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Rick Wes

Rick Wes: PossessionPossession (1991)
Buena Vista Entertainment

Reviewer Rating: 0.5

Contributed by: pbaPba
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For those of you unfamiliar with Rick Wes, the king of a genre I affectionately label "dance/club shit-pop," let me formally introduce you to one of the most influential and original artists of the early 1990's. Though he is often overshadowed by such amazing acts as C C Music Factory and Marky M.

For those of you unfamiliar with Rick Wes, the king of a genre I affectionately label "dance/club shit-pop," let me formally introduce you to one of the most influential and original artists of the early 1990's. Though he is often overshadowed by such amazing acts as C C Music Factory and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Rick Wes himself left an indelible footprint upon the 1990's and both the history and future of music as we know it.

For quite a while I was torn between either writing this review or keeping the powerful, sexual magic (as displayed on the incredibly erotic/sexy front and back covers of Possession) of Rick Wes amongst a few privileged friends and myself. But, inspired by the recent abundance of awesome "non-Punk" albums that have been reviewed on this site I felt obligated to share Rick Wes with the world. (As a side note, I would like to make an appeal to all of the punk rock elite that frequent this site and routinely criticize and crucify both the reviewers and albums reviewed that don't fall into the elitist, and obviously actual, definition of "punk rock." I would like to apologize in advance for violating this sacred punk rock code and contaminating this website with non-punk material. Please don't abuse me too harshly!)

I decided that I should and would share the magic of Rick Wes, the creative genius behind both the classic "Possession" and the brilliantly titled follow-up album "North, South, East, Wes," as a part of my crusade to bring Rick Wes' cds back into print and allow Rick to be properly identified as one of the true legends in musical history, a spot that he undoubtedly deserves. One listen to "Possession" and any listener will attest to this lofty distinction. Unfortunately I feel unable to provide an accurate description of Rick's music to the general public, both because of my lack of knowledge of technical musical terms and the fact that I have never listened to more than 45 seconds of any song off this cd. I doubt anyone ever has listened to more than 45 seconds of any given Rick Wes song and I would dare anyone to try to accomplish this feat. In fact, I would not doubt that I am the sole owner of Rick Wes' "Possession." Nor would I be surprised if I found out that this whole cd was in fact created by some kid in his basement as part of a horrible but hilarious joke gone too far. Would I be surprised if I found out that Rick Wes was actually mentally handicapped, something that his music, lyrics, and ridiculous and completely unattractive poses seem to indicate? Fuck no. Should any human being as hideous as Rick Wes ever be caught posing for anything, much less a cd cover? I won't even answer that question.

Sorry, I went off on another tangent. But now I will try my best to describe Rick's music. To me, all of his music sounds like really bad, cheesy 80's music combined with the sound effects from my 1990 Radio Shack keyboard. The worst, or maybe best (and definitely funniest) part of his music is his repeated use of the strangest, most inappropriate noise I have ever heard. It is a sound that he uses whenever his music is about to change tempo or beat, and the best way I can describe it is a "dropping-in" noise. Try pronouncing this, but really exaggerate it: "wwweeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooo." I swear, this noise or some close derivative is in at least five of the ten songs on "Possession," and they usually appear multiple times throughout the songs. His voice usually always sounds like that of a pedophile, and sometimes an overweight, heavily sedated pedophile. After one look at this cd I can honestly say that I would never let my children be in the same zip code as this guy; one listen and I swear this guy should be in jail, if simply for criminal intent. Rick Wes loves to sing about love, but it is painfully obvious that the only love he has ever experienced comes from himself, the Internet, and probably a huge collection of stuffed animals and posters.

The hardest part of this review was the scoring, and I debated what score I should award this album for nearly an hour, wavering between either a one or ten. Though I finally decided on a one, a number hardly low enough to describe the complete and utter shittiness of this cd, I could have just as easily given the cd a ten if I was basing the score on pure entertainment value. I'll never forget the moment, maybe 30 minutes after I purchased "Possession" for 25 cents at a sidewalk sale at a nearby record store, when as a group of five guys driving home in my friend's Geo Tracker we became witness to the most pathetic but ultimately also the most laughable excuse for music we had ever heard. To this day, that moment ranks, as a consensus, among the top five funniest moments in our history as friends.

I have a friend who purchased Pivit's "Pressure" for 25 cents at this same sale and though he claims to have gotten the better deal I know in my heart that my Possession was the single greatest purchase of the day, and maybe in the history of cd buying. Is there a moral to this story? Not really. But if I had to give a quasi-moral I would say follow your heart, no matter if it leads you "North, South, East, (or) Wes."


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Anonymous (March 23, 2006)

I met Rick in 1990 as well, He was a cool guy, down to earth all considering. The music was of the time and yes under appreciated in it's arena. I can't remember the musict hatwell but I know I have it in my cassette collection.
Anyways spin the record round.

lovelykind2002 (March 21, 2006)

I have not listioned to this album yet. But, I think the one I got the other day sounds great.
His music Is very very good.
And he looks pretty sexy. Sorry he probley has lots of women.
Risk Wes, is worth to listion to, so don't let children listion to it , I'm an adult, so I think adults my age that liked this type of music would agree.
I think it sounds good.
For this guy in the review to bash a great artist is an a**hole, cause do these people know, it takes alot of effot to be a singer and sell your music. They try every attemp.
He's not a Teeny Bopper!
I also give M. Starr credit.
For making great music!

lovelykind2002 (March 21, 2006)

I just got the 1st album of his. And I think It sounds pretty good. So what if he uses Elvis look.
I don't think he's teeny bopper music.
I think he's got some nice ballaids and sounds Like Jordan knight, and Tommy Page.
But, now I hear he's a producer.
But, that record I bought for a $1.00. Was a good cassette I picked up.
I like finding things that I have not heard in the 1990's. I read about him, but never listioned to a cassette.

Well, I like Rick Wes music. I wish to hear the one from 1991.

Anonymous (March 18, 2006)

I met Rick sevaral times and was behind the scenes at his show in 1990. He was an great person and I wish him all the best in the future.Thanks for the memories !


Anonymous (February 24, 2006)

Um this guy works for the same company i do, but in the boston office, and now he's a manager,and mad corporate.. Let's just say when i found out his past, i can't help but crack up when he comes to visit nj... Who knew?????

Anonymous (October 13, 2004)

I went to grade school with Rick Wes, aka, Craig Gendreau. In a nutshell, he was a Maurice Starr project that tried to rip off the young Elvis Presley look, complete w/guitar as prop. It didn't go very far, needless to say. Ah, but the teenie-bopper limo appearances at the coincidentally named Rick's Music World in fabulous Flint Village Plaza, Fall River, Mass. will surely be a cherished memory for Craig, er, Rick, as he now works -- where?
Craig, thanks for calling me "Slow like Molasses" in kick ball at Davol School. See what people remember??

WillCarroll (May 27, 2004)

Until you have actually listened to this bewildering and disgusting attempt at what some would call music, you can't begin to comprehend the profound significance this album has had on a select few (myself and a few friends included). Pba's review is great, but this shit is not to be taken seriously. You can either chose to bash the argued uselessness of the review, or can you can open your mind to another's hilarious take on this hilarious album.

notfeelingcreative (May 26, 2004)

Why even waste your time writing this review?

gladimnotemo (May 25, 2004)

Give this boy an award for his review.

fullcollapse88 (May 25, 2004)

is it wrong that i now want to find this cd just so i can find out just how bad it really is?

Icapped2pac (May 25, 2004)

This reminds me of Fabolous

pba (May 25, 2004)

"Yeah...reviewing albums that don't fit on here only really works when they're GOOD albums...or relevant somehow. The Kidz Bop CD at least had "punk" songs on it. My Wu-Tang review was because that CD is in my Top Ten. This review is just frivolous."

Frivolous, yes. But who are you to decide whether or not an album is a "GOOD" album? (Though in this case you are right, there are few cds worse than this cd.) There is no qualification more subjective than value or "goodness." The same thing can be said for relevance as something could easily be personally relevant to me while being completely meaningless to you. What is a diamond to one person is often a small nugget of feces to another, as illustrated by the never ceasing arguments, such as this one, that pervade the comments section of every review on this site.

In reality, I understand what you are saying in your comment; however, it is phrased in such a manner that you fall victim to the same idiotic, "holier than thou" rhetoric that plagues this site. If I really wanted to, I am sure that I could pick out some element of this cd and call it "punk." This cd also cracks several of my top ten lists (worst album and unitentionally halarious), so according to what you say that at least partially justifies my review.

I understand that there is an inherent danger in posting reviews such as this one since they hold the potential to inspire others to review similar "non-punk" albums. This review, my first review (look forward to more in the near future), was inspired by boredom. It probably doesn't really fit on this site, but I just thought it was humerous entertainment. My intention was not to harm the integrity of this site but rather to provide entertainment in the form of a (hopefully slightly funny) major departure from the typical reviews on punknews.org. And people, I'm telling you, open your ears to Rick Wes and you won't regret it. While, admittedly, I am easily amused, there are few things I find funnier than absolutely terrible music, the kind that makes you ask yourself, "is this guy/girl/group fucking serious?"

Jesse, I applaud you for writing an excellent and needed review of "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," and then successfully defending your right to write such a review. Though we took different paths I believe we hold a common goal, which is both to share a love for music with others and to expand the traditional reach of this particular site. Even as this site witnesses an influx of "non-punk" reviews, I sincerely doubt that the site demographics will change much. "Punk" is this site's staple offering and it will remain the main draw to this site. At the same time, I believe we can accomplish something by opening people's minds and ears to music which they may be unfamiliar with. Don't we all agree that "punk," beyond a musical classification, expresses and encompasses the idea that we aren't subject to traditional boundaries and restrictions?

Anonymous (May 25, 2004)

shit.. i liked this CD... :(

Anonymous (May 25, 2004)

Please don't. Radiohead is terrible and Kid A is a aste of good recording euipment.

Anonymous (May 25, 2004)

Yea, I wanted to review "Kid A" by Radiohead on here, because I think its fantastic. But I managed to hold myself off as I didn't really see a place for it here. But I guess i might as well now that there are Wu Tang and this dude reviews on here.
It would still get torn apart though.


hitlerbadzakgood (May 25, 2004)

geez, you guys filter pointless comments. what the fuck???

Jesse (May 25, 2004)

Yeah...reviewing albums that don't fit on here only really works when they're GOOD albums...or relevant somehow. The Kidz Bop CD at least had "punk" songs on it. My Wu-Tang review was because that CD is in my Top Ten. This review is just frivolous.

Anonymous (May 25, 2004)

What the hell is the meaning of this?!

Can we get Celine Dion album reviews?

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