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Weezer has always been amazing in the sense that throughout all the time away from the public, they continued to get bigger and bigger through the years. "The Green Album" is the first Weezer album in 5 years. When the band embarked on their Yahoo sponsored tour early last summer they thought a .
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Weezer has always been amazing in the sense that throughout all the time away from the public, they continued to get bigger and bigger through the years. "The Green Album" is the first Weezer album in 5 years. When the band embarked on their Yahoo sponsored tour early last summer they thought a total of five people would show up and their shows, and that the people who would show up would just laugh and make fun of the band. Little did they know, but all the shows soon became sell outs and the crowd at all the shows went crazy for them and showed their dedication to the band. Weezer was very taken aback and very surprised with more than anything with how things turned out.

The trouble the band faced was after "Pinkerton". "Pinkerton" essentially was a "commercial" flop (MTV, radio play) compared to the "Blue Album". Common, when did you hear "Tired Of Sex" or "El Scorcho" on the radio? Never. This all happened because Weezer took stride with some punk rock DIY ethics and didn't really promote the album all that heavily. Still with all things said, "Pinkerton" was absolutely brilliant, a musical masterpiece of sorts. "Pinkerton" was a change as well from some of the manufactured radio friendly songs from the "Blue Album" like "Buddy Holly". The album was also very personal and deeply emotional in nature.

Listening to the "Green Album" you can't help to compare this to the "Blue Album" at every turn. "Don't Let Go" is the first song and its a nice up beat tempo. When you talk about opening songs for Weezer songs, this song just isn't as good or gets the blood pumping as much as say "My Name Is Jonas" or "Tired Of Sex".

Next up is "Photograph" and its one of the best songs on here. Hand claps galore (why don't more bands do this?), and a good melody make this song quite tasteful.

The single "Hash Pipe" is next and of course this song rocks. Now I wouldn't have chosen this song to release as a single, but it sure makes sense because this is the most radio friendly. How could you not like this song? Hello, they are singing about good old hash! The guitar riffs are killer and the back-ups are sweet.

"Island In The Sun" is a nice trippy song, and my guess is that this will be the second single. I'm always good at guessing those things. I can really imagine myself on the beach playing this song. I'm telling you though, next time I get near any beach I'm bringing my stereo and I'm going to listen to this. This song seems like its a b-side off of Pinkerton, it was different than anything on this album anyways.

Unfortunately thats about it folks. For the rest of the album, its all pretty much down hill the rest of the way. Songs like "Crab", "Smile", "Glorious Day" and the rest of the album just aren't what you expect from the band. The rest of the songs just aren't that A quality I have come to expect from Weezer. These songs don't really suck, but they just don't click at all. I can't tell you how many times I have listened to these songs over and over telling myself, "I want to love these songs as much as I love "Pinkerton" or the "Blue Album" but its just not going to happen. I have talked to countless friends about this and they feeling is the same.

I'm not really sure why Weezer made this album with these songs on them, after all they had all the time in the world, 5 years. I'm not sure if adding newcomer Mikey Welsh to the band has brought about sound changes, because all of this new music sounds just like Weezer of old, it really does. While this is a decent album, for Weezer this is a disappointment. While I do recommend this to Weezer fans, I do not recommend it to people who are not familiar with these guys. If you don't know too much about these guys get their two other albums and not this one. My only hope is that we don't have to wait another 5 years for an album from these guys. Here are my favorite Weezer albums in order

1. Pinkerton
2. The Blue Album
3. The Green Album


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Anonymous (December 23, 2005)


Anonymous (January 12, 2004)

Weezer sucks donkey balls!

Anti-ICP (November 27, 2003)

This was the start of Weezer's downfall. I liked a few songs, but it kind of depresses me to listen to it and think about how good the band once was.

Anonymous (November 7, 2001)

new singer? it doesn't even sound like a new singer you idiot

ncg1 (June 17, 2001)

well, i'm sorry, i can't fake like i hate this album anymore...

i've read numerous reviews. most of them mixed. so, i bought the cd. i figured it would be the only way i'd find out if i liked the green album or not. and you know what? i like it. it took a few listens, but it's grown on me.

now, i will say that it's the worst weezer ever, but the worst weezer ever is still better than most music. i give this album 8/10, and pinkerton and the blue album 10/10.

Anonymous (June 14, 2001)

yeah i agree. that new singer rivers cuomo totally sucks. i like the old singer much much better, What's his name again?


Anonymous (June 12, 2001)

uh thats not a new singer dude...lol

Anonymous (June 12, 2001)

i gave it a 1, i would have given it less, but i couldn't. no offece to weezer at all, they are a great band, but i do not like the new singer at all. his voice is way too differant than the old one, and the music just sounds differant, not like the olden days weezer. oh well, theres still 2 other good cds to listen to.

Anonymous (June 10, 2001)

From what I've heard of this album it's ok but not great, I think that Pinkerton was a great album with easily the best songs they've done: "Tired Of Sex", "Across the sea" and "El Scorcho" are good examples of this. The blue album is good but it doesn't compare with pinkerton, pinkerton has the synth going in a few songs and rivers vocals are superb, the production is also very good and suits the album well. I can understand people being dissapointed with Green Album because it's a backwards step to Pinkerton.

FiFNerf119 (June 9, 2001)

ok, i would like to congratulate the person who wrote this review in their remarkably accurate summation. This album is mediocre at best, and can not compare to either the blue album or pinkerton. For you real =w= fans out there, just listen to the b sides (the best songs weezer has ever compiled) and then listen to this album after. It leaves a feeling of disgust in your mouth. I for one am not happy with their new song writing style. Since when does =w= write songs about drugs? they sound like fuckin losers. They've been one of my favorite bands for years, and i am thoroughly dissapointed with this album. The reason the above review is excellent is because all these fucking fake weezer fans now say pinkerton sucked, and pinkerton was a flop, and so on and so forth. Pinkerton might not have sold as well as the blue album, but it was sheer musical brilliance. So creative. Anyone who can't see that should take their head out of their ass and shut the fuck up

Anonymous (June 6, 2001)

how can you say riversd vocals dont sound like him because theyre poppy? Weezer is pop. Don't confuse yourself. There's another type of denial not talked about here and that is probably what youre friend and you are doing. You've built up Weezers first two SO much t6hat nothiong copuldve satisfied your expectations. Weezer wrote catchy good pop music, nothing more, the same thing they did on the green album. Its the same denial half of bad religions fans go through whenever they rel;ease another album if its at all different, which it always is. you have to learn to grow with the band, too many people want to pigeonhole weezer as to how good they should be. Sure, its been five years, some argue they should have better songs, but most of those five years they didnt practice, and five years changes your personal taste, so maybe this was what the band wanted? Also, i dont know why ANYONE tried to review this album a second time after that other GREAT review of it, its just not worth it.

Anonymous (June 5, 2001)

The Green Album rules. Come on, how can anyone not like this album, and still like the other two? Stop complaining. And I'm NOT in "weezer denial".

Anonymous (June 5, 2001)

People should stop being morons, and realize that this album is a ten. I was skeptical the first time i listened to this album, but after a second listen I realized this whole album is awesome. If you asked me for my favorite album from Weezer, I couldn't decide between the three of them. If you liked any of Weezer's other cds, then this album has somthing to offer for you.

alkalineweezer (June 5, 2001)

well i'm sorry i cant fake like i like this album any longer...my friend matt recently informed me that i had what is called "weezer denial" in the fact that i was almost FORCING myself to like the album and to tell you the truth i'm realizing how much i really dont like it at all...how could river's call pinkerton a failure and green a success? the vocals dont even hardly sound like rivers at all because its so incredibly poppy...weezer just sounds too happy for me and thats not the thing i was waiting years to hear...the lyrics are so repetitive and boring that it makes me sick to even listen to any more...i'm sorry but people say this is possibly the best weezer album well you are wrong my friend...no one should have really expected them to be gone for 5 years and then come back with the same exact sound but everyone did anyway...oh well...i think most of the other weezer fans who are all talking about how wonderful this new album is are also in "weezer denial" and my advice is to just stop making yourself listen to the green album...just go back to listening to old pinkerton and blue and just tell yourself things will get better with the next album

stick (June 5, 2001)

i dont understand what everybody is complaining about.
The record fucking rocks, even though it sounds a bit more like 'the blue album'.. i liked that one better anyway.
but just go listen to it. it's great.
too bad the old bassist left the band though, he was a cool guy. where'd he go anyway?

Booker_Pee (June 5, 2001)

Dude, simple pages is one of the best songs they've ever done...

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