Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (Cover Artwork)

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!: Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (2004)
Polyvinyl Records

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: maverickScott
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Exclamation points are a dangerous thing. They imply spontaneity. They imply energy. They imply dancability. They imply an inherent quality of fun. Look at Against Me!, Tora! Tora! Torrance!, or !!!. They all fulfill at least a few of those requirements. The question at hand is, does Volcano,.
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Exclamation points are a dangerous thing. They imply spontaneity. They imply energy. They imply dancability. They imply an inherent quality of fun. Look at Against Me!, Tora! Tora! Torrance!, or !!!. They all fulfill at least a few of those requirements. The question at hand is, does Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! live up to their exclamation points?

The answer is yes. Or even yes!!, rather.

VISE!! are a trio of Bostonians forgoing the typical guitar/bass/drums lineup in favor of writing quirky, dancy pop songs heavy on the keyboard melody and vocal harmonies. "Trunk Of My Car" starts out a capella and showcases the band's vocal abilities, which later creep up in album closer "Two Exclamation Points." These cats can sing - what a concept![!]

Even though there's no bass, you never really miss it. The trio is adept enough at their instruments to flesh out each song's sound without worrying about the low end. A pogo-stomp such as "In Green" doesn't need bass to make it bouncy; your foot will do the trick.

VISE!! shows their more experimental side on the album as well using piano interludes as well as an ambitious "Byron's 24th Christmas," recorded with the Orchestra of the City College of New York. It's definitely a highlight among the highlights.

VISE!! are doing something special here, and it is worthy of your attention. It's not meant to be silly, over-the-top, or exaggerated - the band really backs up their two exclamation points with pride and talent. One of the best records of 2004, thus far.

2nd Gun
Trunk Of My Car
In Green


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Anonymous (December 31, 2004)

The song "In Green" on the Polyvinyl sampler sucks.


Anonymous (February 24, 2004)

pitchforkmedia.com's rating - 5.5

Anonymous (February 21, 2004)

This has got to be THE WORST band name ever. Seriously... It is unusual, but that doesn't keep it from being abysmally retarded.

dignin (February 20, 2004)

nope, he's just retarded.

Anonymous (February 20, 2004)

wow.. i think he snapped.

poopypants (February 20, 2004)

i want no art noise. i want no mars music. no votas. no 2 song sets that last forever. no jamming. no hippies. no nononnono . NONONONONONONONOON> i want skaband core. i want you to listen to me. i wnat you to care about me. i hate you

poopypants (February 20, 2004)

whats it sound like? and this isnt punk news its emofag!!!.com right? i'm still excited!!! i have a chubby from all the emo fag bands that everyone sucks off on this site. ie. postal service, bright eyes. review me. i'm excited. i can play a casio and sound important. i'm q and not u and not atdi and not modest. i'm not even fugazi. i'm nonsense man. i want ska. i want fat punk. i want what you all have forgotten. give me buck o 9!!

i refuse to idly stand by. i am here for your tight jeans. i'm here for your tattoos and black hair. i'm here to make you fat like me. i wnat you to eat more. i want you to wear leather.

i don't want casualties. i don't want to exchange causual pleasantries. i want no screamo anymore. no story of the week.

i want no dork core. no space man music. no cokehead and cambria. no silent level 3 dungeaons and dragosn on mars stupid shit. i dont' want anoher blue album re-release.

i want you to be mad. i want you to stop reading internet stuff. i want your band to get drunk and do something. i wnat you to play loud songs and not care.

i want pop punk to be ok. i want emo to be ok but made fun of. i want no casualties.

thank you,

paul. aka. cawknocker aka poopypants.

i must paste this here. you must eat. you must stop writing importants songs. i think this is dumb music band. no one likes you.

poopypants (February 20, 2004)

i don't care what anyone says, that new 1208 cd is great, it reminds me of why i fell in love with punk music in the first place (ie. pennywise, nofx, lagwagon). i know alot of people think its stupid pop fat punk, whatever, i enjoy it for what it is.

this stuff just looks like the hipster garbage that everyone is getting into these days cuz its not cool to listen to shit like 1208 anymore...this stuff is just sooo much more refined and out there and in the now. fuck.

Anonymous (February 20, 2004)

wow, thats the lamest keyboardist ever, the most whiney out of key singing, and the most boring guitarist ever. this is one of the bands that you have to sit thru at a show cause all the "artsy" kids pretend to "get it" when in reality its simple non talented bullshit. These guys need music lessons and a course on creativity.

Anonymous (February 20, 2004)

dude.. just cause your bud's "punk" mohawk scrapes your balls when he's eating out your asshole doesn't mean that you should take out your frustration on indie kids or this band. Take it out on people that deserve it like.. screamo bands... and that PetroBPetSons dumbshit.

Anonymous (February 20, 2004)

Is this review for real?

Pure shit. Any band that has a keyboardist should be shot.

I think my ears are bleeding from this hippy indie rock bullshit. God damn, i think my hair is getting longer, blacker, and more oily. God damnit my jeans are getting tighter.....

okay, that was stupid but you get the point. This band deserves cancer of both testicles.

jwinter (February 19, 2004)

As the songs get systematically wedged into my brain, i'm enjoying this CD more. It's a quality CD but nothing too amazing.

Anonymous (February 19, 2004)

damn scott i bought this cd and i dont like it too much =(

Anonymous (February 18, 2004)

yea that sucked that the unicorns ended their set early b.c of a fight..they didnt even play tuff ghost..the weekend was great nontheless

Anonymous (February 18, 2004)

By the way they are really good. Does their name really matter that much anyway? Is it really bad in the first place? The fact that the worst thing that you found about them is their name proves their talent.

i dont hear the name singing, writing or playing.

Anonymous (February 18, 2004)

anonymous i also saw sage francis, the non-profits, the unicorns, and modest mouse this weekend..ya miami lol..all of which were amazing shows other than the unicorns little fight at the end.

dignin (February 18, 2004)

I wouldn't characterize weakerthans as "weird" of "fruity," I haven' heard this band so I can't comment on them. And poopypants, you've proved yourself a hypocrite and a dumbass, go home.

poopypants (February 18, 2004)

and why are they still excited!!! i'm excited!!! and why does scott think everything weird and fruity is 'important'. like the weaker thans. goddammit i'm angry today. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. fuck fuck fuck . fuck. i'm important. reveiw me. review my nuts.

poopypants (February 18, 2004)

well thats cuz i'm a know it all asshole buddy. and theres plenty more people just like me floating around here. just one big net nerd family of know it alls and pretentious assholes.

i think theyre name is pretentious cuz its got exclamation points and shit. its just too damn artsy of a title. and i know they don't have varied instrumentation, but i hear they're music is all kinds of wacky.

so fuck you anonymous guy, i am an asshole. fuck all of you. every last one of you.

Anonymous (February 18, 2004)

"we need to get back to the basics a little"

Are you kidding me.. this band consists of a guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist (who used to play guitar but got tendonitis) How much more basic can you get?!

And pretentious? I don't know how a name can be pretentious.. by itself.. unless it explicitly declares their pretensions. Like "Best Band in the World" or "We Rock". I do not see how "Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!" is pretentious. Ironically... if you want a good example of being pretentious... take a look at your own post. It's arrogant and written in a very "know-it-all" tone.

Anonymous (February 18, 2004)


Travis (February 18, 2004)

thats awesome that pony played with them. my best friend from high school is in pony. go them go.

poopypants (February 18, 2004)

sounds lame as shit. music is getting way too fruity, we need to get back to the basics a little. and can't bands come up with decent names anymore, christ these guys name alone screams pretention.

CrankWillDestroy (February 18, 2004)

I can't get into this. I'm lame, I know.

Oh man, and I cannot wait to see NonProphets. You lucky bastard. I should just go buy my ticket tomorrow so it doesn't sell out on me.

dignin (February 18, 2004)

damn you to Hell. How are the unicorns live, you should write a review.

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

This weekend I saw The Helio Sequence, Modest Mouse, The Unicorns, and Sage Francis/ non-prophets live...i dare anyone to try to top that

Hulka (February 17, 2004)

Anyone else think bands with commas in their names should get over themselves?

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

I don't get the music. My ears bleed when I try to listen to "2nd Gun." I think it's too deep for me. The only thing that entertained me was imagining them play live, seeing one guy jam the two different keys on the Casio keyboard. Or hitting the "Rhumba Beat" button; either way.

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

These guys sound really good

_Sexy_Pants_ (February 17, 2004)

Let's not forget the danceable and exciting Agenda! who overuse exclamation points more than anybody. Actually, if you've heard them I fully allow you to forget them.

How do you say this band's name anyway? An exclamation point and a comma makes it pretty hard

jwinter (February 17, 2004)

I picked this up today and popped it in on the way to work. Not too impressed so far. I liked maybe two songs, but otherwise it was a lotta white noise, and since im seriously sleep deprived, that's not good. I'll listen to the second half on the ride home, but so far... meh.

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

Yeah they played with Pony and We Ragazzi the other night at the empty bottle. Pony was awesome. I didn't dig We Ragazzi that much although I can see why people do.
-Guy on Hoyne

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

don't forget gravy train!!!!

best band name ever.

and after listening to these mp3s, i am definitely getting this.

Travis (February 17, 2004)

wait, did someone say that pony played with these guys?

Travis (February 17, 2004)

this album is pretty good, but i bet most people will forget it by the time it comes to making top lists of the year.

greg6711 (February 17, 2004)

can anyone tell me how to swtich from Windows Media Player to Real Player?

I accidently set it to play windows media player every time, but I prefer real player

sk8punx4evr (February 17, 2004)

i played "mostly on an island" on my radio show today. nice tunes, i'll probably pick this up.

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

Hey Scott, did you go see these guys at the empty bottle? I'm asking becuase I thought they were just fucking awful. I wanted to give them a chance becuase they seemed like alright guys but god damned, I mean the drummer holding up a sign that said love? The finger holding in the air? The Volcano I'm Still Excited song? Oh and Pony killed them. Thats just what I thought though.
-Guy who lives on Hoyne

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

I can't see what the fuss is all about... these guys sound incredibly bad, whiny, slow, and annoying to me. Where's Good Riddance when you need them?

Anonymous (February 17, 2004)

crapitty-crap crap crap.

hungryjoe (February 17, 2004)

godspeed you black emperor! (or gy!be, whichever you prefer) are neither dancable nor fun. But they are damn good, so I'll let you get away with your generalization of ! bands.

kirbypuckett (February 17, 2004)

You guys need to buy this record and see this band live, trust me.

- Kirby

xmolemanx (February 17, 2004)

Haven't picked this up yet, but if they're better than the versions on carbon copy, I sense a contender for album of the year.

Nice guys too.

thriceequalsgod (February 17, 2004)

i def. need to pick this shit up

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