Andrew W.K. / High On Fire / Vaux

Andrew W.K. / High On Fire / Vaux: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2003)
live show

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: MinorThreatMinor Threat
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This was it. After nearly a year of hearing good things about Andrew W.K., and listening to everyone glorify him as the "audio messiah", I was going to see him. I had saw him on Warped and wasn't impressed, but something told me that was due to the fact that he was on late and kids were all tired fr.

This was it. After nearly a year of hearing good things about Andrew W.K., and listening to everyone glorify him as the "audio messiah", I was going to see him. I had saw him on Warped and wasn't impressed, but something told me that was due to the fact that he was on late and kids were all tired from insane performances by their other favorite bands. I disregarded that experience.

A wise part of me said: "Don't take too much stock in what people say, if you get your hopes too high, they're bound to fall back down to the ground."

With those two conflicting thoughts in my head, I walked into the Metro, a couple minutes late, (Hey, my family was having dinner) true, but I walked in.

Once I entered, I heard something powerful, loud and nearly incomprehensible coming from the stage, so I charged up there, to find Vaux.

I saw the 6 guys up on stage, each holding down their instruments, guitars, bass, drums, vocals, organ. Organ? Yes, an organ. Onstage, they gave their all, screaming, moving jumping around what little room the Metro stage afforded them. They mixed the orgran well into the music, complimenting the frenzied hardcore assault.

How did the crowd react? Occasionally. Yes, a good 60% of the fans were college frat type meatheads. Yep, Vaux didn't have many fans there, but after that performance, they should have many, many more. It's really a shame that there were that many death metal stoners there, but, those that saw Vaux and paid attention liked them. I got a "refused-esque" feel about Vaux. That's gotta be good.

Next up came High on Fire. Not being a fan of death metal, I can't comment on them. They didn't inspire much energy in me, though. I suppose if you like them, that wasn't a bad way to spend 45 minutes of your time.

Waiting. And waiting. Watching the techies, guitar doctors, and other roadies setting up Andrew's set, I was restless. 30 minutes felt like an eternity. I was anxious, was the "audio messiah" as good as he was touted? Was he the answer? What was the question?

Andrew W.K. was kickass. He stirred up the meatheads, frat boys, punk rock kids, scene point collectors, and assorted other people over 20 something into a mosh pit frenzy. I've seen better live bands, but he was powerful. And good. He's better than 90% of the bands I've seen live.

YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE WASTED GOING TO ANDREW W.K. You'll have a good time. Bring your friends. Bring your girlfriends. Bring your date. Spouse, whoever. This guy knows how to get a party started. If you're on the fence about seeing him live, just go see him. You'll have a great time.

For those interested in a setlist, here's what I can remember:
1. unknown (the one that has a chorus that went "gonna be a party tonight")
2. ?? Perhaps a song called "take it off?"
3. Don't Stop Living in the Red
4. She is Beautiful
5. Ready to Die (Damn, did he go off on that song! 2nd best of the night.)
6. new song called "you are something i didn't catch" (I just didn't hear the last word)
7 New Song called Never Let Down
8. I dunno.
9 We Want Fun
10. New song called Tear it Up
11 Party Hard
12 I Get Wet (Wow. One of those live versions that blows the recorded one away. I wish I had a tape recorder. Best song of the night.)

I can't say that he's the "audio messiah" or that he'll save us from bad, uninspired, canned, cliched music, but he's great live, and if you didn't have fun there, you may as well commit suicide, because there's no hope for you getting joy in anything else.

Other: Why not a 10? High on Fire.
There should be a AWK icon, and yes, it should be scott giving the devil horns.
And just incase you're still reading, go see him.


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Anonymous (September 11, 2003)

yeah. i just dont get why they put the explicit content thing on his cd I Get Wet. it must just be something the industry likes to do to make something seem like its more rebellious. this is music that id let my grandmother listen to. but it is great.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

AWK is a model citizen.. I saw him save four children from a burning house and he also takes time away from ROCKING out
to help old ladies cross the street!

start the song!

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

high on fire is NOT death metal. what are you retarded? it's stoner rock for christ's sake....

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

dude awk is emo and emo is sexist.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

Yeah thats a pretty fucking stupid comment. Lord knows I couldn't survive without women.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

the one about most women should be raped.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

by the way the quote below mine is absolutly retarded and i hope that most people didn't laugh at it.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

yeah, i really really really doubt that AWK would ever try to rape someone.
the guy is all about being nice and having fun.

give me a break and slap some honesty into your sister would ya?
your sister should sue him or something, he's rich and famous isn't he?
hi i'm 19 and want attention and money! hihihih

On a more serious note i usually believe people who accuse people of rape and i don't think that people should make fun of what is a serious subject, but AWK, common....

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

"Dude your sister probably deserved it, like most women."

Shiiit son, quote of the year so far. Im still laughing.


501 (September 9, 2003)

Everything Went Numb.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

The Wolf is the album of the year. God, I love this album.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Dude your sister probably deserved it, like most women.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Man, if you think high on fire is death metal, your brain would be grinded to mush if you heard real death metal. High on Fire however, is the dope shit, stoner rock. However Brant Bjork w/eagles of death metal the other night was the stoniest shit i've ever seen (i've yet to see Bad Wizard live).

That said, i saw this same show in L.A. a month ago and it rocked my ass off. VaUX RULED, i'm lookin forward to buyin their album. I missed high on fire unfortunately cuz the henry fonda was having liquor licensed problems and you had to go into this little room to dink which i did during high on fire, mass beers yo. then AWK came on and all chaos ensued. It is the only concert i've been to where all the audience members are giving eachother high fives and bear hugs.

This is the third time i seen him, the second being this years warped and the first being last year at the house of blues with icarus line.

TheOneTrueBill (September 9, 2003)

Fucking Jewel and scheduling me to work this night.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Saw this same show in St. Louis...it was absolutely the most fun time I've had in as long as I can remember, craziness through and through, completely out of control, and the real party was onstage, dancing with that glorious mother fucker...best time ever.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

I pity the foo' who does not pick up da wolf today!

- mr. T

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

normally, I would never comment on something like this, but this has to be the worst review I've seen on PunkNews.org in a long while....

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

I'm doubtful of the guy who said he sister was almost raped because I've met AWK a couple of times (and have the pictures and autograph/letter to prove it) and he is one of the most polite and giving people I've ever met.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

umm... i think youre an asshole. im sure your sister really went to that party... and if she did, she probably tried to rape him.

(your sister is a man)


Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Yeah, I guess you guys are right.... she must be a slut, so that gives him the right to rape her.. Huh. quality logic at work here.

dignin (September 9, 2003)

"Andrew W.K. invited my 19 year old sister to a party after a show in Boston and tried to rape her. Ripped her skirt.. Some drunk roadies saved her. That son of a bitch needs to be assassinated."

I smell bullshit.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Dude your sister is a band slut. What did she think this party would be, a tea party?? cmon now. her fault for being so stupid.

My score is for High On Fire. Stoner metal owns you.


Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Andrew W.K. invited my 19 year old sister to a party after a show in Boston and tried to rape her. Ripped her skirt.. Some drunk roadies saved her. That son of a bitch needs to be assassinated.

jheisel (September 9, 2003)

this score is for dignin's comments.

moldy (September 9, 2003)

"unknown (the one that has a chorus that went "gonna be a party tonight")"
damn awk using party in a song thats fucked up quite a stray from his usual dense political theories and emotional heartach

dignin (September 9, 2003)

im not too cool, I just think the music is shit. Im sure he is a nice guy and he puts a lot of energy into his live show, but when I saw him all I could was laugh about how ridiculus he was. And if I wanted to laugh Id go to a comedy club or watch my Family Guy DVDS, which would make laugh a lot harder.

8dollarclarinetsolo (September 9, 2003)

saw this in cincinnati and it was great. set list was very similar, they didnt play dont stop living in the red, im pretty sure the first one is "its time to party". "girls own love" was played for sure and maybe "party til you puke" i dont remember.anyway, it was my 3rd time seeing him but the first in a non warped tour stage, and i have said it before and i will say it again: the unity, fun, and just general good time, that andrew wk creates, is greater than you will find at many punk concerts. it seems like distinctions, inhibition and embarrasment fade away and everyone just has fun. i saw people in the "pit" friday who have probably never done it before, and who will probably be too cool to do it in the future. the people who came to the awk show are the people i know are in it for the fun and the scene, and dont give a shit about what other people think and i truly honestly believe that and fuck you if you are too cool. sorry i kind of ranted there

dignin (September 9, 2003)

"1. unknown (the one that has a chorus that went "gonna be a party tonight")"

oh yeah, that song is called "every song he's ever written"

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

scene point collectors

You wouldn't see any REAL scene point collectors at this show.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

high on fire is usually labelled as "stoner rock."

SOYBOMB (September 9, 2003)

Record release show today in NYC, I'll be there and my review of the new album and show will be here eventually.


Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

AWK is the best live show I've ever seen. Sure, he may not always sound great live. But his power, energy and control and how can just put it all into every song...man, just great shit.

I plan on picking up his new album tommorow morning.

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