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Converge: You Fail MeYou Fail Me (2004)
Epitaph Records

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I'm not sure what to say about this release. I think I'm still suffering from some sort of complex pertaining to their contract with Epitaph. I understand why Epitaph would want to get their hands on an inevitable release that will go down as a landmark in hardcore and independent music, but it's aw.
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I'm not sure what to say about this release. I think I'm still suffering from some sort of complex pertaining to their contract with Epitaph. I understand why Epitaph would want to get their hands on an inevitable release that will go down as a landmark in hardcore and independent music, but it's awkward to cope with. Converge got me into Equal Vision. Not Shelter or Saves the Day. Converge was the band that got me into Cave In, and eventually slightly more off-center bands like At The Drive-In. They put on a phenomenal live show (even with just one guitarist), and are a role model for DIY bands (doing their own production, artwork; they could have even conceivably released this on their own successful label). I might as well have written this review before the record even landed in my mailbox.

For all the amazing things Converge have their name on, I'm always pretty skeptical at first about each one of their releases. Jane Doe took a few listens before I'd really put it up there with Petitioning The Empty Sky (still, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most influential hardcore CDs ever), and You Fail Me is already proving to be the same way... hopefully. Through two tracks, you start to wonder if the band ever rehearses anymore, or just records the first thing that comes to mind. Jacob Bannon's trademark bloodcurdling screams venture down into actual male range to begin the record, making you wonder what gives. By the third track "Black Cloud," you start to hear a more traditional Converge, and with the seventh track "You Fail Me" (an epic six-minute hardcore opus), the band is in full stride. However, they follow it up with six more minutes ("In Her Shadow") of seemingly "artsy" acoustic strumming with various noises in the background. It would be meaningful if it went anywhere or somehow served as a segue into "Eagles Become Vultures" (probably the album's most treacherous and heavy track), but it just makes highly apparent my one big complaint with You Fail Me. Every previous record has been so phenomenally contiguous and flowing, despite how off the wall their music is, and this record just sounds like twelve disconnected tracks. This record has a good eight tracks of great gun-to-your-face metalcore - certainly among the best you'll hear all year - but this band is capable of writing albums that can serve as one big song or broken down for your hot hardcore party mixes.

You Fail Me is an outstanding release, and is worth whatever Best Buy charges for it, but for a band that was such a gateway for me into pretty much every kind of heavy music that I now consider myself a fan of, I guess I wanted to say this was their best record yet, and it most definitely is not.


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palpitations101 (March 1, 2011)

My word.

This is one of the best hardcore records of all time.

Mixhail (July 6, 2006)

i love how the Converge reviews on this site are so fucked up... "When Forever Comes Crashing" is their only 5 star release??!!? its their worst album in my opinion (too frantic combined with shitty production). Jane Doe gets an 8?!... it is infact the greatest metalcore album of all time. And the review for this album is rushed... it gets a 7 and the reviewer himself realizes that every cd Converge writes takes a while to grow on him.

score is for the true grade of this album. 2nd best to Jane Doe thanks to their raw sound and experimental ideas (In Her Shadow's plodding acoustic; Drop Out's catchy riverdance outro)

Ski-Unit (December 21, 2005)

Definatly not one of Converge's better albums
Jane Doe is 10 times better
the only song on this album that is worth listening to
is Black Cloud
but even that doesnt stand up to the
Grind-death-core music of thier past albums

miff (November 2, 2005)

that song is too long u thinkits gonna end but then it just carries on some people like me not being one of them plus why the acoustic track with singing it just slowed the record down n ruined it the tracks are pretty good though especialy in her blood n eagles become vultures which r the best track on the albumdont buy this go buy jane doe which is far betta

MrAwesome (July 26, 2005)

god damn converge does it again

Anonymous (May 2, 2005)

This is the bands most listenable album I think.For me they are really pushing the boundries of heavey music. I have this on vinal so I don't know the song titles but the break down at the end of the first song is genius. Live they are amasing and are one of the most influentual bands around.

mathematicscore (April 20, 2005)

"the words 'six-minutes' and 'hardcore' should never, EVER be in the same sentence...EVER, unless you're talking about that fucked up last track of the Right Brigade -S/T album. "

Fuck this dude. The definition of hardcore (or any other genre) is murky at best, but good music should be more about passion and power than fitting into a cookie cutter genre.

Also, I thought I was the only one who connected the new PxDx and this. Two of my favorite "hard" punk bands ever, moving more in a "punk" direction, and somehow being tuffer than ever. Great stuff.

And as for the review it self (and not just the comments), I think one just has to realize that good bands canl change their formula and still be good bands, and still maintain a cohesive sound.

I personally think this is one of the best albums released by anyone, anywhere, anytime, PERIOD. A level of passion and talent too often unreached.

Anonymous (January 18, 2005)

i got this and "terrifyer" by pig destroyer yesterday, and i love both; I like how "you fail me" is something of a bit more cleanly produced, more "punk rock" (at least in its feel) counterpoint to "jane doe," which i have also been spinning lately

converge is a vortex that slowly pulls you in, and once you're in its oh-so-compelling grip, it completely consumes your waking consciousness-- "you fail me" is no exception to this rule


Anonymous (October 17, 2004)

i cant stop listening to # 11 holy shit... this album is awesome.

i saw them a week or 2 ago oct 3rd they put on one hell of a show... kids were flying everywhere it was awesome

good times,

mikeinflames (September 30, 2004)

this album is excellent to listen to while fucking your girlfriend in the ass

Anonymous (September 29, 2004)

WHAT THE HELL? im done with this shit site! i dropped by for the first time today and left two posts and im gone. ill never come back! the reviews are o.k., but you idiots with you idiot comments. how old are most of you? 12? i laughed so hard at the comment "convege arent hardcore". you fucking idiots. ha ha ha. have you ever been or seen a show by converge? stop being cool, with your shit generic punk rock, and get real. grow up! its not all about school, girls, and being 13. punk rock is converge, punk is joan of arc, rites of spring, mohinder, joy division, for that matter punk rock is the all mighty k.r.s. one. punk rock is how you live your live and carry your thoughts thru communication. when you grow up, youll forget all about this punk thing. thats what seperates hardcore from punk loser.

Anonymous (September 28, 2004)

yo bra this albums fucking slays

Anonymous (September 25, 2004)

"if you like techno-breakbeat-ska"

I don't. I do however like WESTERN ADDICTION

Anonymous (September 24, 2004)

i dont like coverge.
they helped blow out of proportion what is now the trendiest, most annoying style of music that is metal-core.

if you like techno-breakbeat-ska, check out digshoveldig.com

Anonymous (September 24, 2004)

Converge are not real hardcore

Anonymous (September 23, 2004)

this is for the song "dropout". holy shit, that is one magnificent riff. bonerfest. this album has grown on me as it should. i still like jane doe the best out of all converge albums though.

bemused (September 23, 2004)

I don't dig Converge. Too hard and too random for pussy old me. Buy the DEP album instead


mcpike (September 23, 2004)

the words 'six-minutes' and 'hardcore' should never, EVER be in the same sentence...EVER, unless you're talking about that fucked up last track of the Right Brigade -S/T album.

-- what about hopesfall's four song ep. i dont remember what its called but i listen to that thing all the time.

Anonymous (September 23, 2004)

can you actually read the lyrics with this album? One the unfortuanate things about converge booklets is that they're usually graphic-designed to hell to where you can't even read the lyrics

Anonymous (September 23, 2004)

this record is great BECAUSE its not "metalcore". converge did the best anyone is going to do with that genre and moved on. i think this could be the best thing theyve done.

Anonymous (September 23, 2004)

the words 'six-minutes' and 'hardcore' should never, EVER be in the same sentence...EVER, unless you're talking about that fucked up last track of the Right Brigade -S/T album.

Converge are possibly the most overrated band ever and to be honest I can't see their influence on anything [good], I'm not having a dig at the writer of this article, I personally don't agree with the statement.


Anonymous (September 23, 2004)

this is an amazing album while i saw them play about 2 maybe 3 songs from it at hellfest i just knew that what i was in for was more of the converge that i love. i say that simply due to the fact that they are a constantly evolving band yeah theres acoustic guitars and some almost new metal parts ( last light). who cares when i see a converge release i know witho any doubt im capable of trusting the fact that it will be great and this did everything but dissapoint. oh go see them and wait for them to play"black cloud" absolutely devastating and awe insp[iring live as well as on record.

aubin (September 23, 2004)

I think I agree with Kevin still (which is why I asked if we could run his review) but I think Cory at Lambgoat wrote a great review as well, you guys should check it out:

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

cd is fucking amazing, its like an orgasm in a box.

johnnydanger (September 22, 2004)

Kevin Wade fails me and so does the review editor for reposting a punkrocks.net review. Go read the review on lambgoat.

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

The comment below me couldn't have put it any better.

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

I disagree with this review.

Someone else down there said the lyrics are cohesive and this is definitely true. The lyrics flow together as well as the music on Jane Doe did. It's VERY much a concept album; there's even a storyline you can almost follow. Listening to this with the lyrics in front of you enhances it many times over.

About the flow of the album...I'd say 1-8 flow as well as anything Converge has done...maybe not Jane Doe but almost. First/Last Light are phenomenal...Drop Out/Hope Street is an amazingly brutal transition...Heartless and You Fail Me compliment each other amazingly (by the way, You Fail Me is definitely a fucking amazing song...especially with the lyrics) and I love that In Her Shadow comes right after because You Fail Me is so punishing and powerful and devastating and In Her Shadow is like the aftermath of that song...lying in its wake. Plus read the lyrics for those songs...You Fail Me tells of hatred and disgust for a particular person, seemingly female...then In Her Shadow goes on to tell her story...and I feel like In Her Shadow closes the book on the first part of this record and then Eagles Become Vulture comes back in and slaps you in the face.

The lyrics for Death King (a BRUTAL fucking song) and In Her Blood flow incredibly and it made me appreciate the latter song much more, because I hated it before I had the lyrics. As for Hanging Moon, at first I thought it was a terrible closing song but then I realized it perfectly fits the albums overall theme of complete and utter helplessness and the lyrics are almost a plea for help. I mean the last line is "be my light in this world of darkness." Perfect.

This album is very very close to the greatness of Jane Doe...certainly not better...but maybe almost as good.

opivykid (September 22, 2004)

Is it me, or does the dudes voice sound really different on this cd? I'd still kill for a voice like his though...

manifesto (September 22, 2004)

I completely agree with the comment about Drop Out being the best song. The riffs at the end are simply amazing!

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

This score is for the review and reviewer.

-Gabe Vendetta

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

The reviewer here is comparing it way to much to Jane Doe. This is a great cd and its good to see Converge experimenting with tracks like "first light" and "in her shadow." There is a definite flow on this cd, i dont know what the reviewer is talking about... "You Fail Me" and "in her shadow" are linked and since "in her shadow" fades out, the cd can start up once again with "eagles become vultures." he also didnt read the lyrics and observe how they are layed out either because he probably downloaded it off Soulseek 2 months ago.

i dont give it a 10 because i think the songs besides "you fail me" and "in her shadow" are way to short and i wish i could have heard an epic closing track too, but maybe "hanging moon" serves a different purpose

best song: "drop out" - first time i have ever heard a catchy Converge song... all thanks to the ending of the song. i cant tell if thats a guitar or keyboard though.

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

This is good. You just need to listen to Swans more to get it.

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

Wow, I listened to this album and I was amazed to find it actually had songs on it (i.e. real cohesive songs, not 2-minute spazz-outs).

Anonymous (September 22, 2004)

What the fuck is this, clearly this is an album of epic proportions and this fuck just keeps going off on how it isn't pulled together right. Who cares if it is on Epitaph, Converge still keeps their roots, with the LP comming out on Deathwish. And as for the comment about how there are 8 good tracks, the album is set up as a poem. Read the lyrics, they don't stand alone, but instead flow from one song to the next. I commend Converge on this album and say fuck this man.

Fuzzy (September 22, 2004)

Or a group could combine modern and past influences together to forge a new sound. A fan of Converge, mixing it with Coltrane, Marley, and Oakenfold could create the Techno-Breakbeat-Ska that we all so desperately wish to hear.This album is so fuckin' wade.

aubin (September 21, 2004)

This one is tough for me, because as much as I liked the older stuff, Jane Doe was always the perfect Converge record. That record was probably one of the most intense, visceral and focused records by any aggressive band around. And unlike their previous records, it was impeccably well produced.

I think I agree with Kevin that the problem with this one is not that it is lacking in great songs, but just that the individual songs seem a little detached from each other.

Still, it seems pretty likely that this will make my top ten this year.

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

they've never had, is what i meant to say.

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

they don't carry converge cds at the best buy here in tampa. they had any of their back catalouge, and didn't have this one this morning when i went to get it.

mcpike (September 21, 2004)

pure awesome-ness. converge never lets one down.

manifesto (September 21, 2004)

I really really dig this album. The first couple of times I listened to it, I thought it wasn't as great as Jane Doe, but it eventually grew on me to reach the same level as their last record. I think that they tried to balance things between their old style and the Jane Doe era sound. The production is also less metallic. And contrary to Jane Doe, You Fail Me doesn't have a continuous flow. The ending track may not be as spectacular, but it senses a completely new emotion. So overall, I consider this album to be on par with their last record. But I'm pretty sure Converge didn't want to release a Jane Doe part II anyway.

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

love it. i wouldn't call converge 'metal-core,' though...

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

i'm going to agree with your score. i want to love it, as a fan of almost everything they've done (minus a lot of the pre-petitioning stuff), but instead i just like it. good for any other band, a slight dissapointment for converge. still a solid record though.

opivykid (September 21, 2004)

I really dont know what happened to this cd. I love Converge, but....i dunno about this cd....

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

Actually, I like Converge. I like Bane, too. I just think it's dumb that some kids base their bands around modern bands. It makes the music so dull, and means they have a definite lack of influences. You can tell Converge listened to more than just their contemporaries. "Jane Doe" taps all sorts of music (besides the ever-popular jazz trend shit), ROCK music. Good album, but instead of someone just copying it, why not someone listen to their influences and let them honestly impact the music. I don't see the point of atonal noise when it's derivative of other atonal noise.


Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

Surprisingly, this record doesn't really leave my CD player ever. I wasn't too into Jane Doe.

FortyMinutesWest (September 21, 2004)

BSD, you've fucking crossed the line this time.

Everyone knows that the next big thing will be xylocore.

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

"YOU FAIL ME in your knowledge of the most influential hardcore "CDs" ever. i'll give you 20 albums that are more influential than this. hehe, kids these days."

Hey! Back off! The guy meant that it's the most influential on bands that will go nowhere, do nothing new, and break up and move onto the next trend in a few years (which will be Techno-Breakbeat-Ska).


FortyMinutesWest (September 21, 2004)

Not as good as Jane Doe, but great anyway.

TheOnetrueBill (September 21, 2004)

Couldn't find it.

Anonymous (September 21, 2004)

"Petitioning The Empty Sky (still, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most influential hardcore CDs ever"

YOU FAIL ME in your knowledge of the most influential hardcore "CDs" ever. i'll give you 20 albums that are more influential than this. hehe, kids these days.

Crooner (September 21, 2004)

This is one of the best albums I have heard this year. I thought at first it was disappointing compared to jane doe at first but after a number of listens (like Jane Doe). I got into and and realized that this album is better. Yeah, I said it. The lyrics are better than ever and you can actually make them out most of the time. The guitars and drums are still tremendous and the complexity with only one guitarist is something to be appreciated. By giving this album a 7 KEVINWADE, You Fail Me (wow, terrible joke, like I mean really bad, but seriously this album is tremendous).

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