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The Cure: DisintegrationDisintegration (1989)
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Contributed by: RomeoRomeo
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The year of 1989, power rock and Milli Vanilli, ruled the charts (Billboard charts). Nirvana was in bloom (no pun intended) with their first album "Bleach" and Korn getting beat by their parents, don't we all know it? Don't we‚?¶

Enter - The Cure, Goth legends, released the album Disintegration. And no, this is not a Marilyn Manson or Switchblade Symphony kind of goth band (I hope you would have known this before you clicked the link for the review) This is music more along the lines of Joy Division. The previously released album Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me was a huge sucsess and sold half a million copies and Robert Smith, as always, thought The Cure would be throwing in the towel after this one. Fortunately this didn't happen, and hasn't.

Disintegration spans a whole 72 minutes, of pure emotion, spit out by Robert Smith and backed up by this albums line up. In most songs Simon Gallup uses a 6 string bass, which is rather cool, the drumbeats by Boris Williams are distinctive and powerful. And without the keyboards played out by Roger O'Donnell and Robert Smith this band would not be the same. Throughout the album various things like chimes and percussion instruments are brought to you by Laurence Tolhurst. For those of you who have never heard The Cure, this album takes some getting used to but it is nearly flawless.

Stand out tracks

"Plainsong" starts the album off, and heads straight into the Cures darkest, depressing writings since Pornography. Example "I think it's dark and it looks like rain" you said "and the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world" you said "and it's so cold it's like the cold if you were dead" and then you smiled for a second.

"Pictures of You" was inspired by a fire that burned all of Smiths most valued possessions, but he still had two pictures in his wallet that were not in the fire. The song ranges 7 minutes, but never loses your attention. As most the songs on the album are structured, an instrumental begining building up to the song. It's a rather happy sounding song about a nostalgic time.

"Love Song" is a great example of what The Cure really sounds like. The opening drumbeat overlapped with eerie keyboards brings forth a chart topping hit from the Cure. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory, but Smiths vocals make the meaning more, and that is what sets the Cure aside from everyone else.

"Lullaby" starts out with a clean guitar riff into a slow beat song. Smith sings with one of the creepiest whispers out of any singer I have ever heard. At 4 minutes and 10 seconds long it is one of the shortest songs on the album.

"Fascination Street" is the heaviest song on this album. It starts out with what sounds like a soft whisper, but from a keyboard, that leads into a profound bassline. Lyrics are a bit risqué for description, but it's a swell, enjoyable song.

"Homesick" is where the piano plays the lead roll. The piano sets out with what it is meant to do and you can feel what is being expressed with every note. And yet again, Smith's voice adds every bit of depression into the song. "And I forget when to move when my mouth is this dry and my eyes are bursting hearts in a blood stained sky"

All in all this album is one of The Cures best but it takes a bit of getting used to and the length to some songs are‚?¶ lengthy and are drawn out. Go buy this album with the money you got for Christmas to put in the bank for college, its well worth it, who needs college when you have the Cure?


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ThisIsDayOne (June 29, 2006)

this is the only album i can honestly give a 10. my parents listened to it from the time i was born (89) and its been a part of my life since.

thejewvolta (December 22, 2005)

this is my mommys favorite band
so I grew up on this
its shaped the way I live my life I can safely say
amazing band
amazing record

Anonymous (September 26, 2004)

Anonymous (September 26, 2004)

Probably my favourite album by the cure.

chrisafi (June 26, 2004)

This album is the best Cure Album in my opinion.
Pornography a close 2nd, and I would probably put wish and the New release in joint 3rd.

However, this new release could well grow on me...

Anonymous (January 19, 2004)

First, how can you say that the Cure is goth??
Secondly, why are you reviewing a CD from 1989?

Lastly, who keeps infiltrating reviews with more hype about Ryan's Hope? Weird that they should come up in a review about the Cure... I have a feeling it is one of those crazy loyal fans of Ryan's Hope.

Anonymous (January 19, 2004)

The Cure's "Lovesong" rox!People that don't listen to The Cure are fagz and don't know anythingz about good muzikz!Go out and get The Curez hitz cd itz the best trust me!

Anonymous (January 19, 2004)

The Cure Kix Ass !!!!It's all about RS hez so hot!The Cure is by far the best band ever!

Romeo (January 18, 2004)

haha, i made the name for ignorant assholes like you to try to seem cool and tell me off. haha dude you so made my day. thats awsome.

Anonymous (January 17, 2004)

The cure is not goth and the old albums are ten times better, try pornography, faith or the top. Head on the door was their last good album after that its downhill. and please stop saying that the cure is goth they are not

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

scores for a shitty name like "romeo". quit writing shitty reviews and change your name you fuckhead.

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

311 are evil and must be stopped. Those guys should be struggling for landscaping work in Southern California right now.

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

does robert plant sing for this band?

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

cure no vale verga

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)


The Cure, however, own.

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

no thanks

Anonymous (January 15, 2004)

Here is 311's new cover of Love Song. This is just damn good. Period.

http://www.freewebs.com/fifthward/311 - love song.MP3

Anonymous (January 15, 2004)

It is quite obvious from this review that you did not listen to the entire CD.

CrankWillDestroy (January 15, 2004)

Disintegration is the best album ever?

KingOfRain (January 14, 2004)

"All of This" is my favourite track on the Blink cd. Travis' drums on that one are phenomenal, and of course, Robert Smith rules like kung fu. The Cure are the best, straight out. Anyone who says they suck don't know shit about them, and to call people who listen to them fags is just ignorant. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

To agree with BSD: not goth music just bc RS wears a lotta makeup.

Anonymous (January 14, 2004)

oh robert smith. oh the cure. oh what great music. amazing album, amazing band.

p.s. have you heard robert smith on the new blink. it make the cd 10 times better.

Anonymous (January 14, 2004)

Yeah, I saw the commercial. It was one of those moments when I get really excited to hear a song I really like, and then once the song is over I realize..."ah, damnit"

Anonymous (January 14, 2004)

Has anyone seen the HP commercial with "Pictures of You" playing? Man that stinks.


Anonymous (January 14, 2004)


Anonymous (January 14, 2004)

Sorry Vandal, can't say I do...except of course, for you.

Anonymous (January 14, 2004)

Okay, I just raged about this in another string, but can we seriously cut it with calling people 'fags'? For fucksake that is SOOOOOOOO 1989.

This anti-PC shit is so boring.

"YOU'RE a Cigarette!"

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

"fuck the cure. all boys that listen to that are fags to the max."

Looks like someone's a homophobe!

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

yea, the impossibles wrote a whole song about it!

but seriously, the cure is one of the most amazing bands to ever exist. and to the guy who says the cure doesnt sound like joy division, cooome on, they do sound kinda similar, its hard to deny.

this album is, if i were rating for pitchfork, a 10 out of 10 - essential.


Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

ryans hope is a local band , or are they

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

i love that comment below, its in south park and is an impossibles song. good stuff - nigger jim

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

Disintigration is the best album ever!

Had to be said, sorry.

GreenVandal (January 13, 2004)

Havent seen ya around in a bit Janelle. Got any pefect scores comin our way soon?

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

Doesnt get much better than the cure.

PetroBPettson (January 13, 2004)

"Born to Die" by LoC is really "BOys Don't Cry.".....But ya'll probably already knew that. "Lobert Smeith, Lobert Smeith!"

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

this is the last cure album i was listening to...right on.

"Prayers For Rain" and "The Same Deep Water As You" = remarkable, nay essential

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

the head on the door. personal favorite. poppier than most other cure albums.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

The Bouncing Souls cover the Cure a lot and I don't think they are "fags to the max"

ZLNFTOC (January 13, 2004)

Nice review. You know, the Cure never went to college and look where they are today...FAMOUS!

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

fuck the cure. all boys that listen to that are fags to the max.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

other than pornography (which i slightly prefer to this one), this is the only cure album i'm really into. yeah, it drags a bit on some songs, most notably pictures of you which is a 3 minute pop song stretched out to 7 for some unknown reason. but there's a great sense of mood and excellent melodies and song-writing throughout. i give it thumbs up.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

"Enter - The Cure, Goth legends, released the album Disintegration. And no, this is not a Marilyn Manson or Switchblade Symphony kind of goth band (I hope you would have known this before you clicked the link for the review) This is music more along the lines of Joy Division."

They aren't fekkking Goth... Fer christsake... Anything slow and moody is goth? I think the goths just had NO good music, so they started saying good post punk bands were goth.


Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

sadly, i think U2 pretty much suck, so i stick by my original comment. and i'm not some dumb kid who thinks all old music sux, u2 has always rubbed me the wrong way, although i would pick joshua tree if i had to listen to one of their albums

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

"...I used to do my hair like Robert Smith, what a fruit I used to be."

Yea, used to be...

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

i would really appreciate it if everyone just fucking stopped namedropping joy division. it seems ever review i read, i see the band used in some nonsensical and arbitrary comparison.

with that said, joy division and the cure don't sound anything alike.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

"for an 80's album, this is about as good as it gets for mainstream."

U2's War and Joshua Tree.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

cure sux.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

Love cats is their best song.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

this is considered their best cd and all, and an all time classic in general, but i think the songs are just too damn long and repetitive. robert smith has a sick voice though. for an 80's album, this is about as good as it gets for mainstream.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

the cure fucking owns...

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

Damn good album, I used to do my hair like Robert Smith, what a fruit I used to be...


Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

"Kiss Me!, Kiss Me!, Kiss Me!, Kiss Me!" is better in my opinion.

Anonymous (January 13, 2004)

Fordirelifesake covers "Love Song" on a split 7", and I WANT IT.

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