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Brutal Fight: Our Merciful FatherOur Merciful Father (2005)
Strike First

Reviewer Rating: 2.5

Contributed by: Erin_JacksonErin Jackson
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Emotion that tells a story...anger that goes somewhere... This is what can be found on Brutal Fight's Our Merciful Father. The CD starts with the title track: "Our Merciful Father," which encapsulates the disenchantment of the band, and perhaps, their fans. This album is like a story, beginning with.
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Emotion that tells a story...anger that goes somewhere... This is what can be found on Brutal Fight's Our Merciful Father. The CD starts with the title track: "Our Merciful Father," which encapsulates the disenchantment of the band, and perhaps, their fans. This album is like a story, beginning with a question ("What is happening, merciful father? Should I turn from you?") and builds slowly and steadily to a conclusion. "A Martyr's Cry" and "Ultimate Resistance Is Complete Submission" follows, building the feeling of being at once confused with the world at times, yet steadfast in faith. Lyrics like "This battle that's inside me makes me sick with guilt. This God that is love renews me with hope" encapsulates this.

As the album progresses, tracks like "Revolutions" set the stage for the finale. A brutal fight song to rally the troops, this track continues momentum, leading to a realization in the final lines of "This Transparency:" "Now I know it's worth the sacrifice in my life. Now I have something real‚?¶"

I don't want to wax poetic on the whole idea of albums versus singles, but since I didn't come of age during the digital revolution, I do mourn the heyday of the album, and listening to something from beginning to end ‚?? something that told a story, where songs were arranged "just so." Our Merciful Father is a return to the album. It is something that should be listened to from start to finish ‚?? not just by picking up a few MP3 tracks. That's because this band has a message, and the album is their platform‚?¶and as that, it's executed perfectly.

Brutal Fight is a hardcore band with a positive message buried in what may at first be interpreted as an "angry" sound. And happily, they have something worthwhile to say.


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Anonymous (November 17, 2005)

This is one of the best albums released this year, both lyrically and musically hands down. I fully back any band that can take a positive message and relay it through hardcore music. I have personally been a fan of Brutal Fight Since Thay were called Empyrean. Keep producing the great music and I'll keep buying it.

Anonymous (April 26, 2005)

sorry, I forgot something else I wanted to say. Don't assume we hate, or don't hate, or have opinions about things, or don't have opinions about things, just because some review says we are christians. There's a whole big world of open minded people out there, hopefully you can be one of them.

Anonymous (April 26, 2005)

hi, i'm tim, the singer of this band. couple points I'd like to clarify. 1) We aren't here to be a "christian hardcore band". We all grew up listening to bands like buried alive, converge, coalesce. It's not our intention to be a part of some media marketing tool designed to get christians to buy our record. The label liked us, they paid for us to record, we like records they have put out, simple as that. 2) If you took the time to read the lyrics (which is up to you) you'd see that they actually talk about how lame christianity has gotten towards other people. I don't feel the need to justify the lyrics, but actually read them before you accuse us of gay bashing, or hating on people. 3) If we play your town, feel free to spit on us, me in particular if you like. Doesn't bother me one bit. It might make things awkward if you actually stick around in hardcore though, if we see each other again, but odds are you'll be into the next cool music trend by next year anyways, so go for it.

PS ~ I'll be the guy running on your head, so you better practice aiming your spit balls.

notfeelingcreative (April 25, 2005)

Why has the term "positive message" become synonymous with christian bands?

Anonymous (April 22, 2005)

fuck christian hardcore. its not hardcore to hate gay people or women.if they ever play my town i'll spit in thier fucking faces.

Anonymous (April 22, 2005)

2 and a half stars? you praise it as if it were jesus.

Anonymous (April 21, 2005)


Anonymous (April 21, 2005)


Anonymous (April 19, 2005)

Christian hardcore-- what could possibly suck more?

Anonymous (April 19, 2005)

Yeah, cause when I think of brutality, i think....steadfast faith! Killer!

Y'know, people can do and say what they want, but the very thought of this record taking a mission trip through my DSL line into my record collection makes my colon clench. These are the bands I sometimes pick up on a whim and now flood my recycle bin.


Anonymous (April 19, 2005)

i don't like this person's reviews.

moneenerd (April 19, 2005)

For an album that got a 5 (2 and a half stars), you sucked up to these losers pretty huge.

Another shitty christian hardcore band with a cheesy hardcore cliché name for themselves, but we all know it'll sell like hotcakes since Christian kids love anything put out on FaceDown.

Anonymous (April 19, 2005)

I'll show you brutal fuck ! !

Anonymous (April 19, 2005)

This sounds like it was better than a 5... what gives?

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