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MxPx: Life In GeneralLife In General (1996)
Tooth & Nail Records

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Contributed by: NotQuiteAsPunkAsYouNotQuiteAsPunkAsYou
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Coming off their most politically charged album Teenage Politics, MxPx returns one year later with Life In General. I for one, loved Teenage Politics incredibly. They sang about punk rock ethics damnit. Well, here comes Life In General. The speed is still there. The vocals are a tad more ha.
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Coming off their most politically charged album Teenage Politics, MxPx returns one year later with Life In General.

I for one, loved Teenage Politics incredibly. They sang about punk rock ethics damnit. Well, here comes Life In General. The speed is still there. The vocals are a tad more harmounious. The political lyrics and teenage angst were replaced with words of longing for love and what's gone wrong in life. A big change if you listen to the album before it.

However, MxPx does have this uncanny ability to produce songs that stick in your head for days, and by the numbers! There's just something about this band that I like. Their songs just get you feeling like you've spent your time pleasurably.

This album is without a doubt, musically wonderful. The lyrics are kinda corny I will admit. The words don't really connect with me but the music does. Wow, the drumming is so fast, and the guitar and vocals just play off each other perfectly.

MxPx, now is quite frankly, ummmmm well altered. There will never be another album like this from them but this cd is out there so go buy it please. This album was ground-breaking for me at least. Everything just clashes great. Listen to the guitar and voice together with a keen ear. Amazing.

Get these songs please "Do Your Feet Hurt" (which will get you any girl), "Today Is In My Way," "Chick Magnet" (classic, we all know this one), and "Doing Time."

Great album. Woulda given it a ten if it was a little more honest lyrically and emotionaly. But please, buy it for the music.


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Anonymous (March 23, 2006)

wow, it has been since 2002 since last comment. well i was reminicing and wishing mxpx could come up with something this fast and powerful for 2007. panic was good, but it would be soo cool if they went back to this style. they would regain all the old fans.

Anonymous (September 22, 2002)

i was just kidding down there, i love mxpx and corny repetetive disposable pop-punk. but..it's just that...well...oh, dammit...it is just so hard to cope with having this bulbous melon on my shoulders. why, god, why did my head have to be the size of jupiter?!? why have i been doomed to a life of supporting the weight of a whale on top of my neck. oh, i am so distraught. i think listening to disposable pop-punk will lift my spirits. but not even disposable pop-punk is powerful enough to hold up this bowling ball resting atop my scrawny pencil-neck.-fathead (*sniffle*)

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

I got all MxPx albums, and this one is definately the best! The albums before this one are too raw...but kewl though. The albums after this one are just to poppy for me. MxPx was the second punkband I knew...offspring was the first one. A long time MxPx was my favourite band, now my favourite band is NOFX. But I still like Mxpx

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

I agree with fat head. Although I listened to this album for a long time I realize now that it's poorly organized and just stupid emo punk. Rhyme schemes are horribly and none of the songs are catchy in the least.

Anonymous (January 19, 2002)

legally? ha... fuck that.

Anonymous (November 23, 2001)

Don't judge a band by what other people have to say about them. Download some of their stuff, legally of course. Form your own opinion, then if you like them, show support by buying there music. Personally, L love these guys, I feel they convey a good powerfull message. But thats just me. But if you do like what you hear, I suggest you check out Relient K and Dogwood. Remember, Dont judge until you have heard them yourself.

Anonymous (September 26, 2001)

no fucking way is this even close to one of the best punk albums ever. you've got a lot of listening to do my long-winded friend.- fathead

Anonymous (August 30, 2001)

This is MxPx's best album and one of the best punk--yes, punk--albums of all time. Sure, their newer stuff is different (notice, for you idiots out there, that I didn't say that it "sucked" just because it's different--whether their new stuff sucks or not isn't my point) but this album is old-school and I definitely prefer the fast-paced feel of this album. Mike Herrera's voice is fantastic as always. The songs are fast, catchy, and stick with you for days. Every person who claims to be a punk fan should own this record (that includes both hardcore punk fans and pop-punk fans) as this album has something for everyone. And now a small digression: One thing I am sick of on this board and every other punk board, is people deciding what is "punk" and what isn't. As if a band has to scream unintelligible lyrics and sell no more than 500 albums to be a true "punk" band. I'm not saying that Blink 182, for example, is or is not "punk", I'm merely saying that before people start criticizing about selling out, maybe they should start their own band and try to do better. Besides, if every band sounded the same, how boring would that be? If every band sounded like Pennywise, punk wouldn't be a great style of music. Part of what is great about punk music is that it can be extremely diverse. You don't like MxPx? Good. But don't say they are or are not punk because they don't fit into your preconceived notion of what a punk band sounds like. People that do this are idiots--the same people who claim that Alkaline Trio are selling out on their newest album because it's actually a great record that appeals to more than 3 people. And I have a special message for the person who commented on another MxPx review that Limp Bizkit was a "real band" and not a sellout pop band. Sure. I won't claim that Limp Bizkit has sold out or not (it's not my place to criticize a band for selling more records), but I will say that Limp Bizkit sucks. Try listening to Rage Against the Machine if you want some originality.

Anonymous (July 9, 2001)

The best album by MXPX, great music, but ya know, MXPX do not deserve a perfect score, only bands like Strung Out or NOFX do, MXPX is far from perfection

Great album

Anonymous (July 9, 2001)

Eh. It's not a bad album, certainly better than their newest stuff... but I just don't dig 'em, yo. -AtomicGarden

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

This is certainly a great album, with some very catchy songs. It can however, get a bit samey. All the songs, despite being great, are very similar. I'd still recommend it to anyone though!!

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

Very good CD. A little long, I think. I have trouble listening to the whole thing in one sitting. MxPx just gets a little repetitive. But other than that it's definitely a good CD.

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

Great Album....Great Band...Jesus RULES!!!!!

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

I don't understand how the cd is not honest. Its about real life and about girls. It is deffinately MxPx's centerpiece record, and a must for everyones collection that doesn't have a stick in thier ass.

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