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Craig's Brother

Craig's Brother: Lost At SeaLost At Sea (2001)
Tooth & Nail Records

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: LarnHammonLarn Hammon
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Not too long ago I wrote a review of Craig's Brother's last album "Homecoming" And after having their newest cd "Lost at sea" for awhile now, I felt the need to review it, and set a couple of things straight. Craig's Brother is not a christian band! They are just a band on a christian labe.
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Not too long ago I wrote a review of Craig's Brother's last album "Homecoming" And after having their newest cd "Lost at sea" for awhile now, I felt the need to review it, and set a couple of things straight.

Craig's Brother is not a christian band! They are just a band on a christian label. This is Craig's brother's second full length album and it sounds nothing like their first one. half of the band is new, and the songs have slowed down a lot for the most part, but all of that doesnt matter because this is an awesome cd. At first I didn't really know what to think of this cd, because it is such a departure from their past works, but after a few listens I started to warm up to it and now it is one of my favorite cd's. I can tell that a lot of thought went into the music and lyrics, and the production is really good. Ted's voice sounds better than ever! The first song on the cd "Glory" is a great representation of what you are in store for. Glory is a masterpiece! the song changes nemerous times, and there is even a choir singing the backups on it. This song is nothing short of amazing. "back and Forth is another great song, that really shows off the new sound of Craig's Brother. The band has a sound like no other band out. While every other band is turning poppy Craig's Brother has just made awesome music. I think that everyone should give these guys a chance, because it's just plain good music, and your missing out if you haven't heard it. Oh yeah, and Craig's Brother is not a christian band!


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dumhed01 (May 25, 2006)

This is a great album..
But one or two of the songs just don't do it for me..

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

oh and by the way, the reviewer is incorrect in saying Tooth and Nail is a Christian label. NOWHERE on their website do they say this, and their business ethics show that they aren't a Christian label as well. This is why Craig's Brother left tooth and nail and why MxPx is in a law suit with tooth and nail.

Anonymous (November 14, 2001)

good album, although "Homecoming" rates up in the best punk albums of all time to me. Oh and by the way about this whole Christian band subject, the reviewer is correct in assuming that Craig's Brother is not a Christian band. There is one Christian in the band, the man behind the lyrics and vocals. If you look at the lyrics he does write lyrics that talk about God. Craig's Brother wants to get away from the Christian label that bands are put under, much the same as MxPx and Juliana Theory.

Anonymous (August 8, 2001)

Ok. Why does everybody debate on the christian side of the band?!?!I thought we were just to comment the quality of the album...
I'd like to answer the asshole who's said that he hates french;who are you to do so?I'm french, and I fuck you so deep...oh you can't imagine!what you said just makes no sense, it has nothing to do with the album review.
"donc grosse merde va te la faire coller dans le cul, et reflechit un peu avant de parler ça ne peut te faire que du bien. Et si t'avais des couilles connard t'aurais laissé ton adresse email".

Anonymous (August 5, 2001)

""And one day we will be together in our final goal in the presence of He,
The one that made us be, the one you served, the one that your light helped us all to see" etc etc. maybe you should make sure you know what you're talking about."

This quote is funny because that song wasnt even written by Ted. It was written by Adam so maybe YOU should make sure you know what youre talking about.

This CD is incredible if you can appreciate musicianship and incredible songwriting. If you cant and listen only to 3 chord punk, youll hate this. These guys are so talented and Ted writes great songs. Amazing record

Anonymous (July 16, 2001)

Donkey Balls and Craig's Brother. You may be asking why I'm saying these two words together. Well I'll tell you Craig's Brother sucks Donkey Balls. There ya go folks.

Josip (June 2, 2001)

1. their first album was amazing, i heard the new album just once, and i didn't like it...

2. i hate french!

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

Man c tellement vrai ce que tu dit....blink ca suce que le criss....ca déja été pas si pire que ca....v'la longtemps.....mais c du criss de pop a chier asteur, on devrait la battre a coup de pic a glace !

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

okay first je parle en québécois parce l'anglais ca suce.... une autre chose qui suce c'est blink ... d'la vrai criss de marde ...c'est cool leur calis de probleme d'arrete de faire de tounes comme dammit pis faire d'la marde comme all the small things... c'est d'la vrai merde blink ... désolé les tites tites fille de 12 ans qui écoute ca... vous irez voir les BSB en meme temps... rendu ou y sont... blink dans ma tete c'est du pop pas du punk! nouvel album : à chier ... video clip crissement stupide pis je donne 1/10 par générausité du system de ste forum la! D'LA MARDE EN CANNE!

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

Craigs brother is good band, and lost at sea is an awesome album

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

After reading other people's comments, I felt the need to post something. Craig's Brother is no longer the band they were when they released "Homecoming." Many of the obviously Christian songs off of the aforementioned release were written by Adam who left the band some time ago. Since Homecoming, only Ted and Scott remain from that lineup. Ted himself is a Christian but he is the only one in the band as of now. That's where the reviewer got his "they are not a Christian band" comment" from. Oh, and by the way, they are NO LONGER ON TOOTH AND NAIL! This is how I understand it and I hope it cleared up the situation a little bit. Oh yeah, the album is fantastic. Having Dan Mclintock (from Inspection 12) play guitar and co-write some of the tunes is just a bonus.

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

uh, you people are retarded. who cares if they're christian or not. or if its a christian label. let them preach if they wanna, and not if they dont. if you like the music, good. if not, then good. i highly doubt that tooth and nail has like a requirement section on their contracts. like, you must vow to be loyal to god... these aren't fucken jahova's, or however the fuck you spell it, witnesses.
and i'm sorry, you dont have to tour big and play withwhatever bands to not be a christian band. they tour with whowever they want.
and by the way, to the dumbass who said you could only buy this shit in christian book stores... i bought quite a few of my tooth and nail cds in singapore... you know that place in south east asia... and it was not at a christian anything.

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

i can count the number of good bands on tooth and nail on my elbow

Anonymous (May 31, 2001)

i wrote that comment. and if you read it, it said that the songwriter (lyrically) had to be a christian. that was taken from the tooth and nail FAQ. this FAQ was posted on the old website. and if you read the lyrics for pretty much every band on the rosterm the lyrics come from a positive, obviously god influced way of thinking. as for talking about somehting i don't know anything about, what was the first t&n release? wish for eden's pet the fish. dammit i bought that album, and i've been buying albums from many of their talented punk and hardcore artists since 1993. i've supported the labels ethics and style for several years. it's great these bands are getting a chance to showcase their music in a very close minded christian market. as for your examples of bands getting out to bigger festivals, bullshit! i said craig's brother needs to tour on a larger scale, and stop playing mainly christian venus. no shit their other bands are playing festivals. hell i'm glad my friends can finally dig bands i've been listening to for years. tooth and nail has awesome bands, and in each band the lyrics are written from a chirstian perspective. maybe the songwriter is the only christian. that's cool. who cares. i just think craig's brother is more image that reality. i've also helped one or two t&n artists create websites. i've met the people and talked to the bands. i've also been ripped off for several hundred dollars by one band. the only exeption to my quote from t&n about christian song writers is the cootees. some of the songs were written by mike(mxpx) and some were written by some one who wasn't a christian. and now finally. craig's brother is pretty christian. "And one day we will be together in our final goal in the presence of He,
The one that made us be, the one you served, the one that your light helped us all to see" etc etc. maybe you should make sure you know what you're talking about.

westsidepunk (May 30, 2001)

To the guy who says that you are required to be a Christian band if you are on Tooth and Nail, where did you come up with completely untrue comments like that. There is no requirement that every band on the label be a christian band. It is true that in the past a lot of the bands on that label were very serious about promoting there beliefs through their music, but if you look at their recent cd's, there are very few bands on that label who fit into that category. There are many bands that have christians as members, but that does not make them a christian band, because their main focus is not at all on ministry. Also, many of the bands on Tooth and nail have been getting out and playing to a more diverse audience. The juliana Theory is playing the warped tour this year on the main and second stages, element 101 is going to play some shows with NFG, slick shoes just toured with MxPx (maybe that is a bad example) and further seems forever has been playing shows all spring with a wide variety of differant bands. The Tooth and Nail roster today is much different than the roster of two or three years ago. Don't make statements that are untrue about something that you do0n't understand.

Anonymous (May 30, 2001)

i've heard that this is some really good slow punk. however, i still think this band is mediocre at best.

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

i'm sick of all this "we're not a christian band" bullshit. if a band is signed to tooth and nail records, it's required the songwriter be a christian. ok. have you actually read the lyrics for the first CD? they're so christian. they openly sing about god and their beleifs. that'not bad. but then why, do they play largly christian festivals, shows etc? if they don't want to be assocaited with that label, than try and play with some decent bands, try actually touring on a bigger scale, and get you cd's into other music stores. you can only buy them at christian book stores usually!!!!

Anonymous (May 29, 2001)

You realize that you've given every album you've reviewed so far 5 stars?

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