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The Suicide Machines

The Suicide Machines: The Suicide MachinesThe Suicide Machines (2000)
Buena Vista Entertainment

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Contributed by: pete21pete21
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Well, the best way to start off the review is to describe SM's two previous albums. Both albums were fast, aggresive, energetic, melodic, a little bit ska, and all out great punk rock. With this in mind I went out to get SM's new self-titled cd. I was expecting the same kind of high-powered work, ma.
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Well, the best way to start off the review is to describe SM's two previous albums. Both albums were fast, aggresive, energetic, melodic, a little bit ska, and all out great punk rock. With this in mind I went out to get SM's new self-titled cd. I was expecting the same kind of high-powered work, maybe with a little less ska.

As soon as I got the album, I stuck it in my car cd player, and started driving around. The first song, "Sometimes I Don't Mind," came on. It was a slower song, and I thought to myself, " It's pretty good, slow, and a bit different, but good. The next songs should get faster." The second song, "Permanent Holiday" came on. It was way poppier from anything I've heard from SM. It was a catchy jump-up and down song, but it was very soft compared to songs from the last two releases. It lacked that edge and emotion that their older songs had, so it made the song feel empty and dull, despite it's catchy quality. Nevertheless, I still believed that the following songs would sound more like their older stuff. After the third song, "The Fade Away," I realized this was it, this was the tone of the cd and it wasn't going to change. The seventh track "Extraordinary," even featured a symphony orchestra, it's a good song, but something else that caught me off guard. If five years ago you were to tell me that SM will make a song like this, I would never have believed it. It 's itching for radio airplay. the ninth track, "All Out" was another slap in the face it was a rap/rock song. It was something else that sounded nothing like Suicide Machines. All in all for any old school fan of SM, who hasn't heard this album might be abit of a shock. For any fans of pop-punk that haven't heard SM you'll probably like this cd, but check out their old stuff too. All in all it's actually tolerable, but I can't help it think that Hollywood records probably forced them to go poppier, and stick a rap/rock song in their to make them more "marketable." Well that's it, the hightlights include "Sometimes I don't mind" "Permanent Holiday" "Green" and "The fade Away."


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OffspringKickAss (December 30, 2012)

I like this album more than DBD, sue me.

joeynukes (February 28, 2008)

Eh, its not crazy bad. Its standable, especially compared side-by-side with whats in todays airwaves, but still sounds way to much like a rock record, but whatevs. Reps gotta make a living too.

However, Rose Garden is quite nice despite how poppy it is, but hell some of the stuff on Destruction was poppier than it.


kill_fftl (June 27, 2006)

i never promised you a rose garden

Anonymous (March 17, 2004)

This album surprised me. It was actually the first SM album I bought, and after a few listens (as well as hearing some older stuff!) I got it. It's just an experiment, trying out new shit. Like the guy further down said, "I Hate Everything" is a parody. Some of these songs are kinda sweet, I still bust this album out every so often.

Anonymous (January 12, 2004)

One of their worse albums to date. Luckily "A match and some gasoline" got back to what they do best.

Anonymous (December 21, 2003)

Well, it's better than "Battle Hymns".

Analog_Boy (August 12, 2003)

Pretty good? No, its fucking terrible. I won't even give any slack for one of my favourite bands. It's just to damn bad. They deserve all the negative feedback they can get for this, just so they don't pull another stunt like this again... ever again.

Eddie (August 8, 2003)

C'mon, it's pretty good.

Why doesn't anyone realize that "I Hate Everything" is a fucking parody?

NOFXPunkLTJ22 (December 31, 2002)

I am a big suicide machines fan and this cd SUCKS. it is so bad and a disgrace to an amazing band. BATTLE HYMNS DBD and STEAL THIS RECORD (minus a couple of bad songs) are all amazing.

Anonymous (May 11, 2002)


Anonymous (November 21, 2001)

Fucking dissapointment of all dissapointments. If there was one complaint I had with Destruction it was that sometimes it was a little too poppy. Battle Hymns comes out... wow. Ska and hardcore have never been mixed so nicely. Then this shit? What the fuck? They wanted to try something new? OK, but why not something new thats actually good? I saw them live about a month after this album came out and they played one song off of it, Permanent Holiday. I saw them live a couple weeks ago, and they played one song off of it, Permanent Holiday. Off of their new album, five songs. I don't think they even liked this piece of crap. Thankfully the new album is much, much better.


Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

This cd is the worst I've heard from this band. Suicide Machine's last 2cds rocked hard but this is bad. What's with "I Hate everything?" Are you guys taking cues from Limp Bisquit now?

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

complete barbage. it is really bad and i have no idea why punk kids and especially reveiwers will give mostly positive reveiws to the most boring cheese pop albums like this but rip into stuff like ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

The Suicide Machines are fuckin amazing. Every album is good, in it's own way. I highly doubt that their "label made them" put out this album or any specific song on it. They have already stated that they just wanted to make a different album. Peace

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

Shure it's not punk nor ska but it's a good album anyway. Catchy songs, you can see they can write catchy tunes with the best of them. The rap/rock song is a joke. Listen to the lyrics. You can't compare it to the other albums cauz it's not even the same kind of music. so if you compare it to other bands in the pop rock area, it's a damn good cd.


Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

each one of their cd's don't keep the same sound going which is pretty damn good, alot of bands are afraid to change and try something new and stay sounding the same which grows old after a while, i've heard that complaint about pennywise, a good band in my opinion. sure suicide machines first two cd's were really good but i think this was a real good effort at making something unexpected and thats exactly what they said they would do in a interview i read of theirs after their second release, but i would like to see their new cd their working on return back to their ska

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

Damn people...While Ignorance is Bliss wasn't a strong Face to Face album, it still blew this bloated crap out of the water...I loved Battle hymns, Destruction by definition..but this, simply put, is complete shit.

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

I bought this CD only for "I Hate Everything." That song is amazing. Woo

Anarchy_Adam (July 25, 2001)

I was incredibly dissapointed by this one. Its nice that they're trying new things and all, but this just wasn't what I was looking for. I way prefer the older stuff.

Anonymous (July 25, 2001)

this cd sucked. i saw them live about two months before this cd went on sale and they didn't play a single song of it. thank god. i paid to hear the suicide machines, not fenix tx.

go buy battle hymns!

SMstealthisrecordshldrock (July 25, 2001)

I gave it a nine because even though this is the last Suicide Machines someone should buy I like some songs in it. You didn't mention the two best songs, the ska song "Sincerity" and the fast aggresive punk rock song "Reasons". Well those two songs are awesome I also like the cover song "I never Promised you a Rose Garden" and a couple of others. If your a big and true Suicide Machines you would get it or at least accept this album for what it is. You know the next one will be good and sound good like their old stuff just like Face to Face did. Plus, the Suicide Machines "BATTLE HYMNS" album when it berly came out got me into punk and ska so i'll always like them. So I conclude that this is an ok album some may dissapointed but its good their trying something new every time and that their not a cookie-cutter band. I would of gave this a 10 but I hate that song "I Hate Everything", I think they should move to a different label where they don't have to make a lame sounding song just to be in the label.

Anonymous (July 25, 2001)

I think this album is pretty good considering that having a different sound for a new album is usually a plus and that you can't get an all out bad album from a band as incredible as the Suicide Machines.
That being said, this definetly is their worst album to date (although one of them has to be) and I would recommend the first two albums for anyone just getting into them.

sickboi (July 25, 2001)

Definately Suicide Machine's worst album to date, reminds me of Face to Face's "Ignorance is Bliss". You forgot to mention the best song on the whole damn album, 'I never Promised You a Rose Garden'.

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