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H2O: GOGO (2001)
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Contributed by: fatheadMark Williams
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Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, and a cool breeze to lighten the heat. As is the case on most days like this, I had to go to work. My personal hell is a sandwhich shop in the middle of the mall located smack dab in the middle of Lametown USA. I basically do all the work there, so I hav.
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Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, and a cool breeze to lighten the heat. As is the case on most days like this, I had to go to work. My personal hell is a sandwhich shop in the middle of the mall located smack dab in the middle of Lametown USA. I basically do all the work there, so I have two demands: I wear my hat backwards, and I listen to my music.

On my break, I took a trip to the resident, rip-off music store, because I just happened to have 14 bucks left from my paycheck. Normally, 14$ won't get you shit in this store. That's why I was astonished to see H20's new album, "GO", on sale for $12.99. I've never been the biggest H20 fan, but I do own "Thicker Than Water", I do like what I've heard from their other albums (Thanks to fatfreeradio.com and Napster) and I did manage to catch them at Warped 98. However, I was skeptical of "GO" to say the least, because of their move to MCA, and different people on different sites like this one were saying that "GO" was more poppy than anything they've ever done. After all of this was done running through my head, I looked at my watch and noticed that I was due back at hell 5 minutes ago, so I bought it, sprinted through the entire mall dodging goth kids and old folks alike, making it back just in time to get an earful from Satan herself.

It was a slow day, so I could easily get away with standing there, appearing busy, while listening to my new CD play in the back. My first impression of "GO" raised some interesting questions: "Where is the hardcore" "Why do the band photos make them look like Blink 182?" "Did I buy the right CD?"

Like I said, it was slow. After the CD ended, I immidiately started it over, just to make sure I wasn't hearing things. The second time around also raised some odd questions: "Why do they sound like Unwritten Law?" "Will I hear half of this album on the radio?" "Why the hell did they cover 'Like a Prayer'?" "Why the hell do they thank U2 in the linear notes?" "And why the hell am I already singing along?"

Once again, the album ended, and once again, I started it over. By now I was asking "Why do most of the guitar solos sound like Jughead (from Weasel) himself is playing them?" "Just how popular will H20 get?" "Is this my new favorite CD?!?"

The album starts with 'Role Model', a very catchy song with some good lyrics. Next is my favorite, 'Self Reliable', which is one of the few that actually sound a little like older H20. 'Well Behaved' is pretty decent, and 'Out of Debt' is the second best song on 'Go', with a hella-catchy guitar line and a rockin', sing-along chorus. Their new single 'Memory Lane' is next, and is a pretty good song also (they played it on Conan). 'Ripe or Rotting' sounds like old school H20, except for the vocals, and the next track, 'I want I want', seems destined for mainstream radio airplay. 'Songs Remain' is a fast song that sends the ultimate message that H20 wants everyone to know about 'Go'..."People change, but songs remain." Some of the words seem a little hypocritical, and the song gets annoying after a while. "Forest King" has some great lyrics about man's stupid urge to hunt for fun, and the music is pretty good also. "Shine the Light" sounds like a really bad hardcore anthem...or a really good pop-punk anthem, I can't really tell yet. "Repair" has some of the best music on 'Go', but for some reason, Toby's vocals are way too high pitched, and it nearly ruins the song. The closer, "Underneath the Flames" is a great tune that will most assuradly get their fans jumping for the sky. Hidden at the end is H20's version of 'Like a Prayer'. No comment. 'Go' pretty much dismissed their hardcore NYC sound and went straight for the melodic-radio-punk style. However, the album is done well enough that it sounds like melodic-radio-punk is what they've been doing since the begining. There are some awesom backing vocals, very catchy weasel-esque guitar leads and solos, and some rockin' slow downs through out 'Go', and the lyrics, though somewhat cheesy and hypocrytical at times, are pretty good as well.

I was torn in two. It had been four listens from start to finish and I still had no idea if I loved "Go", or if I hated it. On one hand, I could hate them for signing with the big boys, changing styles, and losing the cool artwork. On the other hand, I could love them because they had written some of the catchiest, most uplifting sing along songs I've heard in a long, long time. My head, along with my very tired feet, was begining to pulsate with pain. I need a sign. Something that would say either "..this is everything you hate about the music industry. pawn it and buy some beer." or " This is a well rounded, very catchy punk album with a few of the songs potentially becoming all- time favorties." I had no idea which way to lean. Love it, hate it, they both seem correct in their own way, but when I walked out the doors of the mall, my questions were answered, and my confused expression turned to a smile. It was pouring with rain.


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ifgabeldiesiwilldie (March 14, 2009)

to be honest i loved this review and i loved this cd!

randomhero323 (August 27, 2006)

love this band, not a fan of this cd..thicker than water is the best

Anonymous (April 28, 2006)

Not as bad as people make it out to be, but I never listen to this compared to Faster Than The World and Thicker Than Water. Still worth owning.

Anonymous (October 19, 2002)

agreed agreed agreed. good fucking band, good guys, great fucking live show, not so good album.

mickey d's

zeiter (July 25, 2002)

Sweet band live, this album was a dissapointment though, even songs on this album sound good live though. They should record new material live so they can get their real sound on tape.

Anonymous (March 6, 2002)

great band, shitty album.

ps: i hate senor potpurri

Patch (February 22, 2002)

big disapponitment in this album. didn't like it at all. mall chain stores could be the only place to get anything remotely good in music

Anonymous (January 14, 2002)

Why do you support mall chain stores? Thats not very punk. HA HA

Anonymous (August 27, 2001)

i saw some news about h20. they will tour with new found glory(shitty rock band). i was asking myself how a great hardcore band can tour with this pop shit but i bought their new release go and fuck this is not the good old hardcore that makes me apreciate h20. it's the deception of the year in the punk society

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

It is basicly a good album, im just to used to H2O's fast and hard-core NY style. Now they sound like just another pop-punk band.

Anonymous (June 15, 2001)

this review is great! : ) like it really much. i think i'll give that new h20 record a try. so long.

Anonymous (June 14, 2001)

this cd made me go get my old h20 cd back from the pawn shop.

IrishPunker (June 13, 2001)

This was boring as hell get a life.

sickboi (June 13, 2001)

This album contains some good songs, but is definately not there best work. Anyone who says they sold out obviously doesnt know what the hell they are talking about. Their previous stuff has always had a poppy edge to it, despite the claims of being "NYC Hradcore". So this was obviously a direction they've been heading with their music. If you have a couple extra bucks pick it up. Or wait to find it used.

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

This is a great album, I dont know how long it will be before I get tired of it,but for now its great. they've done the hardcore thing, and now this is a new direction. But really its just H2O, doing what they do best-make kick-ass music....I love singing along to there songs in my truck. I just want to know what there next album cover is gonna be like;there done with the cards.

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

I saw them on Conan O'Brian once. They didn't sound too great, but is it quite as bad in studio versions? Anyone? Hello?

-Senor Potpourri

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

That was the best review i have ever read. Truely amzing. I just bought the cd, its different, much more pop, but different can also be good.

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

the vocals dont sound anything like the old h20. way too high. i still like the first 5 songs.

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

the more i listen to this cd, the less ilike it.- fathead

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

I USED to be a big H2O fan...

Anonymous (June 11, 2001)

"and dont sell out and dont forget your ROOTS"?

Anarchy_Adam (June 10, 2001)

I dunno... If the poppy sound is the way they wanna go, all the power to them. I can't see myself listening to the album too much. I listened to it a couple times to see fi it grew on me, and it honestly hasn't. Maybe I have some issues I have to work out... blech.

Anonymous (June 10, 2001)

H2O is a really good band...this is not H2O...It's a good cd, but I prefer the old school H2O that wasn't trying to get on the radio, because face it, that's what they are trying to do...

Anonymous (June 9, 2001)

this cd blows goats!

punky (June 8, 2001)

Its a great review, but here you put the score for a cd not a review...
I've heard 5 or 6 songs...Much more poppy and polished than before.Well some of yous might like it, while the majority of their fans will hate it.

Anonymous (June 8, 2001)

I think i'm a go and buy the cd in a minute...haha.

Anonymous (June 8, 2001)

great review

Booker_Pee (June 8, 2001)

Bravo my friend, bravo. I really like that review...haven't heard the disc yet, thus the 5 rating...

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