Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism (Cover Artwork)

Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie: TransatlanticismTransatlanticism (2003)
Barsuk Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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SCOTT'S REVIEW TEMPLATE - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE (insert clever one line opening sentence about Transatlanticism to capture reader's attention) (insert longer paragraph about band, mentioning where they're from/how many members are in said band/what number album this is by them/the label releasin.
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(insert clever one line opening sentence about Transatlanticism to capture reader's attention)

(insert longer paragraph about band, mentioning where they're from/how many members are in said band/what number album this is by them/the label releasing it and/or band's favorite color)

(insert paragraph mentioning Death Cab For Cutie's longevity on the indie scene, eclipsing most of their peers. Name drop until the cows come home. Briefly describe Death Cab's musical sound - that being jangly, atmospheric indie pop that skews creative boundaries - using obscure references that only other jaded scenesters will appreciate)

(insert another one-liner here about just how amazing these eleven songs are to recapture audience)

(insert paragraph talking about highlights of the album - powerful, groove-driven opening track "The New Year," sparse-yet-heavy "Lightness," [don't even try explaining that one], and the breathtaking 8 minute epic title track, awkwardly placed smack dab in the middle of the album yet somehow not killing the momentum of the disc)

(insert paragraph talking about just how fantastic Ben Gibbard's voice is, and how it will just give you chills down your spine in the best way possible. Don't forget to mention Gibbard's knack for writing cute, true-to-life lyrics like "the glove compartment / isn't accurately named / and everybody knows it" as well as being able to bring forth all sorts of emotions with the simple line of "I need you so much closer" repeated a few dozen times)

(insert paragraph talking about Gibbard's insanely successful side project The Postal Service, and how an electronic influence creeps up throughout the album [reference MP3 below, "Title and Registration," for proof])

(insert paragraph mentioning just how amazing 2003 has been for music in general and while it will be hard to pick only ten albums for my year end Top 10 List, Death Cab For Cutie's Transatlanticism is sure to be on it)

(insert the phrase "Highly recommended.")

The New Year
Title and Registration


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keithybobeefy (August 16, 2008)

I was in a relationship with a girl for a year and a half. Halfway through it she moved an hour away and this album became the soundtrack of our unfortunate demise. Even with it being attached to a realy shitty part of my life, it still is one of the most beautiful albums ever made.

rocker101 (December 8, 2006)

i thought this album was awsome, but then again that's just the kind of music a i like!! death cab 4 cutie rox

Sally_Field (March 28, 2005)

I still can't figure out if I like it better than The Photo Album.

lobsterboy (September 14, 2004)

Gets better with each listen.

Anonymous (August 12, 2004)

Excellent album. It varies, it's original, makes you go -sigh-, lyrics that make you bite your lip. I have completely fallen in love with this band. You should also check out the Photo Album if you haven't yet. They're just so.. so.. *mwah*.

Eddie (June 6, 2004)

I finally bought this album and it is absolutely incredible.

Anonymous (March 31, 2004)

i really hate it when reviewers put in this "insert" crap when doing a review. because a.) it's been done before b.)it is actually just down right annoying and last but certainly not least c.)it is displaying their true lack of wit. knock it off and review the music. lets take ourselves out of the spotlight for a second, and get back to what this site is supposed to be about...not the lack-luster reviewers, but the music that they have the duty and honor to review. cut to the chase and then cut your throat.

ilikemusictoo (January 23, 2004)

the first time i heard this album, i absolutely hated it. after giving it a second chance, i have totally fallen in love with this band. everyone should have this cd.

Anonymous (December 4, 2003)

This band's name is NOT a Beatles' lyric, as was suggested below. It was a song by the Bonzo Dog Band that appeared in the Beatles film "Yellow Submarine."

funkisdead (October 28, 2003)

that guy below me should sell me some peyote, or whatever. i kid.

anyways, this is still a great album weeks after i bought it. i prefer we have the facts etc etc... but maybe thats just because of my sentimental attachment to the cd... that record has been the soundtrack to some great moments, and we share some nice memories.

this definitely gets a spot on my top 10 for the year. and no, i don't think anyone actually cares.

Anonymous (October 13, 2003)

I was listening to this little gem today while I was watering my house plants and It made me think of when I lost my virginity Frosh year to my gym teacher Julio and I just burst out into tears of joy!

Anonymous (October 10, 2003)

good review,

"i hate bands with long names" one of the dumbest comments i've ever heard, cause, you know, that means the music is sure to be awful......

Anonymous (October 10, 2003)

I meant Samson

Anonymous (October 10, 2003)

Ben Gibbard and John K. Samsom need to write some songs together!

dignin (October 9, 2003)

their name is a beatles lyric, with that in mind, I hate you

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

I hate this band's name.

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

System.out.println("damn semi-colons!");
System.out.println("nwritten by: boba_fett");

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

package punknews.deathCadForCutie;

** this will show my comments

puclic class myComments
public satic void main (string[] args)
System.out.println("some witty comments");
System.out.println("this review was funny.");
System.out.println("im going to download this cd.");
System.out.println("written by: boba_fett")
System.out.println("version 1.0")

}//end main
}//end myComments

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

is this as good as photo album?

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

i love this album. the end.

Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

"they ganked some of my best lines"

Scott, do people still use the word "ganked"?


Anonymous (October 9, 2003)

that was more a criticism of punknews than a praising of pitchfork

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

Whoa, guy I wouldn't go so far as to say that Pitchfork doesn't follow trends and that the bands won't be forgotten. I think it's a great site but they're just as much all over the strokes, white stripes, whatever's cool fever as everybody else. Also, they're really not that similar

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

how wonderful. another overly hyperbolic review from punknews.org.

don't you kids know how to be critical?

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

WOW! A music site that doesnt follow the stupid middleschool trends and reports about music that wont be forgoten about in two years actual borrowed sometihng you said. OH My ! You should be very proud. Get over yourself JACKASS.

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

As the first person who made the pitchfork comparison, way before pitchfork posted theirs, I would like to say that I am a motherfucking prophet

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

Why are these guys all of sudden getting huge? Havent they been together like ten years? Maybe its because of that stupid Postal Service band. Anyway it all sounds like nursery rhimes to me.

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

er, um, i mean, your review is better

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

your's is better

maverick (October 8, 2003)

Mine was up a day earlier! This just like my review of Weezer's Green Album or something, they ganked some of my best lines and used them in their review.

Fuckin' Pitchfork.


jheisel (October 8, 2003)

eerie similarities - http://pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/d/death-cab-for-cutie/tr ansatlanticism.shtml

inagreendase (October 8, 2003)

"So I applaud this crappy band for doing something that'll throw their dumbass fans for a loop."

That was a good point and damn funny but...I don't know if I would deem Death Cab as a band that would have the dumbasses flocking to them. Just a thought though.

REALPUNX4LIFE (October 8, 2003)

Why are people pussies about putting long and/or slow tracks in the middle of the record? If that song winds up at the end of the record, it seems like the band doesn't want to take credit for that song- "Oh, here's something else we wrote, but it doesn't really fit so we'll tack it onto the end." If you're going to write that song that's stylistically different from your other songs, it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't gel with those other songs. So I applaud this crappy band for doing something that'll throw their dumbass fans for a loop.

Anonymous (October 8, 2003)

kind of like a rich mans mae.

aubin (October 7, 2003)

inagreedase: You're correct. I guess I wrote so many I broke my brain.

inagreendase (October 7, 2003)

"but if you're writing reviews every single review"

I believe you mean writing reviews every single week, Aub.

Good review Scotty.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

death cab is the best band in the world

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

i've never really gotten into death cab. i enjoy the postal service much more.

thriceequalsgod (October 7, 2003)

(Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, snake, snake, oooooooh it's a snake)

yeeuuh biatch.. dats da shiet dats essactly wut ah want

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

man i love this band.
not logged in because i dont need no stinking badges, or something like that.

zGRAVYzHAVOKz (October 7, 2003)

damn good review, not sure if i actually want to check out this band, but the review was damn good.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

Transatla... whachamacallit?

burstandbloom (October 7, 2003)

Aside from the last few songs, I wasn't really feeling this album. It sounds too much like the Postal Service. Which is awesome... if you're the Postal Service.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

gimmicky review. but since i'm horrible at writing music reviews, i can't really speak. i'm looking forward to picking this one up. i may actually be going to see this band tonight.

dignin (October 7, 2003)

"I hate band with lame (and long) names." Congrats on having such an open mind.

KirbyPuckett (October 7, 2003)

(Awesome review, kudos Scott)

(I'll probably be picking this up on my way to school here in about 10mins)

(Aubin does indeed have the best concept review though, do another!)

(I can't stand Ellen Degenerous)

(On that note, I'm leaving)

- Scott
(Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, snake, snake, oooooooh it's a snake)

aubin (October 7, 2003)

I don't think there is anything wrong with the concept review. It's hard to do well, but if you're writing reviews every single review, you need to break the monotony once in awhile. I can relate; and my "concept" reviews have been both recieved very well (Hot Water Music) and universally derided (The Killing Tree)

Imposs1ble (October 7, 2003)

Let's please stop the Scott hating, if every review was the same we'd all be bitching too. So shut the fuck up, live and let live. Great cd, definite top 10. And next time you feel like being an asshole, get out of your parent's house and go kick your dog.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

Good review, sounds like a great album. Can't wait to pick it up this afternoon.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

This is the exact same review that somebody wrote for an Honor System album.

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

(insert dick into mouth)

I hate band with lame (and long) names.

Jesse (October 7, 2003)

Way to be an ass Scott. You tried to be original and cool, but now everyone hates you. Now what are you gonna do? Huh?

Can't wait to check out this CD, going to go see them this Thursday! Woo!

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

in all seriousness though, that was one of the worst "I'm so witty and original" reviews i have read...Points go to the band though, not the pullitzer prized reviewer.. (snoogins)

travis (October 6, 2003)

this is #3 on my list of albums of the year (after the weakerthans and Belle and Sebastian). Fucking fantastic. This is their best release since We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes.

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

I haven't listened to this yet, but I am gonna pick this up tomorrow.

By the way, is it just me or was scott just being lazy?? But it did turn out good, so their goes my opinion.

-Anthony AKA zooyorker

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

Dammit, this isn't pitchfork

ElVaquero (October 6, 2003)

scott, concept reviews are for bitches and hoes

KarlHungus (October 6, 2003)

Dammit! It was this weekend!! Argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Oh well, I'll listen to them anyway.


Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

Death Cab and The Weakerthans need to tour together!

KarlHungus (October 6, 2003)

Ok, seriously "(insert dick into mouth)" made me laugh out loud. Well, Scott, you have convinced me to see this band when they play here in a few days. Are they any good live?


timis (October 6, 2003)

yeah..forgot to sign in...and i want my name attached to comment for the greatness of this cd review......KICKS ARSE..pick it up!

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

yeah...this cd flatout kicks arse...pick this gem up....

mcpike (October 6, 2003)

good review. good band. good times.

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

This is deadly a must have

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

(insert dick into mouth)

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