Tsunami Bomb / The Lawrence Arms / Pipedown

Tsunami Bomb / The Lawrence Arms / Pipedown: live in Long Islandlive in Long Island (2004)
Kung Fu Records

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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Safety in Numbers, featuring lead singer/guitarist Andy from Hot Rod Circuit opened things up. My clever partner in crime at the show offered the idea that Andy really does believe in "safety in numbers," as this side project implements the same number of guitars (three) that HRC rocks with. The f.

Safety in Numbers, featuring lead singer/guitarist Andy from Hot Rod Circuit opened things up. My clever partner in crime at the show offered the idea that Andy really does believe in "safety in numbers," as this side project implements the same number of guitars (three) that HRC rocks with. The few recorded songs I've heard from the band didn't interest me a whole lot, but live, they brought it. The shared vocal leads prevented boring times, and the far right stage guitarist playing in his own world is an interesting sight. Their Jimmy Eat World / HRC (obviously)-inspired tunes gave the night a good head start...

but then came Orange Island to kill any chance for solid continuity. Boring, dull, contrived - this band is absolutely nothing special. If Triple Crown had a sound, this would be it. Well, no, that's unfair - if Triple Crown had a sound that was beaten to a bloody pulp with the ugly drumstick of musical crap, then this would be it. I sang along to the catchy "Only the Good Looking Need Apply" (on the label sampler packaged with the newest Northstar album), but that was the closest to highlight material the set came.

Pipedown brought the hardest set of punk rock to the night. Their sound is essentially a faster Anti-Flag with 50% screamed vocals - from the guitar leads to the backup/gang shouts to the melodic vocals and matching phrase-laced outfits, every trait of this band has them destined to be the next A-F. I could do without the lead singer's jet black hair dye and eye makeup, but I have to hand it to a frontman who's good with crowd participation - the eye contact, almost-cheesy "sinister" stare-downs, and finger/mic points coupled with his stage cris-crossing was good to see. They even had the usual left-wing banter, urging us to make a change and taking a stand against those who prioritized money, greed, and profit over the environment, animals, and personal relationships (not necessarily respectively). Their set was enjoyable, and I know for sure they closed with "Risen Up."

The obvious highlight of the night then took the stage as Brendan, Chris, and Neal walked on to the opening chords of "Eye of the Tiger" playing on the PA. As the lights quickly shot back on, The Lawrence Arms went immediately into "On With the Show" and followed it right up with "Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile." Having heard from plenty of sources that the usual set this tour was extremely heavy on The Greatest Story Ever Told, I couldn't care less whether or not this was the said case being an insanely huge fan of the band's latest effort, but the night looked like it was shaping up to align parallel with the rumors. But alas - the band then dove into a plethora of semi-older tunes; an only relatively intoxicated and as a result tighter-than-usual trio played "Porno and Snuff Films," "The First Eviction Notice," "Right As Rain (Part 2)," "Quincentuple Your Money," "The Rambling Boys of Pleasure," "Turnstiles," and "Necrotism: Decanting The Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7" (which sounded absolutelyfuckingamazing live, and followed a mini-rant by Brendan on how horrible Bush is, who also scathingly predicted a very sorry future for the girl who screamed "shut up and play!"). Chris had his usual cynical mug on, and Brendan danced around the stage with his enthusiastic smile plastered across his plastered face. They finished things out with "The Raw and Searing Flesh" (pulled off wonderfully despite the studio version's glossy production) and "The Disaster March." Amazing set, which only about a dozen-or-less people were into. My only complaint would be that the band deserved a forty-five minute set instead of their allotted time slot of a half hour.

Having been only familiar with "20 Going On..." from last year's Warped Tour compilation, I retreated to the back with a mostly unbiased view to watch Tsunami Bomb's set. With a raw and relatively unbridled punk rock sound, the band played a fairly tight and fun set of tunes. About half or more of their set were new songs from The Definitive Act, so it looked like they hadn't abandoned their plans to favor playing from the new one despite the date pushed back by two months, because according to Agent M, "our label is lame." She grinned as she wailed her voice above the backup screams and distorted riffs for every song, and the band managed to unintentionally incite a "mosh pit" of the youngest average age I've seen in a while. Overall, I was comparatively impressed.

El Diablo
Say It
My Machete
No One's
20 Going
Dawn on a Funeral Day
T.the R.
[Planned two-song encore below, which wasn't done]
Not F

Thanks to Terry for setlist


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Anonymous (November 24, 2005)

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Anonymous (September 7, 2004)

this is late but whoooaa the arms were so fucking cool and brendan was hot i went to the knitting factory show and they shoulda kicked tsunami bomb right off stage and let the arms play instead they played quincentuple!

Anonymous (August 26, 2004)

larry arms rock, tsunami bomb is lame, and someone should spraypaint their trailer. hmooms

Anonymous (August 26, 2004)

"I think TB has gone WAY downhill since the old bass player was kicked out"

TB are lots of fun and all, but they have been on a downward slope since their first release. As to the person who likes the song Lemonade, I suggest buying their EP "The Invasion From Within." It's pretty catchy stuff (including lemonade), complete with keys from the chick who used to play keyboard before she left the band.

kirbypuckett (August 23, 2004)

I just saw Pipedown last night, it was an awesome set and I took video of them, The Code, and Thought Riot.

If anyone is interested in seeing those IM me at KirbyPuckett and we'll work something out. Just don't lag my game of Counter Strike: Source.

- Kirby

inagreendase (August 23, 2004)

The Shady View Terrace Split was handed out to those who purchased anything at the Merch table.

Yeah, I should've mentioned that, and the fact that there was a little message on the box of them that claimed it was soon to be out of print. And it was only $3 otherwise.

Anonymous (August 23, 2004)


SOYBOMB (August 23, 2004)

Let me make one thing immediately clear: This score is for The Lawrence Arms and The Lawrence Arms only.

I went to this very show at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan, and though I missed Audio Karate, I walked in during Pipedown's set, which honestly could only be described as a slightly more abrasive and didactic version of Anti-Flag, with the "Think outside the box, don't be a robot, hug a tree" speech and all of the other stereotypical jargon soo many people have come to associate with bad music. It's a shame, these guys had tremendous energy. Tsunami Bomb is okay... but okay is just that. M has a pretty voice but when used on the backdrop her band gives her, it's just off. Whenever the guitar player and bassist began to scream, I shook my head.

Onto The Lawrence Arms...

I've seen them a good six or seven times now and in all sincerity, these guys have gotten progressively better not only through their studio work, but their live shows at well. One of the cooler things to mention is that they've attained a substantially larger New York fanbase since I last saw them. They actually had moments in which both Chris and Bren didn't have to sing considering the crowd was that into their music and singing right over them. It was a sight to behold, especially during Brick Wall Views. Easily however, the highlight of the night was hearing Necrotism Decanting The Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7 live. You'd think after hearing it on Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 (a pretty substandard disc mind you) that it cannot rock any harder, but man, this song will quite literally fuck you live. My prostate hurt after I heard that song. TLA's cohesion is something to witness live. These guys are pure energy.


Great show.

The Shady View Terrace Split was handed out to those who purchased anything at the Merch table.


Anonymous (August 22, 2004)

Thats funny all the people who wrote the songs like Lemonade are no longer in the band. Oh well...

Anonymous (August 22, 2004)

the only tsunami bomb song i ever liked was lemonade. i've only heard 3 songs. are there other songs that sound like that?

Anonymous (August 22, 2004)

i picked up the orange island album in the used store for 3 bucks. i sold it back two days later. score is for the larry arms.

Anonymous (August 22, 2004)

This score is for Indianapolis being cancelled

notfeelingcreative (August 21, 2004)

Yeah, I enjoyed the Orlando show, Larry Arms were amazing, Orange Island gave me a headache though!

jamespastepunk (August 21, 2004)

I was at the Chicago show, and I saw two FAMILIES at the show. Yes, mother, father and eight year old kid family.

But its all as the reviewer put it, though Tsunami Bomb killed it more than he let on.

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

Look I'm not saying anyones wrong but I thought Tsunami Bomb was great. They're not the type of band I usually listen too (Drokpkick Murphys, Lower Class Brats, Casualties, Minor Threat) but I think Tsunami Bomb was excellent. Pipedown was good, I bought a patch even though I'm not into hardcore i liked them. and The Lawrence Arms were excellent, really got into them after that cause their merch guy gave me the shady view terrace split. But, I still think Tsunami Bomb were really good,M is a really good singer and sung great live, and really nice in person. I love them now after I saw them but even if you didnt you have to admit that M is a good singer. I thought they were greatIn my opinion a great show

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

I've been to two Lawrence Arms shows in Detroit and the crowd is never really into them, i just dont get it. I love them, and I missed the detroit stop on this tour

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

I know its been said before...again and again...but I think TB has gone WAY downhill since the old bass player was kicked out. To be honest they were not that far up the hill to start with. The tracks from the new album I heard weren't that exciting. So I am not surprised that Kung Fu pushed back the date for remixing. I saw this tour too and I think Law Arms should have been headlining. They gave the better show. TB seemed to just be going through the motions. It wasn't bad but not as good as it used to be.

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

does that chick from tsunami bomb still yodel instead of sing?

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

I saw this show in Richmond. Lawrence Arms was amazing, and since it was their 666th show, the wore eyeliner "borrowed from Pipedown" and dedicated the whole set to satan. Of course they were slightly intoxicated too....

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

Tsunami Bomb can talk all the shit they want about Kung Fu, but from what I've heard, KF thought the new album sucked so bad they were forced to delay it for remixing.

I guess we can't make any judgements until the new album comes out.

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

Tsunami Bomb has never impressed me live. When they played with Tiger Army and the Damned they were out classed, and when Strike Anywhere opened before them on the Bouncing Souls tour last year, well it was obvious that Strike Anywhere was the best damn band on the whole tour.

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

um, er, you mean "Risin' Up"???? for almighty pipedown?!

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

Pipedown is the shit...my favorite band, I'm going to see this basically for them(and for the Lawrence Arms too...)

maverick (August 21, 2004)

Wouldn't you be? This is their record release tour, and they have no records to sell.


TheNightProwler (August 21, 2004)

It sounds like they've been saying non-positive things about Kung-Fu Records on every stop of the tour... they must be really pissed that their new record got delayed.

joeg (August 21, 2004)

tsunami bomb are decent.

kenjamin (August 21, 2004)

oh yea, very good review broham.

kenjamin (August 21, 2004)

at wednesday's show they played a part of Hot Water Music's "turnstile" during the Lawrence Arms's "turnstyles." That totally ruled. "there's no point to surrender!"

Tonight at NY they played a part from Modern English's "I'll Melt with you." bitchin' and they played my favorite song. I'm giddy as a 13 year old with a stack of pornos.

dismantle_me (August 21, 2004)

i was at this show, the lawrence arms were amazing and tsunami bomb is one of my favorite bands but honestly didn't do much for me

Anonymous (August 21, 2004)

I saw this show tonight in nyc and last night in ct, every time ive seen the larry arms there are only a dozen or so people into them, but nyc is always great because those dozen or so are usually drunk and willing to rock the fuck out without any care... unlike CT.

AmericanIdle (August 20, 2004)

i caught this tour last night in CT. I hear the pipedown-antiflag comparison, but i think that Pipedown besides being faster have a slight metal edge. The lawrence arms did not disappoint. Although they didnt play either of the two songs i was dead set on hearing, they did play "Hey, what Time Is Pensacola etc." I thought their set was quite good. Sorta sloppy, but aint nothing wrong wit dat. Tsunami Bomb underwhelmed me. I thought they would be better from all the hype. Dont get me wrong, they were actually pretty good, but pretty overrated. Agent M is pretty and their music is rocking.

I never realized how small the lawrence arms fan base is compared to other bands in the same situation as them [easily-accesible sound on a large, well-distributed label]. They could probably play basement shows.

Anonymous (August 20, 2004)

Lordy the Arms are great to watch. Nice review, I can see the drunk smirk on Bendan's face by the way you describe it.

mykindofmurder (August 20, 2004)

score is for the fag below me.

Anonymous (August 20, 2004)

tsunami bomb is the worst fucking band ever. i think lawrence are better cuz they got more of a street sound.

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