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My Awesome Compilation: The View Is AmazingThe View Is Amazing (2004)
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"Who?", you ask "Who are My Awesome Compilation? They sound like some complete wannabe band trying to crack the industry when they simply can't cut it. If you say that - you'd be right. Or ar least you would be right before July 2003. This band was touring around the UK in multiple "toilet venues" w.
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"Who?", you ask "Who are My Awesome Compilation? They sound like some complete wannabe band trying to crack the industry when they simply can't cut it. If you say that - you'd be right. Or ar least you would be right before July 2003. This band was touring around the UK in multiple "toilet venues" which hold under 500 people. One of their gigs was actually cancelled because no-one turned up. However, suddenly, a Sore Point Records (sister company of Eat/Sleep records, part of Drive Thru, part of Universal) rep saw them play in one of these reject venues and signed them up.

So these four ordinary blokes from Leicester UK had a recording contract. Then they got shipped off to San Diego and Big Fish Studios, formerly used by bands including Reel Big Fish and Blink 182. So, onto the album. Its not actually a full length album, containing only 6 tracks. It is a taster of what is to come from this band. However, from these 6 tracks the melodic tones and well composed underlying music shines through. They seem to play with maturity and experience which is unusual for a new band. The guitars lay down the guidelines for the soaring vocals and "MAC" fill the album with surprisingly impressive songs which are well written and delivered. It isn't hard, but it isn't soft. Some songs lean perhaps too far towards the emo side of the punk line, but other songs confirm these guys are trying mainly to appeal to the punk community. They are fresh of the block so to speak, so such rawness is expectable Star track is "butterflies" but the whole "EP" is solid and a very good debut and introduction to a very good band.

They have great potential and one foot in a niche of the UK market The album, despite failing to actually be an album has created a lot of new "MAC" fans in the UK and despite stores such as Virgin usually refusing to sell "mini-albums" they have this one plastered all over their walls. This band is the next big British punk band. Mark my words.


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Anonymous (October 17, 2004)

I think this is one of the best mini albums out in a long time(the reason I say mini album is because I always thought an e.p was 4 or 5 tracks at the most) They're catchy and cheery and evenn though the review did make them out to be a manufactured band I can assure you there not! They play great live and even though the name does put people of, just listen to the cd and you'll fall in love! Yeah people regard them as emo but they do have a nice mix of stuff on there, so I say go check it out and if not then wait for the album in early 2005 and be blown away

Anonymous (October 6, 2004)

This band is OK, like most British emo. Someone should review British punk instead, which is much better.

jon_the_skafather (October 5, 2004)

I was hoping this would be a cool compilation....but i was let down.

Icapped2pac (October 4, 2004)

Also, I just scheduled a dentist appointment today.

Icapped2pac (October 4, 2004)

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, it's called an EP, dude, not a mini-album or "just short enough for tea-time CD". I learned that when I was like 10.

Anonymous (October 4, 2004)

I am yet to hear this band

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

"England is America's ugliest mole"....

that could be the shittest attempt at hanging shit on a person/country that i've sen on this site. and i'm not even from england, so don't think i'm defending england.

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

"...and what do they sound like? score for the review."

They sound like Jimmy Eat World but obviously not as good. In fact, JEW recorded some tracks in that studio they were shipped out to. Saw them supporting Brand New in the UK earlier in the year. Decent, but nothing special.

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

Hey, if you guys can generalize me as a hillbilly asshole warhawk just because I'm from America, I'll declare that you all suck.

And say something like "England is America's ugliest mole".


Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

Wow, great band but horrible review.

Firstly the "toilet venues" were probably 100 capacity and less! They self-released an EP, then got signed to BSM Records and sold 1,000 copies of an EP with no distro. Then they were spotted by Bravestar Records who sent them to the US to record. When they got back the EP was licensed to Sorepoint, who have nothing to do with Drive Thru or Universal.

Always do your homework before you do a review...

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

Why does PunkNews never review GOOD British bands? This band try far, FAR too hard.

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

How mature " The UK Sucks", yea thats what I wanted to read when looking at a review, grow up you stupid twat. Oh yea Im from Ireland I guess we "suck", suck what exactly? you californian wannabe bastard.

Anonymous (October 2, 2004)

haha this review is dumb. nice try.

tahoejeff (October 2, 2004)

The guitars lay down the guidelines for the soaring vocals ...

much like the rest of the instruments...otherwise it'd be accapella

boldredletters (October 1, 2004)

...and what do they sound like? score for the review.

Anonymous (October 1, 2004)

The UK sucks.


And you're a wanker, mate.

Anonymous (October 1, 2004)

The UK sucks.


recordings (October 1, 2004)

so they were a shitty band till they got thrown in a studio by some record execs? wow. that almost gives me hope.

worst name ever. and way to use AMAZING in the tile. jeezus hornswaggling christ i swear its the only word used by kids to describe their favorite band of the month.

"hey did you get the new ____ cd? its amazing."
"yea i did. but they are sooo more amazing live.

kill. your. self.


Anonymous (October 1, 2004)

Score is for their name. How terrible.
We'll see about that whole "next big British punk band" thing.

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