Brand New / Straylight Run / Moneen

Brand New / Straylight Run / Moneen: live in Glasgowlive in Glasgow (2004)
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Contributed by: Mr_IanMr_Ian
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King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - stupid name, amazing venue. According to the BBC in fact, it's Britains best and I find it hard to disagree. Moneen - stupid name, average band. Now, while I knew only two songs they played, which can affect how much I enjoy a performance (though I saw both Radio 4 and B.

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - stupid name, amazing venue. According to the BBC in fact, it's Britains best and I find it hard to disagree.

Moneen - stupid name, average band. Now, while I knew only two songs they played, which can affect how much I enjoy a performance (though I saw both Radio 4 and British Sea Power in this same venue without knowing a single song and loved both shows) Moneen didn't really have the songs to make us pay attention. Sure the songs had "interesting" bits where they slowed down and then got fast and had shouty bits, but it was just too formulaic for my tastes and the majority of the audience too (which, for an emo show in Glasgow actually had a large percentage of people who could actually legally purchase alcohol - probably has something to do with the NME really talking up Brand New). However, Moneen did have some ACE merchandise, unlike Brand New who had the worst T-shirts I have ever seen any band try to make us pay £15 for...yuck.

It's been said before, but I'll reiterate - Michelle Nolan is the hottest female in the 'alternative' scene right now, and she has a decent set of pipes on her too. She sang a tune in the set that I didnt recognise as it aint available for download on the Straylight Run site, but the whole audience was totally captivated by it. They opened with 'It's For The Best' and followed with the absolutely storming 'Mistakes We Knew We Were Making' which, if there's any justice in the world, will be a number one hit across the globe upon it's proper release. Angry without being preachy, accessible without being too poppy, this is what the radio should be playing. They finished their half hour set with 'Exitentialism on Prom Night' which is possibly my favourite sad song in the whole world right now, if you don't have it go to www.straylightrun.com and download it NOW. If you were to describe SR's music to anyone you'd likely say "piano and guitar based emo...but NOTHING like Something Corporate, seriously"

Finally our headliners Brand New arrived on stage, much to the delight of the crowd and immediately went into 'Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't' which was very good but Jesse's voice strained a lot and got really, really whiny...almost irritatingly so. This was a problem throughout the gig, as well as the fact that Jesse had a look on his face the whole time like he really couldn't be arsed being there, regardless of his hollow "we're real excited to be in Scotland again." The crowd ate it up with a spoon however and the tracks off the much more intricate and slightly darker album Deja Entendu, like The Quiet Things...and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot all went down a treat. Tracks off of the much poppier (and vastly inferior) Your Favourite Weapon were not as well known bar the single 'Jude Law and a Semester Abroad'. They closed their mildly disappointing set with forthcoming single 'Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades.'

Before the show I was a massive Brand New fan but now, thanks to Jesse coming across as a complete tit I have to strike another band off of my 'worship' list (the other being Dashboard Confessional after Chris Carraba was an absolute wanker at a gig he played here last december). Straylight Run were worth the entrance fee alone though.


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Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

a review is only supposed to be someone's opinion, and if you have a huge problem with it then don't bother reading it! i'm sorry but you can say you like a band without having to slag off the poor guy who said he didn't for god's sake! it was a good review although i still like brand new and would go and see them again.

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

Anonymous (February 6, 2004)

"He is passionate about weed"

there's nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

michelle nolan needs to eat a few sandwiches...she's scary skinny...not as hot in person

sarah from murder by death is 10 times hotter

Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

Jesse Lacey looks at himself in the mirror, while he bones girls who get naked because they think he is passionate. He is passionate about weed, expensive vintage clothes, status, and Playstation 2.

Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

that is pretty harsh i mean dashboard was never good but lacey is awsome i think u need to show a little appreciation for them. be happy they are over there i wish they were where i live. and kenny from moneen is probably one of the sweets guys iv ever met and chris is crazy at the shows. so lets not be so harsh now.

Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

So when is Victory going to put out Straylight Run'sdebut album?

Shit needs to be released to the masses.


Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

Ok, ok, ok, you don't shag sheep in scotland. I get it! So settle down. You make love to sheep in scotland. Feel better?

mikeinflames (February 4, 2004)

That score is for the waste of sperm that is Brand New
Brand New has sex with Phoenix TX

Anonymous (February 4, 2004)

Fuck You! I live in Scotland and we don't shag sheep! Thats the kind of comment a pussy ass little bitch will make when he's too scared to get into a real fight! Come to Glasgow and ill show you what it feels like to get kicked in the balls over and over again until they bleed!

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

I think you guys suck John Nolans balls a little too much- take it down a notch-
He's a great musician, but please refrain from using god-like references- you guys over hype the shit out of this guy

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

Who cares what you call Straylight Run. The real point is they're fucking incredible. John Nolan is gold, every band he touches is amazing.

Katie4213 (February 2, 2004)

the straylight run kinda put me to sleep when i saw them. moneen is always fun. brand new is pretty fun too.

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

while i like brand news latest cd, their live show has seriously suffered- their shows used to be nuts, now everyne just stands around and cries- no more energy there- and does anyone else think that the lead singer of brand new doesnt give a fuck about the shows anymore? i saw them on their last tour and the whole time he looked like he didnt want to be there- doesnt matter that much, their cd is still great but i wont see them again
moneen.... never gave them a chance, no comment
straylight run- some songs are really good, some are down right boring- they'll do well thanks to the internet, but i dont see this lasting for too long

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

Hard to believe you 'worshipped' Dashboard Confessional but write off Moneen as formulaic.

Sycophant. You impress noone.

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

I was at the gig and Brand New started off badly, and I don't think the songs from Deja Entendu were as good as the older stuff.

Moneen were awesome, but Straylight Run were very crap!

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

oh fuck off ian

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

Oh man, Squirrel Bait was sooooo much better than this crap.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

Hey, I wrote the review and, while I can take critiscism - some of the shit people write here is soooo stupid.
1) Yes, I could get a moneen album if I wanted to, but I downloaded a couple songs and didnt like them, so why bother? If I didnt comment on them playing though, some asshole would say "what about moneen? they rule, go canada, yay!" I was simply being honest about not knowing them, why pretend I know everything about every band on a bill? Seeing a band live is an awesome way to decide if you like them or not and i decided to...not.

2)Yeah, I post reviews here because it makes me look *so* cool to girls. The reviews on this site are helpful if they are well written, which I think mine was, and written by someone who is passionate about music - which I certainly am. I'm being accused of knowing nothing about music cos I didnt know what size of jockstrap the drummer in Moneen has...and I'm not a "kid" either. grrrrrrr

3) Whoever wrote 'run the gamut' rules, such a cool phrase.

4) Scotland (well just Glasgow really) is a lot of bands favourite places to play and I have never shagged a sheep...yet.

rant over, feel free to crtiscise more.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

michelle nolan has some pipes in her...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

i'd be pissed playing in scotland too...what with all the sheep shagging going on in the crowd..worse than a bunch of welshman for the love of god!

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

I wouldn't say straylight run is guitar and piano emo. i would say they play indie pop/rock, that runs the gamut from being punchy at times to being lush and dreamy at others

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

straylight run is the bee's knees

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

i like this review, i like moneen too but i don't think it was mentioned much so stop being picky.

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

it's called credibility if you want to be a respected reviewer do your homework. you could make any comments good or bad about a band as long as you have some sort of knowledge to back it up, but almost no one that reviews on this website does. just a bunch of kids that go to a show and think it would be really cool if they reviewed it for punknews.org. this brings up the question then why do they even have these reviews? most reviewers here have no real knowledge of music yet people are finding out and possiblying basing their opinion of a band on one of these reviews it's asinine.

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

who cares? he didn't go to the show to see moneen, they were an opener.

and you'd all be fucking lying if you said that you knew every opener band at every show you had been to.

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

i live in glasgow too, and its not too hard to get a hold of their records

rhythm (January 30, 2004)

yeah, um, in case you didn't realize, most cds are reviewed with out prior introduction to the reviewer. pull the stick out of your ass, jackass.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

"leave him alone- he lives in glasgow where its prolly hard to get moneen records...and he stated in the review he had never really heard them, hes giving his opinion."

leave him alone? he posted a review of a band that he had never really heard of before seeing them. he's fair game for any ridicule that comes his way.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)


Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

leave him alone- he lives in glasgow where its prolly hard to get moneen records...and he stated in the review he had never really heard them, hes giving his opinion.

so formulaic formulaic chill out...too many negative commenters out there...YOU write a review biyotch!

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

moneen? too formulaic? formulaic!? are you serious. have you listened to "are we really happy with who we are right now?", or "the theory of harmonial value"? i suggest you do, then we'll see if you think it's formulaic.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

why do you review such bad gigs

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

you liked 1 bands preformance and you gave the show a 3.5? you must not get a lot. and straylight run is poppier than britney spears for christ sakes, and as long as were on the topic of britney spears... she makes alternative music that while i dislike it, shes MUCH hotter than michelle nolan. and ya... crappy review tit

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

Wait a minute...you went to a Dashboard Confessional show and expected to get something out of it?

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