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Saosin: Translating The NameTranslating The Name (2003)
Death Do Us Part

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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About six months ago, I reviewed And Don't Forget To Breathe, the debut album by A Static Lullaby. Comparisons to both Finch and Glassjaw were rampant in said review, and all were completely warranted - A Static Lullaby were just lifting their sound, and not trying to elaborate on it in any way [ex.
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About six months ago, I reviewed And Don't Forget To Breathe, the debut album by A Static Lullaby. Comparisons to both Finch and Glassjaw were rampant in said review, and all were completely warranted - A Static Lullaby were just lifting their sound, and not trying to elaborate on it in any way [except going even poppier at times to secure that all-important major label record deal]. I gave the CD 3 stars, but since then it's rarely seen the inside of my CD player [and will probably be visiting half.com sometime very soon].

With that being said, if you like Finch and Glassjaw, you'll love Saosin. But here's the thing - Saosin, unlike their contemporaries, aren't just pilfering chugga chugga riffs coupled with ridiculously studio-magicked harmonies to make a quick buck. Saosin is taking the melodic emo-core sound revolutionized by Glassjaw and popularized by Finch and is expanding even further on it.

So in short, this EP is fantastic.

The vocals, reminiscent of Glassjaw's Darly Palumbo in their range [and overall ability to keep the listener's attention] are placed just right in the mix, really getting your blood pumping. The music is nothing short of astonishing considering how young this band is. "3rd Measurement In C" leaps out of your stereo with it's insanely catchy vocal hook of "Don't say I'm the one you want to lose," whereas "Lost Symphonies" shows the singer's incredible vocal ability [again, similiar to Daryl Palumbo].

Damn, I knew I'd fuck this review up. To the average reader, it probably just sounds like I'm saying this is is just another Glassjaw/Finch clone, but there's so much more to this EP than that. Please check this band out, I am really urging you to do so. Lack of eloquency on my part should not diminish lack of interest on yours.

Seven Years


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GodzGardener1 (March 10, 2009)

Great music. The only Saosin worth listening to.

esk-HI-mo (November 21, 2008)

i love this CD its really the only one i like..sorry =[
i love seven years acoustic its amazing =]

Anonymous (May 4, 2006)

Blacks piss me off

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Yo Nigea U Fucking Rock Yo Whaderrrrr
Bro Remember SINDROPHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (April 14, 2006)

Yo Nigea U Fucking Rock Yo Whaderrrrr

Anonymous (March 16, 2006)

yall suck i would do anything to hunt u down and.......nvm

Anonymous (March 16, 2006)

dude i think yall rock but im not emo cus i think emo bitches suck............wellllllll i just wanted to know if yall were gay because i heared a goy song and then i sAW SOMEGAY pooses well j/w later

Anonymous (February 28, 2006)

saosin band is fuckin awesome!!!!....luve dat band....i cant wait they go on tour and come over here orlando.....

Anonymous (January 29, 2006)

This band is AMAZING. It seems that everything that Anthony Green has even touched on has gone to gold.
Circa Survive
The Sounds of Animals Fighting
The Recieving End of Sirens.

I think i'd like him to go through every band.

Cove is a great replacement though, love him too.

Anyways... i don't hear too much GlassJaw in there, but i am missing a cd by them, so i could be wrong. They do remind me a lot of Finch on What It Is to Burn, minus the tracks Project Mayhem and Grey Matter.

Can't recommend it enough, and yeah, you'll probably have to go to Ebay to get it, but it's worth it.

Anonymous (January 23, 2006)

i love them,,,,they are simply amazing.

Anonymous (December 9, 2005)

Amazing cant get enough of there music awsome vocals, sweeet band overall

Anonymous (December 1, 2005)

Ok, first of all. the drummer on this EP was HIRED by the band for recording and for touring. Alex Rodriugez is the full time drummed (hes fucking INSANE). Cove doesn't have the vocal range that Anthony had, but he stil hits the notes and is a very talented singer (he's only been singing for about a year)...Their full length LP is coming out March 06...hopefully they'll get a tiny bit heavier...or at least just stay the same.

Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

why does it fucking matter whos in the band!!!

they fucking rock!! and they have changed like my life and how i write my music and have inspired my band to play better!!! i love these guys there is no one like them!! and there never will be!!! good review by the way.

Anonymous (November 3, 2005)

accely verry good (swedenboy bad englisch)

Anonymous (October 28, 2005)

your the best alternative band i fucking heard your band is so awsome when ever i skateboard i listen to your band from Steven Simmons kentucky 8024 bridgeport rd.

Angel-Jin (September 22, 2005)

awesome band, awesome ep. can't wait for the LP next year.

Anonymous (September 6, 2005)

Does Anyone know where you can buy this besides ebay?

Anonymous (August 23, 2005)

this album is amazing in every way. even with the loss of anthony they are excellent.

rainbow-trash (August 23, 2005)

Good to hear that people actually appreciate this album.

And I think it's pretty foolish to be pissed off at the reviewer for telling his opinion because last I heard...that's what they're supposed to do.

Anonymous (August 15, 2005)

Do You wanna hear a Fastest song?

On my part, i wanna hear some scream from the current vocalist of saosin cove reber...

cove reber doesn't scream

FlamingEmerald (August 13, 2005)

OMG!! What a great voice. Saosin are amazing, nothing beats them, they r one of my fave bands at the moment.

Anonymous (August 13, 2005)

best fricken cd in the world buy it or die

Anonymous (August 12, 2005)

They have a different drummer now, but the drummer for the EP was a drum tech for slayer...

Anonymous (August 1, 2005)

u damn right ther drummer=god

Anonymous (July 29, 2005)

Saosin drummer = god.

Anonymous (July 11, 2005)

yea, finch sucks but saosin and glassjaw kick ass

Anonymous (June 13, 2005)

"Who the fuck keep saying glassjaw suck" you suck pauser.
Without Daryl Palumbo none of this great vocalist will not considered great, such as Anthony, Nate, and static lullalby vocal,and it's all about great influence. I gues your just a kid without knowledge, you don't know that fucking dumbass you fucking BIAS

Anonymous (April 6, 2005)

Finch and Saosin blow dick...Glassjaw is God

Anonymous (March 14, 2005)

Get off their nutz fag!!!!!

Anonymous (October 1, 2004)

this band is fucking awsome! the first time i heard them i was like" hey____ who is this band?" cuz we were listening in her car and she like its saosin. I was tatally amazed by the shit they sing and play!

Anonymous (September 17, 2004)

Saosin rocks... I miss anth tho... his new band is Circa Survive coming out on equal vision records in the fall...... Saosin is still saosin and has a new full time replacement.. COVE!!! new album will be out before too long..and for the record the drummer from the ep is Pat McGrath, he's an old drum tech from slayer and would fill the position when their drummer couldnt play... he's amazing... but he just did the e.p.... now alex plays for them (open-hand) one of their guitarists (beau) was once in open hand as well... he produces all the music too... their amaing.. check them out....

Anonymous (July 28, 2004)

"this band musically sound a little bit like strung out they are fucking awesome!!"


p.s. Glassjaw sucks, Anthony Green>Saosin>God, and they have a new potential singer named Cove who sounds exactly like Ant

Anonymous (July 1, 2004)

great review scott. i feel the same way.

Anonymous (June 9, 2004)

this band musically sound a little bit like strung out they are fucking awesome!!

Anonymous (June 8, 2004)

anthony green is amazing. despite the name, there's no way it will still be Saosin.

GYBE (April 4, 2004)

They're not disbanded, the singer Anthony just left. They're keeping the Saosin name. Obviously it's still a huge loss as he was one of the reasons they are so incredible, but it's not the end of things.

Anonymous (February 19, 2004)

bye bye saosin.....what could of been

Anonymous (February 14, 2004)

first off.. Glassjaw fucking sucks.. and Saosin (pronounced Say-Ocean) if amazing.. but no, the drummer on the ep, isn't from Slayer, he's just this 36-yr old dude who's fuckin nuts. and Alex Rodriguez (Open Hand) is the new drummer, but not nearly as talented..

in short this band=sick.. amazing lyrics, amazing music...

Tell Him His Eyes See Too Clear

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

saosin lead vocalist does not sound like glassjaw...as they sum it up..there music is hardcore bjork music

Anonymous (November 21, 2003)

yeah sorry for the typo, its saosin, im not an idiot, just clumsy. it was a small venue too, not snall. i wanted to apologize cause half of you people jump on someones back everytime they type something wrong.

Anonymous (November 21, 2003)

I saw these guys in State College, and didn't know too much about them. The venue was snall and i exchanged a few word with the lead singer, he seemed like a really cool guy.When they took the stage, i was really stunned by his vocal range. Great songs, no other way to put it. I saw them with moneen, TBS, and my chemical romance. Moneen and saosion definitely won out over mcr and tbs. Too bad moneen only played like 5 songs. Good show nonetheless.

Anonymous (September 28, 2003)

vocals are like coheed&cambria. music is sorta like finch - but they still manage to have their own style, and its good. really good shit.

Anonymous (August 20, 2003)


Anonymous (August 13, 2003)

oh yeah, this EP is amaizing for the people who likes this kind of music. Just have a listen.I'm from Spain so sorry about my english.

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

I think Saosin sounds like Glassjaw's music with Finch's vocals, minus Glassjaw's drums, with the addtition of Finch's bass styling. Oh yeah throw in a little bit of Glassjaw's fashion only with Finch's pants and socks. The cover art is totally Glassfinch inspired though...

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

This band fucking rules. Even if you dont like this kind of music you have to be an idiot not to be able to at least appreciate it.

timis (August 11, 2003)

see...i have to disagree with the guy who posted two comments down. i really dont think finch sounds like finch...nor do i think glassjaw sounds like glassjaw....

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

saw these guys a couple weeks ago, they definitly rocked. the singer just needs to cut down on the prancing and "Come My Children" bullshit

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

Glassjaw and Finch do not sound alike, anyone who says that is dumb. Finch sounds like Finch, Glassjaw like Glassjaw. Dumb.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

i dont ever reply to these things. but this band is complete shit. i saw them with the bled and boys night out...complete shit. terrible. oh god. terrible.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

i think the singer is ok but when you see them live dont they look really fake? like none of the energy they have is coming from the music its just what they think would look cool to do?

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

The singer is horrible but the other members of the band are pretty good. They need to get a new singer.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

I just taped a whole set from these guys last night in Dallas with Boys Night Out. I was almost knocked on my ass by how good they were. There were two HORRIBLE bands before them from the Dallas area so it made thier set even better. But that is not why they were good, the guys can fucking play and the singer can fucking wail, end of story.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

the saosin ep is nuts. i can see the glassjaw comparison.... but please dont compare them to finch... thats a horrible insult for any band. when i heard them (which was before this review), the first thing i thought was that they were the new coheed but a little heavier... (and not a ripoff). fucking awesome band.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

good music, but i'm not too big on these vocals

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

this ep is the shit.

and to confirm, the band kicked out their drummer and slayer's drummer ended up recording the tunes for the tracks, but they got some other guy to tour with them since obviously slayer is too busy doing their own shiz

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

um if someone already posted this im sorry but did anyone know that the drummer on the cd was or is the drummer for slayer? my friend who helped saosin out a ton and was there while they recorded told me this so im not 100% sure its true but i really dont think he would lie to me.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

This is the drummer from OpenHand as well, and he is a god damn maniac....it is also the first guitar player from Openhand, notice any things that sound the same.....

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

If you read the review he says they are like Glassjaw vocals because of the singers range. I think he sounds more like Coheed and Cambria but whatever. Good cd. The song Seven Years is incredible.

turdcore92383 (August 9, 2003)

Great live band too. They're very energetic. I saw them with The Bled a few weeks ago.

timis (August 9, 2003)

whoops i forgot...the bonus disc is ACOUSTIC

timis (August 9, 2003)

yeah this EP is great...the bonus disc is damn good too....->
1. third measurement in c
2. seven years

check it out...

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

I will not be checking this out since scott "urged" me to. These motherfuckers must've paid him off with free "handjobs" and "grape kool-aid". Fuck you scott, you sappy-ass simplistic stud. -jeeves (yall asked)

ps. Metallic folk-core will soon rule you all!

Annonymous (August 9, 2003)

It's embarassing to have glassjaw compared to finch.... besides that this band is good

maverick (August 9, 2003)

If you can't hear the comparisons to Glassjaw, you must not own Worship and Tribute.


Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

The album is great and they are great live too, I saw them in L.A at a free show. But why you compared them to glassjaw I'll never know. Glassjaw is horrible and they sound nothing alike. I can see the comparison to finch though.

travis (August 8, 2003)

god damn, this is amazing. thanks for the review. im ordering the cd right now.

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

Are you saying this band has the drummer from Slayer? If so I'm definately checking it out...

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

drummer of slayer. that is all i am saying.

maverick (August 8, 2003)

Ah damn, I meant to talk about their drummer, too. He sounds really, really fucking good on this, his drumming really drives these tracks to places they never would've gone before.


Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

the singer sounds more like Claudio from Coheed than Darryl from Glassjaw

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

This EP is amazing and one that everyone should check out kinda sounds like coheed and cambria vocals with a drummer thats on crack

travis (August 8, 2003)

great review scott. i will now check this band out.

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