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The Berlin Project: The Things We SayThe Things We Say (2003)
Orange Peal Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: NoUseNoUse
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The name sounds familar, and I'm pretty sure that these guys have rolled through Cincinnati, Ohio a few times in the past few years, however, I have no recollection of the styling sounds the band creates. Here I am reviewing The Berlin Project's latest release The Things We Say from Orange Peal R.
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The name sounds familar, and I'm pretty sure that these guys have rolled through Cincinnati, Ohio a few times in the past few years, however, I have no recollection of the styling sounds the band creates.

Here I am reviewing The Berlin Project's latest release The Things We Say from Orange Peal Records, and I have no biases going into the reviewing process. I don't have an undying love for the band, nor do I have a seething hatred for some guys I might suppose to be pricks- rather, having never heard The Berlin Project, I am fairly confident in saying that this will be a CLEAN, unbiased review, so you might just want to take it for what it is.

The Things We Say is 11 tracks of pop driven music, fueled by gigantic hooks, melodic sing-along choruses, and intense drumming, which forms the backbone to most of the songs on this, the band's first label backed release.

"In Your Head", "Running In Circles", and "Walking Papers" blast out of the gate as the album's first three songs, and most impressive songs on the album. The melodies and guitar work is comparable to Cincinnati's The Junior Revolution. I read somewhere that the band's music can be lumped in with Sum 41, and Good Charlotte, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

As the album progresses I find this to become more true, as the songs are mostly rock driven, with a great singer moving the words along in a mesmerizing way. His voice has a uniqueness to it, that manages to be soothing, and not annoying.

"Celebrity", track eight, is a total sing-along; Belan's voice shines throughout, while guitar licks reminiscient to Gun's And Roses sneak into the song every once in a while. Keyboardist Aaron Mediate compliments the song by punching in catchy diddies on his synthesizer creating an 80's style vibe as well.

"All You Wanted Was A Crowd" begins in anthem rock fashion, both loud and wailing, but later relegates itself to a Midtown-ish sounding song, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After nine years and many line-up changes, The Berlin Project seem to have found a formula that works. The Things We Say, while not one of my Top 5 records of 2003, shows just how far this band has evolved over the years, and it is pleasant enough to help thrust the band's hard hitting pop-rock melodies into my head for what will probably be months to come.

Check out MP3's here and form your own opinion of The Berlin Project.


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Anonymous (November 21, 2003)

Holy shit. That guy up there likes The Code and In Like Flint. I don't have TBP's new album yet, BUT I saw them with MxPx last spring and atleast they were good and have good songs. Those two bands are horrible.

Anonymous (November 20, 2003)

"I agree with Scott though, these dudes are asses. They opened for the Trio at Laga a while back and I asked the singer guy "what happened to the brass?" and he replied "What's it matter? You want to step outside?"

haha. Just because I asked where the horns were."

I highly doubt this ever happened. In fact I would be willing to bet my life on it. The "singer guy," John, is not someone who would do something like this. People ask them all of the time what happened to the horns, or to them being ska, he isn't going to try to fight all of them. I'd venture to say that you are lying about this. No matter, there are lots of bands out that are made up of really shitty people. How these people act has no bearing on if they can or can not play music. If this were the case, most bands would cease to exist. In fact most of the bands that you love, you would not because of their attitude, lifestyle, and their treatment of others. If you think that TBP suck, that's all you have to say. There is no need to make up ridiculous stories about how they act. In short, you're lying... and that sucks for you. I'd rather be an asshole who tries to fight everyone than be a liar.

Anonymous (November 20, 2003)

The album is actually not too bad. I would go as far as to say that it is actually pretty good. The band has made some bad choices and had some hard times in the past, but this album is the best that I've heard out of them to date. I was never much of a fan of this band. Thought that they were nice guys (since they are from my home town), but wasn't much impressed musically by them. This album is a step in the right direction for them. It is much more mature musically than any other album in their catalog. While for the life of me I do not understand why this album is being reviewed on a punk webiste. TBP obviously is not a punk band. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that many of the people who frequent this website would not be impressed by this album. But for those that are into their style of music, the cd is something worth checking out. It is fun, relatable, and musically strong.

Anonymous (November 20, 2003)

log this...
I was referring to SOIA's instrumental masterpiece on LIFE ON THE ROPES. Yeah.

Anonymous (November 20, 2003)

they used to be a ska band with horns. now what are they..POPPOOPER@>!
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log(2x 1)^1/3 1/2(log x-4/x^4-x^2-1)

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Anonymous (November 19, 2003)

hey shit sandwich is awesome...best song!

Anonymous (November 18, 2003)

Two words: Shit Sandwich!

Anonymous (November 18, 2003)

If a review sucks just say its gay....you dont need a fucking list of ways to make it better dipshit.

Anywayz....Wasnt that band Story of The Year a ska band turned emo-bro-core..seriously does anybody know?

Greenvandal (November 18, 2003)

Thanks friend, but your buddys band is still a bandwagon jumping pile of shit.

You wear tights jeans, and hide a ska patch in your closet dont you?

Anonymous (November 18, 2003)

i have known these guys for many years. not once have i saw any of them say or do anything rude to anyone. they are some of the most fun-loving people i know and they are great to hang out with. sure they have gotten into fights but honestly who hasn't? as for the style change...your clothes change as you get older, your opinions change as you grow older, your musical tastes change as you grow older as well. i can't fathom how you can hold that against a band when you yourself have done the same thing just not in the public eye. thats just some information i thought i would throw out there for the people that want to know the truth.

Anonymous (November 18, 2003)

I'm no homophobe... But the dude below is SOoo gay.

Anonymous (November 17, 2003)

This review was good, but here's how I would make it better:

1. What was the reviewer listening to when he/she reviewed the album?

2. Do ou walk to school or take a lunch?

3. Sorry, ignore that last comment

4. I would mention more about the Berlin Wall. That was also a project in Berlin. It got torn down by hippies, do you think this album is in anyway a communist party tool?

5. It would be easy to tell by asking hippies if they like this album. If they say, "yes," then chances are, it's communist

FortyMinutesWest (November 17, 2003)

Oh yeah, the ten is for how many times these guys will change their sound to follow trends.

FortyMinutesWest (November 17, 2003)

Terrible band, terrible people. Don't buy this, don't see them live, don't buy their merch they don't deserve your support. I never say things like this, but I will make an exception here.

Anonymous (November 17, 2003)

i farted

Anonymous (November 17, 2003)

let this band be a lesson...be fucking true to your roots. they were a decent crap/ska band and they probably coldve become a good ska band if they stuck with it and didnt give in to the new fucking trends. because like ska, all the other big things will fade away...however ska has deeper roots in music where as emo's roots start with sunny day real estate. whatever, im about to rant. But some bands will do alot to get noticed, just be yourself

Anonymous (November 16, 2003)

If I could somehow give this a zero I definately would.

I have been making fun of this band on my website (www.vocalyouth.com) for a long time.

They were a fucking ska band and jumped on the emo bandwagon once it wasnt hip to play ska anymore.

The guy has the worst voice ever, and a couple of them seem like nice guys i guess, but man, i fucking hate this band and their music.


Anonymous (November 16, 2003)

Yea, so TBP, first time i saw them was RIGHT after they dropped the horns, they were opening for Fenix TX and NFG in State College, pa. They weren't bad pop punk, then i discovered their old stuff, ie SKA. Then i realized they dropped the horns. I was pissed, then I went to see Punchline/TBP her ein Altoona, pa, thourghly disappointed. The only funny crack they made was that it was Sunday so Crank Yanker was on. The whole show sucked, some band they were on tour with covered Avril... but anyway, mad props to Punchline for all wearing Treephort shirts, but all in all i think the Pitt bands suck, most seem eager to get popular from the emo sound. Although i am a big fan of Greensburg ska boys In Like Flint and pittsburgh punks The Code, so there are a few exceptions.

dont_think_twice (November 16, 2003)

rollin down the street smokin endo, sippin on gin and juice
laaaaaaaaaaaid back
with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Anonymous (November 16, 2003)

the mp3s were terrible.

deliberately picking fights suck.

NoUse (November 16, 2003)

yep.. i don't think you should be insulting to a band about it.. maybe say "it's not my thing" or whatnot.

still- as i said in my review- i had hardly heard anything at all from this band before i got the cd in the mail... switching up genres everytime something else gets big is pretty fucking shady

Anonymous (November 16, 2003)

In my humble opinion, anyone who plays or writes music, and can't take criticisms of it, shouldn't call themselves a musician. It's perfectly fine for a band to take pride in their work, but, no matter who you are, not everyone is going to like your material. Any band whose ego is big enough to be offended by some scrawny kid saying that they suck... they don't deserve any respect. And they won't get it from me.


Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

Omg berlin project got ow3nd suckas

Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

i totally agree with scott. but my friend nick has run for the border and culture clash...... tbp was better when they were ska. so was punchline.

KarlHungus (November 15, 2003)

Oooh! I forgot about Punchline. Seriously, who in their right mind would buy this shit?


Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

I bet this band has screaming backing vocals in a few months...trend jumpers.

I agree with Scott though, these dudes are asses. They opened for the Trio at Laga a while back and I asked the singer guy "what happened to the brass?" and he replied "What's it matter? You want to step outside?"

haha. Just because I asked where the horns were.

NoUse (November 15, 2003)


you hate this band, because they stood up to you when you were a jerk to them?

Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

They've always been nice dudes to me, but I really can't get into this at all.

Although I'd rather see a band from around here like Voice in the Wire get huge... oh wait.. they're on Eyeball.

This is going nowhere.

Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

Scott, it's time you grew up a bit.

I've never heard The Berlin Project so I can't comment on their music.

But you could have done the right thing in that situation and told that girl "Thanks, but their just not my thing". But no, from what you're saying you went out of your way to be a total smart arse...you provoked the whole thing and then have the gall to get pissed when someone stands up to you. You basically insulted the guys music right in front of him...what did you expect?

Honestly though, fuck the music it doesn't matter, its just about simple respect. Show some and you might get some.

And instead of making useless websites about how much you hate someones music, spend that time making some of your own.


Anonymous (November 15, 2003)

when i saw these guys here in pittsburgh, they made me want to rip out my eyes and check them at the band. i just couldnt take the torture anymore. poop on them.

by the way, if i ever see these guys on the street, i'll spit on them for that guy who wanted to kick their ass below. i hear ya man. i got your back.

JustinsFanClub (November 14, 2003)

my score goes out to the junior revolution, they rock.

anyways i agree with scott, these guys are jack offs. They think thier big emo shit because they have pedophilic love children hanging all over them.

i truly didnt think anyones voice could ever be that high, but that dude breaks glass when he sings.

they truly do suck more than a hoover.

KirbyPuckett (November 14, 2003)

Damnit, I wanted to review this album.

I hate this band more than any band on earth. That list includes Good Charlotte and Starting Line, so that should give you a heads up on how bad these guys suck.

I have valid reasoning too, they hit home on a personal note w/ me.

The 'boys' in The Berlin Project hail from the Pittsburgh area, actually a seperate county about 45minutes away, Greensburg. Just when Punchline had released their "Major Motion Picture" EP they had TBP open up the show for them.

In my best attempts to support local music I showed up, a Punchline live show is always a great catch, even if their music is slowly teeter-tottering between eh and very eh.

Anyways, just after The Berlin Project annhilated my ear drums with some form of Ska (I think they still played a little Ska then...More on this soon). I waltzed past the merch tables to see what was up for sale. As I slid past the TBP table their usual 14y/o girlfriends begged all those who passed by the booth at Club Laga to buy TBP merch. I told the brat, with my best charm, 'No, they suck.' Then the drummer of the band (Chad?), stood up from beside the little girl and all 6ft something of him stood up in my measly 5'5" face and begged the question "What the hell did you just say about my band?" I then reinformed him that they did infact 'suck.'

What a vocabulary I had w/ me on that day.

Anyways, the oger then decided to push me and then spit in my face. Despite my small size I'm not one to back down from anything and immediatly charged him. My friends quickly jumped in the middle of things before I got my ass kicked and my buddy Joe walked over to him to try and 'smooth' things over.


So the following day after that I whipped up a little dinky website titled "The Berlin Project Suck." I was sure to send it out to all those I could in the scene to inform them what a bunch of assholes the band was. Of course I sent it to the members themselves.

Shortly after I received and e-mail, followed by a phone call from the bands lawyer stating that I have to remove the site or that I would be sued.

I made my point and didn't really care much after, so I just took it down and let the group go on w/ their thing, because I was sure they'd never make it another year or two.

Somehow I was proved wrong and this band is still pumping out the 'hits!'

The Berlin Project is that type of band that changes their sounds w/ the trends. They started out as a Ska band when Ska was huge thanks to bands like the Reel Big Fish and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. However, as time went on and Ska was no longer cool they slowly migrated into today's sound displayed on this shitty excuse for a recording. The same damn sound every band is trying to duplicate.

In short, this band still fucking sucks and are the biggest group of assholes ever.

- Scott
(Still bitter)

Anonymous (November 14, 2003)

remember when they were a decent ska band? where's Nacho? that dude rocked. oh yeah these guys are assholes.

Anonymous (November 14, 2003)

You don't need to say Pittsburghs music scene sucks because of these guys alone. You have bands like Punchline helping the point along.

KarlHungus (November 14, 2003)

Please do not judge Pittsburgh by this shitty band. Everytime I think of this band I die a little more.


Anonymous (November 14, 2003)

The fact that he mentions he has no bias goin into this review about 10 times makes me wonder how mny times the guys in this band pounded the rear to get him to write this.

Anonymous (November 14, 2003)

I have no clever or witty insults on this band. Damn.

But, who likes cookies? I sure do.

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