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Against All Authority / The Criminals

Against All Authority/The Criminals: ExchangeExchange (2000)
Subcity Records

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Contributed by: HubitcherkokovHubitcherkokov
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After a comment I posted in a thread pertaining to The Frisk, I made a comment expressing my dislike for The Criminals, in which former Criminals/current Frisk singer Jesse Luscious replied. He made an excellent point in that it makes for a much more interesting read if someone actually explains th.
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After a comment I posted in a thread pertaining to The Frisk, I made a comment expressing my dislike for The Criminals, in which former Criminals/current Frisk singer Jesse Luscious replied. He made an excellent point in that it makes for a much more interesting read if someone actually explains their dislike for a particular band, instead of stating, "This band sucks, and so does your mom!" or some other nonsense like that. Anywho, so that was my inspiration for writing the following review.

Starting the split off is Against All Authority. They absolutely shred through three original songs and a cover of The Criminals' "I Want to Stab You With Something Rusty". It is evident that the three originals, "The Bottle's Lookin' Better", "WWYD?", and "Wet Foot Policy" are weening away from the band's earlier, heavy ska influences, with horns used sparingly on "The Bottle's Lookin' Better", and at the beginning of "Wet Foot Policy". These songs are definitely in the same vein as their latest full-length effort, "24 Hour Roadside Resistance", musically. "WWYD?" and "Wet Foot Policy" are the politically charged songs, dealing with views on religion and US citizenship, while "The Bottle's Lookin' Better" describes a personal account of life on the road. My favorite song off of the split would actually have to be the cover of "I Want to Stab You With Something Rusty". Having never heard the original, I can't really compare it musically. However, lyrically, the song is incredible and hearing Danny Lore screaming, "I want to stab you with something rusty. I want to stab you dead!" sends chills down my spine with each and every listen.

The Criminals offer two original songs, "Five Years On" and "Down and Out", and a cover of Against All Authority's "All Fall Down". Unfortunately, I cannot speak for the album lyrically seeing as how I do not have the album case with me at University of College, so their portion of the review will be a bit lacking and I apologize. Musically, the band isn't terribly outstanding, with the exception being the bassist, who writes some incredibly catchy bass lines. Their efforts at "All Fall Down" pale in comparison to the original, with no real energy being exerted by the band in terms of the overall sound and feel. What really turns me off from their half of the split are the vocals. Jesse's vocals sound completely uninspired and, for lack of a better term, safe. I, personally, have a difficult time listening to a band in which the vocalist sounds like he/she is being forced into singing, like there is no conviction behind it.

The split is worth buying for the Against All Authority songs and for the needle exchange program in which both bands and Sub City decided to give a portion of all proceeds to. If The Criminals are your cup of tea, more power to you, but if you're looking for something to completely blow you away, don't look towards their offerings.


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Anonymous (October 19, 2003)

I Wanna Stab You With Something Rusty is such a great song. AAA or the Criminals, it's one of my favorite punk rock songs ever...


Anonymous (October 19, 2003)

"Ouch, that was at that christian youth center in Southern California somewhere, right?"

haha yeah. It was this ex-church , I think they called it sniffy's. They still had a big cross and fake plants on stage. What a great place for a show lol. I think on the same night they accidently had an AA meeting scheduled in the building. My friends also caught that past show down at the HB library

FortyMinutesWest (October 19, 2003)

What!? The popcorn ones are the best.

funkisdead (October 19, 2003)

all fall down is a fucking cool song. it makes me feel evil.

Anonymous (October 19, 2003)

i ate them, but spit out the popcorn and licorice ones.

Anonymous (October 19, 2003)

whatever happened to assorted jellybeans

LushJ (October 19, 2003)

Ouch, that was at that christian youth center in Southern California somewhere, right? Assorted Jellybeans headlined, we had played with them @ the Huntington Beach Library so it was cool to play with them again (even tho' their music wasn't my thing). Fenix TX were just starting their tour supporting Assorted Jellybeans, and was not happy that we were playing after them right before AJ. Weird band politics stuff, but it got worked out eventually...

Anonymous (October 19, 2003)

I haven't heard this particular album, but I dig the scratchy vocals on their other stuff..in fact jesses one of my favorite vocalists. I had to sit through fenix tx to see them live once, but it was well worth it

Hubitcherkokov (October 19, 2003)

Thank you for the kind words, Jesse. I truly appreciate them and I am quite impressed, as well as refreshed, that a musician is able to take criticism so well. Again, I appreciate your response, and best of luck with The Frisk and everything else. Peace.

Anonymous (October 18, 2003)

Down And Out is the OTHER standout track along with I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty...well, Wet Foot Policy is stellar too...hmm...

LushJ (October 18, 2003)

H- That's rad you took the time to review this record- even though it's a bad review for our half of it. You're right about bassist Mike Sexxx, he rocked. Too bad he's retired from the runk pock now. Oh yeah, and check out the lyrics some time, one's by our guitarist Brady, one's by me, and one's by Brady and I. You may hate those also, but at least you'll get an overview of later Criminals lyrics. Ha ha ha... Thumbs up on doing the review!

P.S.- This record came out in 1999, you can still get copies from Sub City/Hopeless on cdep and 10". Although the recording/manufacturing costs mean the 2 bands aren't going to get paid for a long time (if ever), the benefit (Berkeley Needle Exchange) gets $ from each copy sold no matter what. So pick up a copy and support NEED and the Berkeley Free Clinic.

Anonymous (October 18, 2003)

nice review. this is AAA at their finest. 4 songs that kick your ass real quick before they all start to sound the same. i wish i could say the same for the criminals side...

joeg (October 17, 2003)

tis true. tis true. aaa needs to fucking finish that new record already.

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

Writing a review of an old AAA release isn't gonna make a new one come out any quicker.

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

aaa will never let me down.

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

No, this is not new...

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

The Criminals fuckin rock


Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

Is this CD new? Cuz I heard the "I wanna Stab you with Something Rusty" cover a while ago

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

Oh my god I love this record SO much.
Hey - I just wrote a love letter to The Criminals in another post somewhere. Awesome. "I WANT TO STAB YOU WITH SOMETHING RUSTY" is one of the all-time greats...

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

good review!

-punky (not logged in, logging in ain't cool anymore)

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

this review sucks and so does your mom

Anonymous (October 17, 2003)

I think that the Criminals are amazing. Jess Luscious is definately the most inspirational vocalist I've ever heard, and I can't wait until I can hear the new Frisk album.

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