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Operation Ivy

Operation Ivy: SeedySeedy (1987)
Karma Kredit

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Contributed by: fatheadMark Williams
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There really is no point in reviewing an OpIv cd, cause you already know what I'm gonna say. "They RULE. Buy It!" But just for fun, I'll do it anyway. This cd contains some of their older songs that are available on various 7'' records. The uncut version of 'healthy body sick mind', 'old friend.

There really is no point in reviewing an OpIv cd, cause you already know what I'm gonna say. "They RULE. Buy It!" But just for fun, I'll do it anyway.

This cd contains some of their older songs that are available on various 7'' records. The uncut version of 'healthy body sick mind', 'old friendships' and 'left behind' are my three favorites. but all 10 are good. Very little ska on 'Seedy', but who cares, its Operation Ivy. The first three songs come from the 'hectic' sessions, the next four are from a Gilman Street Demo tape, and the next two are live on the radio. The hidden track is a reggae free-style jam, and I have no idea where it came from. The sleve sums up the sound quality best by saying "mastered from 7 year old cassettes, what you hear is what you get" but it's really not near as bad as it sounds. I just lucked into this cd a long, long time ago so I have no idea how available it is these days, but if you can find it, get it, and bask in the glory of one of the best bands ever.

By the way, i searched all over the net but I cant find the release date of "Seedy" so I just picked the year that most of the songs came from. If anyone knows, let me know. ROCK!


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anti-conformity (April 5, 2008)

Operation ivy is great, and has anyone noticed that the man dancing on the cover looks like the circle jerks logo??????? Lots of good songs

Anonymous (December 21, 2006)

Hahaha! That tool a bunch of posts down, by the bottom, listing off a bunch of no-name bands is hilarious. Who gives a shit about your jealous whining? Name-dropping bands is so goddamn funny.

Anonymous (April 16, 2006)

I don;t know where oi skinhead comes from and its buggin the fuck outta me. At the end of the song you can hear someone (perhaps a memeber of the band) say "We're muting that out" in a fluent Australian accent. Maybe it's an aussie band.

randomhero323 (March 15, 2006)

that song oi skinhead isnt by operation ivy, its by a band called subsist chaotix or something like that. it sounds nothing like op ivy

Anonymous (October 25, 2005)

I figured this is probably the best place to ask: I just heard an Operation Ivy song called "Oi! Skinhead" on last.fm, and I have no idea where it's from. I looked all ove online, but I can't seem to find any record of it's existence. Can someone shed some light on this?

Anonymous (June 21, 2003)

To the person near the bottom,
crimpshrine is fucking terrible.

Anonymous (January 26, 2003)

once again very small records put this out under the karma kredit name. go to www.verysmallrecords.com and see for yourself under the discography section.

Anonymous (December 28, 2002)

Everyone thinks this is real rare. It is not realy its just out of print cuz kkr is dead. or so i think. i got mine on gemm.com for 12 bucks. i was gonna get it on ebay but i didnt have money there were 3 copies on at one time there is usualy one but it is getting hardr to come by nowadays. it is a great cd. i have listened to every song in a row on this just like energy try to find it and buy it.

Moo (August 18, 2002)

I was at work looking at the 5 dollar used stuff behind the counter, I saw a very yellow cd with the word Seedy in the left corner, and since my store uses a sticker system the right side was covered, didn't know who it was. I pulled it out because I was very curious, and as I pulled it out I said oh my! Immediatly i put it in my reserved section, this bad boy was mine. My manager looked at it, and wondered why it was mark for only 5 bucks, but thats how the system is. So at the end of my shift I hand the cd to my manager so I could purchase this gem of one of the best bands ever. He looks at me, scans the cd, hands it back to me. FREE!!! Ha, cleaning the bathroom at work and I get another free cd, this time one of the rarest cds ever. Even if I was offered $40 for this, I wouldnt give it up, its priceless.

EastBayJack (April 25, 2002)

'Seedy' was released some time around 95 or 96 by a person or persons to whom we owe a lot of thanks. One of the better Op Ivy bootlegs, at least as far as sound quality is concerned.

Anonymous (November 1, 2001)

I believe that this bootleg release by Operation Ivy on Karma Kredit Records (KKR#4) is way better than anything off of thier Energy CD. The sound quality on Seedy is shitty, but its worth the grab for the last 2 tracks as well as "Old frienships." "Hedgcore" melding into a freestyle version of "Do it" just plain rocks. These tracks were from back in 87' but this boot was released in 96' I think on KKR. I used to own this untill some fucker stole it. (I dont blame him) If anyone has it and doesn't care much for it contact me at djredmuff@Hotmail.com I'll pay $40 American, Because you cant get this anymore its out of print.

punk_kid (August 2, 2001)

ive never ever ever seen this record anywhere. i must get it.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

Ignore the previous post. this guy is on crack.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

one thing I never understood in life...why the hell do people actually like this band?! I know i'm gonna get a lot of shit about this review because ya know..."you can't be punk unless you like OP ivy!" but c'mon guys...give me a break. Sometimes I wonder if you guys have ever actually listened to how shitty this band is.

Anonymous (May 26, 2001)

I would say the reason OpIvy is given legendary status is because they sort of created the ska-punk sound that got really popular. Sure, Fishbone and the Bosstones among a couple others were doing ska-punk type stuff around the same time, but the stuff they were playing wasn't really what became the mold. OpIvy is the band that everyone emulates. I would say OpIvy were one of the first bands to play true "Ska-punk", excluding the two-tone bands that came before them, and punk bands that dabbled in ska like the Clash.

Anonymous (May 26, 2001)

i take offense to be called a fool. i also take offense to comparing operation ivy to the ramones, and sid vicious was a talentless loser who just happened to be lucky enough to pluck a bass (even though he had no clue how to play it) in a band that happened to be one of the forefathers in the punk movement. don't get me wrong operation ivy are a good band, but they are held in some god like status for some reason unbeknownest to me. they came out of a very talented scene with bands just as good (plaid retina,sewer trout,corrupted morals,stikky,nar,crimpshrine,etc,etc) if not better than them. yet most of these bands are practically unknown by most of todays punks. and today, bands made up of ex-op ivy members are given a lot more exposure than they really deserve (expecially in the case of jessie michaels band, whose bands name escapes me now, rancid is a good band, they slipped for a album or two but this last one made up for it) except dave mello's (the drummer) band schlong, who is practically the forgotten one in the band, but who had the best band since the band broke up (well, not excately true, matt, lint and dave were in downfall, which was the best band ANYBODY in op ivy has been in, but unless anybody has the 3 or 4 compilations they appear on forget about them (unless lookout FINALLY decides to release there album)(GOD I FEEL LIKE REV NORB WITH ALL THE PUNCTUATION GOING ON HERE)) but i digress, don't get me wrong operation ivy is a very good band, just not as good as everybody makes them out to be.

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

i cant believe some fool used the word 'overrated' to describe operation ivy. that's like saying the ramones had little impact on music, or sid vicious was straight edge, or brittany spears is ugly, or tony hawk needs more practice, or...well you get the idea. 'underrated' is more like it.- fathead

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

i have not heard this CD but i can tell you i have seen it MANY times in Hot Topic stores (a nifty punk/trend chain), so it is by no means rare, but it is an import.

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

this actually a official bootleg put out by david hayes of very small records. not a bad listen from a highly overrated band (as are most the bands spawned from ex op ivy members, except the sorely underrated schlong) worth buying if you can track it down

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

Holy Sh*t man I thought I was the only person in the world who actually had this cd, I thought it was a freak of nature or something, I've never seen it ANYWHERE or read about it ANYWHERE. Cool review though...

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