Catch 22 / Slick Shoes / Boys Night Out

Catch 22 / Slick Shoes / Boys Night Out: live in Minneapolislive in Minneapolis (2003)
Victory Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: ZLNFTOCZLNFTOC
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Look around little brother. Can you tell me what you see? You're a big boy now, so take responsibility. You never had it hard, but now it's getting tough. So you whine, whine, whine and you say you've had enough. You say I'm full of shit. That I'm a hypocrite. I shouldn't talk, when I can'.

    Look around little brother. Can you tell me what you see?
    You're a big boy now, so take responsibility.
    You never had it hard, but now it's getting tough.
    So you whine, whine, whine and you say you've had enough.
    You say I'm full of shit.
    That I'm a hypocrite.
    I shouldn't talk, when I can't take the advice that I give?
    Well maybe you're right, but open your eyes.
    The main difference here is that I try, try, try.
    Tomas Kalnoky, "1234 1234"
    When Tomas Kalnoky first lay down that memorable verse from "1234 1234" for Catch 22 nearly half a decade ago, he probably didn't envision how prophetic his words would play out in the history of the band. Ever since the seemingly "sub-par" releases of Alone In The Crowd, Washed Up and its "re-release" Washed Up and Through The Ringer!, many have written off Catch 22 as just that: a mediocre ska band who persevere without three core members. Nevertheless, Ryan, Kevin, Pat, and company have developed a reputation for an intense live show and with a new album soon to be released, Catch 22 have persisted through difficulty in an attempt at the impossible: to top Keasbey Nights.
    But first, fellow New Jersey hopefuls Worthless United wished to win over the audience at the start of their set as they took the stage to tune their own instruments and asked anyone who happened to be seated (i.e. the majority of the audience) to take to their feet. Worthless United proceeded to rock through an eight song set. At first, the band seemed a bit stationary but would loosen up as their set wore on as they hopped a bit around stage and the audience became particularly receptive to special "guest" Ryan Eldred of Catch 22 who played saxophone on one song. Vocally, Worthless United sound a lot like Tim Armstrong of Rancid fame but I also sensed a subtle Mike Roche influence in terms of bass, read: the bassist was really good. As their scant 34 minute set came to a close, Worthless United played "Say Goodbye" second to last and then closed with "Oh Sweetheart." Though the initial crowd response was somewhat lukewarm, Worthless United had won over many new converts (myself included) as evidenced by the positive vibes exhibited by a mass of bodies who had left their comfortable seats to rock out with the band on the floor.
    Boys Night Out soon took the stage to do a few last second, sound checks. Their lead singer, who was wearing sunglasses throughout the show, announced something like, "Hey, we're Boys Night Out from Vancouver, British Columbia" before tearing through a really heavy song as many in the crowd started to mosh and/or slam dance. For those of you who've never heard Boys Night Out, they sort of sound like a Deftones/Cure/Misfits hybrid if that makes any sense. For all that has been made of the band's love for alliteration, I really didn't pick up on any lyrical subtleties seeing how the group opted to play loud and hard with screaming the only real consistency of the set. Furthermore, it didn't seem very obvious when each song had actually ended as many sure-fire hits lost their luster after too many starts and stops. Nevertheless, Boys Night Out played a fairly fantastic set composed of a mix of new and old songs, such as their finale, "A Torrid Love Affair."
    Since I was still a bit bitter that Slick Shoes were the "main" support act of the night, I opted to skip out on their set but could hear some heavily influenced, poppy NOFX influenced punk (talk about a paradox) as I walked about the Ascot Room. During this time, I chatted with a few fellow writers (so to speak) and we agreed that "Riding The Fourth Wave" would be a cool opener. If anything, our nice little chat proved that a lot of younger "punk" rock kids aren't the Hurley/Atticus wearing poseurs that you might see at the upcoming Blink 182 show on the Quest's main stage, rather very intelligent people who enjoy "cooler" bands like NOFX and the Bouncing Souls.
    That being said, the mood for Catch 22 was incredibly surreal. For those who don't know, the Quest's Ascot Room is truly an "intimate" venue. Unlike the band's stint on Mest's Destination Unknown Tour a mere year ago, Catch 22 were now the main act rather then openers for Homegrown and one could even argue that an extra year of practice with the "new" line-up would be revealed immediately by a rousing rendition of either "Dear Sergio," "Day In Day Out," or a tease of "Blowin' In The Wind" that segued into "On & On & On" a la the infamous live, Washed Up version. But, Catch 22 took the stage to jam along to an instrumental that was NOT "Riding The Fourth Wave." I wondered how long this improbable jam would last but soon enough, the band segued into what very well might be "Rocky" off Dinosaur Sounds (thanks to InaGreendase for pointing this out in his review). The new song was really energetic with a mantra along the lines of "I start with me!" and seemed to utilize the metaphor for an "over-the hill" boxer and a "declining" ska band quite well. Whether or not Dinosaur Sounds will further Catch 22's career in the same way that Rocky I jump started Sylvester Stallone's career or serve as an embarrassment to a storied tradition (i.e. Rocky V) remains to be seen. Though the first taste of new material was openly welcomed, the crowd didn't really liven up until the intro of "On & On & On"-and yes, they did speed the song up to an incredible tempo that lacked Tomas' multi-syllabic shout of "Fi-ii-ii-ine." Despite this error, they did play the nice little classical interlude particularly slow to accentuate the song's mood. Ryan introduced the next song as a "dancing" one and wanted to see us all dancing. Of course, the band broke into "It Takes Some Time," one of my least favorite tracks though I must say it was fun to see everyone (including the band) dancing and/or bouncing around merrily. "Wine Stained Lips" was INDEED played with the first of a few plugs for Dinosaur Sounds and I really didn't care too much for that particular song or the next tune, "Sincerely Yours." But the latter was finished within the span of 90 seconds or so. At this point in the show, Ryan commented that the crowd was a bit tame and asked us to sing along as an eerily familiar, amorphous orgy of guitar, bass, drum, and horns that morphed together to compose "Bloomfield Avenue." Unlike the album version, the live "Bloomfield Avenue" lacked its calm, serene intro but as several hundred people shouted, "Down! Down! Down!" while throwing their raised fists in the air, I appreciated the live rendition for creating an even MORE chaotic rush than any recorded version could ever muster. What seemed to be "To Be Continued" followed which has apparently been renamed on Dinosaur Sounds. It was a quite confusing and senseless detour especially after the early set favorite of "Bloomfield Avenue." But "Day In Day Out" soon provided a welcome remedy for this aforementioned lull as many shouted along to the song's amazing chorus. Ryan took notice to everyone's effort and asked if we were sweaty before breaking into "Good Times," a reggae-tinged number off the new album. Alone In The Crowd's "Intro" was played LIVE and predictably segued into "Point The Blame" before two new songs (one about a love triangle, the other about one's teenage years) sandwiched the frantic "9mm And A Three Piece Suit", which adopted a proficient drum solo. "Straight Forward" was a rather unexpected but welcome treat as the 15th song in the set but was particularly funny when Ryan and Kevin quickly sped through the Coolie Ranx part. Finally, "Keasbey Nights" was introduced as the last song of the night as the microphone was pointed into the audience as the crowd recklessly kept pace with the sped-up tempo of the song while also happily chanting a suicidal mantra. There was a faint murmur of disappointment since many naturally assumed the show was already over. But if there's one thing I've learned from seeing the "new" Misfits, it's that you should NEVER trust a punk band from New Jersey. Naturally, Catch 22 did a two song "encore" of sorts and first dove into "Chasing The Moon", a "drinking" song off Dinosaur Sounds with a discernable Flogging Molly influence. Nearly everyone in the audience knew what song would close the night. As a matter of fact, a fan had shouted out a request for this Keasbey-era masterpiece earlier to the show and Ryan replied, "Oh, we're going to play that one much later. It will give you something to look forward to." Catch 22 then SLOWLY started the intro to none other than "1234 1234." Nearly everyone in the venue took the opportunity to bounce up and down or sing-along with the band as the crowd NEARLY drowned out Ryan and Kevin. Both were in high spirits due to such an amazing display of unity and frenzy before finally concluding the show by saying something like, "We're Catch 22 and we'll see you in hell!"
    So Catch 22 might very well be blasphemers seeing how they've ascertained quite a huge following through Tomas' work. But this particular show proved that they still can play with the best of any live band. True, they may never top the sheer brilliance of Keasbey Nights. Nevertheless, they still provided a welcome respite from an otherwise dreary and dull monotonous world. For day in and day out, the "new" Catch 22 weren't so bad and they just happened to alleviate the worries that they've had enough.
    Worthless United (5:30 P.M.-6:04 P.M.)
    no idea
    Mr. Telephone Operator
    I Am Nothing
    God, The Devil, And the Worthless
    On And On (no NOT a Catch 22 cover)
    That Song (no, NOT a Bouncing Souls cover)
    Say Goodbye
    Oh Sweetheart
    Boys Night Out (6:14 P.M.-6:47 P.M.)
    unknown (something about "promise missing")
    either another song or extended jam
    The Subtleties That Make Mass Murderers Out Of Otherwise Decent Human Beings
    Where We Breathe
    The Only Honest Lovesong (possibly, think it was this one)
    New Song (didn't catch the title)
    Sketch Artist Composite
    New Song
    A Torrid Love Affair
    Slick Shoes (6:47 P.M.-7:23 P.M.)
    Catch 22 (7:40 P.M.-8:35 P.M.)
    New Instrumental Intro (Interlude perhaps?)
    New Song (Rocky- "start with me" verse?)
    On & On & On
    It Takes Some Time
    Wine Stained Lips
    Sincerely Yours
    Bloomfield Avenue (more metal sans the cool intro)
    To Be Continued (weird part added)
    Day In Day Out (sans yelling at the beginning)
    Good Times
    Intro/Point The Blame
    New Song (something about a "love triangle"; your guess is as good as mine)
    9mm And A Three Piece Suit (possible extra little drum solo)
    New Song (something about "youth")
    Straight Forward
    Keasbey Nights
    Two Song "Encore"
    Chasing The Moon
    1234 1234


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Anonymous (November 23, 2003)

your a dumbass mxpx has always been a christian band.


Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

mxpx havent been a 'christian band' for a long time buddy...

too many words in this review.

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

Why the fuck can't any reviewer on this site actually listen to all the bands at show? If you're going to write a review, stop being pussy fagots and actually listen to all the bands there. They work their asses off night in and out playing and touring but you jsut sit in the other room cause they aren't the main act, but feel justified by saying "oh well, it's all the same" Fuck off. This review is for all the bands who played this show for going out and making it happen, unlike this whiny fuck, who just sits and writes about bands cause he's too lazy to play in one and make it happen for himself.
Also, mxpx blows. Yay for christian bands who are only christian when it sells them more records...

ZLNFTOC (November 6, 2003)

First of all, thanks for all of the feedback positive or otherwise. I generally write reviews especially long to try and re-create the concert going experience the best that I can. Secondly, I'm glad to see that everyone feels very strongly about Catch 22, whether or not you like or hate them. Lastly to moneen, I know I sort of have a reputation for being a wiseass when I write reviews, but I genuinely enjoyed chatting with the aforementioned kids about the Bouncing Souls and NOFX. As a matter of fact, if you guys are reading this now, you rule. Last of all, I use quotes a lot because their are some words, such as punk, that are debatable and in the future, I'll try to use less of them. So in short, thank you all for the feedback and it's nice to see that there are so many Slick Shoes fans on this site-sorry I didn't get their setlist and may have disappointed you. Seriously.

Anonymous (November 6, 2003)

Having seen C22 and Slick Shoes several times each, I can honestly say this show wasn't worth going to. C22 has an obsession with speeding up their best old songs, which makes them sound bad. Slick Shoes is just plain awful. Slick Shoes are a close second to the Juliana Theory for worst live band ever.

moneen (November 6, 2003)

If i was wrong and you were being sarcastic about younger kids getting into cooler like Nofx and Bouncing Souls, I'm sorry. I couldn't tell. You use quotation marks too much.

moneen (November 6, 2003)

How old is the person that wrote this review? I'm guessing fifteen or sixteen. You can tell by the way you used the quatation marks on the word punk. If you're not fifteen or sixteen, all I can do is laugh at you.

You watched Catch 22 but you didn't watch Slick Shoes? Why is that? You said Slick Shoes sounded like a poppy Nofx and you didn't seem to think that was good. Yet Catch 22 is just another shitty Ska/punk band that have moulded their sound from other bands aswell. I'm not saying Slick Shoes is one of my favorite bands, but, you didn't even give them a chance. If you're going to review a show, watch all the bands. You may not have liked their music but, they may have had amazing stage presence.

You also said that the younger kids are starting to listen to more cooler bands like Nofx and Bouncing Souls. If you like Nofx then why wouldn't you like Slick Shoes? You said that they sounded like a poppy Nofx. It doesn't make sense to me.

Just think about all this next time you review a show.


Anonymous (November 6, 2003)

did anyone actually read this whole thing? that's incredibly long for a show review.


Anonymous (November 6, 2003)

did anyone actually read this whole thing? that's incredibly long for a show review.


Anonymous (November 6, 2003)

did anyone actually read this whole thing? that's incredibly long for a show review.


Anonymous (November 5, 2003)


"slick shoes has never been light years ahead of anyone musically. what you just said in your comment is they copied and sounded just like mxpx when they were younger. but whatever. slick shoes sucks balls."

A) I never said Slick Shoes sounded just like MxPx when they were younger, I said that Ryan sounded SLIGHTLY like Mike Herrera, due to both having that slight snotty nasal sound to their voice. It wasn't copying, it was just what their voices sounded like when they were young, and that was the main argument people had when they said Slick Shoes = MxPx (like rxbandito said, i don't know if that's his actual reasoning, but it's the most common one). He doesn't sound anything like Mike now, both their voices changed.

B) Check out Slick Shoes songs like "Last" from Rusty or "East On Tracks" from Burnout or any number of songs from those two albums and Far From Nowhere and tell me that that they aren't a technically skilled band. Yeah, they might not be light years ahead in terms of prog rock or metal, but in skate punk and pop punk there aren't too many bands that are as musically competent, maybe Strung Out and Lagwagon.

"worthless united though... now they are a fucking cool band."

I'll agree to that, I've only seen them live once, but they were pretty impressive. A lot of energy and a lot of heart.

boba_fett (November 5, 2003)

"And Slick Shoes has always been light years ahead of MxPx musically."

slick shoes has never been light years ahead of anyone musically. what you just said in your comment is they copied and sounded just like mxpx when they were younger. but whatever. slick shoes sucks balls.

worthless united though... now they are a fucking cool band.

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

first off, the score is for the concert that i saw in milwaukee, catch 22 was great but they didn't get much help with the exception of the eyeliners filling in for slick shoes.

the thing with me is, keasbey nights is one of the greatest albums of all time, by far, but i still like the newer albums, granted dinosaur sounds is no keasbey nights, i wouldn't expect it to be. case in point, do i think that less than jake will ever top hello rockview? hell no, but do i still like anthem a lot? yes. i really like dinosaur sounds, and i think it will grow on me a lot too. there is a big difference between all of the albums, keasbey is beyond words, alone is more hardcore influenced, the stuff on washed up and through the ringer is more traditional skapunk, and the new album is very funk and jazz. so there have been evolutions everytime. so decent review, but i think your living in the past a bit. cuz if you want more tomas pick up botar or streetlight manifesto.

and for the record, tomas kalnoky is a genius, i just had to say that.

johnnydanger (November 5, 2003)

terrible review

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

people should stop telling catch 22 to change their name. Thomas left it was his choice, the bad carried on, lots of bands have carried on with the same after big line up changes.
stop being suck faggots and saying street light this, its a shame thomas has to write the same album twice. Re-doing keasby knights with a new band doesn't make it good.

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

You probably coulda used the Slick Shoes = Mxpx equation a few years ago, but I think the bands don't really sound alike anymore.

It was basically from Ryan Kepke's voice sounding a lot like Mike Herrera's(sp?). Now that Ryan has gotten older (he was around 14 when Rusty was first released), his range has gotten much wider, and his voice has gotten much stronger, so I don't think he sounds anything like Mike now.

And Slick Shoes has always been light years ahead of MxPx musically.

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

Seriously... Streetlight manifesto rules.. The only good thing that catch 22 ever had was his talent without it they are shit the albums are shit etc etc etc

notfeelingcreative (November 5, 2003)

Hmm won't be attending this show next weekend. I think i'll check out the Dave Smalley/Rob Huddleston show instead!

Jon_the_Skafather (November 4, 2003)

you know why i hate reading most reviews about catch 22...cause most people are dumbasses and can't comprehend that the current band isn't the same band as keasby nights. to be honest, the current incarnation really shouldn't play songs from keasby nights since most of the songs weren't written by current members. but it's unfair to compare the new album to keasby nights since it's not the same band and essentially like comparing two different bands. a fair comparrison would be alone in a crowd to dinosaur sounds since that's actually the same band with the exception of the singer(which means a change in lyrical style and maybe slight change in music but not a drastic change like with keasby nights to alone in a crowd).

so everyone putting down catch 22 for not sounding like keasby nights: get over it.

lessthandoug (November 4, 2003)

The long and short of it is that the "new" Catch 22 without Tomas, Jamie and Josh will never be able to top Keasbey Nights. I'm glad they went on but they shouldn't have kept the same name since they are nothing like the original Catch 22. Out of respect for Keasbey Nights the name should have been retired. I also think that Catch 22 shouldn't try playing Tomas's songs because they just mess them up.

P.S. Dinosaur Sounds is worse than Alone in a Crowd

rxbandito24 (November 4, 2003)

Slick shoes= MXPX ~ doesn't anyone else see this? im not sayin its bad, cuz i like mxpx, but the two sound the same
also, i can still honestly say i love catch 22, and i love streetlight manifesto too. I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive catch 22 for not giving up after tomas left and for trying to change there sound, i like the dinosaur sounds? does any one else?

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

you skipped the slick shoes set, what a faggot

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

i know, ska doesn't have enough screaming... what's up with that?

and yeah, that comparison was really weird.

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

tomas wrote and arranged all instruments/lyrics on Keasby Nights. Ask anyone who is close to the nj ska scene.

Catch 22 is a disgrace. Streetlight Manifesto is the real deal.

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

ska just flat out sucks. when are people gonna realize that? hahahaha.. and who the fuck compares boys night out to the deftones and the misfits? jesus fucking christ.


Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

Good review!

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

"To the reviewer...what do u mean Tomas' work?? The band wrote the songs, tomas just wrote the lyrics...and technically hasnt Steetlight Manifesto gained popularity from c22 non stop touring?? Tomas quite Mid-First tour.."

Tomas wrote it. Not just the lyrics buddy.

skankin_in_the_pit (November 4, 2003)

I saw this tour last night and thought it was a pretty good show. The instrumental catch 22 opened up with was great. The classics weren't played super fast, and they can always put on a good show. The merch dude gave me a free copy of the new cd, and I really like it. Say what you will, but I think this is alot better then "another middle of the road ska band."

Worthless united were pretty good too.

ilikebandssuchasopivy (November 4, 2003)

What is it with me and missing concerts.. i could go to this in toronto but im going to rancid the same night.


ilikebandssuchasopivy (November 4, 2003)

"a mediocre ska band who persevere without three core members"

huh? they persevere WITHOUT the members...?

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

boys night out suck da cock.

Edgie (November 4, 2003)

Scott, I disagree on the premise that most of it seems to edge away from their ska roots. It's a decent cd, it's not amazing, but it isn't horrible. Score is for their Dinosaur Sounds.

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

worst review ever

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

Catch 22 USED to be one of my favorite bands. I heard Dinosaurs Sound the other day and that is the WORST fucking Ska album I've ever heard.

Break up or change your name C22.

- Scott
(Get down Moses)

thriceequalsgod (November 4, 2003)

i loved how you actually listed the entire setlists of every band, but why would you review a show if youre not gonna listen to every band? thats stupid. at least listen to the band so you can give an accurate review. by the way, slick shoes kicks ass.

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

i don't understand why people think the first album is the best. i think alone in the crowd is by far the best catch 22. i also don't get why people think the slick shoes are another blink band. their new album is one of the fastest, most rocking album of this year almost. get your head of out your ass.

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

To the reviewer...what do u mean Tomas' work?? The band wrote the songs, tomas just wrote the lyrics...and technically hasnt Steetlight Manifesto gained popularity from c22 non stop touring?? Tomas quite Mid-First tour..

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

Dinosaur Sounds is by far their best work...It rips apart any record they have done. I just do not understand why people want a Keasby Nights PT 2...I love it when bands mix it up and make DIFFERENT ALBUMS.....

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

Is it just me, or does Catch 22 play their songs at an insanely fast speed live?

I've always hatedn that about them.

Well- this review makes me want to go out and re-buy "Keasbey NIghts", and "Alone In A Crowd" since bot my copies are ruined... Oh, I should probably pick up "Dinosaur Sounds" too, but I have a feeling that Streetlight Manifesto's album destroys it

Anonymous (November 4, 2003)

boys night out is from burlington ontario.

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