NOFX - S & M Airlines (Cover Artwork)


NOFX: S & M AirlinesS & M Airlines (1989)
Epitaph Records

Reviewer Rating: 4.5
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Contributed by: NOFXPunkLTJ22NOFXPunkLTJ22
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If you like amazing guitar riffs and guitar leads than this CD is for you. This is an older NOFX that is similar to the sound in the CD Ribbed. I suggest right away, if you have Ribbed, to pick this one up. It's worth the money. There are many amazing NOFX songs on this CD including "Day to Daz.

If you like amazing guitar riffs and guitar leads than this CD is for you. This is an older NOFX that is similar to the sound in the CD Ribbed. I suggest right away, if you have Ribbed, to pick this one up. It's worth the money.

There are many amazing NOFX songs on this CD including "Day to Daze", Five Feet Under", and "Professional Crastination". All of those songs have great guitar leads and are a more "serious" NOFX style. Most of the other songs on the CD are humorous and give the listener a laugh. Songs such a "Vanilla Sex", "S & M Airlines", "Drug Free America", and "You Drink You Drive You Spill" will make you laugh, while still being amazing, well-written songs. These songs are very well-written, each song with two-guitar parts throughout.

"Life O'Reliy" gives is a great ska song for this CD. It shows the bands diversity, how they can do other styles of music. "Scream For Change" is a great, yet funny song, which features a singer that is supposed to sound like a bum, "Screamin' for Change." "Mean People Suck" is somewhat self-explanitory for the only phrase that is stated throughout the song is "Mean People Suck."

The cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go your own way" is priceless. Fat Mike comes in singing out of tune, which just fits NOFX perfectly. The guitar lead on this song is amazing. The best lead I've heard from NOFX. If you are a guitarist I suggest you listen to this lead, it's great.

Overall the CD is great and worth its money. The guitar work on these CD's are far better than that of the newer ones, which have more of a "new-school punk" sound.


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sean021122 (March 1, 2012)

The lst truly worthwhile nofx record to buy. so get it and erase evertyhing this poser band did from 1992 until the present out of your memory bank :P In other words half of 'ribbed' is good but after that there is nothing redeeming about these guys. Until the 'hardcore covers' money grab that is. But that is in the vein of their mystic material anyway which means it is pure magic.

Anonymous (August 18, 2006)

this album is quite metal

nikko (March 13, 2006)

greg graffin does vocals on 'go your own way'

Anonymous (September 30, 2005)

score is for guitar leads and their importance in a good song.

this record is good though.

Anonymous (July 27, 2004)

this is my favorite nofx record along with punk in drublic and the longest line

Anonymous (June 22, 2004)

at this time, they were pretty good but now, they are only shit.. :)

punkrockmisfit (June 18, 2003)

hands down, nofx is the most bitchin punk bands around. all their cds kicked some serious ass.

TheOneTrueBill (June 17, 2003)

i won't deny that fact

evildeadalive (June 16, 2003)

Yeah... looks like someones been living in a cave...

TheOneTrueBill (June 16, 2003)

my favorite NOFX album.

yeah. It is

mik88 (June 16, 2003)

Hey minor threat, sorry dude, but it does look like Rancid is on warner. Check it out:

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

I'll get you Dr. Claw!
~Inspector Gadget

toma (June 16, 2003)

dr claw says shit almost as much as bob saget

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

Yeah that was the worst review....ever.

lunk (June 16, 2003)

Maximum rock and roll is not an album, but a bullshit comp of all nofx's early shitty recordings. and it's liberal animation, not animations, you patronising fuckface.

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

First of all, this review was pretty shitty. Second of all, this Album is very shitty. Third of all, I like using the word shitty. Sometimes I like to put words with shitty that rhyme, like "Pretty shitty."

~ Dr. Claw

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

This review sucks. S&M sounds nothing like Ribbed bar one or two songs off Ribbed (ie Nowhere-which was written in 1988 anyways) S&M has a more "hair metal" feel to it. I don't think anyone finds "Mean People Suck" or "Screaming for Change" amusing either-well maybe 13 year olds. Also, the dumbass who said ths was Nofx's worst obviously hasn't heard "Maximum Rock 'n' Roll" or "Liberal Animations". Also, I don't think Nofx are anymore or less technical nowadays compared to 1989. Apart from that, it was a good review (well, not really)


Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

A major owns no part of Epitaph...I think you're a little unclear on that fact...

Minor Threat

Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

im cool and have no where else to post my pointless rant

Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

Rancid's not on Warner...

Minor Threat

Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

This really has nothing to do with NOFX, but I'll post this here anyway just to vent.

It pisses me off that Rancid is on Warner. No, it's not because of the whole elitist thing. The Ramones, Clash and Sex Pistols were on majors (something many so-called punks deny) so a punk band being on a major is no big deal.

But it is a big deal when you sit there and say "fuck the majors!" for 10 years and say you're with Epitaph "100%". You look like backstabbers and hypocrites.

I'll still buy the music if it's good but when bands do this thing, I often question their credibility and integrity.

Resume discussion.

Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

I don't think vanilla sex is a humorous song. It's about your loss of privacy to the government. And it's done in a humorous way. So what i'm trying to say is vanilla sex is a humorous song.

inagreendase (June 15, 2003)

if anyone feels like rounding out the discography, liberal animation, maximum rocknroll, and the longest line hasn't been reviewed i think. but i'm not sure if i could put myself through another half hour to forty minutes of torture for either of those first 2 albums i mentioned. those are just so bland, but the ep's not bad and pretty consistent in itself.

however, i don't like the fact that a lot of albums on this site that are considered classic (see: punk in drublic, progress - rxb), only get a paragraph for review, good paragraphs that say a lot more than a lot of other reviews on this site but still...it's a paragraph. they really were only lookin' for 100 words back then i guess. at the same time it would be completely ponitless to post 2nd reviews of albums that came out more than 3 years ago, so i understand punknews's state on that.

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (June 15, 2003)

Old NOFX has much better guitar work than the new stuff. On war on errorism there are what? 3 Leads? all of which don't compare to those on this CD. Though I still love new NOFX stuff, and you are right "the Separation of Church and Skate" sounds like it could come off this album. And this album is similar to Ribbed, more similar to Ribbed than any other album, though it is different. Ribbed is a better album.

evildeadalive (June 15, 2003)

Love old Nofx but this album never did it for me. The Fleetwood Mac song is freakin great though.

soulbleed (June 15, 2003)

this is easily nofx's worst album.

inagreendase (June 15, 2003)

its alright adam we still love you

Anonymous (June 15, 2003)

The first track on the new CD starts out as if it came right off S&M, same guitar work there. The bass intro is insane on 'idiots are taking over' as well. So not sure where you are coming from when saying 'the older cd's have better guitarwork'. Also I really don't think this CD sounds that much like Ribbed. Ribbed has a far more 'new school' sound than S&M. S&M is more like a metal-influenced punk album. Ribbed is also 10 times better, so go and buy that before S&M.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

Malanchi Crush is on Ribbed

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

can't believe you didn't mention MALACHI CRUNCH the best nofx track on this cd. you suck

miqa_lad (June 14, 2003)

news just in the casualties have signed an advertisment and sponsorship deal with loréal hair products...

TahoeJeff (June 14, 2003)

this cd has some great songs its true...but overall its not one of nofx's best...I dont think it was mentioned that Bad religion was singing he harmonies on Go your own way...which is probably why it was one of the standout tracks on the album..yes Bad religion taught nofx how to harmonize

Kurt_F (June 14, 2003)

I'll second that Sunny Day Real Estate review.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

Christ, that was one of the worst reviews I've ever read.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

old nofx is really bad

lunk (June 13, 2003)

Lay off him dickheads. you want good reviews? then write them yourselves and stop bitching.
Oh, and i think it was melvin who sang on screaming for change (he does at their live shows anyway).

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (June 13, 2003)

yeah im biased. I only like less than jakes and nofx's. And just so everyone knows this review took me like 20 min. to right than my comp. froze on me, i was really pissed off, so i wrote this review in about 2 or 3 minutes. Thats why many words are repeated (screw you inagreendase.) This is just a classic CD that needed to be reviewed. All you need to know is that the guitar work is very good and it does not hold the newer school punk that nofx does today, and yes its "amazing"

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

The only thing I could get out of this review? "Amazing".

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)


Essential CDs that desperately need to be reviewed:
TOM WAITS- Blood Money
UGLY CASANOVA- Sharpen Your Teeth

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

the first paragraph reminded me of Reading Rainbow for some reason

toma (June 13, 2003)

anal cunt have also reformed and signed to warner

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

This just in:

NOFX has signed to Warner, although we haven't confirmed it yet. Oh, wait! Yeah, it has been confirmed. Sort of.

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

I hope Rancid signs with Fat Wreck Chords next.

thriceequalsgod (June 13, 2003)

this is inagreendase btw...

im glad you talked about a lot of different things...
you said:

amazing = 4
lead = 5
well-written = 2 (in one sentence) (but 0 overall)
guitar = 7

BabaBooey (June 13, 2003)

This review could've been done in 2 lines.

"This cd has great guitarlines and great songs. Buy it."

Truly an amazingly detailed review.

thriceequalsgod (June 13, 2003)

wow. stick to guitar.

SOYBOMB (June 13, 2003)

You can tell the reviewer is heavily bias... Just look at his username.


Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

i dont know why i dig this album so much, but i do. oh and that review sucked

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

this album is just ok

irish_joo (June 13, 2003)

this cd is kinda crappy. It would have been nice if Fta Mike had been able to sing better.

toma (June 13, 2003)

i can't believe no one reviewed this before

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