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JamisonParker: Notes & PhotographsNotes & Photographs (2003)
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Contributed by: maverickScott
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Lame. Actually, lame lame lame lame lame - one lame for each of the tracks on this wholly transparent and worthless EP. JamisonParker started off as an acoustic duo, Jamison and Parker. They played a handful of shows unnamed, went to Skate and Surf Fest last year and played guerilla-style eve.


Actually, lame lame lame lame lame - one lame for each of the tracks on this wholly transparent and worthless EP.

JamisonParker started off as an acoustic duo, Jamison and Parker. They played a handful of shows unnamed, went to Skate and Surf Fest last year and played guerilla-style everywhere [earning them a main stage slot by the end of the weekend], and inexplicably got signed to Interscope Records.

Actually not, it's not that inexplicable. Beneath these boring full-band arrangements, I hear some rather simplistic and catchy [if not horribly derivative] acoustic tunes, a Dashboard Confessional-lite if you will. Someone at Interscope perked up their ears and signed them, but then realized they were already promoting the new Dashboard CD, so they figured "let's give them a full band and turn them into a watered-down All-American Rejects!"

Bad, bad, bad idea.

Nothing on this EP is note [or photograph] worthy. It's just more of the same old shit that labels [major and indie alike] are trying to push down our throats en masse due to the current surge in popularity of what the mainstream has dubbed "emo." While a lot of these previously no name acts aren't all that bad, JamisonParker doesn't come near that category. This is completely and utterly forgettable.

Lastly, Dave Trumfio should be shot for recording this abhorration. Going from Wilco to this is like going from the Four Seasons to your local pay-by-the hour motel. This CD is cheap, easy, and is marginally enjoyable for one spin. Leave the money on the night stand and get the hell out while you still can.

Stream the entire EP here


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Anonymous (January 13, 2006)

fuck you, I like so...and soo you can think I'm a fucking pussy. I dont fucking care, just shove it.

Anonymous (March 7, 2005)

looosserrs or what you obv dont understand gd music, u prob like it but cant admit it pussys lol

Anonymous (March 7, 2005)

you guys are harsh jamisonpaker are amazinnngg! there music is so pretty, bet none of u lot could produce it!! ha xXx

Anonymous (October 26, 2004)

are you fucking joking! this cd is amazing, it's not watered down all american rejects, your just too retarded to realize good music. your probebly to wrapped up in trying to be all "hardcore" and talk crap on anything thats not. first of all, this is completely different from dashboard, they never tried to make catchy radio songs, it just came out that way. lets see you write a good fucking song..oh wait..you cant!

Anonymous (June 19, 2004)

Actually, this ep is amazing. I think it's refreshing to hear a band who is not only talented, but has lyrics that mean something. I can't wait to get the album. If it's as great as the ep, then these guys are gonna be big.

Anonymous (June 10, 2004)

i freakin love it.

Anonymous (November 17, 2003)

why listen to this when you can listen to Maritime?

Anonymous (November 14, 2003)

Most you you guys are fuckin gay cause this CD really isnt that bad. You guys are over exaggerating and are probaably listenin to it right now so you all should fuckin just fuckin die

Anonymous (November 12, 2003)

I really liked the original version of "Dear Everybody" (wasnt the name different? im not on my computer with the mp3). Even that song sounds retarded on the e-card, is there another guitar in some parts and some weird shit that the midi's explain. I wouldnt buy this, pretty dissapointed like a few people said with the way its so fucking polished it gives it 10 on tate scale.

Anonymous (November 12, 2003)

Is JP one guy? If its one guy then the whole singer/crybaby/songwriter thing is gay. If its more than one guy tell these dumbass all you need is one band name. Assholes.

TheEvilMonkey (November 11, 2003)

Haha- it's the MIDI revolution! Oh wait- that already failed about ten years ago.

Anonymous (November 11, 2003)

the score is for "tate-core" especially cause my nickname is taternuts... oh yeah. its amazing. dont knock it.

Anonymous (November 11, 2003)


seriously, even if you like this kind of music you have to realize that 90% of the instruments here are pure general midi instruments.

this sounds like a karaoke cd.

Anonymous (November 9, 2003)

i kind of like this band. i saw them in concert with stryalight run who is awesome. i had already heard a couple songs which i thought were ok (i normally only like indie and hardcore punk music, but this poppy stuff were definitely the best future radio songs i had heard in a while). i decided to buy a copy of the EP for 5 bucks since i thought it was cool how they did the different polaroid for each copy thing. and it turns out i have mixed thoughts. sometimes the lyrics suck, and make me want to pull the cd out and throe it across the room. soemtimes the production gets to me, its too crystal clear and glittery, i like gritty production. but hidden in inside the coating of the poppy production and drum loops etc. there is some pretty good muscianship and and some lyrics that are impressive. this band is the next all american rejects (who i hate) but at least they dont suck as bad as TAAR. despite what you may think, this will be better than the average crap played on the radio and MTV. 2.5 stars is what this cd deserves.

Anonymous (November 9, 2003)

i decided to check these guys out, just our of sheer curiousity and not buying the fact that a band could be this awful. surely these guys can't be that bad and there are some good qualities of this band, right?

I was wrong. and I apologize. I'm sorry for doubting the review and everyone else below. It'll never happen again.

Anonymous (November 9, 2003)

these guys make dashboard confessional look good.

501 (November 9, 2003)

good times.

TheEvilMonkey (November 8, 2003)

10 stars for sparing listners the trouble of listening to a full length's worth of this absolute garbage.

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins Scott!


Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

Yes, this is tate-core.


inagreendase (November 8, 2003)

I didn't necessarily agree with the other parts of the comment that was bashing "every screamo band" from Long Island (because we really don't have any), but the same person that wrote the comment put it best when he said:

"How fucking pathetic is the music industry when they have to resort to throwing a million bucks at two douche bags because a label thought they might be able to fool a few hundred thousand live journal users into thinking that an even more annoying, and pussier (if that's even possible) version of Chris Carabba can speak to their inner most termoil just like he did because their girlfriend just fucked the captain of the JV highschool football team. "

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

the guy who wrote this review is awesome.

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

i don't get it - that was nothing but praise for his undeniable quick wit and cat-like reflexes.

CallingLondon (November 8, 2003)

beware of the wrath of scott...

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

"Nothing on this EP is note [or photograph] worthy."

Excellent! I salute you.

Wasn't this band supposed to play that long island airport show thing?

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

wow this does suck..it sounds like dashboard without ovaries, and all american rejects kicked in their cunts...no wonder tate nutts over them...

Anonymous (November 8, 2003)

having "&" or "and" in the CD title automatically makes it kick ass....oh wait.

mcpike (November 7, 2003)

im pretty sure this cd is tate-core.

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

SHUT UP! This band kicks ass!

TheEvilMonkey (November 7, 2003)

A-freaking-men, Crank, A-freaking-men

CrankWillDestroy (November 7, 2003)

Wow. This crap is painful to listen to. It's funny how the crowd over at AP.net is cumming all over themselves for this group. yikes

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

actually, i believe the twat who was on the starting line cover is jamison of the band. and yeah, this band sucks.

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

one of these twats was on the cover of the shitting line cd. they blow. therefore this bands blows.

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

worst cd name ever


Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

yeah i sort of hate this band, they arent even good. but the major labels love the story! thats what this whole scene is about kids, its all about Hype i mean look at tbs, PEOPLE love to write about them, because they have a good story, the J/P story may give hope to kids with acoustic guiars. but i still think those kids should prolly read a book or something, or just kill them selfs now, so they dont have to go through the pain of the cocaine eating their body away...... i like the part when you said lame

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

yes i am a wuss, yes i like these guys, but ain't fuck no way they belong on Interscope.

Anonymous (November 7, 2003)

The one kid in this band thinks he is Conor Oberst.

sickboi (November 7, 2003)

Scott, this may be one of the best reviews you have ever written.

musical-monkey (November 7, 2003)

the only interesting thing this "band" has done is on their demo (which this cd basically is), they took like 2,000 polaroid pictures and put a different one on every cd cover. but, this band is definately everything wrong with the mainstream music industry. i mean they played what, like not even 3 shows and they got signed to a major.

TheEvilMonkey (November 7, 2003)

Jason Tate is basically friends with all bands on the emo scene- and we now know the reason.

He is the only person with a bad enough taste in music to give shit bands like this a chance.

boldredletters (November 7, 2003)

heeeeey, i kinda like my local pay by the hour. the beds vibrate if you put quarters in.

where's my show review?

adam (November 7, 2003)

Poor Dave Trumfio. That's a burn Scott.


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