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Liars Academy: DemonsDemons (2004)
Equal Vision Records

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For those not already in the know, Liars Academy plays intelligent emo/rock that isn't whiny. The Baltimore band's second Equal Vision full-length is called Demons (a title explained in part by the surprisingly personal message printed behind the CD pocket). The new disc largely remains faithful.
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For those not already in the know, Liars Academy plays intelligent emo/rock that isn't whiny.

The Baltimore band's second Equal Vision full-length is called Demons (a title explained in part by the surprisingly personal message printed behind the CD pocket). The new disc largely remains faithful to the sound introduced on No News Is Good News, although it adds a new depth. Part of this is production ‚?? handled by J. Robbins ‚?? and part is the band's own maturation. The music is textured, with a strong interplay between bass and guitar. The addition of a second guitarist also gives the album a more substantial sound.

The songs on Demons are reminiscent of Monroe Doctrine-era Farside, with a classic rock feel not unlike Tom Petty or Elvis Costello (particularly People are Games). "The Accountant" also contains a fuzzed out guitar and swanky bass line which is oddly Clash-esque. Liars Academy remains dogmatically mid-tempo, but occasional glimpses of hardcore roots are evident in a furious drum fills, big riff, or scream. Really, the only problem with the album is that the band seems to consciously avoid becoming too intense. This is particularly evident in the last track, "Washing Machine," which begins with a suggestive guitar part, but never quite builds to the right level. This is unfortunate because the additional range would really compliment the sound, and the band is clearly talented enough to play tuneful music that still doesn't pull any punches.

Probably the best thing about Liars Academy is that the songwriting and singing are both exceptional, with lyrics that are introspective yet never cringe inducing. For the record, my favorite verse from "Saturday Night:" "Here I am wilted and wasted, the night before. I can still taste it. In my pocket there is a number, I don't know how it got there."

Ultimately, Demons may not be punk enough for some listeners. But for those looking for a unique take on emo that wouldn't be embarrassing to drop on the way back from a Strike Anywhere concert, this is it.


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hstisgod (November 12, 2004)

Two years separated from their sophomore E.P. release ‚??Trading My Life‚?Ě, Liars Academy has come back trying to make sense of life with ‚??Demons‚?Ě. Simply put , a rock album filled with a plethora of radio rock sounds. The beginning riff of track one aptly resembles that of a starting engine. Like the commencement for a familiar journey, ‚??Demons‚?Ě, may not be oozing in off the wall screamo lyrics, or heavy punk rock chords like most Equal Vision Records talent. But it certainly grabs hold of the rhythms inside your soul, one way or another..

Upbeat and mostly dry are the lead vocals throughout the disc. Powerful and generic are the guitar riffs occasionally joined at the hip with tactful screams of vocal warning and displeasure. Although the simplicities of this L.P. border with boring, it allows for a quick memorization. After just my first go around with this disc, I had managed to synchronize my foot tapping skills to the basic understanding of each track. ‚??The Accountant‚?Ě in particular should stick out for most. Funky and deliberate, its intention of speeding up your heartbeat and slowing down your expectations is met as the lyrics are belted out in a group effort, ‚??SECURITY!!‚?Ě. This Pop/Alternative effort is upgraded to unpredictably edgy at this very moment. One step to another, each track encompasses the formality of rock. Most importantly leave room on your plate for track six ‚??Breathing‚?Ě, an acoustic slow things downer.

It‚??s really all about the vibe build up as the title track ‚??Demons‚?Ě exemplifies in light chord arrangement which may seem familiar most radio rock hits until a screaming voice attacks , almost blood curdling, ‚??Look Out!!!! This Town, Look Out, It Burns!!!!‚?Ě By track 12 ‚??Washing Machine‚?Ě, generic stereotypes can range from 90‚??s Radio icons the Gin Blossoms, to current radio gods The Used. But these comparisons are only that more dangerous as they don‚??t identify this artist‚??s uniquely designed breed of old and new Alternative Rock,.

Anonymous (September 24, 2004)

You people are friggin morons, and have NO IDEA of what you are talking about. Seriously.
This record is groundbreaking, and I wasn't a fan until this one, even though i know all of the guys. This is on of the top 10 albums of the year, period. if any of you are into bands that have created their own sound, you should check this out. The record is so unique that I can't compare it with anything. It's kind of evil and scary, yet somehow still very catchy and melodic. the song "the Accountant" gives me chills, and makes me have weird dreams.

Oh yeah,
the bass player isn't, or never was in strike anywhere. He was in Cross my Heart, Daybreak. and I think maybe in the new incarnation of Dead Red Sea with Ryan? Matt, the OLD guitar player is currently in strike anywhere, and is no longer in the band. I fucking hate message boards. Bunch of stupid youngsters who are clueless at best.

Anonymous (September 15, 2004)

Haven't heard anyone mention Farside in years...I dunno, i find this disc pretty boring. Sounds too much like radio to me.

xmidipunkbastardx (September 15, 2004)

just thought i'd add this:

http://music.download.com/liarsacademy/3600-8592_32-1000 38384.html?tag=list

Anonymous (September 15, 2004)

You know what they say...when we dream in color, it's the same as black and whi-iite.

Anonymous (September 15, 2004)

this album is pretty good, i still liked "no news" better, cause some of these songs sound like fillers...the guitarist from strike anywhere is still in this band.


Anonymous (September 15, 2004)

Farside broke up after "Monroe Doctrine." And to the best of my knowledge, there haven't been any Popeye (or other) spin-offs.

Anonymous (September 15, 2004)

farside was a good band. what happened to them?


Anonymous (September 14, 2004)

I challenge any fan of Liars Academy/Cross My Heart/Blank to listen to the high note that introduces the chorus on the first song, Microtron, and not be moved. It's super fabulous!

Anonymous (September 14, 2004)

the bass player still is in strike anywhere

hey_sailor (September 14, 2004)

Wasn't someone in this band actually in Strike Anywhere WAY back?

kirbypuckett (September 14, 2004)

This record needs a song like "The Sound" and they'd be set.

- Kirby

yemen88 (September 14, 2004)

I don't know about this. hmm

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