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Story Of The Year

Story Of The Year: Page AvenuePage Avenue (2003)
Warner Music Group

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Contributed by: exhaustraexhaustra
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This is a warning. No, this is a call to arms. Because, this is what happens when big business invades something you believe in, something you live, waters it the fuck down, and forces it down your throat. This is Story of the Year's new album entitled "Page Avenue." By-the-book, paint-by-numb.
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This is a warning. No, this is a call to arms. Because, this is what happens when big business invades something you believe in, something you live, waters it the fuck down, and forces it down your throat.

This is Story of the Year's new album entitled "Page Avenue."

By-the-book, paint-by-numbers, heavy melodic rock with screams in all the right places, sensitive acoustic bits for the ladies, fucking pained, heartfelt lyrics about absolutely nothing ("i'd scream this song right in your face if you were here...," awesome, dude.), topped of with ultra-cool spinning jump kicks, choreographed back flips, and guitar throws. Sick!

But there's hope. I see this release as the end of the line of the record industries' hard-on for hardcore. I'll use the "Trixter" analogy:

Guns N' Roses fucking ruled. Guns N' Roses' popularity led to Skid Row's eventual signing and B-list rock stardom. Skid Row's popularity led to Trixter: good looking young guys with marginal talent and the right hair at the tail end of the whole metal explosion. They smile pretty for the camera, and who won't put up a fight when the label and producer wants a more marketable sound or when they "don't hear a single."

Let's put our hands together for the Trixter of 2003...

Now, As for the musicianship, it's fine. They seem to be compitent players in the studio as well as on stage (saw their set at the Warped Tour this summer). And i'm sure the band was stoked to get to work with John Feldmann, the man responsible for The Used's first record. It's too bad John didn't touch a single fader because this record sounds like another Used record. Same bass-drops, same snare, same sound; although, Bert's screams actually sound kind of cool. Don't believe me? Check out "and the hero will drown," "in the shadows," and "razorblades."

And with that, i'll close with an eight word quote that says more than my entire review...

"Spoon fed hooks, pretty looks, but no fire." -Paint It Black


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Anonymous (February 4, 2006)

Their newer album is better than this...

They do sound quite whiney on CD, but anyone who has seen them live knows they are really amazing, I'd rate them as one of the best live bands ive seen. I mean compared to fall out boy say, they rock, SOTY have some genuine talent for live performance.

Anonymous (January 29, 2006)

going 2 see them at taste of chaos they r a good band live
they were prolly the best band at river rave

Anonymous (December 15, 2005)

This score is for their live show. They are really great performers with a lot of energy. As for the album, it has a little too much pop for my taste.

LouiTheFish (October 25, 2005)

Honestly this used to be one of my favourite albums. It's just the music I like. The guys were down to earth back when the record came out. They connected with fans, they loved everybody the way they should be loved. But then the radio ate them up and now all that's gone. They're just a bunch of all-business dicks who like to think they're way too cool for their fans. But back to the album...GOLDFINGER MADE THIS ALBUM. Story of the Year just played the damn instruments. None the less I still enjoyed it.

Anonymous (September 26, 2005)

i liked it in need 4 speed underground n its phat m8s it rules ur mummas

Anonymous (July 22, 2005)


ThursdayIsStillACrime (November 7, 2004)

Silly kids, these guys are great. Just because they look good, that makes them a bad band I guess? You have to be deformed in some ways to be considered a good performing artist? Anybody who have seen these guys live -KNOW- they put on a good show, and the album is no diffrent. Story of the year, you guys rule, screw these other niggers.

Anonymous (October 4, 2004)

wow i just looked at the dates on this thing. It appears no one cares anymore. Why have I only just heard of these guys? Shows how much I watch MTV and listen to the radio, they weren't forced down my throat. So that makes me like them a bit more.

Anonymous (October 4, 2004)

I just bought this album after I heard one song. I think I'm on track 4 now. It seems like good pop music. I like it better than the Used. If they're setting out to sound pop then they've accomplished that. Yeah the lyrics suck. I read about these guys in Alternative Press and it seems like they're just another pop band trying to be authentic, nothing to get excited about. They kick the crap out of Senses Fail. SOTY seem very cliche, which probably points the new-wave-hardcore-sceamo-emo formula. There's pretty parts, there's double kicks, there's not enough screaming for me not to call them pussies. I paid 12 bucks for this CD I think I might listen to it 2 or 3 more times before I stop caring about it.

P.S. Will someone tell me if Spitalfield is respectable?

Anonymous (August 19, 2004)

I wish I could give it Zero... This band is utter crap. They completely rip off other, better pop-punk/emo bands and give us inane lyrics and overproduced music with a few screams tossed in to make them seem hardcore. Sad, pathetic, and immature. I don't think this CD is even fit for 13 year olds. They should know better than to listen to this shit that makes ears bleed thanks to it's total and complete crappiness.

Anonymous (July 9, 2004)

About what a few others have written.. Why does it matter if a band's members are good looking? Sounds to me like just another socialite... Maybe you should judge a band on the quality of their music as opposed to how they look.

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

yeah i was really annoyed when i heard this album. what a let down. The music is decent, its just so over produced and just asking for MTV to kiss its ass.

Anonymous (April 30, 2004)

story of the year is just another one of the zillions of lame-ass emo and punk-pop bands that have been saturating the airwaves during the past year and a half. whatever happened to real rock and roll??? everythings gotten very stagnant lately. story of the year, dashboard confessional, thursday, brand new, and the lostprophets all sound exactly the same. so do good charlotte, nfg, simple plan, and yellowcard. even hard rock is getting lame. staind, fuel, creed, nickelback, limp bizkit, default, finger 11, puddle of mudd, and i hate to say it, but even 3 doors down all sound alike.

what happened to the innovators? all the emo and punk pop bands have ripped off the green day/blink 182 sound, and the major hard rock bands are still singing nirvana/pearl jam/soundgarden/bush style music, which is good stuff, but now its time to move on.

if you want music thats a breath of fresh air listen to music from independent or check out these major artists, barenaked ladies(awesome acoustic/electric jazz-pop-folk-rock), jason mraz(bright acoustic rock with catchy wordplay), OAR(acoustic stoner-raggae-rock), system of a down(awesome heavy rock with wierd-ass lyrics), audioslave(non-stagnant hard rock at its finest, sometimes reminds me of zeppelin, tom morello is an awesome guitarist), matchbox 20(they might be big on hit radio but their music is actually pretty good), weezer(catchy rock and roll with a lot of 50s influences).......theres a lot more great bands out there, i just dont have the time to list them all

Anonymous (April 27, 2004)

What ever happen to punk? I thought this was punknews.org. I 'd say that its pretty fucked up that a punk would come here to maybe escape from the world of shitty pointless corporate music and still has to hear about all the bands that stand for nothing and have nothing important to say. Fuck this site and everyone involved. This is a pathetic example of punk. Change the name of the site. Please. Assholes

Anonymous (April 23, 2004)

While some of the bands that put out GREAT albums rarely put on GREAT live performances, I have to be thankful for a band like Story Of The Year. They might not have delivered the GREATEST of albums but they surely make it sound GREAT when they play live. And, for me, this is as important -if not more important- as recording a "gem" or a "masterpiece".
While some bands, when playing live, do not get to sound remotely close to what what they sound like in their so much praised albums (Thursday and Taking Back Sunday, among others, for example),I know this will NOT happen with Story Of The Year and this is exactly what I like the most about these guys.
While some bands only get to enact lame representations of themselves and their music -which I consider an insult-, I know that Story Of The Year will never disappoint me with a mediocre show.
Thank you Story Of The Year for being one of those few bands (Cursive also shines when playing live) that still put as much hard work in delivering killer live music as in the recording of an album. It is the least I can expect.

Anonymous (April 14, 2004)

haha i have no idea, thats why i was asking...i heard people sayin that they were emo,and some people saying they were screamo. and yes it should all just be called "rock" but obviously people want to complicate things...

Anonymous (April 14, 2004)

Why is it that every band that comes out now is emo or screamo or whatever it is kids are calling this stuff? Whatever happened to rock?

Anonymous (April 14, 2004)

would u consider story of the year emo?or more screamo?

Anonymous (April 10, 2004)

The guys in this band are ugly.

Their outfits look stupid. If someone picked them out for them, they'd probably look less stupid.

But they have stage presence, they work the crowd, and they have fine music. Who cares what other bands sound like? Judge each band on its own merits. Comparison is such a dull finger-pointing fest anyway.

I personally think they sound OK. I don't care where they came from.

I bought their album for 6 bucks from the local CD/game exchange shop. Just because it's available elsewhere doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

Oh, and GnR blows ass, Axl Rose is a fucking prick. Appetite For Destruction was a great album, and then the band went to shit. I'll be buying Velvet Revolver's album though. much love kids.


Anonymous (March 29, 2004)

Story of the year is a cut above most screamo bands today. The Used and Finch are below. Blindside and Dead Poetic are better. It's certainly not bad, but its nothing too special. Definitely listenable.

Anonymous (March 23, 2004)

2 words: bass drops. Sprinkle them in the right places and any album sounds good!

Anonymous (March 16, 2004)

[Presentator]: The winner of the Linkin Park gold award for the most innovative records in the category screamo goes to... (epic notes of music)... Story of the year!!!

[MTV Public]: clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...

[Story of the year]: Thanks a lot everyone... wow... I think it proves to the world of independent music that we don't need to innovate to sell records!!!

[MTV Public]: (laugh) (cheering)

[Story of the year]: I remember this independant label guy who told us we would never go anywhere with our "even less talented than the Used sound" he was so stupid (laugh)
We would like to thank Madonna and his label, Linkin Park and the group who invented punk hardcore: FINCH!!!

[MTV public]: (yelling) STORY OF THE YEAR... (fade out)

Anonymous (March 12, 2004)

This is one of my favorite I repeat FAVORITE albums I have ever purchased. You guys need to just shut up and realize how good emo music really is.

How about you guys that rated this a 1 go and listen to your lame-o "Tatu" and enjoy those two lezbos making out in the rain, because you get no respect from me.

Anonymous (February 24, 2004)

ok ya'll bithces are f*cking gay Story of the Year f*ucking kicks ass...they would kick everyone who hates's ass...Dan is the man...but this cd is one of the best all time cd ive ever owned...im seeing them in march!!! Number 12 with h2o on the cd is kick ass!! this is to ppl who hate on soty..."You wanna euff with me dude ill take u out i'll castrate you and feed ur balls to my dog"

Anonymous (February 24, 2004)

You guys are fuckin dumb.. Story of the Year is bangin baby and so is theie cd...Not only that, they are on tour with Linkin Park and they put on a fuckin badass opener! I love these guys, and who gives a fuck if they changed their music, who the fuck doesn't? If ya don't change with times noone EVER hears ur rhymes......... ~SuMmEr~ OKLAHOMA!!!!

Anonymous (January 27, 2004)

There is no way that these guys are the best band in St. Louis. They used to be Deftones-esque when that shit was popular, now they switch over to pseudo-punk when the time is right. I'm sure they'll pull out the cowboy boots when that comes around. Stick with St. Louis' REAL best band: Midget Golf!

Anonymous (January 17, 2004)

Well, I wouldnt say this is the end of screamo. It still exists, but i doubt any band will ever change the tried and true formula that it contains. Theae guys said," fuck the formula, lets throw in all the shit we can find and hope its good!" Well, they totally fucked up, and i would agree that they are even worse than Finch and The Used. Which is hella hard to do. And to the guy who said these guys have lots of talent to Thursdays none- STFU! Full Collapse was one of the best cds of recent times and War All The Time wasnt too shabby either.

Anonymous (January 7, 2004)

I wish I could rank lower than this. Ugh, I get angry just thinking about this band. I thought music couldn't get any worse than the Used and Finch.

I was wrong.

jwinter (December 12, 2003)

wow... this is horrible... worst lyrics ever

Anonymous (November 21, 2003)

who gives a shit, these guys are the nicest ppl in the world. and their album rules ur anus.

Anonymous (November 11, 2003)

yeah, whoever wrote this review was pretty on the money with the whole 'trixter' comparison (although you could also clump mr. big in that category, too).

story of the year sucks. that's really the most articulate way you can get the message across.

their music is predictable and they sound like a second rate finch, who is already a pretty second rate band.

as much as i've enjoyed my share of so-called 'screamo' (yuck, what a dumb name), i think that this band signals the end of said genre. if you bought this album, i'm very sorry you've wasted your money on such trite garbage.

(and for all you HIGH SCHOOL kids trite is another word for similar)

Anonymous (October 16, 2003)

Hands Down!!!! One of the best albums of the year. All of these people who find it a crappy album don't know what the fuck they are talking about. Probably the same people who think Thursday has talent.

Anonymous (October 1, 2003)

no they really do not just suck this bad and also please tell me any of their songs and why they suck so much. if your going to say that they sold out tell me why. just because a band wants to make money and do what they love don't bash them. what do you people expect them to do? travel their whole life and make a dollar? in my opinion you all are complete idiots. get a life and go some where else and complain about how bad everything is. and for the author of this review, go suck my dick and if you can give some of the most shitty bands around a great 5 star review and give this talented hard working band a shitty one, who are you anyways? YOU WORK FOR PUNKNEWS.COM FOR GODS SAKE

Anonymous (October 1, 2003)

for the record this band wasn't manufactured and they didn't form with the intentions of copying the used completely.

they really do just suck this bad and are that willing to sell out.

Anonymous (September 30, 2003)

i can't believe how pathetic you people are. first off do any of you know how hard this band has worked on their music? probably not. second, if you don't like the band don't take the time to come on here and bash them. they are the nicest guys and extremely talented. boy band? think not. just because all of them are sexy and talented you come on here going off on how horrible their band is when you most likely have not heard 1 damn song
get a life and realize who is truly talented and who isn't

Anonymous (September 29, 2003)

"worst review ever."

This can't be the worst review ever, since apparently the "Give Up The Ghost" review is the "worst ever." Fucking jackass. Think before you post.

Anonymous (September 29, 2003)

It's because they are crap, that's why.

They are like the Warrant of metal.

Anonymous (September 29, 2003)

Why is everyone picking on them so much??? jeez.

Anonymous (September 29, 2003)

Let's hope this is the final nail in the Screamo coffin!

Anonymous (September 28, 2003)

....and with this release, it marks the end of the "screamo" genre.

It was fun while it lasted guys.

WussEmoRock (September 28, 2003)

Hey dude coming to Boulder...

WussEmo here...

all the shows in Boulder are now held at the fox theatre. not that much good stuff comes thru...but we do have rise against, hot hot heat, ataris...and an amazing band on nov 20 playing. almost as good as rbf but not quite. but...if you need a place to crash, i could hook u up with one. anyway, tulagis didnt pay there taxes so they were shut down, along with a bunch of burger kings and kfc's for the same reasons. weird


i miss cali

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

Yeah, my friends friends dad heard from a guy at work that knows this dude who knows someone who knows the band said that feldman found some people and got them together after he recorded the album and put some instruments in their hands. i believe it.

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

i couldnt care less if a band is popular or not, but i DO care when soulless, boardroom-created boy bands like this get popular. sure, they write half decent pop songs. BUT THIS RECORD IS NOT REAL. its as fabricated as nsync. it doesnt matter what the music sounds like because it's all phony.

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

Yeah, I heard John Feldman wrote every song on this cd, I heard the band only formed just so they could completely model their entire career after the Used, and I also heard that they would give their left testicle if they could just be the next Justin Timberlake. They just need someone who can write the hit top 40 pop song that will take them there.

Oh yeah, and i heard that its real cool to hate popular bands. Did you know that?

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

this is a good band.

Anonymous (September 27, 2003)


Anonymous (September 27, 2003)

this is fucking awesome. blows away the used.

Anonymous (September 26, 2003)

Yeah.. blame it on the producer chuckles...

This band can't write a song to save their lives!

The used CD bins are going to be filled to capacity with this trash in the next couple of months!

Anonymous (September 26, 2003)

you guys are such assholes. you probably havent even listened cd to this album. all you can is that it sounds like the used.

story of the year only sounds like the used because of john feldmans producing.

Anonymous (September 26, 2003)

I saw a kid purchasing this Cd the other day at Best Buy and the cashier picked up the CD and started laughing at the poor kid!!!


thriceequalsgod (September 26, 2003)

"and also, every band is a rip off of another band. there is no original band. just bands that do better than others."

there is one god damn huge difference between being influenced by and ripping off.

Imposs1ble (September 26, 2003)

Page Avenue is a road with lots of potholes, roadkill, SUVs, crackheads washing my windshield, and accidents are happening all over.

That's my review, print it up.


dignin (September 26, 2003)

and this scores for statutory rape

dignin (September 26, 2003)

check out a show at Kilby Court while your in SLC.

Anonymous (September 26, 2003)

I'm all for starting to give crap like this and matchbook romance negative album scores!

Story Of the Year -5
Matchbook Romance -4

Kurt_F (September 26, 2003)

WHAT? Why did the Tulagi close? That sucks.

Anyways, I'll be passing through Boulder in early January with some friends on a massive road trip (from Oklahoma City, to the Grand Canyon, to San Francisco, to Portland, to Seattle, back through to Salt Lake City, and then to Boulder, and then back to OKC)so yea. Where are all the shows in Boulder now?

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

what do the songs sound like? they sound like the Used. exactly like the Used.

and maverick is one of the big labels. its owned by madonna and is part of Warner Brothers.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

so what about the album? whats you take on the songs? do they sound nice?

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

great review....you dumbass. I'm glad you told me so much about these songs. And yea, maverick is one of the huge labels! not.....

notfeelingcreative (September 25, 2003)

Damn, there's no score of "zero"!

boba_fett (September 25, 2003)

yeah. umm... i just downloaded this... its crap.

get the lawrence arms cd.

exhaustra (September 25, 2003)

i would have given this record a lower score if it was possible. hey punknews bigwigs, how about a 1/8 star rating? i really could have used it this time around...
and to all you story of the year fans; stop whining and write your own reviews! if you think this band and this record kicks ass, write about it and stop fucking complaining.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

Best Buy wouldn't just give you the headphones because they feel sorry for you, they'd also give it to you so other people won't have to suffer the hideous torture of listening to it.

(keep that shit plugged in to your OWN ears)

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

Soundscan has nothing to do with how many people take this audio-shite home with them, look it up sometime, just another fucking scam.


Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

"You got to love the fact you can buy this crap for $7.99 at any Corporate
chain store, perhaps if you buy this CD at Best Buy or something they will give you a free pair of headphones because they feel sorry for you..."

Comment of the day award.


Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

My score is for the kids who mentioned Riddle Of Steel!

Now, THEY are a worthwhile band to come out of St. Louis. Not this Story of The Year and Calico System shit. Big Blue Monkey was better.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

fucking love this album.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

You got to love the fact you can buy this crap for $7.99 at any Corporate
chain store, perhaps if you buy this CD at Best Buy or something they will give you a free pair of headphones because they feel sorry for you...

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

This is defintley the post of the day,
(read below)I love how this industry hack uses hip industry terms "units" crawl back to your cubicle scumbag!

you can blab all you want about how horrible this cd is..and how they ripped off the used etc....
here's how many copies it scanned this last week:
Story Of The Year - Page Ave - 10,760 units

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

heh this band is 20x cooler than the reviewer of this crap. he needs to die. and you all need to stop hating stuff just because you're gay and not content with it. fags.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

intelligence...at its best
keep it coming cool guy

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

Piss off you industry fuck looking up soundscan sales, Doesn't Madonna need her office cleaned or something?

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

I saw Johnny Feldman and Burt Crackhead from the Used dining at Arbys's with a couple of Transvestites!


Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

oh man you are hot fucking shit. i bet you started the whole fucking scene didn't you? yeah you knew about all the bands before everyone! keep doing your thing man.

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

Dude, I have no problem believing that there are over 10,000 morons out there that would buy this crap.

when will the HOT TOPIC version with 2 extra tracks and a candy necklace be coming out shitcakes???

Anonymous (September 25, 2003)

you can blab all you want about how horrible this cd is..and how they ripped off the used etc....
here's how many copies it scanned this last week:
Story Of The Year - Page Ave - 10,760 units

Analog_Boy (September 24, 2003)

I don't really like these guys. A friend gave me the link to the website a few weeks ago and told me to listen. He was all into it but I just never really caught on. Sounds to polished. Not my style either.

The review wasn't to great. I probably couldn't do much better ... Anyway, I liked this part:

"By-the-book, paint-by-numbers, heavy melodic rock with screams in all the right places, sensitive acoustic bits for the ladies, fucking pained, heartfelt lyrics about absolutely nothing ("i'd scream this song right in your face if you were here...," awesome, dude.), topped of with ultra-cool spinning jump kicks, choreographed back flips, and guitar throws. Sick!"

Genius. My score is for that paragraph.

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (September 24, 2003)

the Used?

Yeah well I saw goldfinger play and they played about an hour and a half. What are you talking about 2 posts below me?

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

did you really have to give this album a 1?

these guys are fucking awesome. and so is this album.

bigbluemonkey was much better though.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

John feldman is about as big buisniss punkrock as it gets. Him and his stupid we only play 30 minute sets even though were the headliner band goldfinger. Him and his bigtime production credits for all these "the next big thing" bands. Guess what John? Iam gonna go and cook a big t-bone steak right now and go to some real shows this fall.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

"and anyone who likes metal has a bad taste in music. You forgot to include that in yer analogy


Up the punx bro. Go back and listen to your shitty 80s street punk.But i also forgot, knowing how to play your instrument isnt punk rock.

-bryan styles

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

ya because the new single sounds nothign like understanding.

zGRAVYzHAVOKz (September 24, 2003)

Chingy is a horrible horrible Nelly rip-off, and Nelly sucks ass. It's almost like simple plan ripping off a piece of dog shit. There are some good rappers out there, Nelly is without a doubt, not one of them.

I love dick.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

Well I think Chingy is just a bad Nelly rip-off. But that's neither herre nor thurr.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

i said things like thurr, not meaning to imply that they only say it. i'm sure if you listen to a st. lunatic song they say it. i saw nelly: driven on vh1 and somebody said it in normal conversation. had i said they sing songs with the word "thurr" in it, then i'd be wrong.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

It gets a 2 for having one decent song.

Thenick (September 24, 2003)

oh yea, it was about thursday.
am i the only one that thinks the new single sounds like 'understanding'? i was pretty sure it was the same song. eh. oh well.

and also, every band is a rip off of another band. there is no original band. just bands that do better than others.

Thenick (September 24, 2003)

everyone hates hot topic. but i hooked up with this totally hot half/asian chic that works there now, so hot topics cool (by association) in my book.

john feldman kicks ass. everything he touches is golden. (mest, the used..and new good charlotte). yea, theyre all 'mainstream trash', but still golden. ha. goldfinger, now thats even more funny.

story of the year are pretty sweet.
st. lunatics are decent.

but guns n roses kick everyones ass.

and i was going to say something else but i forgot.


Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

worst review ever.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

This reaminds me of some Sunset Strip COCK ROCK!!!

John Feldman, Goldfinger frontman and the clown who's responsible for this crap and the Used useed to front a band called Electric Love Hogs!

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

Psst. This band sounds like a nice blend of Thursday and Rancid. The merging of two terrific bands making a beautiful bouncing screamo sell-out band! I love them.

Anonymous (September 24, 2003)

Story of the homosexual faggots is more like it. Sometimes these guys suck each other's dicks for fun. Supid flaming fruitcake-queers.

recordings (September 23, 2003)

score is for:

1. the screen name *karl hungus*

2. the guy who called wuss emo his boy

3. wuss coming back....and showing he still has keen prowess at sucking horribly at everything. ever.

ElVaquero (September 23, 2003)

spitalfield eats these guys for breakfast AND brunch

Icapped2pac (September 23, 2003)

This score is for Chingy AND the St. Lunatics. They can all die of anal-sex-induced AIDS.

zGRAVYzHAVOKz (September 23, 2003)

I saw these guys back in May, i beleive, at a show known as parkfest, which is near my hometown. Anyhoot, they seemed to be rather good then, I dunno, perhaps their cd just sucks but they come across good live.

I suck dick.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

this score is for Pretty Willy.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

dumbass, chingy isn't even a st. lunatic.

Icapped2pac (September 23, 2003)

Despite the apparent lack of intelligence from everybody who posted in favor of this CD besides my boy Wuss, I agree that this a pretty good album for those who are fans of this sub-genre. Believe me, I had my doubts when I hear they were on a major. I hate supporting corporate music, so I just decided to download it. I'm glad I didn't buy it, because it's not THAT good. But I think, like Spitalfield, despite their lack of originality, their execution of the style is dead-on. It's a pleasing listen, not much else. But rest easy, those who hate, this music is apparently becoming the "in" thing, so whatever fan base they accumulate will quickly dissipate when the wave rolls back. After all, all whims flow according to the Great Magnet, and these guys sure as shit don't have what it takes to defy it.

Note to Scott: How in the hell can you like Spitalfield but not this? The only difference I see is their SLIGHTLY more corporate sound, but the sugary goodness in the choruses is still there.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

the best band out of St. Louis is the St. Lunatics. This score is for saying things like "thurr" instead of "there"

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

metal sucks. this site sucks. you all suck. this review also sucks...i hate you.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

... and anyone who likes metal has a bad taste in music. You forgot to include that in yer analogy


Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

YAAAAAAAAY for story of the year. buy this album, its good shyt.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Story of the year is awesome. You people that say thye suck obviosly havent seen them live.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

I saw these guys with Goldfinger and they were amazing, I doubt this cd sucks that much, I'll still buy this cd...

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Cool artwork...

...Shitty band

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

worst review I ever read. the dude didnt even say why the album was bad...I havnt heard it, but I like these guys.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Calico System sucks, too. they're a watered down Glassjaw rip off....thus the reason i mentioned Riddle Of Steel, cause they actually are worthy of being called the best band in St. Louis.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

WOW! This gives the new Matchbook Romance a run for shittiest release of the month!

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

This cd is horible. However, they were once Bigbluemonkey and I think they rocked. No they weren't punk but they could play. Also had some of the best guitar work I have ever heard.

thriceequalsgod (September 23, 2003)

p.s. ive never stopped listening to an album because its so bad before. this was so bad i had to shut it off after 4 tracks. and no i did'nt waste my money on it, i steamed it at VH1.COM!!!

thriceequalsgod (September 23, 2003)

the reviewer was just making a parallel review to the cd. they both are(respectively) the worst ever.

oh and wuss. you need to come back, and bitchslap kevin11. now.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Ok so...this is NOT the best band to come out of St. Louis, go try the Calico System...

inagreendase (September 23, 2003)

This album is bland as fuck...and though I agree with the review, it was more like a rant than a review, but hey whatever you need to say, right?

I kind of thought of this band as a better version of the Used...I've come to realize they're both equally terrible!

Although I do like the first song, dammit. Oh well, the rest of it sucks hard. Bigbluemonkey was an ok band...not as crappy as this.

Welcome back Wuss

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

I hope that's a picture of an actual band member on the cover.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

i heard one song off this and it sounded like the used, and i honestly had no clue feldman produced it at the time. how funny. slightly better than the used, but still just a poor mans thursday, the suits answer to thursday.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

the score is for the review for bringing back wussemorock. i guess Boulder is the cockass city in the USA.


Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

I'm passing through Boulder CO in March, as part of a spring-break road-trip that will place us in Tiajuana. Maybe WussEmo or another of you Coloradans can hook us up with cheap alkerhol.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

talk about ass clowns. i hope one of them flip right onto their head. fart go away bad CORP MUSIC!!!

we just want to see madonna naked

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

your homophobic slurs are not welcome here. go away.

everyone that posts here and exhaustra

turdcore92383 (September 23, 2003)

Paint It Black owns...

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

your all fags. this band is awesome and you know it, stop being fags

FortyMinutesWest (September 23, 2003)

This score is for the review.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

the pride of st. louis!

people need to listen to Riddle of Steel.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

leave skid row out of this,they were good. this is just generic poop.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

i don't know anything about these guys, but the cover art is really cool. too bad i probably wont be checking them out any time soon.

KirbyPuckett (September 23, 2003)

Omg ttlly albumm ove teh yurr!!! eat ur

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Did you know ? This band was once called Big Blue Monkey and sounded like Limp Bizkit ( they didn't rap though).

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)


Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

It's really no surprise that Planes Mistaken for Stars stopped playing the screamy-melodic kind of stuff years ago. And it's no surprise that Thursday toned down the screams on their latest.

Because they wouldn't want to be associated with this dreck.

KarlHungus (September 23, 2003)

For the comment a few posts down. Isn't it amazing how much Nederland kicks ass. I mean ever without the frozen dead guy, it is such a chill place that is decieving to look at. Man it gets me stoked. Wussemo from Boulder!?! Rock! See ya at the Ataris show, I'll just look for the trucker hat!


Yellowtrash (September 23, 2003)

exhaustra is right. but I think they're bad, not bad as in untalented, but unoriginal.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

sorry i ticked so many of you off, just thought i was doing us a favor. you really don't need to buy his record. it sucks. wussemorock, chill out yo. it's just a review, one person's opinion; we've all got 'em, they all stink.


Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

I think you`ve gotta do us all a favour and think before you comment ... this is not about Hot Topic ... this is about honesty in music! Even if this record is good music wise, there are a million bands out there that deserve your money a million times more! And I think the point is that this is in a strange way no very different from Avril, if you get the point ... a band is getting signed, send to a studio, gets a sound that`s sure to sell, gets the right clothes .... and on and on ... if you want to read about stuff like that and want bands like this to get hyped to hell go to absolutepunk and stick your head up jason tates ass ... and by the way: I like this record ...

crappypunk (September 23, 2003)

About the shittiest review I've ever read in my life. Could you talk about the album any less? I forgot that Hot Topic is now the ultimadum on a band being cool or not. If they carry it, real punks can't buy it, or even mention one song off of the cd in a review of the cd. Stop posting shitty reviews, it's fucking ridiculous how terrible this one is, no matter if the album is good or not. This score is teh reviewer, I think you need to do us all a favor and stop writing.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

My friend told me about this band.

I'm reminded of New Found Glory when I heard the song "Until the day I die". Oh, opps, except they scream.

This is shit.

Shit, shit, shit.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

I hope all the little Hot Topic Girls (and that includes a lot of boys ...) dig this and will never ever again show up at any show of any band playing heartfelt music, putting their hearts in it, giving a fuck about how much they sell and doing it for the fun of playing! I think this is a fair review, because this site is/should be about music played by people for people. And this record is as polished and planned as every Avril/BSB/NSYNC shit your little sister bought ... and to all you guys whining and complaining: Do yourself a favour, buy some good bottles of beer, listen to a Jawbreaker/Descendents/Leatherface/Lawrence Arms/Hot Water Music/Avail/Bla bla bla record and remember/discover what it should all be about ... and by the way: There was a band called Operation Ivy that wrote a song called "Sound System" and the lyrics explain my point a 1000 times better ....

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Yo, did you see me in Boulder after the game 10 days ago? I was lying on the sidewalk outside of Folsom..

oh yea, sucks that Tulagi closed..

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

Madonna signed this band, of course it's bad!!

captaincrunch (September 23, 2003)


Wuss is back.

You need to be on more often.

This score is for your return

Kurt_F (September 23, 2003)

Oh I miss Boulder. My girlfriend moved there and went to CU last year, and I used to drive up there (from Oklahoma City) every 2 or 3 weeks to see her. She's sinced moved back, which is obviously great, but man, I miss Boulder. I think we are moving there when we finish school.

This score is for the Boulder/Denver/Nederland areas.

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

The Velveeta is flowing!!

Anonymous (September 23, 2003)

strangely very accurate.

WussEmoRock (September 23, 2003)

I have not logged on here in forever...and I finally did because you pissed me off so much.

first off this record is awesome, but thats besides the point, considering your review was terrible and you barely even talked about SOTY.

What really pissed me off, besides you giving this a 1, was you did not even talk about the record, any songs on it, you spent all your time listing other bands and songs, etc.

your review was terribly written, and I can't believe Scott actually posted this because it seems like a total joke.

I am mr *****Wuss-Emo-Rock*****, and if you need me you can find me in Boulder, Colorado.


maverick (September 23, 2003)

Za Za Za Zing!


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