Hot Water Music - A Flight and a Crash (Cover Artwork)

Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music: A Flight and a CrashA Flight and a Crash (2001)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: AubinAubin
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hbwlons4 (October 22, 2014)

Best review on this site,

keithus (November 3, 2009)

This album is special to me because it was my first HWM album and they are probably my favorite band. The first song I ever heard was "Jack of All Trades" from one of the Punk-O-Rama discs and I fell in love with it from the 1st listen.

These 4 guys are all amazing musicians and and I love all the Epitaph releases but this is the last album that really showcases their musical ability. I always considered this their transition from the complex rhythms and guitar assault of their early work to the more mainstream radio friendly sound of their last 2 records.

The only negatives are that it's a little long at 14 tracks and there's definitely some filler.

drugmoney (August 11, 2009)

confused, score is for the album it self

scientistrock (May 5, 2008)

Hate Game

scientistrock (May 5, 2008)

You combined two of the greatest things ever here. Also, might be my favorite hwm record. If not, it's second only to Fuel For The Hare Game. Yay Calvin and Hobbes!

londonpunk (April 26, 2008)

Good record. Not as good as most of their other stuff, but better than The New What Next. Which is still really good!

drewshaw (January 2, 2008)

awesome record. i find it gets a little long about three quarters through though... but then drives it home nicely

RondoMondo (December 3, 2007)

Most epic review ever.

strungoutferriswheel (July 22, 2007)

this is my favorite review of all time

mcpike (January 31, 2007)

this is probably my favorite review

MattWreck (November 10, 2006)

This is your best review ever, Aubin.

sk8punx4evr (May 29, 2003)

good review, good album. my first hwm but now i'm anxious to look into their other stuff. i'd say one of the best tunes is "choked and separated."

the book hot water music is good as well.

CaptainCrunch (February 5, 2003)

This score is for that review....

Hands down, the most creative, innovative and funny review I have ever read anywhere covering any type of media. Awesome.

Thats one of the reasons that I love this site.

-Captain Crunch

pwfanatic (January 7, 2003)

if the new top tens of 2002 happen to kick this review off of the top ten, than that would just plain suck. this is hands down one of the more original reviews that i have seen in a long time.

Anonymous (December 25, 2002)

I took this review from 10th to 8th on the all time most popular reviews list for Punknews.org.

Anonymous (December 12, 2002)

Great album, better review.

Anonymous (November 18, 2002)

haha i hope rory is being sarcastic, otherwise i'd say he's the biggest fucking idiot ever. trying to be greenday? greenday is poppunkish stuff, hwm is not close. and greenday wasnt close to "one of the first punk bands ever" . plus hwm's name came from a book. so stop talking, you're just embarrassing yourself

Anonymous (July 13, 2002)

The thing about hwm is that they are not for everyone. At first I had to get past the vocals and realized how tight and original their music is. Then I started to like the vocals and their positive messages. this isn't their best album...but its still really good.

Anonymous (March 16, 2002)

Pretty weak effort. I hope the next one is better. Paper Thin is the only decent song.

Anonymous (March 1, 2002)

The first time I heard hwm I hated them and I thought that the singer voice was annoying, But I listened to them a couple time and now I love them

Anonymous (February 11, 2002)

Yeah, my other beef with Pennywise is that I hate anarchy.

-Sr. Potpourri

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

This album is a HUGE disapointment. Hot Water Music is one of the best bands out there right now...and i hope to the great ronnie james dio that they have not lost their edge forever. I can only imagine that they realized that "flight and a crash" is not what they should be doing, and actully put some time into their next album restoring my faith in DIO!

dezirzeke (February 2, 2002)

This is a good album. Hot Water Music owns you.

Although, CDs don't do this band justice.

Anonymous (January 10, 2002)

i hate this album, but i give it 5 stars, perfect 10!

Anonymous (November 29, 2001)

sorry thats supposed to have 1/2 a star

Anonymous (November 29, 2001)

this is the absolute worst hot water music record..period..it sucks....i listened to it twice and through it out of my car... if you want good hwm the go get "fuel for the hate game" or "forever and counting"..this was light on the flight and more of a crash in my book...

MusicIsMyLife (November 19, 2001)

Mega high five to Aubin for that amazing review.

Anonymous (November 19, 2001)

can you whine anymore eddie?you sound like a little bitch.- fathead

OedipusWrecks (November 17, 2001)

I don't know where you got the idea that I'm "obsessed" with Gwen. I mean you like certains bands and kinds of music too, but you know you're not OBSESSED with them and neither do I, I just happen to like No Doubt, that's all. Besides, I don't think it's right to meddle with my personal life and accuse me of having certain feelings and issues that I believe I do NOT have. Why don't you mind your own business, go listen to Assorted Jellybeans somewhere or something....they really suck.

-Eddie W.

Anonymous (November 16, 2001)

Pennywise? CORRUPTING punk? The only beef i have with PW is that they and NOFX are the only bands people think I listen to just because I like punk, but it's not their fault that they've gotten that big.

-Sr. Potpourri

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

ok Ed, I think you have a little bit of an obsession with Gwen. there are support groups for these kind of disorders you know.

as for Hot Water Music, they put on a good live show, but I just don't hear the big buzz that everyone is going nuts over. they're decent, but I don't find them amazing or remarkable.- fathead

OedipusWrecks (November 10, 2001)

I think Calvin's dad made a very good point. Have any of you ever noticed how Pennywise came along and corrupted punk music? Everything they come in contact with gets tainted somehow and they ruin punk for everyone. I think we should have them executed, or at least their drummer. I heard a rumor that he turned down Gwen Stefani for a date. He made a poor choice. She's hot.

-Eddie W.

OedipusWrecks (November 10, 2001)

I think Calvin's dad made a very good point. Have any of you ever noticed how Pennywise came along and corrupted punk music? Everything they come in contact with gets tainted somehow and they ruin punk for everyone. I think we should have them executed, or at least their drummer. I heard a rumor that he turned down Gwen Stefani for a date. He made a poor choice. She's hot.

WinstonFeatherby (November 3, 2001)

Dude, Hot Water Music are five fat bearded cowboys who realized the punk scene was easy to exploit and gave it a shot. All you suckers fell for it too. America wishes it was the punk rock powerhouse that Great Britain is. Oh yeah, and Florida sucks too. Go suck on an orange.


Larry_Lawrence (November 2, 2001)

I saw leatherface in indianapolis last year. The singer threw a hissy fit and stormed of stage. He was pissed at the sound guy because the audience wasn't getting to hear "the real leatherface". The rest of the band seemed apologetic. Who's Hot Water Music?


Anonymous (November 2, 2001)

Lame name calling? I think that hot water music is at fault here. They came up with the name. Fuck them.


Anonymous (November 1, 2001)

Hot Urine Music? Man, that just seeps with creativity and maturity. Why degrade a hard working band? They've done more for people than you ever will with your lame name calling.

-John B

Anonymous (October 31, 2001)

Hot Water Music? More like Hot Fucking Horrible Music. They just want to be greenday. greenday rules. They were one of the first punk bands ever. Fuck hot urine music.


Anonymous (October 27, 2001)

This one's really good, but Fuel for the Hate Game is their best

Anonymous (September 30, 2001)

It's a damn good album, some of the tracks ('Jack Of All Trades' and 'She Takes It So Well') are the best they've ever done, but some songs do have a filler feel to them. I love HWM, but i still think 'Forever&Counting' is by far their best album.

Anonymous (September 28, 2001)

Yo fathead, I hated the vocals too. They kinda sounded weak...threw me off my track. I was really hoping for a good cd when I picked this one up. Oh yeah, and your mom does have catapillars in her vagina.

Anonymous (September 16, 2001)

Not their best effort so far. But thats me in a nutshell I guess.
Chuck has great fucking voice, no doubt!
Reminds me a lot of Micke in Adhesive. Both are really good singers, but switch really smooth from a clear voice to more aggressive yelling.
Memorable songs (and probably live anthems) are; Jack of all trades, Swinger and of course the incredible Paper thin.
Mark Allister.

icK-x-Strife (September 6, 2001)

Aubin that review was simply genius. After reading this I pulled out some of my old Calvin & Hobbes books out from the closet. Good times.

- icK-x-Strife

pat41 (September 4, 2001)

I agree with the last guy.. ive neveer heard the album but the review kicks ass!

Anonymous (August 24, 2001)

Never heard the cd, but I give it 10 cuz of the review, nice nice nice review, I might actually go and like buy htis cd now cuz of the review, lol

trav121 (August 17, 2001)

this's a pretty sweet cd. they sound like they're trying to go more hard core than punk though. it's not all that great, most of it's not terrible, but the good songs on it are damn good. it does grow on you the more you listen to it, so maybe i have yet to reach that peak. it's still damn good.

Anonymous (August 17, 2001)

Oh my god, this cd is fucking incredible. This has to be one of my favorite albums of all time. My favorite songs are Swinger, She takes it so well and Jack of all trades.i saw them live in Chicago (fireside bowl)around april and they are sooo awesome. HWM kicks ass ! thanks nathan for getting me into punk rock.

punk_kid (August 16, 2001)

reminds me of jawbreaker

Anonymous (August 13, 2001)

album fucking rocks, poetry clashes with dueling guitars, a furious base, and slamming drums to create a pure essence in each song. get it now

Anonymous (July 9, 2001)

that was funny, really.-fathead

Anonymous (July 9, 2001)

yer mom has caterpillars in her vagina.

Anonymous (July 5, 2001)

you all might hate me for this, but i cant listen to hwm. his voice is terrible. their music is rockin, but the vocals are just bad.- fathead

Anonymous (July 4, 2001)

Just for the record, I saw Hot Water Music live with Leatherface sometime midway through June.

If I wasn't the biggest HWM fan before that, I sure as hell am now. They will spellbind you. Give em a shot.


Anonymous (July 1, 2001)


Ok I am now a fan of Aubin. I haven't even heard the album, but i fucking love the review!! Calvin & Hobbes kick ass!

coldjuly (June 26, 2001)

ahhh hot water music....yet another amazing album! Yes it is a more polished recording..but still manages to keep their rawness alive. "jack of all trades" "she takes it so well" and "in the gray" are the best on the CD...I recommend this to anyone. No matter what your musical tastes..This album WILL grow on you.

peppe (June 8, 2001)


Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

mr. calvin and hobbes: have you read hot water music?

fuel for the hate game.

Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

this is soooooo disappointing. love all of HWM's stuff, but this is too overproduced and sounds like trying too hard to fit into Epitaph style. im off to cry :(

Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

I wasn't too impressed with them at warped tour last year. granted,they only get 1/2 an hour, but there were many more bands better than them(snapcase,afi). as for this album, i have no idea, I dont even care. I'm gonna get h20's new one and submit a review for it next week. peace- fathead

Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

To Josip...
If you do not like the new songs, then go with either Fuel for the Hate game or Forever and Counting. No Division is DEFINITELY not better than either of those. id even pick Finding the Rhythms over No Division.But go see them live, they are incredible. Also pick up their album "Live at the hardback". Its the best of both worlds. Live and recorded music. Incredible.As far as the new HWM, ive heard a few songs, and although a bit more rock n roll, and way overproduced, it is still good. I am very looking forward to it.

Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

I can't stand this band. They suck.

Anonymous (May 28, 2001)

In my opinion, the HWM album No Division is the best; however, they are all great and have their own sound and theme.

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

great reveiw, one of the best and most original ones i have ever seen, good job. also hwm is awsome live.

Josip (May 25, 2001)

1. awesome review, good idea 2. i have a question, i've heard so many good things about hot water music, that i want to buy a cd of them, they also come to my town in 2 weeks, is this the best hwm-record? or is there something better? i've heard their track on the new punk-o-rama and the mp3 from the epitaph-site, but this songs aren't good in my opinion, is THIS the typical hwm-style, or have the changed a little bit?

Anonymous (May 25, 2001)

that was a great review, but...
Did anyone else's screen show a picture of the new HWM CD, and then it just disappeared? Where did it go? AAAAAAAAAA!!

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

yes i hope the album is as brilliant and creative is that review. I am a happier person because of that review. great job

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

Out of the 20 or so books i've read in my entire life, about 12 of them are calvin and hobbes. something under the bed is drooling and homicydal psyco jungle cat are my favs. i dont really like hot water music at all, but that was a kick ass review.

AZNR (May 24, 2001)

Yeah, that review was simply amazing. I hope the record justifies it (but I'm sure it will).

Anonymous (May 24, 2001)

I think that is the best review I have ever seen in my life.

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