Deadsure - From Your Head to Your Sacrum (Cover Artwork)


Deadsure: From Your Head to Your SacrumFrom Your Head to Your Sacrum (2003)
No Idea Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: JesseJesse
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The first listen through this CD, I wasn't very impressed. It sounded to me like a more interesting version of Snapcase, with more melodic breakdowns. Now as I'm going through it again, I think I'm liking it more and more. I definitely feel a Fugazi influence when I listen to it. Vocals rang.
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The first listen through this CD, I wasn't very impressed. It sounded to me like a more interesting version of Snapcase, with more melodic breakdowns. Now as I'm going through it again, I think I'm liking it more and more.

I definitely feel a Fugazi influence when I listen to it. Vocals range from speaking to shouting to screaming, but generally tend to remind me of Snapcase. The guy can't really sing, but hey, this isn't a requirement for hardcore. The bass lines generally follow a groove pattern that's accompanied by the drums (which I might add rip-it up). The drumming on this recording is near flawless. The beats are interesting, the fills are perfectly in time, and in general the drumming fits as a part of the sound as a whole instead of sticking out as accompaniment. My only problems with the musicianship is that the bass lines get tired after awhile when they're stuck in a groove, and the guitars don't amaze me with what they're playing.

The production on this record is decent. It's much better than a lot of stuff I've heard, but it doesn't make me say, "Holy Shit!" like other records. This hurts the guitars I think, as they sound too muddy at times for the harmonies they're trying to hit. Drums seem a bit quiet at times. Vocals are recorded really well.

And now, onto the song list:

track 1-The Best Stomachs- A good opening track. It starts out with a badass drum riff recorded fuzzy, then builds with the entire band coming it to break into a big hardcore rockfest about 30 seconds in. Again, the bass lines are neat, but get really old after awhile.

track 2- oh1/oh2- Decent track...but the bass line really gets boring. Highlights include a screaming of "She's got a little secret!"

track 3-High Maintenance- Starts out rocking, but seems blurry, too fuzzy. The vocals are spoken mostly during this song and that departs from it being good. Hightlight-stop time while the bass cranks out a true fuzz hardcore riff.

track 4-Fortune- This is a slower track. Starts out with a cool drum line at the beginning, but really, worst track on the CD. Really melodic, and doesn't do anything else...
track 5-I Am Southwest- My favorite track on this CD. It starts out rocking, and breaks down with an awesome bassline that isn't too repetitive while the guitars rock a sweet riff. When it breaks out hard, it breaks hard. This is what I call a "face-eater." This track will eat your face.

track 6-Never Chop Your Rope By this time, you've already heard what Deadsure has to offer, and all the songs start to bleed together. Has a cool palm-muting breakdown 6/8 time signature change for a few measures. After that, not much. Kinda reminds me of Hot Water Music at times, but a bad Hot Water Music.

Overall, I'm giving this CD a 7. It's good. In fact, it's pretty damn good. The only thing is is that it gets old (much like me telling you it gets old). I suggest this for people who are in love with Snapcase, but are too scenster to admit it, so they're looking for a more underground band to worship.


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Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

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whatever you answer, i was going to ask to fuck you in your ass.

Anonymous (February 5, 2004)

Hey jesse are you like pat from saturday night live? Are you a boy or a girl??? Do you have an innie or an outie? Maybe you look like a girl and you have a dick, or you look like a dude and have a warm moist place?

Jesse (February 3, 2004)

Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldnt've started a fight. I'm just really depressed feeling right now.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

and to add what does it matter if i go make an account and post as randomdipshit182, you still dont know who i am. Is it gonna give my message board ramblings more credit? you people take message boards to serious

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

"seriously though, i'm sorry

"ok fine, i admit it. i am an idiot. i am also racist and hate black people.

Twat is bipolar Jesse. Your are overly defensive. Just had to straighten out who gets what mental condition.

I actually liked your review though.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

I think when you try to jump into a game your not playing you always lose.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

the original comment wasnt directed at you. It was directed at the guy below your comment that signs his name Twat. Note how I called the guy twat and not jesse.

Jesse (February 3, 2004)

A)Who the hell are you? Anonymous posting is stupid. B)When have I ever said I'm sorry? I don't apologize. Never have, never will.

This score is for me always being right. Don't believe me? Read a few posts down where the singer of the band talks about this review being great. Ha. Now go, leave me alone. You lose.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

"I only pick fights when people disagree with me. Just like you."

Im secure enough with my opinions to not fight people when they disagree

so lets skip the name calling and you can go ahead and say your sorry

Jesse (February 3, 2004)

Who's picking a fight where? This score's for fighting people who call me a bi-polar twat.

I only pick fights when people disagree with me. Just like you.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)


anyone remember the Blaaaarg! 7 inch? It was all power violence and grindcore bands doing songs that were just a few seconds long. It fucking ruled.

Anonymous (February 3, 2004)

Are you bipolar Twat?
You pick a fight and then you say your sorry in the last 2 reviews I read.

Jesse (February 2, 2004)

This score is for awesome guys in bands who take criticism for the best of it. You rock man.

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

Man, i wish all interviews (or even 10%) were written with this much analysis and relevant opinion. It was like a freakin' term paper. Hmmm, i wonder if your in college. I really cant argue with a thing you said. In fact, i've said pretty much all that too but it tends to resonate more when it comes from outside the family. Damn, I look forward to transcending that snapcase comparison. It might be fair but it sure makes me wince (blarg!). Thanks to you jesse for actually writing a record review.

ryan (singer for deadsure who is not the son of james osterberg)

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

seriously though, i'm sorry

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

ok fine, i admit it. i am an idiot. i am also racist and hate black people.

Anonymous (February 2, 2004)

My score is for the comment right below me.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

My daddy was a roadie for the stooges! My daddy can beat up your daddy! Wahhhh wahhhh. You sound like a goddamn 10 year old. Your dad is a fucking bitch.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

who cares what your dad did...you can still compare iggy's stage presence to the singer of this band if that's what you want to do.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

did i say he was exactly like iggy? no. so shut you face buttwhore. my dad was a roadie for the stooges from 1970 to 1972 and i know ALL about iggy, you fucking poser.

Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

"I'm tattooed from neck to nuts!

-michael caine"

hilarious. i love the conan o'brien show.


Anonymous (February 1, 2004)

Stop comparing whack ass shit like this to the stooges and zep. There is only one iggy. Dumbshit.

Anonymous (January 31, 2004)

the singer has an amazing stage presence (reminds me a lot of iggy in his early days). i haven't heard this c.d., but seeing them live is great. my band played with these guys and they are really hice, humble lads. good to see them reviewed on here.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

so in other words... from your head to your sacred ass bone... sweet

maverick (January 30, 2004)

Sacrum is also latin for "sacred."


Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

I'm tattooed from neck to nuts!

-michael caine

- (January 30, 2004)

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1. A triangular bone made up of five fused vertebrae and forming the posterior section of the pelvis.

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exhaustra (January 30, 2004)

snapcase? no. but a decent new band from the vocalist of sparkmarker fame.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

What's a sacrum?

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

that would have been an awesome title.

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

Wow, I thought it was called "From Your Head to Your Scrotum."

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