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Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf: Love RockLove Rock (2004)

Reviewer Rating: 5

Contributed by: JayDebaucheryJayDebauchery
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Fuck the Strokes, fuck the Hives and fuck every other slicked out over-hyped rock band on the planet. If you want real rock ??n' roll, the kind that makes you wanna run around like a maniac bringing glorious chaos to everything in sight hopped up on booze and dangerous amounts of adrenaline, then Guitar Wolf is your band. They graciously point out that "rock never forgives" and are clearly on this planet to destroy everything that is un-cool and boring about music these days.

While the Japanese trio's last record, UFO Romantics, was a little light on the distortion, Love Rock pierces your ear drums until they ooze out with sweet red kroovy. Beautiful bursts of squealing feedback, pulsating drums and a bass that roars like a revved up Kawasaki ZII 750 mesh together to create an intoxicating sonic concoction that will revitalize your faith in music.

Singer/guitarist Seiji kicks out the jams hard and fast with little regard for technical prowess which, in this era of rock, is totally refreshing. It's a wonderful thing that Guitar Wolf could care less if they're hitting the proper chord or tuning their instruments correctly because what counts here is the pure, fiery passion and atomic explosion of rock ??n' roll adoration that you just don't hear too often anymore.

Like the press release says, "Stronger than ever, loud as fuck, Guitar Wolf just wanna rock." And boy howdy, do they succeed! Hands down, the best rock ??n' roll record of 2004.


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moneenerd (January 14, 2007)


These guys rule. They ooze cool, and they dont even try...

dev (May 28, 2006)

Zero talent. Absolutely painful to listen to. The fact that Guitar Wolf even has fans just boggles the mind. The world could definitely do WITHOUT these guys.

Anonymous (April 1, 2005)

Guitar Wolf is great

Love Rock is probably one of my most played albums

Anonymous (March 19, 2005)

No comment about Guitar Wolf at the moment. BUT...I am a 41 year old rocker who never lost the urge to rock. I try to check out the "latest thing" when it comes around and generally leave disappointed. The Strokes suck BAD. Hives just plain suck, but not as bad as The Strokes. However, I like The Vines, who sort of got lumped into the whole thing with the other two (maybe because of the similar type name)? Anyway I like The Vines simply because they write some good songs, I don't look to them as the "saviors" of Rock and Roll; anyway, that tag is the kiss of death. I still play loud rock guitar, and I would not want to be called thr Savior of Anything. Keep on rocking!

mateo (August 31, 2004)

it's so funny that people actually get offended when someone clowns a shitty band like THE hives. and, my daddy can beat up all your daddies.

Anonymous (August 31, 2004)

The hives suck just as bad as the hornets nests and the rashes

some1 (August 31, 2004)

then why do their CDs say The Hives? and why do they call themselves the Hives on their website? eat a nut, squirrelbait.

squirrelbait (August 31, 2004)

It's not even THE Hives.. it's just Hives, instead of what so many people seem to think. Know your facts.

Anonymous (August 31, 2004)

Fuck feedback.

Anonymous (August 30, 2004)

i cant stop thinking of Air Wolf when i look at that cover

yemen88 (August 30, 2004)

I'm gonna check this out. The review beginning was a lame approach but good review on the othre hand.

wannabepunktony (August 29, 2004)

Nice to see a band I have been listening to for quite a few years get some props from someone other than me! =P

Anonymous (August 29, 2004)

sounds interesting....and ill check it out....but this cover art is really lame lol.

SOYBOMB (August 29, 2004)

I have yet to hear this disc, but bashing both The Strokes and The Hives (two bands that share the striking similarity of having a "The" band) in the opening line is quite a didactic and pathetic attempt at illustrating how much you think this band rocks.


Anonymous (August 29, 2004)

fuckin great when will the devil dogs be reviewed here?

mateo (August 29, 2004)

THIS > Missile Me ?

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)


Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

See the idiot walk! dun dun!

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

i hope that this record isn't "no-fi" like Jet(o) Generation, it might actually be good (and yes, i do like lo-fi stuff, J.G. was just overkill for me)

i think Kirby is right about the Devil Dogs (and what's more, i really want to hear the Radio Beats now)

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

Loud but boring.

So I guess it rocks and sucks at the same time!

FortyMinutesWest (August 28, 2004)

Hah, I thought BSD would've reviewed this.

Not my cup o' tea, but still better than alot of the bands going for the same thing.

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

Great record, but so-so review.

"Fuck the Strokes, fuck the Hives and fuck every other slicked out over-hyped rock band on the planet"

Come on.. that's a little too easy. I mean, there are tons of bands who make Guitar Wolf sound like a slicked out band too. Don't be so absolute.

jacobe (August 28, 2004)

Wild Zero.

Rock n roll.

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

As I ve always said, "Listen To Fucking Guitar Wolf, Kiddies!"

kenjamin (August 28, 2004)

Does this band sing in Japanese or English? doesn't matter to me, as i speak Japanese but just curious.

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

"Whatever you call it, and however old it is, it still sucks."

I thought Guitar Wolf "rocks", though? Oh, did you just say that so you could look legit slagging one of rock's last hopes?

Pop music's at a dead end. Sorry. Find a better band than GW doing something absolutely revolutionary and you won't look as stupid... Until then, suck it out your ass, chump.


Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

These guys fucking OWN.

Here is my dumb story: My friend Dorian went to see these cats play in chicago and ended up going drinking with them afterwards. They never broke out of their rock personas and were totally straight-faced the entire time. Oh yeah, and they drank everyone under the fucking table. Rock.

Teengenerate rules too!


kirbypuckett (August 27, 2004)


Guitar Wolf is where it's at!

However, Devil Dogs > Guitar Wolf

...and the Radio Beats are better than both!

- Kirby

ElVaquero (August 27, 2004)

Guitar Wolf > Rock And Roll

gladimnotemo (August 27, 2004)

But I like the Strokes. They're a good relaxing listen.

But I like the Hives. Their Swedish rock makes me want to dance.

This band....I don't know.

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

Whatever you call it, and however old it is, it still sucks.

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

"Face it folks, the garage rock revival is over."

Then face the fact that this band doesn't play garage rock and that they've been around since the late 80's.


travis (August 27, 2004)

ufo romantics was awesome, ill have to check this out.

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

I was waiting for a Guitar Wolf review. This still doesn't come close to Jet Generation, but I agree, better than UFO Romantics. Anyone seen the band dvd? Worth getting?

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

Guitar Wolf rocks, but that doesn't change the fact that this sound has been played so many times as to have lost all value. Face it folks, the garage rock revival is over.

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

This band is fucking great.

Anonymous (August 27, 2004)


Anonymous (August 27, 2004)

Brilliant! What the dissapointing "UFO Romantics" should have been! Seriously, if you like rock n roll at all, you'll love these guys.


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