Various - Punkorama Vol.2 (Cover Artwork)


Various: Punkorama Vol.2Punkorama Vol.2 (1996)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: pete21pete21
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This has to be one of the best compilations, if not THE best compilation ever put together. Most of the bands and songs all rock hard. This cd perfectly captures the sound of the mid 90's punk/indie explosion, along with some old-school classics. Listening to this cd will surely take you back to a.
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This has to be one of the best compilations, if not THE best compilation ever put together. Most of the bands and songs all rock hard. This cd perfectly captures the sound of the mid 90's punk/indie explosion, along with some old-school classics. Listening to this cd will surely take you back to a time when Green Day and Nirvana ruled the airwaves and not IN'SINK.

1) Descendents- Coffee Mug:This song starts off the cd perfectly. It's short, loud, and fast. One of the Descendents' harder songs. (Off the Album "Everything Sucks.")
2) Pennywise- Perfect People: The first time I heard this song i wasn't too impressed, it's not one of Pennywise's best, but its still an alright song off the album "About Time." For anyone getting into Pennywise I'd suggest this album, or "Perfect Cricle."
3) Pulley- Cashed In: This is one of my favorite songs off the comp., its also one of my favorite songs by Pulley. It's got a great, fast beat and an awsome melody. This one should have your toes tapping in no time. (off the album "Esteem driven Engine.")
4) Me First And The Gimme Gimmes- Only The Good Die Young: This is another favorite of mine off the compilation. The Gimmes do a great job of covering the Billy Joel hit. This was actually the first song I heard from the band, and I was so impressed I went out and bought "Have A Ball." That album doesn't contain this song, its on and EP called "Billy", I haven't seen it anywhere in stores.
5) The Humpers- Mutate With Me: This is the only song I've heard from this band, it's a pretty good one. It has more of an old school/street punk feel to it. I can't really compare it to any of their other stuff, since I havent heard it. ( off the album "Plastique Valentine")
6) Rancid- Side Kick: This a good Rancid song off "Let's go", although it doesn't compare with anything from the album "...And Out ComeThe Wolves." The loud, crazy bass that Rancid usually has, adds to the enjoyment.
7) Millencolin- Bullion: I truly think this song is a f*ckin' classic. It's speed, melody, and rawness just wants to make me f*ckin mosh. This is one of those songs that perfectly captures that mid 90's punk sound with intensity and honesty in lyrics (although they are hard to understand with that heavy Swedish accent.) (Off the album "Life On A Plate.")
8) Voodoo Glow Skulls- El Coo Cooi: This song is funny as hell I think. They sing in Spanish, so i have no idea what they are saying. The only thing I know is that chorus for this ska song will be stuck in your head for a long, long time. ( Off the album "Firme.")
9) The Joykiller- Hate: This is another very good song, from a band I haven't heard anything else from. The beat of the song is pretty catchy. (off the album "Static.")
10) T.S.O.L- Code Blue: This an old school classic. The lyrics are dirty as hell and funny as hell. Great song to blast from your car stereo, in an old peoples' home parking lot. The look on the faces of those old ladies will be a kodak moment.(off cd "Dance With Me.")
11) NOFX- Whatever Didi Wants: This a slower more poppy NOFX song from the shitty "Heavy Petting Zoo" (great cover though) . At first listen I didn't like it, but it grows on you.
12) Down By Law- Gruesome Gary: This is another one of my favorite songs off the cd. Too bad all of Down By Law's songsweren't this good. Great sing-along chorus, funny lyrics, and there is nifty guitar solo on there too. (off album"All scratched Up.")
13) Poison Idea- This is an alright song. Can't really say much about this one, I haven't heard much from this band. one of those songs you will forget sooner from this album.
14)DFL-Thought Control: Ok, this band mixes punk with rap,sounds alot like Beastie Boys but not nearly as good. this is the low point of the cd. What happened to these guys? Never heard of them besides this one song.(this is apreviously unreleased song.
15)SNFU- Don't Have The Cow:Another band who's only work i've heard is this song. Oh well, it's still a good one. (From album "Fyulaba.")
16) Bad Religion- Give You Nothing: This is an awsome, fast paced and catchy Bad Religion song from one of my favorite albums by them, "Suffer." The album is a classic. Also listen to the album "No Control."
17) New Bomb Turks- Jukebox Lean: I don't really like this band, so the song just doesn't click with me. The guys voice is annoying and whiny. Song sounds kind of like new wave song. I'm sorry, but a bad way to end such a great comp.


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fakesmile (February 16, 2002)

...and me first & the gimme gimmes are on fat for their full-lengths, and they've also released somewhat like ten 7's, all on different indie labels... now you know

fakesmile (February 16, 2002)

in my humble opinion this is by far the best punk-o-rama available for $5 dollars... punk-o-rama started suckin after #3...

Anonymous (September 3, 2001)

I thought Me First and The Gimme Gimmes were on FatWreck... eh?

Anonymous (July 20, 2001)

I didnt like this punk o rama as much as the others. Some of the songs are terrible, like, what the heck is the DFL crap? I hate the SNFU song too. And the others are barely listeable. Coffee Mug, Bullion, Side Kick, Perfect People, Give You Nothing, and Cached In are the best songs. Punk o rama 5 and 6 are the best by far. Its funny how Pulley only puts thier good songs on comps. Runaway on POR 6 is awesome. And oh yea, to the idiot who complained about the pennywise song on POR 6: It's an X cover you idiot. Obviously you didnt like it because it wasnt fast or something. Moron.

AtomicGarden (July 20, 2001)

Probabaly one of my favorite POR comps.

Anonymous (July 20, 2001)

Yo punkers this is Pete. i really have no idea why you guys are bitching about whether Epitaph is mainstream or not? Epitaph is an indie label that signs punk and indie bands, so I don't see what the problem is with that. Also if Epitaph gets to the point where it's as big as a major label it can only help the bands on it and you.The cd's will have better qualities,wider cd distribution in stores will be available, and tour transportation bands will be safer. As long as Epitaph doesn't treat the bands like shit and tell them how to write their music, and as longas ticket prices for Epitaph bands are low, I am not complaining.

punky (July 20, 2001)

ColdJuly they are not mainstream, but they have one foot in it.Did anyone read Profane existance zine back in 95?
For all of tou's that have missed out on that i remember there was this huge argument about Epitaph, and epitaph employees were involved in it, but soon after after they had to stop because they were proven wrong.If you want to know some useful things about epitaph if you care if they are mainstream or not (i don't) then get this of some old crusty punk.

coldjuly (July 20, 2001)

I hear all these fuckin stupid ass comments like" epitaph is sooo mainstream" well epitaph is still an indie label like it or not....They have just really really expanded their horizons the past 4 years. I really dont like a lot of the bands on epitaph Bad Religion, Rancid, and pulley are the best by far.
Oh yeah the original POR is the best....thats the OLD epitaph. SNFU, total chaos, down by law, RKL and many other mind blowing bands, but with POR 2 in close 2nd (no pun there).
Oh yeah what happened to the great SNFU??? does anyone know.
Im out

Anonymous (July 20, 2001)

what the hell are you reviewing a '96 comp for? you're five years late. Epitaph is already up to P-O-R #6. And for all you the fifth volume is the best, it mixes the good bands out there. bp

Anonymous (July 19, 2001)

good comp. but there are many better off the Punk-o-Rama collection. The first one is the best. Great old tunes, can't beat that. The new one 6 is the worst. What the hell is that Pennywise song. I know it isn't all Pennywise, but come on it is shit. Pennywise is a great punk group, that song disappointed me. Other than that, all of the Punk-o-rama's are worth buying. get them.

Anonymous (July 19, 2001)

Cashed In is the best song on here. any pulley song gets my vote for best song on an epitaph comp. just look at vol.6.- fathead

punky (July 19, 2001)

A solid comp.But there are heaps better ones like Hopelessly devoted to you 2 and 3,and all fat comps are better i rekon.

Anonymous (July 19, 2001)

Good Comp., but the 3rd one is better

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

This is Pete the reviewer. I gave this compilation 4.5 stars not 3.5, i guess the people in charge of getting these reviews posted messed up. Also, I never said Perfect People wasn't on "About Time", read it again. And the "Perfect Circle", "Full Circle" mix up is my fault, I'll take credit for that one.

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

Perfect People isn't even on Full Circle, let alone "Perfect Circle"

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

Hahahaha "Perfect Circle"??? You must mean "Full Circle", which I would agree is an amzing cd by the 'Wise.

coldjuly (July 18, 2001)

great comp. The first 2 punk-o-rama's are the best...one question...where the fuck did pennywise have an album called perfect circle? ha ha oh well we all make mistakes..trust me i make plenty awesome songs pulley is still the best band on there...and the best on epitaph..cuz we all know that label is going to hell.

sickboi (July 18, 2001)

I don't know about calling this "one of the greatest comps ever". I look for a good comp to have rarities, b-sides or prev-unreleased shit. You can't beat the price though. If you want a good comp, check out "World Warped 3". Its a comp of nothing but live tracks. I have a review of it on here.

liquidinvert (July 18, 2001)

damn you must hate comps or something, since this is your favorite and you still only give it 3.5. I think it diserves much better, I love this cd, it was the first punk comp I ever got, and it is so much better than all other punk-o-rama's.
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