Copeland - In Motion (Cover Artwork)


Copeland: In MotionIn Motion (2005)
Militia Group

Reviewer Rating: 4.5

Contributed by: fallingupwards84fallingupwards84
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Whether or not you care for this style of music, there is no denying the talent and creativity that Copeland brings to the music scene. Beneath Medicine Tree, while containing a few minor flaws, was an absolutely brilliant album. With this new release, Copeland goes a step further and corrects th.
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Whether or not you care for this style of music, there is no denying the talent and creativity that Copeland brings to the music scene.

Beneath Medicine Tree, while containing a few minor flaws, was an absolutely brilliant album. With this new release, Copeland goes a step further and corrects those flaws and creates, in my opinion, the best album released so far in 2005. Lyrically, this is a stronger album, and musically, it is much more mature and innovative.

Aaron's voice has never been more on target. The first track, "No One Really Wins," is a solid rock song that hits you hard right away, preparing the listener for the rest of the album. "Sleep" is my personal favorite. The piano is beautiful, along with the melody. This is Copeland at its best. Aaron showcases his incredible vocal range in "Kite," and there is even an accordion (yes, an accordion) in the song. Other highlights include "Don't Slow Down," "Love Is A Fast Song," and "You Love To Sing," each of which have very catchy choruses and are musically well-written.

I don't like giving out perfect scores, but this one is pretty damn close. Go out and pick this one up, you won't regret it.


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He3gox (October 22, 2006)


Anonymous (February 20, 2006)

these guys kick ****ing ***!there on amped3 two i got an xbox 360 i ill own all u lil *****es on any game on xbox 360!(LIVE)

Anonymous (February 1, 2006)

fuck all who hate

Anonymous (January 20, 2006)

this band sucks

Anonymous (November 25, 2005)

this is poop

Anonymous (October 1, 2005)

You shouldn't be putting people down for liking this type of music. And adults, if there are any on here, you should not believe you're wise for putting youth down because they are actually motivated towards something positive, like music. Everyone else if you don't like this genre of music or Copeland then you don't need to come in here and bash other for liking it. Fact of the matter is 1/2 of you probably don't even play any instruments or sing or have any musical skills at all. You should be respectful of an artist who has the guts to put something out. It's easy to sit around and bitch about someone elses shit, it takes a great deal more courage to release it and be up against critics such as yourself.

Anonymous (July 13, 2005)

Wow, this album was really really really good. I could listen it to replay for hours...

The only flaw in this album, besides almost every song being a love song, is that none of there songs spark some sort of new sound rock. Like for instance on the Weezer's Make Believe album, "Freak You Out," showed a new sound from Weezer, and a new sound to everyone else.

But other than that I really enjoyed this album. Can't wait for the next.

Anonymous (June 22, 2005)

Everyone on Punknews are just a bunch of idiots.

Look at all of you. Why spend your time online arguing about how much you hate a band? It seems to me as if every single one of you hates these bands. But none of you can really explain why they're so terrible. All you manage to say is,"THIS IS SHIT." "I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF IF I HEAR THIS BAND ONE MORE TIME." "EMO SUCKS." "THIS BAND SUCKS." "ALL OF YOU SUCK." Well why don't you just shut up? What's so bad about Copeland, hm? I personally do like Copeland, and I'd like to know what makes all of you hate them. I wouldn't be surprised if you hate them because they're becoming somewhat "big" now. But just because a band becomes popular, doesn't mean their music becomes disgusting. Who cares if a lot of people listen to them? What does that have to do with how good the music is? If you hate Copeland just because they're getting bigger, I say shut the fuck up. And all of you who can't come up with a well thought out answer to my question, you should too. And maybe you SHOULD listen to Copeland again, because then you could go stab yourself like you say you will. Thanks.

stricken (April 16, 2005)

"The only good band this label has is Brandtson. Everything else is worthy of No Score.


not true.. The Jealous Sound is on the Militia Group now.

as for the album.. i like it.. nothing amazing or groundbreaking though.

Anonymous (April 16, 2005)

I thought this review was great, as well as the album. On a side note, everybody on this board is a bunch of assholes with nothing good to say about anybody's review.

Anonymous (April 16, 2005)

I love how you tried to put that other kid down with that "grow up"-comment,
but his diss was so much better than yours.

Anonymous (April 14, 2005)

"I love how all these faggots hate Copeland, but seem to know so much about them."

I love how you tried to phraze that as a dis. Grow up.

Anonymous (April 13, 2005)

This album is amazing just like Beneath the Medicine Tree. Must own it.. bottom line.

BlanK33 (April 11, 2005)

what type of music do they play ffs.

NoUse4aScnName00 (April 11, 2005)

Militia Group and everything about it is a joke....Just as bad as Ferret or Fearless (except At the Drive-In)

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

I love how all these faggots hate Copeland, but seem to know so much about them.

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

you're so vain. you probably think this song is about you!

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

A Copeland record rating in at "9"?

A sad day indeed.

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

The only reason the album is selling ANY copies is that, sadly, there are still a great deal of people who haven't heard JEW's "Clarity" yet.

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

PS: I won't be respectful of your Copeland-lovin' ass because you're not fit to eat the smegma off my uncircumcised penis on an everything bagel. Howzzatt?

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

I'd imagine that both Britney Spears and Good Charlotte are also selling out shows and playing the music they love. SO WHAT? If they suck, they suck. And Copeland sucks. Mass popularity -- especially mass teenage popularity -- does not imply credibility or artistic merit.

I guess when Copeland gets a song on "The O.C." I'll realize just how important they really are. THEN I'll bow down to them.

Copeland is on par with The beatles, Clash and Ramones as one of the best bands EVER. Right?

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

It's amazing that this is pretty much the only site where so many people have a really angst against Copeland. It almost sounds personal. What's the big deal. If you don't like it, then it's just not your thing. Why not just say "this album is not my thing"? Instead of "Anybody who listens to this shit is a shit faced mother fucker not worthy of spreading the schmegma from my un-circumsised penis onto an everything bagel." I mean come on. Just because a band is selling out shows, touring, and making music they love doesn't mean you can't be respectful.

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

Copeland is a fucking joke. If you think this is serious, important music, you're 15.

Anonymous (April 11, 2005)

This is an album that requires multiple listens. Couple times through and you'll find yourself humming out the songs. Very strong album that will likely be one of the better albums of the year.

theundergroundscene (April 10, 2005)

all i can say is


Anonymous (April 10, 2005)

The only good band this label has is Brandtson. Everything else is worthy of No Score.


Anonymous (April 9, 2005)

Best CD of the Fucking YEAR!!!!

Anonymous (April 9, 2005)

Copeland stinks worse than the cheese behind my balls.

But seriously, you little kids, if you think that Copeland is some kind of serious band that deserves any respect/gravitas, if you think Copeland represents any original thought or, worse yet, ahem, "artistic expression," YOU'RE FUCKED.

Remember last year when you were 13 and you thought that the final Blink 182 album was a serious musical effort? Next year you'll feel the same way about Copeland that you feel about Blink now.

Another analogy: when you're 14 your girlfriend/boyfriend who let you cop your first feel is the most important person ever on the face of the earth. Six months later and they'll be forgotten.

But that sore on your crotch will never be forgotten.

Anonymous (April 9, 2005)

the only thing i regret is reading this review.

lou (April 9, 2005)

i have yet to get through this album and find myself skipping the songs when my playlist decides that's what i want to hear. the album bores me, but i haven't really given it much of a chance.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Amazing & Addicting

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Score is for this band being even wussier than that second Something Corporate record. There's a special place in hell reserved for the suburban fucks who buy this shit.

Archangel (April 8, 2005)

Survey says: This review sucks.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

best album of 2005? how about guero or frances the mute?

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Pretty good album, I was disappointed at first but after listening to it a few more times I really enjoy it. Not as much as BMT but still a damn fine album

shadydeals (April 8, 2005)

The lyrics are over the top cheesy like the last CD, but this CD feels to lack the substance BMT did. The band is a pop band and writes pretty decent pop songs. The only good tracks on this CD are tracks 1,3, 6 and 10. The rest are throwaway.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

"Go out and pick this one up, you won't regret it."

I already do...I already do...

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

I disagree, that could have been a lot shorter. How about...

"Copeland's tite, I'm a douche!"

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Once again, this album is "the brightest little firefly in my jar."

SethCohen (April 8, 2005)

"I don't like giving out perfect scores"

You don't like writing either, do you?

tylerdurden8136 (April 8, 2005)

wow, this review sucks and so does the album...if you liked beneath medicine tree like me, i really doubt youll like this...it's boring as hell.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Copeland ‚?? In Motion


Copeland‚??s 2003 effort, Beneath Medicine Tree, saw a band with a lot of potential but lacking a bit in the innovation department. For the most part Beneath Medicine Tree was an LP full of Jimmy Eat World-esque guitar lines and melodies carried by Aaron Marsh‚??s quite capable voice. It was not a great album, not revolutionary, but good.

In Motion finds the band confused about which direction to move in. For instance the opener, ‚??No One Really Wins‚?Ě, is quite a bit heavier than any of the songs on the bands previous releases while the song ‚??Kite‚?Ě sound like an unreleased Bill Joel song. Some of the tracks are downright disappointing. ‚??Love Is A Fast Song‚?Ě, which features a really strong melody and chorus hook, could have been a genuinely great song if it were not for it‚??s Juliana Theory nu-emo guitar riff.

Consistency is a huge issue with this record. Its intense variation in song writing makes it difficult to recommend to any specific audience. In all honesty Beneath Medicine Tree is a much more flattering record. While I appreciate Copeland‚??s effort to not release Beneath Medicine Tree part 2, I can‚??t help but notice that it is the tracks that sound as if they belong on the last record that hold this album together.


Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

This is not copeland at its best.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

This review sucks, and this disc kind of sucks. Copeland is an awesome band, but this CD is beneath BMT so much that it's amazing. They took a step downward in everything, sadly. I could only find one or two songs worth listening on here, and for the record "Kite" is pretty damn horrible.

gregs (April 8, 2005)

It's unfortunate, but the comments are true that the review is lacking. It is virtually worthless to someone like myself who has never heard a Copeland song and knows nothing about the style of music they play. It seems to imply the reader is familiar with the band's previous material but I think there's probably a lot of people like me who discover bands through reading reviews. Maybe keep that in mind for future reviews? Just trying to be helpful

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

i love me some beautiful music, but this shit is just plain boring

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)


Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

"I don't like giving out perfect scores, but this one is pretty damn close."


Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

"Whether or not you care for this style of music,..."

You never defined the style of music. Not like I want to know since I absolutely dispise all the shitty genre names kids have been making up these days, but honestly I just want to know what the band sounds like either through a much more detailed description of their songs or through a list of 2-3 bands that sound ever remotely close.

Personally, for me it's less about the score and more about what someone writes, and honestly you're review doesn't do shit to even justify why you gave it a nine.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

i think you mis-typed your last reply....

"i personally hate long-ass reviews, so i made mine short and to the point"

should have read....

"i personally hate long-ass reviews, so i made mine shit"

Honestly, how am i even meant to get a remote idea of what this band sounds like?

swingline (April 8, 2005)

wow i'm surprised you didn't see them open for themselves.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

I sure as hell hope this is better than there last one. I don't know if I have ever been bored out of my mind more than the two times I have seen this band open for someone else. Not awful, just high on the snooze factor. Personally, I don't care if the review is short. I mean, who wants to read some two-page RollingStone-esque piece of crap?

fallingupwards84 (April 8, 2005)

i personally hate long-ass reviews, so i made mine short and to the point. when i read reviews, i dont want to hear about any personal stories or how this and that band changed their lives.. i just want a general overview of how the reviewer thought the album sounded.
i did that, and if you don't like it then fine. get over it.

TahoeJeff (April 8, 2005)

Oooh an accordion..should I be impressed? Weird Al has been doing it for years..and better!

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

this review does not in any way justify this amazing record. or the band.

fuck this review. i've never wanted a review TAKEN off of punknews until now. who's letting this shit get posted? don't you guys have a STAFF that actaully has a speck of writing talent?

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

Score is for the review.

ubershep (April 8, 2005)


Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

You were the brightest little firefly in my jar...

joeg (April 8, 2005)

that review sucked. i have no desire to take a chance on this band based on your review.

Anonymous (April 8, 2005)

fuck this emasculated wussy emo shit

now dont get me wrong, emo can be okay, really good even, if done well.

this just makes me want to stab myself in the face

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