Kissing Tigers - Trebuchet (Cover Artwork)

Kissing Tigers

Kissing Tigers: TrebuchetTrebuchet (2003)
Slowdance Records

Reviewer Rating: 4
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Contributed by: MeganMegan
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Kissing Tigers' debut Trebuchet EP came out on Slowdance records last week. I am in love with this EP. Everytime I listen to it, I love it a little bit more. It was playing while my roommate and I played four hours of Super Mario Brothers 3, and I still love it. It's playing right now and I love.

Kissing Tigers' debut Trebuchet EP came out on Slowdance records last week. I am in love with this EP. Everytime I listen to it, I love it a little bit more. It was playing while my roommate and I played four hours of Super Mario Brothers 3, and I still love it. It's playing right now and I love it. I'll even love this EP tomorrow when I'm sober again and all I'm doing all morning is pissing out strawberry white zinfandel. That's how good this is.

You're probably thinking, "why does this drunk girl love the Kissing Tigers so much?" Honestly, I don't know. I mean, it's catchy, it's young, and it's carefree. It's short; it's to the point. At times, it reminds me of The New Trust. Sixteen minutes of pure bliss, I think that's what I'd call this. "I died in a mall," what a great title for a song! This EP makes me want to dance, it makes me want to sing. Every single one of the five songs is a gem. If my roommate wasn't passed out right now, I'll be blasting this! These Santa Barbara kids are rocking me like no other. I believe there are five of them. It's bratty yet mature, why are you still reading this review? Why aren't you at the Slowdance web site ordering this EP yet?

Are you listening to The Faint these days? Maybe you've jumped on the Hot Hot Heat bandwagon. Maybe you just love keyboards. That's why you're going to buy this EP, because you know you're going to love it. This time, you aren't all just going to go on about how I'm a dumb guy (which I'm not, I'm a dumb girl, if anything), or how my musical opinion sucks. You're all done with that. Just this one time, listen to me you fools. Listen to Kissing Tigers. Tomorrow I'll be sober, but you'll still be stupid if you're not listening to Kissing Tigers. This is the end.


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Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

I saw Kissing Tigers and Pink Hand Grenade with the guy from Kind of Like Spitting in Portland. It was supposed to be the whole band Kind of like spitting, but he just played his acoustic guitar.

Anyway, Kissing tigers rocked live and I was kind of disappointed by this EP. Pink hand grenade sucked ass in a very contrived manor!

30 seconds of BLABLABLA and then: we're pink hand grenade !

Anonymous (September 15, 2003)

whoever mentioned the threads.......those guys are the most blatant atdi rip off ive ever heard. that term gets tossed around a lot these days, but no joke, its absurd how much they rip off from at the drive in.

Leandro (September 13, 2003)


Anonymous (September 12, 2003)

This band is terrible and so is this review.

Anonymous (September 11, 2003)

BUY THIS NOW! And definitely check out Mark's (the bassist) other band, The Threads.

And to the "someone" who went to St. John Bosco HS, how's it going? I've known Mark for my entire life...

Anonymous (September 11, 2003)

Oh, I forgot, throw in Motion City Soundtrack to the "tour" too, those guys kick it !!

Then add the Spitalfield after show basement party !!

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

Megan -

Great Review, I wish more would write reviews while "somewhat" intoxicated !! I agree this band kicks ass. I think after hearing their MP3, the tour of the fall would be Pretty Girls Make Graves, Kissing Tigers, and Radio Vago !!!

Kick ass !!

Thanks for the breath of fresh music, keep it comin' It is punk, no matter what some others say !!!

"I diieed in a maww allll, I ... !

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

Kissing Tigers rock. Saw em at Bottom of the Hill. They Killed it. The ep rocks too. If you dont like KT, you dont like music.

GreenVandal (September 10, 2003)

If you had been playin Super Mario World rather then 3, I bet you would have thought you were listening to a fucking musical revolution.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

I'm also sick of people who listen to bands like Finch and Poison The Well and calling them hardcore....sheesh...theres more to hardcore than a bunch of shiotty protooled screams.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

Sounds like the same old emo..indie...whatever.....the trendy new shit. Anyway, i thought the downloadable song was ok......nothing special...but not horrible.....I'm really sick of this trend though......please somebody kill it. I'm sick of seeing 12 year olds wearing Dead Kennedys shirts....and not even knowing what they stand for or who Jello Biafra is. I'm tired of seeing girls jumping after the skinny, bushy haired "emo" guy.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

Someone kill this reviewer.


Anonymous (September 10, 2003)


God, shut up.

Anonymous (September 10, 2003)

go to their links section....check out the band pink handgrenade...oh most excellent

megan (September 9, 2003)

this score is for mario bros 3. the thing is, my enjoyment had nothing to do with the game, because I'm awful at the game. That's how I ended up writing a drunken review, we turned it into a drinking game where everytime we died we had to drink... oops

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

I think a lot of the reviewer's enjoyment of the album had to do with the playing of Mario Bros. III, quite possibly one of the best games ever made.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

I listened to an mp3 and looooovvveeed it!

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Also, here is the real score.


Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

This band is terrible and so was the review.


Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

cool. i went to high school with the bassist, and just saw his other band, "the threads," play a show last month. i'll have to check this out...

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

I walked out of the hallway to get away from mindless college kids rambling about how drunk they were over the weekend and how they'll never drink again -- when we all know I'll be hearing the same thing next week.

And I log on to pn.o and wham i'm smacked with it again.

God I hate flowcharts.

- Scott
(C proffessor = smelly)

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

this sounds way good

GreenVandal (September 9, 2003)


I hate when people feel the need to advertise how "wild an crazy drunk" they are.

Entertaining none the less.

And no I wont be listening to this band...ever.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

wow...i still don't know what this band sounds like

inagreendase (September 9, 2003)

four stars seemed kinda low for the constant praise it received...i know it's an ep...but i think you could always give an ep 4.5-5 stars and say its amazing.

Anonymous (September 9, 2003)

Slowdance is my favorite label for today.

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