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Fenix TX

Fenix TX: LechuzaLechuza (2001)
Drive-Thru Records

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Contributed by: SONIKtheHEDGEHOGScot Sheahan
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Ok here's a weird cd that I picked up. I got this cd expecting the same as Fenix TX (st) what i got was a combination of punk, pop-punk, and somewhat metal songs. The cd starts off with three pretty good old Fenix TX style songs. Then song 4: "Something Bad is Gonna Happen" is a bit different t.
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Ok here's a weird cd that I picked up. I got this cd expecting the same as Fenix TX (st) what i got was a combination of punk, pop-punk, and somewhat metal songs.

The cd starts off with three pretty good old Fenix TX style songs. Then song 4: "Something Bad is Gonna Happen" is a bit different this is one of those "metal" songs I was talking about it; has a catchy as hell chorus "Hey you want it. Hey we'll get it. Hey steal the attention from everybody. Hey you want it. Hey we'll get it. Hey you wanna fuck shit up? Well mother fucker come on."

Song 5 "Tearjerker" is good then another "metal" song for song 6: "Pasture Of Puppets" pretty good though. Song 7 "A Song For Everyone" is a good old style Fenix song. Song 9 is the song that really sticks out on this cd this will make your ears all of a sudden tune in and you'll probably say "what the hell?" but don't let the vocals fool you this is a my favorite song I think it is amazing. 10 is another old style Fenix song and 11 is a bit in my opinion emo it's really slow but it's still good.

I like this cd to tell you the truth. I heard them say once in a interview that they were gonna turn metal so people didn't think they sounded like Blink 182 I guarantee no one will mistake this band for Blink 182.


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Daviedos9966 (October 29, 2013)

Wow nobody commented since exactly 10 years ago? Anyway when I first heard it I expected alot since I've heard their first album which was pretty decent. This one blows I only like Katie W a bit, the rest just sucked for me.

UnunitedSA (October 29, 2003)

Good album, but they changed a hell of a lot from their self titled debut. But this cd has some incredible songs on it though.

Anonymous (April 30, 2003)

they're a good band and as much as harmonization goes in singing, it's a little too much if you ask me. But it's a definite winner. Not as good as their self-titled cd, and it's too bad that their guitarist is gone

Anonymous (November 7, 2002)

Generic "pop-punk" kiddie fodder.

punkboy_1 (November 6, 2002)

i really like this cd, but the first was better in my opinion. something bad is gonna happen and katie w. are the fucking amazing

Anonymous (August 15, 2002)

This album is fucking awesome with some really memorable hooks and great lyrics. Ya wanna fuck shit up? Well mother fucker come on. and of course, another lie between her thighs. hehe. what a great album much better than their first. great unique style a must have.

whatsajigga (August 1, 2002)

good cd, but u have to like Fenix TX to enjoy it

Anonymous (June 11, 2002)

this album is alright. not as good as the first album. when they stick to their formula of poppunk, their one of the best out there. their other shit just sounds tired and lame, experiementing for experimentings sake.forced. it feels like they can't accept that they are a pop punk band. half the album kicks ass, the songs that stick to the formula that made flight 601, speechless and all my fault good songs. the songs that try to be metal, or emo, or whatever they were thinking suck my balls.

Anonymous (January 9, 2002)

The Three worst bands ever = Fenix Texas, American Hi Fi, and SR 71.

I don't know if that is just my pure hatered of these bands as of now talking, or if what I've just said is true. But yeah, these guys suck baaad.

-Jeremy A.

Anonymous (November 27, 2001)

God I hate these guys... I would say they are right up there with Sr-71 and American Hi Fi.


Anonymous (November 4, 2001)

Pretty good follow up to their self titled album. Abba Zabba, Katie W, Threesome, and A Song for Everyone are all good songs. After that there isn't that much substance left on it. Not as punk as their last alubum as well, but fenixTx is still cool.

Anonymous (August 22, 2001)

this cd pretty much sucks 90 year old vaginas. they weren't too bad live, alot more intense and metal than i expected, but man, this is a horrible album. i cant believe i bought it.- fathead

oldpunker (August 7, 2001)

This cd blows, whoever thinks this is even remotely punk or otherwise does not have a clue
where is the new social distortion? Come on mike, show these poser bands what punk rock should be
because this shit stinks!!

Anonymous (August 3, 2001)

i've heard soo much bashing just because of that blink thing, to hell with all of that, who doesn't know blink 182, judging a band just because they know and tour with another band is ignorant, this i think is my favorite cd of this year so far, better than their first release, only competition i see is the new leftover crack, but this cd was not what i expected and surprised alot of people, they were good as riverfenix and they are still good till this day, not my favorite band still but a good cd

Anonymous (August 1, 2001)

This CD is great. It has some great songs on it. My favorites are "Phoebe Cates," "Something Bad is Gonna Happen," "Tearjerker," and "Katie W." I'd compare it to their first CD, but I don't gots it yet.

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

FYI Track 6 is called "Pasture of Muppets", not "Pasture of Puppets", its a little joke on the Metallica album "Master of Puppets". Confused? I don't blame you, thems was a lot of words right there.

Anonymous (July 22, 2001)

My bro baught this cd, and I listened to it. And I was like is this Fenix TX? I think this new album is good. Its not the best album of the year or anything, but it is good. Its been 5 years since their last album so I guess they grew up and got pissed off. Who knows?

Anonymous (July 19, 2001)

Just wondering, but has Fenix TX always acted like badass beefcake metalheads on stage? I just saw them at Warped in Sparta, KY and they busted out all the metal songs from the new CD, picked fights with people in the audience, and totally screwed with their old songs (All My Fault, Speechless) by playing them at double speed. I know they don't want to be compared to Blink 182 (yet they go on tour with them?) but they seem to be trying a little too hard to be un-poppy. They're not a bad band normally.

Anonymous (June 5, 2001)

Not what I expected from them following their River Fenix and Fenix TX cds, but it's not bad. I will definitely be listening to the self-titled album more.

Anonymous (June 4, 2001)

since the guy who called them blink 183 didnt by the cd, obviously because this sounds nothing like blink 182, he must still sit there and complain about every cd he doesnt have that other punkrs rip on. He's what we call a follower, much like he claims fenix tx to be..... odd? Fuckin rockin cd

Anonymous (June 3, 2001)

to judge this cd by their last without hearing it is just plain dumb, this cd is alot better than their last one and in my opinion one of the best this year, i bought this cd without hearing one song off it but it didn't let me down, so what if they know blink 182 and they tour with them sometimes, who doesn't, i don't care for blink but to judge a cd without hearing it isn't very good

Anonymous (June 3, 2001)

Hey, i just bought this album and i thought it would be different in a bad way cause most new albums these days arent as good as the bands old stuff. Don't get me wrong i still like blink and alot of bands but yeah. Anyways i found this album also to be good as it had many different styles. The last fenix album i bought was rad and so was this one. I suggest everyone lays of making fun of bands like blink and any bands who feels that they can change their style of music. Anyone who thinks i suck, well u can just lick my left nut and burn.


Send all mother fuckers of abuse notes to me at brokenbubble@hotmail.com

resetpunk (June 2, 2001)

I was used to their pop style so I figured thats what I was getting this time around. Much to my surprise this CD was much harder than I expected. My fav song is Katie W. because of the back up guitars. I've had this cd for a while and i'm still listening to it! I left this CD playing one day and realized 15 mins through on the last track a hidden track comes on. I thought it would be junk but its actually really going fast it reminded me of Strung Out. If your not going to buy this cd at least give it a spin at a music store -- i liked it.

PennywiseMatt (June 1, 2001)

Too bad the so called fans are dumb this is actually a good album. I bought pretty much because I was bored and had money and was surprised that I keep playing it over and over again. Oddly enough the cd gets better each time you hear it. And who cares if they are like Blink, there are so many bnds out there that sound alike.
Go buy this cd if you lik the poppy punk cause its quite good

Anonymous (June 1, 2001)

i usually cant stand pop-punk. i dissmissed their first album as being blink-182 ripoff but its catchiness was a guilty pleasure. my friend bought this cd adn it sucks. the recording is much too polished. the guitars and vocals both have a weird soudn to them. thats my opinion

TheGut (May 31, 2001)

Doesn't this album's songs have titles, instead of reviewing the CD and referring to most of the songs as "Track 5" or "# 9?" Wow, great review. Oh well, I'm complaining because I have nothing better to do.

Anonymous (May 31, 2001)

Great. A new album by Blink 183.

Yenly (May 31, 2001)

Give it a try! I wasn't a big fan of their first CD, but this CD is definately worth checking out. It's a lot darker and heavier than their first CD, but I think its for the better. My favorite is track #5 because it almost has an emo-core sound to it. Other good tracks: 2, 3, 9.

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