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Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four: Midwestern Songs of the AmericasMidwestern Songs of the Americas (1998)
Hopeless Records

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Contributed by: JesseJesse
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By far the best Dillinger Four CD, this record defines what all punk should have become. Intercut between it's hard rockin' gems are samples from old-timey sing along records, tying everything together in one gritty, political, witty package. You cannot fuck with this CD. O.K.F.M.D.O.A. starts.
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By far the best Dillinger Four CD, this record defines what all punk should have become. Intercut between it's hard rockin' gems are samples from old-timey sing along records, tying everything together in one gritty, political, witty package. You cannot fuck with this CD.

O.K.F.M.D.O.A. starts out the CD with a catchy anthem praising revolution and denouncing those who sit back and watch. Inventive with catchy and intelligent lyrics, it sets the stage for the entire album to blow you away. Other gems include Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole and Superpowers Enable Me to Blend In With Machinery (which to this day gives me shivers down my spine when I listen to the lyrics).

The best part about this album is that it's an intricate piece of art constructed with distorted power chords and basically simple bass lines. The drumming is handled by a guy named Monke Hustle who has a P.H.D. What I can't stress more though is that this band is INVENTIVE. They take basic punk music and give it drive, emotion, and intelligence. Their songs aren't about whining over politics, they aren't about doing drugs to drop out of society. Their songs have true meanings.

This CD will eat your face and change your opinion about punk rock forever. Buy it. And feel it's wrath. Because D4 is coming for you. And that stupid band The D4. Because they suck.


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aplomb (July 11, 2013)

I'm fucking obsessed with doublewhiskeycokenoice.

FreewaterfallJr (December 27, 2012)

Dillinger Four is one of the best punk bands around today and one the all time greats. This record shows there song writing skills,amazing lyrics and amazing sense of humor. If you have never picked this up you should do so immediately

arejaypunx (October 22, 2010)

fantaaaaaaaastic album. D4's second best behind Situationist, im my humble opinion. this 'un has some of their best tracks.

erff (January 22, 2008)

One of the funniest bands ive ever seen live and they sounded pretty solid.The best thing i like about d4 is the fact you can listen through all of their cds and not have to skip a song cause it sucks or doesnt fit with the rest. i also hope they keep delaying their new album cause itll make it that much better when it finally comes out in 2015

mike_litt69 (March 12, 2007)

i love the begining of doublewhiskeycokenoice when D4! is shouted in unison.

Flagjacket (May 4, 2005)

this was an awesome albu, dilliinger four kick ass

PetroBPettson (January 8, 2004)

"You need a Lock n' Loll Liscence!" BSD, I love you more with every post.

Anonymous (January 7, 2004)

How can you argue with a band with a song like "Kung Fu Ramone"?


PetroBPettson (January 7, 2004)

I like the Hives.....Barely Legal's a pretty good album. I liked that Jet song for about 5 minutes......until I heard it everywhere I turned. Now I hate it just like that Transplants song. Mainstream "garage" doesn't hold a candle to the less exposed, more rocking stuff though......But I still think the D4 cd is good. It's not amazing, but it's good. Rocknroll Motherfucker.......how can you argue with that?!

Anonymous (January 7, 2004)

hmm petro. i agree those thursday clones are pretty bad, like the used and shit. i dont' know which i dislike more. the gc clones are at least amusingly gay. i still stick by d4 being horrible. i like some 'garage rock' but not them or jet. the raveonettes are solid. the libertines kinda sound like the clash so they're good. the new strokes album is great, way better than the first. but jet and the hives are bad dude. the blalbalblablabbllblablb cuz i wanna! song sounds like somethng my 4 yr old sister would run around singing. I wanna! i'm svedish yah!

PetroBPettson (January 6, 2004)

I'd take another run of the mill garage band over another run of the mill Thursday or Good Charlotte clone.....which sums up damn near everthing now days....just go to the warped tour or pick up a copy of AP if you don't believe me. Both D4 and the Hives have been at it for many years with no recognition, and they aren't exactly everywhere on the scale that most "emo" bullshit is. RocknRoll Mother Fucker!

Anonymous (January 6, 2004)

yea the d4 do suck. just another run of the mill garage rock pseudo hipster band like jet or the hives. just another shit band from australia. i'd take silverchair over the d4.

dillenger 4 are sick though. midwest would be in my top 20 punk albums of all time. it has everthing that makes a great punk record, lyrics, energy, raw, catchy, poppy and heavy at the same time, big chourus' and it makes u pissed and energized at the same time. and they sing about drinking, which i love to do.

jwdanperci (January 6, 2004)

Fuck all of you Nay sayers...D4 has always and will forever kick major ass...big whoop if they cover two songs...Lets see you do better then D4 and get signed to a major label...so fuck right off with your bitch asses. Give them credit they are a great band and deserve the rating

PetroBPettson (January 6, 2004)

Yeah, fuck the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.......and Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Elvis too I guess.......It's mother fucking rocknroll, and the songs they covered kick ass. Turning new people onto Johnny Thunders and Guitar Wolf is awsome of them. Fuck Integrity, that shit's for straight edgers anyway.

Jesse (January 5, 2004)

No no, trust me, they suck. Any band that has to cover two songs for their debut major label release has no integrity as a group.

PetroBPettson (January 4, 2004)

The D4 band does NOT suck at all! Anyone who covers Johnny Thunders AND Guitar Wolf on the same album does nothing but kick ass.

Anonymous (January 3, 2004)

that stupid band the d4 DOES suck.


Anonymous (January 3, 2004)

best D4 album by far.

Anonymous (January 2, 2004)

in response to the comment below me, dillinger four have in fact been invited to join the warped tour in the past. they declined.

Anonymous (January 1, 2004)

Absolutely great album. I can't really compare any of the first three albums greatness, so I'd rank them all as number 1. Situationist Comedy gets a distant 4th. While still good, it just wasn't great.

Even though it has turned to corporate bullshit over the years, I still keep going back to the Warped Tour year after year. I've been to every one actually, including the first one with Sublime, L7, Civ, Good Riddance, NUFAN, No Doubt, Quicksand and a whole lot more. Fact is, I would be very, very disappointed if D4 was on the bill, even though it would actually make the show that much better. D4 is just so much better than that shit, and should stay away.

Did they really have marine recruiting going on??? Shit...


sk8punx4evr (December 31, 2003)

the bass is one of the best parts of this band.

Anonymous (December 31, 2003)

D4 were offered Warped tour dates a few years back per Billy Joe's request when
Green Day were on it and they said no.

They rarely tour period, the crowd at warped tour wouldn't get them anyway..

my hats off to them for declining that corporate bullshit..

CrankWillDestroy (December 30, 2003)

'why the fuck isn't this band on warped tour?'

I thought I heard that they said Warped Tour would never be something they would be a part of...

This album is pretty badass, but one complaint I have is the bass. The recording doesn't bother me that much but I think the bass is too distorted and fuzzy (i guess). It's not really a big deal but I guess I prefer the clean bass sound. When I'm listening to this album or Vs god in my car, I think the speaker is gonna blow-out b/c of the bass sometimes but whatever. I still love D4 and they should definitely do a tour with Atmosphere..

megan (December 30, 2003)

Because Warped Tour is a commercialized piece of shit tour that allows the Marines to set up recruitment booths at their shows. D4 won't even play at The Quest because it's Clear Channel.

Anonymous (December 29, 2003)

dillinger four gets five stars. stupid punkers that argue about their best record?....you get no stars...except maybe the nautical ones you and all your friends have tatted on you these days or your gay stars and straps shirts all you clones wear...fags

Anonymous (December 29, 2003)

midwestern-5 stars

situationist-5stars, but second place, slightly less catchy than midwestern, but prob. their best lyrically

versus god-4 stars, still great but not as good lyrically as the other 2 and not as hooky. still better lyrics than 99 percent of other bands out there.

REALPUNX4LIFE (December 29, 2003)

This has got a wicked lot amount of namedropping going on. Weird. And only idiots think that this isn't their best record. This is most obviously one of the best records of the last 10 years, something that Vs. God and Situationist Comedy don't even come anywhere NEAR. Seriously, there's zero comparison unless your ears are retarded. Midwestern Songs is better than you.

CallingLondon (December 29, 2003)

why the fuck isn't this band on warped tour?

Mr_Pink (December 29, 2003)

Best all-around punk band going right now. I like Situationist Comedy best based on lyrics alone, but this one is amazing too.

Jesse (December 29, 2003)

I saw D4 and Atmosphere play together for the Fobia video release. Fobia is the local skateshop here in Minnesota.

Anonymous (December 29, 2003)

i may be stupid, but i place situationist comedy in an ichiban tie with versus god, with good ole midwestern songs as a nice third. and i did get into this band before situationist comedy came out. i think dillinger four and atmosphere need to do a split.

-el vaquero

Anonymous (December 28, 2003)

id sya the order is

versus god
midwestern songs..
this shit is genius
situanist comedy

Anonymous (December 28, 2003)

i like this album best, then "this shit is genius" and then versus god

Anonymous (December 28, 2003)

well, the beer wasn't essential anyway.

Jesse (December 28, 2003)

Well, I'm going to Chicago to party it up with Megan, Katie, and Scott Punknews in a few days. That's almost Boston. And I dont' drink.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

you should just drive to boston, and we could drink a bunch of beer and rock out. seriously. i've been here two days, i don't know anybody, and its time to start a band.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

Versus god was better.

Jesse (December 27, 2003)

Sorry for not mentioning "doublewhiskeycokenoice" I didn't want to mention each song because they're all so very fucking awesome. My favorite might actually be "Portrait of the Artist as a Fucking Asshole."

I would move to Boston, but then, you know, well...probably not. I'm dying to start a band though.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

goddamn faggots with their queer shit in parenthesis

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

read 666 times

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

yeah, everyone says this is their best one. I still prefer "Versus God". Maybe its because it was the first one I heard, but i think the songs are better and the titles are way funnier.


Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

I wrote the comment below and want to add...

I don't know if this is D4's best. I think I may prefer Versus God over Midwestern. Both are amazing though, so whatever.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

I starting writing a review for this CD like a year ago but never got around to finishing it. Good there's one up now. Definitely one of the best albums ever.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

yea sick boi i'd agree. coolesnt moment in my life. lawrence arms are staying at my apt after plea for peace a year and a half ago, we put this cd on, watching bren sing along to doublewhiskycokenoice, also my favorite song. and brendens if u were wondering.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

definately in my top 10 favorite punk cd's of all time, and i've been listening for 7 yrs or so now. amazing record from start to finish. not a bad track, save maybe track 2. they definately have the best lyrics in punk today. for fans of lawrence arms, none more black, agaisnt me. hmm. for fans of the new wave of fat wreck punk, but i'd say theyre the best in the genre except for maybe the lawrence arms. nah. i'd take d4 over the arms. and thats saying alot. this album really is 5 stars.

GreenVandal (December 27, 2003)

I wanna hear this now. I never did before.

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

Good review, except there is absolutely no mention of the greatest D4 song ever....


("dun-na-na-na -na, nah-na-na..D-4!!!")

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

jesse should move to boston, and we should start a band.
this record rocks.

8dollarclarinetsolo (December 27, 2003)

i love this record, i think on this cd they truly said the most.. eh what i mean is that there are so many great quotes from the lyrics in this cd, while thier other cds the great moments are fewer and farther between, id say this is my favorite but they are all fucking great, a fucking great band

CallingLondon (December 26, 2003)

i got into D4 last year when Situationalist Comedy came out, which i wanted to buy just based on the album name. i really don't know why i havne't gotten their other stuff, but i'll be sure to pick up some more very soon.

god, there's wayyy to much music i want to get, as always.

Jesse (December 26, 2003)

This is not Jesse from The Blatz. This is Jesse that's different.

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

One of the maybe five records I'd ever consider giving a ten.

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

Great album. Vs. God was better in my fucked-up little world, but this is still beyond good.

"I'll Die the day I find I'm fucking Useless"

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

Okay is this the Jesse that is from Blatz? I know you're registered on this site!!! Because I was on your site and I think I saw a picture of you singin' in the nude.


Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

I must thank Punknews.org for this band. I fucking love them and if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't be listening to them.


- Scott the Sequel

Haggard (December 26, 2003)

These guys are hillarious.


Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

Best punk rock album of all time.

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

this shit is genius and so is this shit is genius.

sk8punx4evr (December 26, 2003)

i also prefer vs. god over this. still a damn good collection of tunes. when is d4 gonna tour/release a new album?

slippy (December 26, 2003)

everyone should buy this cd or anything else by D4 if you consider yourself into punk rock. all their releases are fucking great.

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

score is for the review (which is too abrupt and incomplete (if you don't have enough time to do a review for a record this phenomenal, then wait until you do have time or ask someone else to do it))
this album, on the other hand, epitomizes so many things punk rock today should be but isn't
everything this band does is incredible, though, so there you go

TheOneTrueBill (December 26, 2003)

don't have this one. But I really do want it.

Anonymous (December 26, 2003)

I love this album, but I still prefer "Versuse God", the tunes are just a tad catchier.


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