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Bad Religion: SufferSuffer (1988)
Bad Religion

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Contributed by: AtomicGardenAtomicGarden
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There has been a mix of brand new reviews, to the classic punk rock album to the brand new ones released. I've figured its about time I reviewed something classic - and this album is the perfect one to do. As Fat Mike put it, this was "the album to change everything". While I'm not a punk histo.
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There has been a mix of brand new reviews, to the classic punk rock album to the brand new ones released. I've figured its about time I reviewed something classic - and this album is the perfect one to do.

As Fat Mike put it, this was "the album to change everything". While I'm not a punk historian, I'd have to agree. This ushered in the "modern" style of punk, which deeply influenced modern bands like [insert almost any punk band from the 90's SoCal scene].

The influential aspect to this album deserves a score of "11" itself, but what about the actual music? To tell you the truth, when I became a fan of Bad Religion, my favorite albums were Against the Grain and Generator. Their earlier works like No Control and Suffer actually had to grow on me, but that's simply because I didn't give it a chance. Let me tell you that little story... when I first got into punk rock, it was from listening to The Offspring's Americana (one of the worst albums ever made, ever, which is ironic). Then, while walking into the hardcore punk rock store known as "Fred Meyer", I saw Bad Religion's ALL AGES CD on sale for $9.99! I bought it, and the rest is history. Anyway, the reason I bring that up is because there were only two (maybe three) songs on Suffer, and I thought they were too simple, too plain sounding. Their later Epitaph albums seemed to be a lot, well, deeper sounding.

I've come to realize Suffer's brilliance though, and part of it was it's simplicity. This was a groundbreaking album, and yet its very simple. So now I actually appreciated the album, but I still didn't enjoy it that much.

Finally, I decided to really sit down and listen to it - each song with all my attention focused on it, because it was a Sunday morning and I was bored. It starts out with "You Are (The Government)", which I immediately enjoy since it was on the ALL AGES compilation (which, if you don't know, is just a 20-or-so song cd of their best songs on Epitaph, put together by Mr Brett in 1995 or so). The rest of the songs sort of blend together in my head until I hear "Suffer", which was also on ALL AGES. Again, the rest blend together until I finally hear "Do What You Want", the third song on that compilation. But as I listened to that album, the songs that blended together... they started to sound more like individual songs to me. So I decided to listen to it again, only this time with the lyrics in my hand. Singing along furiously, I realized the brilliant lyrics was one of the reasons this band stands alone as one of the greatest of all time.

Now, I'm listening to this album 3 times a day just like it's brand new and I've never heard it before. I'm completely addicted, and each time I listen I wonder to myself: "how did I not fall in love with this album the first time I heard it?". I really can't answer this.

Every single song is perfect, but in a different way. While I still think "Against the Grain" (1990) is their greatest effort, this is a fucking incredible album... and of course, it was the effort that changed everything.


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Razzle (February 1, 2014)

Great album. Probably the best work
they have.

sean021122 (February 29, 2012)

They sold out on this one and never came back. Avoid this and everything after it. Thank you, drive through.

sean021122 (February 29, 2012)

Total fucking crap. Total fucking crap. yes total fucking cokc sucking crap. Overrrated, overprduced, overhyped piece of shit that further tarnished bad religion's legacy and recruited all the sad lame wanna be mall poser hot topic punks as listeners. As well as all the adult oriented radio baby boomers who wanted something melodic yet "edgy". Stick with their first ep/how could hell be any fucking worse/into the unknown/back from known/ 80-85 material and you won't ever need anything else by this band. Your ears will thank you!

KurtRamone (December 21, 2010)

Hey, I liked Americana. Not as good as Smash or Ignition or Ixnay, but better then self-titled and Rise and Fall.
Anyway, SOLID FUCKING ALBUM. Amazing melodic hardcore.

StandAlone (October 3, 2009)

I love how every song on this album is intense... and can only be described as Bad Religion.

tjrocks12 (February 11, 2007)

alright, i got this. its pretty good. Bad Religion is so unique its kinda hard to rate them on any real scale. sometimes the desparity and intellectuality can get overdone. but the album artwork is awesome. and for the lyrics sheet they wrote the lyrics entire lyrics out on one wall somewhere and took a picture.

tjrocks12 (February 9, 2007)

i think i'll buy this tomorrow

fletcher70 (October 19, 2006)

bad religion bounced back with this....back from the unknown!!brilliant album

Anonymous (April 26, 2006)

it was really good but it dosent compare to no control, dont think any of the songs stand out except for "do what you want"

miff (January 31, 2006)

yeh the person below may be the same person but if not u still have a silly point of view
i wont make u change it ofcourse as its your view but i would deffinitely recomend reconsidering

Anonymous (January 9, 2006)

no no control was better listen to it, this suffer dosent sound as good it has some slow songs and a horrible guitar solo in one of them it is a good cd through

miff (December 22, 2005)

ignore the person below me they lie

Anonymous (December 14, 2005)

no control is better!!!!

miff (November 20, 2005)

how the fuck could surfer not be based on suffer

Anonymous (January 23, 2005)

Bad religion kicks so much ass. they are one of the best bands which ive ever heard. In my opinion when suffer first came out it was ahead of its time. I think that if you like this you should check out their new CD "The Empire Strikes First".
and if you dont ike bad religion's theory on religions then dont listen 2 them.

Anonymous (January 7, 2005)

does anyone else need to check a dictionary when they listen to BR albums?

i think he likes to make long words up to make him seem intelligent

Not that Greg having a Phd has anything to do with it.

Greg writing an unbelievable thesis, that can't be it...

Greg teaching college classes? Nope

You must be right, BR are really ignorant fucks trying to pass off as intelligent. Brilliant.

chan_e (October 16, 2004)

this is my favorite one too. somehow I can't get past how this band wants to be the beach boys with political ideas. it's still great though.

Anonymous (June 28, 2004)

Best BR album ever.

Anonymous (February 4, 2004)

does anyone else need to check a dictionary when they listen to BR albums?

i think he likes to make long words up to make him seem intelligent

Anonymous (January 16, 2004)

This was my first BR Album and I still think one of their best

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

That is the thing with BR. I love everything they have ever done but never when I first heard it....There songs have this strange power and addictiveness that will get you after a couple listens. At first there all kind of the same but with repeat listening they all turn into something unique.

M4CH1N3 (January 31, 2003)

Very good review, amazing album.
This album is the first of its kind, and influenced every bands I listen to., it's really the roots of all I like in punk rock, much more than the Sex Pistols or the Ramones. Punk evolves, what's the next step?

Anonymous (December 18, 2002)

that was the worst piece of english ive ever seen

Anonymous (December 18, 2002)

"Have you guys seen the NOFX 'surfer' record? Obviously Bad Religion has no shame for blatantly stealing the cover and name?" Uh??? this is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. if someone release an album in the with a similar name to "life won't wait" e.g. will you say rancid stole him from them?
p.s. I actually think nofx admited "surfer" was based on "suffer".

By the way this album deserves the maximum score (as almost every bad religion ones do)

Anonymous (July 7, 2002)

Yeah, I always thought he said "SICK COW" too.

Incredibly simplistic by todays terms, but revolutionary in 1987. Great album.

waste_elite (June 5, 2002)

oh yeah, nobody mentioned the album art! that cover has gotta be the coolest thing i have ever seen. any suburban punk can relate. priceless.

waste_elite (June 5, 2002)

this is my favortie BR album. there's just something about it that i love. i don't know what it is but it's fucking incredible.

still, i wanna know what he yells in "delerium of disorder". sounds like "SICK COW!". dunno...

Anonymous (May 23, 2002)

Shit, I didn't know you reviewed stuff here damien.... great album and good review. So americana got ya into punk? Well I guess that makes me twice as punk as fuck as you, since it was smash that got me into punk, oh, and Stranger than Fiction too... heard "shades of truth" on the radio and liked BR ever since. So when are you going to review some SELF-INDUCED shit? mmmm... self promotion.... tasty... well I've got to go put on my punk as fuck vans and listen to my punk as fuck mxpx records, cya.

Maestro (March 27, 2002)

The beginning of the holy trilogy - no my favourite album of the 3, but still damn good.

Anonymous (March 5, 2002)

two things here. i'm hoping that the lawrence guy was joking but in case he wasn't, the title of the nofx album "surfer" and it's cover were meant as parodies of "suffer". it was a joke. and im not quite sure what that one guys rant was about BR hating christians and jews was all about. first BR has never knocked judaism as far as i know, and their "crossbuster" logo is meant as an anti-religious thing, not a specifically anti-christian thing. even if it is meant as an anti-xian thing, who cares? if any punk has had problems with a religious faction, it's christianity. i know i have. growing up in a christian school and raised in a christian church, i've seen it for what it really is. it's like religious fascism. they're fucking nazis. i could rant on about it for hours but i won't for your sake. still, it is incredibly distressing.

excellent album by the way.

Anonymous (January 5, 2002)

you dumb fuck larry lawrence

Anonymous (January 1, 2002)

Cant wait for the new album to come out

Anonymous (November 18, 2001)

You know what, Larry and Rory, go jack around on your word processor, not reviews like this. "Surfer" was recorded this year. "Suffer" was recorded thirteen years ago. How the hell are they techno? Got to hell, all of you!

Larry_Lawrence (November 6, 2001)

Have you guys seen the NOFX 'surfer' record? Obviously Bad Religion has no shame for blatantly stealing the cover and name? What's next? Will they steal AFI's 'Very proud of ya' and make it 'so prided to be you'? Of course, AFI totally sucks, so this probably won't happen, but you get the idea...


friends don't let friends drive domestics.

Anonymous (November 3, 2001)

Now I've heard bad techno, but this album takes the cake. I thought the whole rave scene was over. I guess not.


Anonymous (October 18, 2001)

Good Times -SaYnE GuY

Anonymous (October 14, 2001)

Well at least I'm not the only one that hates BR... Why is it so cool to only hate Christians and Jews when they say they're against all religions? Where are the derogatory references to Buddhists or Muslims? Jehovah's Witnesses? I just don't see what's wrong with the only religions that aren't trying to convert everyone on the planet by conquering it (Cough, the Jihad) or going door-to-door to convert you (Cough, Jehovah's Witnesses).

Anonymous (July 1, 2001)

Why are Bad Religion like Gods these days? Go to ANY punk concert and there will always be at least one person with a Bad Religion shirt on. I dont think I could ever talk shit about them, sure some of their albums have been mis-steps, but look at where all the other bands from their era are? Dead Kennedys, gone. Black Flag, gone. Minor Threat, gone. X, gone. Minutemen, gone. Germs, gone. Fear, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks are all just still on & off touring for nostalgia. Only a handful of bands have existed from that scene that can still make a decent album, and Bad Religion is at the top of that list of survivors. And thats why Bad Religion are gods to so many punks. They've remained vital for 21 long years.

Artman (June 28, 2001)

Listen to "Struck a Nerve" off of Recipe For Hate and tell me he isn't saying "Watchoo!" right before the solo.

By the way, didn't anyone else think that is one of Bad Religion's "silly" songs? They have some that are just, "Uh, yeah..." Others I can think of off the top of my head is "Television" off of "Stranger Than Fiction". Greg yelling "television, television, television, television, television, television, television, television!" A bit overkill, isn't it? I bet he wrote on the lyric sheet "television x8".


Anonymous (June 28, 2001)

i think he's saying "one two" or maybe "watch out", i dunno about "watchooo"- fathead

Anonymous (June 28, 2001)


I remember as a young boy, 7 years ago (I was 15) me and my best friend at the time would listen to BR non stop. so what we did (this is corny) is we learned all the best songs from No Control and Suffer on guitar and we played out in a park just the two of us, me singing, no drum no nothing. for 30 minutes in front of like 20 kids our age who of course proceeded to "mosh"

I swear this thing has got influence written all over it. I have been listening to Suffer at least once a month for at least 7 years, i mean hey, come on.

Tim (June 27, 2001)

Suffer = Good shit on all levels. But let's not forget the equally shit kicking 80-85 "comp."

Anonymous (June 26, 2001)

yes yes...bad religion kicks major ass....and it was a very influential album but that was 13 years ago.there are other BR albums you know. It seemed since bad religion left epitaph for atlantic, they were branded the infamous mark of..."sell out". Now there back on epitaph...so what now? Are they still sell outs? they never were...Bad religion has been doing it for 20 years now...and they will probably be punking it out well into their 40's. So please give it up to a huge force in punk rock both in the past, today and in the future.
(more like an editorial huh)

Anonymous (June 26, 2001)

Very Good.

sickboi (June 26, 2001)

If you don't own this album you shouldn't be visiting this website....be gone!

Anonymous (June 25, 2001)

Were all gonna die for our arrogance.

Anonymous (June 25, 2001)

what else can you say but SUFFER!- fathead

Anonymous (June 25, 2001)


Josip (June 25, 2001)

I think you have too much time to think about stupid things =;-)

Artman (June 25, 2001)

Jesus man, you and I are too much alike... I, like you, was originally introduced into the world of punk rock through the "All Ages" album. Soon enough, I was buying all of their albums. You know what? I am still a big fan. Their newest album, "New America" is really, really awesome. Although it's quite different from their original style, it's good.

Does anyone else think that Greg Graffin (or the Bad Religion members) created the whole "let's go!" chant before a solo? It's funny 'cause sometimes Greg tends to mix up the words. Sometimes I've heard "let's go!" or "watch out" or "solo" or even the popular mix between "let's go!" and "watch out": "watchooo!". Anyone else agree or am I just a fan boy?


Anonymous (June 25, 2001)

Bad Religion suck my left nut

Josip (June 25, 2001)

Suffer is incredible, great record, i love all bad religion albums on Epitaph and i hope the new one will be as good as the old ones

BTW: come on, Americana isn't that bad, it's quite good, just because many teen boppers listened to it, people think that album sucks, but i think it's the music which counts, and not the audience...

RecipeForHate (June 25, 2001)

Great review....i had the same fuckin thing LOL

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