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Braid: Killing A Camera 2004 DVDKilling A Camera 2004 DVD (2004)
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Braid's Killing A Camera video, documenting their last 4 days and 5 shows as a band, was promised way back in 1999 but took two years to finally materialize, to little fanfare. People had moved on; trends had shifted; bands that owed their livelihood to Braid's now-patented dual-guitar attack and t.

Braid's Killing A Camera video, documenting their last 4 days and 5 shows as a band, was promised way back in 1999 but took two years to finally materialize, to little fanfare. People had moved on; trends had shifted; bands that owed their livelihood to Braid's now-patented dual-guitar attack and their infectious brand of melodic post-hardcore stopped crediting them as an influence, instead letting kids think that they themselves were the originators. It's a shame, really, because Braid is one of the defining bands of the mid-to-late nineties emo/post-hardcore movement, and they deserve to be seen and heard as much as possible.

Luckily with this re-release of the video on DVD as well as the reunited quartet's summer tour, kids will realize the magic that Braid brought to the table. This documentary of Braid's last 5 shows in 4 days really captures the band at their peak, and it's intercut with plenty of concert footage as well as interviews taken from the last days of the group. The angles are original and creative, and the audio is crisp and clear. Plus you get the added benefit of it being a DVD instead of a VHS tape - there's minimal chance of the DVD wearing out from repeated watches, unlike the previous version.

The new edition of Killing A Camera brings two new features - band commentary on the original film as well as a brand new retrospective chock full of never before seen footage as well as video interview footage taken from January 2004 with all four members at once. The new retrospective is - in my opinion - better than the original documentary, as it gives the viewer more insight into the real reasons for the band's demise, as well as the birth of Hey Mercedes among other things. You also get your first look at the reunited Braid having fun just fucking with each other during the video interviews. It's good to see Chris Broach's face once more, and it's even better knowing that any bad blood is long drained out.

The audio commentary ends up becoming more like open mic night than anything else - all four members [plus director Charles Cardello] find themselves constantly jockeying for mic time, each trying to top the other's outrageous stories about life on the road or whatnot. there's an obvious comraderie evident in the audio, and again, as a fan of the band it's nice to know that Braid is back, albeit just for the summer.

Maybe I'm just reminscing about my adolescence. It's definitely a trip seeing your own face, five years younger, sweatily dancing up a storm in the crowd of some of these shows. But honest to god, these shows were some of the most defining of my life, and it's a thrill to see even more footage of them as well as hearing the band tell the story behind them. It's one of the most pleasant and intruiging "Behind The Music"'s you've never seen. This is how a concert film should be done.

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Anonymous (August 25, 2004)

to the poster below me: how can you say that the age of octeen is simple? It's probably some of the most complex music they've done.

Anonymous (May 18, 2004)

In my opinion The Age Of Octeen is their best work. Its a good inbetween of frankie welfare boy and frame and canvas not overly polished and simple but not to gritty.

Anonymous (May 16, 2004)

Anyone who doesnt like Braid is nuts. They are probably one of the most essential minerals in the recipe we know as Hardcore Music

maverick (May 15, 2004)

Yes, it's region zero.


Anonymous (May 14, 2004)

(_(_)=======[jjjj]===[jjjj]===lD~ ~~ ~

jacobe (May 14, 2004)

does anyone else think that the new Goodlife is going to be fucking amazing

I've had it for about a month (thanks SaddleCreek!) and it is amazing. Probably the best thing Tim has written to date.

Anonymous (May 14, 2004)

That trailer was great, really great song, fantazzle visuals, question is, is it region encoded? Will us europeans get to buy it?

Anonymous (May 14, 2004)

So why did braid break up anyway?

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

will the krazyfest dvd's ever come out?
the fest isn't even happening this year and they're not out.

are they editing it on an etch a sketch?


Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

to window.... to the wall!

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

To the person who was asking which Braid records to buy: Get Frame & Canvas Movie Music Volume 1. That's where their best stuff is.

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

the anti-braid comes from damn stuck up east coasters. the only braid album they have heard is frames and canvas, and nothing else.

braid was original, the songs they made before frames and canvas was out of control in a good way. frames and canvas is good, but pretty run of the mill....

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

where the fuck did all this braid hate come from?

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

braid are so great. it's unfortunate you other guys don't get it.

Anonymous (May 13, 2004)

Hey where can i listen to mineral, i heard they are great and th whole is emo a type of music? I agree that it isn't mark pryor (i think thats his name i could be correct, Get up kids) said "music by definition is emotional"

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

does anyone else think that the new Goodlife is going to be fucking amazing

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

Braid is definetly the best. But Cap'n Jazz and Mineral are still pretty darn good.

And Owls are....Owls...


inagreendase (May 12, 2004)


Thanks Jon Wark.

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

before anyone corrects me......Whos the BEST out of those below

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

whos better braid, cap'n jazz, owls, or mineral............ps i recently got frankie welfare boy age five and i didnt like it too much.....what braid cd should i buy

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

The person typing below is a moron. I do agree though that emo is not a real form of music.

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

I have never heard there guys but Im sure they suck. When I think of Braids I think of Hippies, and with a name so shitty they must suck. I personally dont even consider emo to be music.

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

excuse me, but


thank you for your time.

squirrelbait (May 12, 2004)

"What the hell is the guy doing on the cover?"

Killing a camera. Duh!

ElVaquero (May 12, 2004)

Nothing like brotherly heckling...

Scott, you should post the dates for the tour all up in here;

jheisel (May 12, 2004)

This band is so awful. I was at one of these "last" shows. Suckage!

Anonymous (May 12, 2004)

EMO? ehh

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

God damn yes! Braid really is one of the best bands I've ever heard, and this release only further gets me pumped to see them when they hit Philly reunited. Anyone who doesn't think Braid was influential, listen to any post-hardcore, indie, and especially emo band these days and you will hear traces of Braid. Still no one could manage to pull it off as well as them. God damn, these guys are good.


Kenjamin (May 11, 2004)

so you're saying that if i purchase this, i get to see your sweaty adolescent ass dancing? Bonus!

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

What the hell is the guy doing on the cover?

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

I dont think you realize when braid came out. I think they released their first song in like 93 or 94, they were very influential on post hardcore/emo.

this actually came out on vhs in 99 I guess the dvd has extra stuff though.

Kenjamin (May 11, 2004)

can't wait to see these guys this summer.

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

Ah, this DVD is beautiful.

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

I agree. The only song I ever like by these guys was their pixies cover. Sorry. Pass.

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

I don't think Braid was really all that influential - I mean, their sound was pretty much just Promise Ring crossed with Sebadoh.

Anonymous (May 11, 2004)

this is lame

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