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The Exit: Home For An IslandHome For An Island (2004)
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Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: greg0rbgreg0rb
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People have bad-mouthed many a band for sounding like another band, yet sometimes when the band evolves to their own sound, they get bad-mouthed for changing. It's quite hypocritical. Saves the Day comes to mind as an example immediately, because people always say "I liked them better when they we.
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People have bad-mouthed many a band for sounding like another band, yet sometimes when the band evolves to their own sound, they get bad-mouthed for changing. It's quite hypocritical. Saves the Day comes to mind as an example immediately, because people always say "I liked them better when they were Lifetime rip offs." Personally, I have liked all of their phases, but perhaps I could be guilty of this with The Exit.

The NYC trio's first album, New Beat was almost anything but, giving a big nod to The Police, borrowing their recognizable reverb & echo enhanced guitar and grooving reggae-style basslines. But then there were other tracks that were more pop punk, something closer to the first Midtown album than The Police. I loved those songs on New Beat, they were just so damn catchy. I liked the Police style stuff too, it added something other pop punk bands weren't and it kept the album from becoming repetitive. Now the band is growing up and growing out of their direct influences, and I sorta wish they'd go back.

The grooves are still aplenty, and I love the booming bass synced up with the bass drum, and it doesn't seem as blatantly stolen from their 80's icons. So that's good I guess, but on the other hand, gone from the album are the "Scream and Shout" rocker-type songs of New Beat. There are barely any tunes I would consider upbeat, giving the album almost the opposite problem that they previously avoided by my mixing grooves with pop punk; what I mean is it's ALL groove and not much rock. Sure, the band seems to have found their own sound, but I prefer the last album. Perhaps this is a necessary middle album between finding their sound and making that truly great album. But that's not to say this current album is all bad.

"Don't Push" lets any fan know immediately that things have changed, with it's tribal feel from the tom-filled beat and shakers, with it's standard booming bass now joined by a bassy synth line, and guitarist Ben singing rather than bassist Jeff. (I believe Jeff sung everything on New Beat.) "Tell Me All Again" has a bit of the rocking of the past, but is still a bit slow for the most part and the melody is not as catchy as songs like "Worthless" off the last disc. "Back to the Rebels" pays off where "Tell Me All Again" doesn't, and while it is still very groove-oriented, the chorus picks up and has a catchy melody. It also happens to be another one sung by Ben. "Let's Go to Haiti" is up to the speed of their last album (perhaps why Some put that as the mp3 sample on their site) and while it is a decent song, no one will be fooled by the lack of the band's old pop hooks in it.

The pair "Darlin" and "So Leave Then" are the most Police sounding songs on the album, and two of the best. Especially the latter, with its reggae beat and bassline it begs you to sway along, and the soft vocals of Ben (the last of his three vocal appearances) are easy enough to sing along with the first time: "You say that / You're leavin'/ So leave then / So leave then." Plus it has a steel drum part, and while it is most likely faked on keyboards or sampled, is still awesome and works great with the song. The band makes one more surprise turn with "Soldier", a ballad with simply acoustic guitar, vocals, and harmonica, but it is just o.k.

So congrats to the band for spreading their wings a bit, but please, we loved you for your great hooks and your ability to rock out as well as groove. I don't think there is a need to fully regress, just find a way to get those elements back in a little more often. Home for an Island is still an enjoyable listen and must get a decent score for being a unique sound among today's indie/punk crop.


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thejewvolta (January 2, 2006)

the exit owns

Anonymous (October 27, 2005)

This is the worst "If it's not punk I don't like it" review I've heard. The Exit rock, it's just too bad you're so caught up in your little punk world to recognize a band with TALENT when it comes along. They have more tallent than most "Punk" bands will ever have. Anyway, I don't want to bash TOO much(a little never hurt!). They actually just re-released "Home for an Island" with a few new songs and with re-recorded versions of all "Home for an Island". The new album is sweet, but sounds even less "Punk" than before, and it's wonderful. They are now with Wind-up records and are touring with 311 (I'm sure you don't like them either!). Anyway, have a geat day listening to your cool "Punk" music!!!

Anonymous (September 13, 2004)

Dude, I fucking hate it when someone types " LOLz" that's the fucking stupidest shit ever...

Anonymous (September 13, 2004)

I'm going to just keep laughing at you Chicago guys because you like Spitafield.



Anonymous (September 13, 2004)

also, cheers to the photo in the photo and the Scottie Redix backing vocals.

Anonymous (September 12, 2004)

I too miss the more punkish aspects of their last album but as a whole there is more musical substance to this one. The songs have better instrumentation and they've gotten a little more comfortable with their grooves. They don't sound quite so much like a wannabe Police either. On the other hand, the lyrics aren't quite as memorable, but they aren't bad. They show more honesty than most emo/screamo bands.

As far as what Scott said....no personality? Be quiet and go listen to some Spitalfield.

Anonymous (September 12, 2004)

lack of energy in the live performance, when I first heard of them, I thought people were abreviating Trap Door Fucking Exit.

Anonymous (September 10, 2004)



Anonymous (September 10, 2004)

I have got will from stray light run's back, and jimmy eat world in their day were good...but to put social distortion below them...you need to be shot.

the exit: excellent backing band for tom martin!!!!! (you scenester bitches don't even know what i mean, do you?)

-justin vavala

Anonymous (September 9, 2004)

are we talking about the same band here? i saw these guys 6 months ago maybe with about 50 other people in the chicago suburbs and they sounded great. I think the new sound doesn't appeal to fans of punk and emo as much, but for fans of other types of music, they will hit harder. Their guitarist is awesome..Great bass lines and solid drumming..and a more original sound than most of the bands out there. Highly recommended band and album.

Anonymous (September 9, 2004)

I also was at attendance at the Big D/The Exit/ RX Bandits at the NYC Knitting Factory. The Exit made me want to do two things: drink a beer or go to sleep. Or maybe the first one would lead to the second one. Either way it wasn't good and the same can be said about their set.

I also thought RX Bandits was a little disappointing as well. Mostly stuff from their new album. And the fact that they did not play "Analog Boy" made me want to grind my teeth. It was still good but I seen better perfomances from them previously.

(winner: Big D)

TrailerParkJesus (September 9, 2004)

Their new songs sounded a lot cooler live than the older songs, but they both had the same general feel to them.

Anonymous (September 9, 2004)

saw them last night too - they did some interesting things but i've seen them better. the knitting factory sounds like crap though no matter what.

i give the exit respect for at least trying to do something different with their live performances. the drummer battle during Let's Go To Haiti was rad. And Tell Me All Again was awesome, as usual.

inagreendase (September 9, 2004)

Saw them last night...eh.

Not as terrible as Scott was making it out to be, but I wasn't too enthralled. They had good parts of songs (the bridge of "Home For an Island," the absolutely rocking breakdown of "Haiti," the pseudo-battle between their drummer and RxB's who came out for a minute), but no good songs as a whole.

greg0rb (September 9, 2004)

Obviously you passed , Scott...you gave it to me to review didn't you?!! hehe. Anyway, I call review on the new Colossal, that shit kicks aaaaaaaaaaass!

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

straylight run: 8

jimmy eat world: 8

social distortion: 7

this: -4

maverick (September 8, 2004)

Total snoozefest. This album has no personality at all. Pass.


Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

Ap gave good Charlotte band of the year.

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

ap magazine only gave this a 2. i have a new found glory cd with a bonus cd with a song off the exit's old album, and i like it a lot

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

i can't wait til i get a copy of this record. i saw them open for rival schools about 3 years ago and have caught almost every detroit date since. i'm not really suprized that they released a record without a lot of rocking out. they have been nothing if not inconsistant with their live performances of the old record. i'd see them totally rock it out and blaze through the record and then 2 months later play the same songs much slower. i'm glad people are getting into them though, its been a lot of ups and downs in detroit, and i'm sure other areas are like that too

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

I've listened to this record 5 times since I bought it today and either I'm losing my mind or this is one of the best album I've heard in years. Finally a band who's willing to actually write songs!

Thank you for not screaming or whining ot droning or post-punking. Thank you for being great. I can't wait to see The Exit live again. I saw them with Muse and I thought they were incredible. The drummer is insane. All three of them just put on a sick live show. Can't wait for the NEXT album. From the picture on the cover - they seem young. Stay together and be classic!

Favorite song on the record so far: Italy

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

i cant wait to have my copy . the exit are awesome ,good guys , good live, good music.. now i just have to wait until craig will send some cds in canada

Anonymous (September 8, 2004)

I love this album like a love taffy. And I'm a man who loves his taffy.

It's definately a much more laid back album, but I think it's so much more honest sounding. So Leave Then is my favorite song right now.

Also, they Exit fucking rips, and Ben rules because he put me on the guestlist for all their shows in Boston.

Anonymous (September 7, 2004)

i can't even begin to explain my love for this band. I saw them last november before they had finished recording this new record and the new songs blew me away. I think they're just below the radar and are in for some big things.

also, super nice bunch of guys.

and to answer below. . no they do not suck live.

Anonymous (September 7, 2004)

i saw these guys with knockout and student rick at a knights of columbus in arlington heights. i've seen them everytime since. they're a hard working band and play amazin live. this cd portrays their live show very well.

fastkilr (September 7, 2004)

Unfortunatly all i've heard so far was 'Lets go to Hati" and it sounded like their old stuff. This review was helpful, thanks for being a determining factor for my money.

Anonymous (September 7, 2004)

saw them with the ghost when there first record had just come out, and they were good. I'm looking forward to this record, though I don't know if they could top "watertown". I loves me some watertown. Great song.

They're a good vibe live, they won't redefine spectacle, but I don't really like bands that show off live. Maybe im the last person left who goes to see bands play music instead of theatre acts with there cues down.


TrailerParkJesus (September 7, 2004)

is it true that this band sucks live? I'm seeing them tomarrow w/ the bandits and big D.

adam (September 7, 2004)

For whatever reason I really like the cover art to this release.


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