I can't think of what it is, it just sounds so familiar to me."
it kind of reminds me of the police for some reason. first time i heard it i thought it was a cover

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

yes, best wishes to your black lung is about pete formerly w/ slapstick.

timis (May 21, 2003)

i am tee'd that they wasted a song on a cover that is COVERED WAY TOO FREAKIN MUCH. christ put the song on a 7inch or something. not on a full length

siropsycho (May 21, 2003)

album grows on you.

much like Hello Rockview, in my opinion.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

I never thought i would buy this let alone like it.... Not bad but the release of the day goes to rankin and the boys-oldpunker-

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

First of all, while I agree that Adam‚??s review was very good, I am curious‚?¶ why do so many of you who I‚??m sure claim to be independent thinkers decide to buy this CD only after he says it‚??s any good? Because you didn‚??t like their single and now someone is mentioning that they have other songs too? Well I hate to say, but if everyone judged their musical opinions on what critics said or radio friendly singles there would be a lot of great music no one would listen to. I do disagree with the comment that ‚??She‚??s Gonna Break Soon‚?Ě is badly produced. For a song meant to attract new fans to an already existing fan base, I would say it has to be and is well produced. Just because some people don‚??t like it doesn‚??t mean it wasn‚??t carefully and well crafted. And the song is meant to cater to a new audience, not the fans who have followed them for years. That makes it the best intro song on the album for new fans. Wouldn‚??t most of you rather hear kids listening to Anthem via that single vs. the latest crop of pre-chosen pop stars? I know I would.

Also, no die hard LTJ fans would just listen to one song off an album and judge the entire thing by it. And since some people don‚??t understand the economics of larger labels (as I can see from earlier posts), the reason they are on a major verses an indie is because major labels have more money to market them. Yes, some bands have gotten big from small labels that have marketed them wisely, but that comes from investing in a few bands verses many. Not every band on an indie label gets good marketing. And sadly, no matter how indie some ppl think they are, they wouldn‚??t know about Punk Band X if they didn‚??t have a poster up in their local indie record shop.

I hope the rest of you who read the review think of it as a good jumping off point and go from there. But please, buy it because you want it, not because someone told you it was good (or bad for that matter).

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

speaking of the packaging, there's this huge annoying white square in the bottom right corner of the thing under the cd tray. i'm guessing it's a security device, but it covers up the art. does anyone else have this on there copy?

lackofsleep (May 21, 2003)

the ink or whatever on the booklet rubs off really easy. i noticed that cuz i'd been looking at the art a lot (which is amazing), and rubbed a bit after I noticed a spot that was lighter than the rest and it came right off. pretty shitty. But the album however is good.

And Slapstick was amazing.

sonicice (May 21, 2003)

Does the chorus of "The Science Of Selling Yourself Short" remind anyone of some other song? I can't think of what it is, it just sounds so familiar to me.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

yea the best wishes to your black lung is about peter. that song rocks. the whole album rocks.

i miss slapstick alot though

krowdsurf (May 21, 2003)

To sorta tie in with what that last guy said, for that matter, is "Best Wishes To Your Black Lung" about Pete from Slapstick? Isn't he from Chicago? And isn't he a chain smoker? I could be way off. Also, yes, Spring Heeled Jack was fan-fucking-tastic. I saw Tyler (currently) of Reel Big Fish at Warped Tour last year and asked him about an SHJ reunion and he said, quote "Never man. That band is dead and buried." That's a shame.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

they seem to have gotten more personal with their lyrics

im willing to bet that 'escape from a-bomb house' connects with 'als war'in some way

just a thought

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

She's gonna break soon is a pretty shitty song, but the lyrics are very good, very true I can relate to them because I know a girl like that, I love a girl like that...but whatever. I just wanted to say that song is a double edged sword.

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

JR if that really was you posting let me say that the band you were in before ltj, Spring heeled jack is one of the greatest, most overlooked bands of all time, i would so love to see a reunion tour although that is doubtful. And despite all the hype and new direction crap, i will still buy this cd out of my love for the ltj i once new, and hopefully you guys havent forgotten the non10 year old girl fans! peace

Anonymous (May 21, 2003)

"She's Gonna Break Soon" is the worst song on this album. It made me very nervous about it altogether but all in all...it's pretty good. It's not a Pezcore, but it'll match Losing Streak on a good day.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

this album is awesome

its nice to see ltj evolve over the years and not just stick to the same old-same old style of music, it really adds flavor and keeps each album fresh. many bands that have been around as long as ltj has tend to play the same style and lose their touch and uniqueness*coughNOFXcough*

my only problem with the album is 'shes gonna break soon', which i hear alot of ltj fans dislike. but thats ok, its just one song, and i can skip to the next track mighty quick

Fuzzy (May 20, 2003)

sickboi - ditto, i was just going to comment on it. totally cool that they did that. Good album, good review, but I wouldn't expect less from a chap such as adam.

sickboi (May 20, 2003)

Oh, and I like the Ann Beretta cover of "Surrender" better.

sickboi (May 20, 2003)

To the wannabe grammar police below:

"There's no real reason why I picked this review to do this but."

This is not a complete sentence. Can we say "fragment"?

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

about "portrait of a cigarette smoker" they recorded 28 songs including the ones on Anthem so the rest are being released on EP's, 3 of them, all on different labels

lackofsleep (May 20, 2003)

You didnt mention their cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender"
That song took me by surprise and I just laughed my ass off every time it got to the chorus (mommy's alright, daddys alright they just seem a little weird)
It takes the cake.

evildeadalive (May 20, 2003)

Hmmm. Adam, I think you should start the polls up again and ask how many people bought this album just because of your review. Seems like it could be a lot.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

OK motherfuckers:
There's no real reason why I picked this review to do this but.

There: Location, as in "Over there"
Their: Possesive, as in, "it's their CD"
They're: Contraction of they are as in "They're really cool"

Got it?

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I absolutely love this album! I was expecting to see everybody bashing this album. I'm glad that a lot of people seem to like this album as much as i do. I love every song... except "Look What Happened". Heather just sounds annoying and it sounds too busy. Maybe it'll take a couple of listens before it catchs, but i like the original.

On a side note, didn't they have a contest for the artwork of a song called "Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker At Age 19"? Did they not include that song, or did they change the name?

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Hey everybody, this is Jesus. Just dropped in to say hi!

-Jesus C.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Hey this JR from Less Than Jake, thanks to everybody for reading the review and hopefully going out to buy our album. Our Rock Will Fuck You. Enjoy Anthem!


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

"why in God's name would you mix out the horns? So you don't offend non-ska listeners? Okay, if Metallica took out the guitars and dark lyrics so they wouldn't offend fans.....does that make any sense? No. I don't want to buy a CD from a band that mixes out a large part of their band so they don't offend non-fans"

Way to put words in the band's mouth. You dreamed up this "offend" excuse and ran with it like it was true. And what again is so offencive about horns? When was the last time you heard anyone say "any instrument that is long and you blow on i find so offending." I couldn't have been happier to find the real version of the single has horns. It sounds much better. If Warner Bros (who are to blame, ever hear the term "radio edit"?), want to remix the song i don't care. I have the real version right here. And the whole cd is great. I got the t-shirt pack too. Definitly the worst LTJ cd, but thats saying alot for the rest of their albums.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

so youre saying you are going to listen to music based on whatt he people believe and not what the music sounds like? if they were political or religious then i could see why you would do that... but they never (oir atleast dont seem to) sing about anything but having fun and so on. they never once said (or atleast ive never heard them say) that theyre not trying to make money, so when they do things to make money (ie taking out the horns in a crappy song) to create bigger sales... then so what. its a good business move... theyd be stupid not to (UNLESS, as i said, they always talk about not doing stuff like that)

MrOhio (May 20, 2003)

Even if you belive the album is "good", why in God's name would you mix out the horns? So you don't offend non-ska listeners? Okay, if Metallica took out the guitars and dark lyrics so they wouldn't offend fans.....does that make any sense? No. I don't want to buy a CD from a band that mixes out a large part of their band so they don't offend non-fans. It's like lying to people because you don't want them to know potentially embarassing facts about you.......let the hate mail begin....

siropsycho (May 20, 2003)

this cd reminds me mostly of Hello Rockview

i like it overall

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

you can only court the devil so many times, why leave an indie yet again i dont know, you only get so many shots before your 45 and being sold as a new band. if anyone can tell me how they are getting better support and wider distro. from this label then the amount of pull they had having not only there own label, but fat wreck, and the asian man back catalog, and there back catalog for capitol, please tell me. Its not about selling out, its about uneccesary and excessive bullshit. i can't find one reason to move labels, even if they moved back to asian man i'd say it was bullshit. They have distibution, they have studio time, they can get a record out well promoted with a strong fanbase, and sell out shows, so what more are they going for? Like, if after all this time they aren't on world tours, maybe they should just accept there place in the world. Can't wait for the billion multi-label EP's there putting out of b-sides. Especcially the one on drive-thru records.


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

i love this album. i also hate about 50% of it. which, i don't really understand.

inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

dude that sucks. three years is a really long-ass time.

and adam, its ok to surpass your one-line comments. or are you overtired

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

This album isn't as bad as i though it would be from the earlier released songs. It is reminding me of when i first got hello rockview and hated it. This definetly isn't ska and it isn't punk. It is more of some messed up rockesque music. I started to really like hello rockview 3 years after i got it, same might happen here.

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (May 20, 2003)

This CD's "ok" thats all ill give it. How can you say this is great after hearing Hello Rockview or Losing Steak? Oh yeah i forgot. You cant.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

being the pshyco ltj fan that i am, i found vinnie's aim and told him i noticed a lack of horns. He responded "horns are there". I hope the next ltj show i go to ,which WILL NOT be warped tour, doesnt have 10 year old girls screaming, yeah shes gonna break soon!

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

i like less than jake but this is boring im fat

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

This album pleases me. Losing Streak is by far still my favorite, and Hello Rockview after that. But, this album is alot better than Borders & Boundaries. While B&B was well-written, it gave me a headache. I'm not sure if it's just the way that it was mixed, or what. B&B was hard to listen to in one sitting, but ANTHEM restored my faith in the almighty LTJ. I hope this TRL business brings them the popularity they deserve.

astrovince (May 20, 2003)

I'll give this one 8 out of 10, because LTJ are a real rock and roll band, there are some real good songs on this album, and like some other people said, the artwork makes me drool.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I justy heard that the single was on TRL yesterday from punkbands.com. Thats fucking crazy... good for them, even though I cant stand the song. This and the new blink 182 are the only 2 major label releases that i am looking forward to this year. I will probably pick this up... but not right away. Maybe when I need to go to the store and buy the new DKM.-BostonMusicGuy

Eddie (May 20, 2003)

Well, I just got the CD today. Great stuff. Not as good as "B&B" or "HR" but definitely worth the price. I actually like this "Look What Happened" better than the first one. Oh, and the artwork is AWESOME.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Great review. I pre orderd the super pack on got my cd on saturday...it hasn't left my cd player since.

HeyBarmold (May 20, 2003)

I think Rehasher is gonna be better than Less Than Jake very quickly, but only if LTJ continues this trend

TJmoney (May 20, 2003)

I'm liking the new cd alot...even she's gonna break soon isn't so bad. too bad theyre on trl but this is a band that deserves all the fame they get. they are one hell of a band. the start of a great cd every 2 weeks is today with Anthem...2 weeks later live in a dive STRUNG OUT then it ends 2 weeks after that with the new Suicide Machines!

ommaddon (May 20, 2003)

I'm happy with this one... hell, I even enjoyed Borders & Boundaries for what it was. Pure ska's dead anyway.

Very nice work, Adam.

- Jonathan

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

this cd is just as good as their other releases with the exception of Losing Streak. I over all enjoyed the songs, the only one I did not enjoy is the remake of Look What Happend. But hey its less than jake so it has to be good, right people?

lieutenant (May 20, 2003)

I still don't know...

I'll probably pick this album up after a few more paycheques and once Good Mourning leaves my CD player. I have to add though, the review was very well written and has helped my pursuit in deciding whether or not this album will be "buyable", but is it necessary to act so shocked... Its kind of a discredit to the great reviews that are written and posted every single week.

timis (May 20, 2003)

thats easy dude....go see BIGWIG....that ltj album is junk

KirbyPuckett (May 20, 2003)

I bought four cds of Interpunk last night, this wasn't one of them. However, I'm debating if I should pick this up or go see Bigwig tonight...Hmm...Damn you Adam and your excellent review!

- Scott
(I'm going back to bed in the meantime)

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Nice review. I'm still not sure if I'm sold. "Borders and Boundries" was such a boring, epic disappointment for me, from one of my favorite bands. I loved how much different "Hello Rockview" was from "Losing Streak", but "B&B" just sounded dull in comparison. Maybe it was the Bill Stevenson production--too flat. It seemed the album was a few good songs with a whole bunch of throwaways, the opposite of the usual LTJ recipe. I wish they would have at least recorded some songs with their former touring 'bone player, Vinnie Nobile. Oh well..


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

great review.

- the skafather in cali.

inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

ok thanks. a little surprised i actually saw the pack in stores, i woulda bought it if my prom wasn't in two days. (yeah ok let the bashing commence)

krowdsurf (May 20, 2003)

Well holy shit, people are posting pretty fast. Sorry to painaxl for essentially repeating exactly what you already said.

krowdsurf (May 20, 2003)

To whoever asked about the t-shirt:
I got the shirt/cd/dvd/art card pack. The shirt is essentially just all black with the album cover printed (fairly small) on the front. Nothing I would go out and buy at retail, but good enough for the price of this package along with all the other stuff you get.

tenderbransonx (May 20, 2003)

Good review. I'm not really a fan and wont buy the album (love em live though, I mean christ how could you not) but this is how I wish all the reviews would be.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

holy shit, what a fair, well worded review. Where the fuck am i?

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I pre-ordered and got the special pack...
The t-shirt is a plain black shirt with the album cover on the front. You also get the booklet from the CD autographed, and a card for each song with the artwork for the song on one side and the lyrics on the other. The DVD is a making of the album, the video, and the actual video itself. All in all, not a bad package for a fan like me.


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Thank you, for a moment I was scared that this album would suck ass. I am a die hard LTJ fan and after I heard "she's gonna..." i thought it was all over. Because of this well written review I am going to buy this disc today...


inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

holy shit the intro (and basically the verse-to-chorus instr.) to escape from the a-bomb house has to be one of the top 5 intros to a song i've ever heard. its so amazing does anyone else realize that

inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

anyone get the special pack? what's the shirt look like

pope_schlomo (May 20, 2003)

sorry but I like Hello Rockview more.

(Last One Out of Liberty City is a great song)

GregSka (May 20, 2003)

really REALLY good review, it's nice to finally be told about the cd without much bias

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

also for this being as some people would say a big release i am suprised on how many big retail places aren't carrying it.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

damn Adam that review was damn good, the best review i have seen on this site ever. I agree with all the points that you bring up, this cd is really good but if you go in looking for them to sound like their old sound that they had in the begining....well this band has gotten older and more mature.....well a little more mature ha..they are still crazy as fuck at shows

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Well, although Chris jokingly admits that Rog has played the guitar parts since Pezcore on the "Making of" DVD, I'm thinking they write them together and Rog is just more consistent for recording purposes.

krowdsurf (May 20, 2003)

He doesn't play ALL the guitar parts does he? I was always under the impression he just did half of it. Anyway, I'm really glad this got a great review and people are agreeing that it is a very good album. I got this a week ago and was dreading the review popping up on here. I thought all the negative buzz before the release was a sure sign LTJ were going to become one of those bands you just can't mention you like without being dogpiled (NFG, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Simple Plan etc.) This CD is awesome. It's not their best, but it's a MUCH better attempt at "maturing" their sound than Borders.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Alright its not their best but it is a pretty damn good ska song.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

boy...i hope you are kidding RaNcId PuNx about "science of selling yourself short" being one of the best LTJ songs ever....that song is painful

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

This CD isnt the best LTJ cd but it is very good and if you dont buy it then u are stupid. "The science of selling yourself short" is one of the best fuckin LTJ songs ever!!!

-RaNcId PuNx

tubbyWSOU (May 20, 2003)

i dont know if someone posted this already, but so you know roger plays guitar on the records, so hes the one with all the nuances you love

thefirstfive (May 20, 2003)

Hey Anonymous. I own all of NFG records the first GC record and had the new one until i listened to it twice and realised it is shit. I'm not too good to go to that tour. I love roger miret, less than jake, and still like NFG. I don't love the idea of having to pay a band who is well known for giving fans free tastes of their music just to hear a fucking single. So fuck you. ( making me go expose my liking NFG infront of everyone...)

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

when i first heard this album, i almost wanted to cry as i thought ltj had thrown their souls away to please a few teenage girls. however, i was completely wrong, and this album hasn't left the rotation ever since i got it.


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

ska Still sucks

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Yeah, you should have paid $30 to watch 2 shitty bands to get a free single. That makes perfect sense to me!


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

"If you weren't too good to go to a NFG/GC show you would've gotten one"....

Someone handle my lightwork here, I'm too tired this morning...


Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

hey, thefirstfive, in case you didn't know, LTJ gave out over 20,000 free singles for "She's Gonna Break Soon" on tour. If you weren't too good to go to a NFG/GC show you would've gotten one. This album is amazing.

inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

yeah, best buy has it for 8.99. i agree with siropsycho tho; although ethically i and everyone should be supporting indie stores over chains like BB, it just comes to be a matter of convienience after a while. if your looking for a rare cd the best place is the web anyway, record stores aren't gonna randomly throw in stickers or something when u buy a cd there.

thefirstfive (May 20, 2003)

i know i'm going to end up buying this, but i'm still kinda pissed that a band like LTJ who are well known for giving out free vinyl singles at their shows made me pay 1.99 for the goddamn single mp3.

BabaBooey (May 20, 2003)

I like the album, don't get me wrong.

What bothers me though, is that I heard the song "The Upwards War and Downwards Cycle" at a LTJ show about 10 months ago.
It was full of horns and it made the song good. But on the record it's the exact same song, but every single horn is removed.

Ah well.. Escape From The Bomb House is grand.

timis (May 20, 2003)

sure....they should have quit after losing streak....hello rockview was ok....this album is more annoying then anything. and the single makes me want to slit my wrists. bottom line..this record is CRAP. utter crap.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

care to justify that?

timis (May 20, 2003)

this album is god awful....nuff said

siropsycho (May 20, 2003)

yeah, i understand what you mean

i have a feeling the guys from Less Than Jake are the same they always have been though

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I hate the fact that I'll prolly get this. I really want to make myself believe that all the B.S. as of late isn't their fault.


toma (May 20, 2003)

i'm picking this up today... i've been waiting too long for a new ltj album to not get it. this review gives me some hope, and as i said before, i'm not gonna judge this on the video, because dopeman was a crap video with a mix of the song that sounded nothing like the album version, so there's a good chance the same thing's happening again here

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Best Buy has it for cheap I believe but I'm not positive

siropsycho (May 20, 2003)

anyone know if this is on sale cheap anywhere like some other major label cds that have come out???

before you rag on me...trust me, i'd love to buy this from the local independent store but i'm just way too poor of a college student at this point

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Awesome review and I totally agree this record is destined for fucking greatness

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I'm picking up the CD today. The review just clinched the decision.

Minor Threat

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

I hate to say I told you so...but this album is unbelievable. It's definitely one of the best of 2003. Fuckin' ROCK ON Less Than Jake!!!

Eddie (May 20, 2003)

Sounds like good news. I'm heading out to buy it today. Whoo!

TahoeJeff (May 20, 2003)

I agree with the reviewer. This album is really good. Its no Hello Rockview, but I have no complaints. good stuff.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

i like it more than b&b but less than anything else...

fakesmile (May 20, 2003)

i wanted to try it out and all i found was a crapload of bogus files... major labels are soooooo smart...

anyway... this record won't be as bad as i thought it would be... still the vocals seem very annoying to me...

and the single doesn't do justice to this band... really lame...

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

Don't worry, it is.

guitarer1c2 (May 20, 2003)

This is a frickin' great record, let me tell ya. I totally agree with the reviewer in that, while the horns are definitely not quite so obvious anymore, they are there. The songs are great, the production is awesome, and the reggae tune is just frickin' incredible.

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)

whew.... i hope its good...
- thriceequalsgod

Anonymous (May 20, 2003)


Damn good review! I thought my review would be up first, but I guess it's coming. I say a lot of the same, though. I really like this album.


inagreendase (May 20, 2003)

thanks for restoring some belief

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